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  1. Must we buy Ember and Frost Prime to receive a helpful update on Console?
  2. Next generation consoles are coming out sometime soon as well. Which will arrive first?
  3. So... The past FOUR hotfixes for Heart of DieMostly have been filled with basically nothing for consoles to help gameplay. It has been a month since consoles last hot fix that actually helped improve Warframe. Obviously simultaneous platform releases for major updates does not work in it's current form unless consoles receive hot fixes at the same pace as PC. I love Warframe, but this simultaneous release test has left a bad taste in my mouth. Consoles have had to wait longer than ever for helpful hot fixes.
  4. I'm totally fine with the updates before the simultaneous update things were just fine. At least we knew what Consoles were getting. With this update we received an update consoles would usually receive but with Bigger Needed Fixes that are Lasting Longer than previous updates consoles have received. Only players using the Marked For Nerf ability are happy with the DElay in the hot fixes.
  5. Simultaneously releasing an update on all platforms sounds great in theory and good for publicity. In practice Consoles are actually suffering from lack of timely hotfixes that probably would keep players playing instead of waiting for Xaku, Fishing, Isolation Vault, Conservation, and NecraMech Mod fixes to name a few things that PC already received. I myself am thinking of venturing out to other games. One month after the Heart of Deimos update consoles are still waiting for basic fixes to Deimos. Bottom line Simultaneous Platform Release For Updates Doesn't Work For Con
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