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  1. Here's my $0.02 on your new setup...

    It's fast, I mean really fast. The pages and topics load in the blink of an eye.

    The text editor is much less complex. It's great for anyone who is familiar with a word processor. This could be a double-edged sword. On one side, you have the folks who will enrich and enhance Warframe. On the other, you have those who will not bring anything to the conversation. Keep our moderators on guard.

    I know you guys have a few kinks to work out, but nice work so far. Let's see how it does under a heavy load.

  2. I really love this type of stuff. Seeing how things work or are created allows us to give better feedback. Keep them coming.


    I find it funny that the Opticore is silent.


    I do like the weapon a lot, but being a laser cannon, it doesn't have very satisfying discharge audio. Compared to, say, the Spartan Laser from the Halo franchise, the Opticore sounds like static electricity to a lightning bolt. It's just not satisfying to fire.

    It sounds better than Paris Prime...

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  3. Those bogies are easy to kill, but they hit HARD. I just burned all 4 revives on one mission with Rhino just to get ghosted by the last enemy. Just a standard Moa wasted my Iron Skin, Shield and Health like it was nothing. The little bastard shot me from behind and before I could get a shot off on it, I was dead, mission failed. I was flying solo, for the record.


    I've run T2 Survivals to 15 minutes(solo) and nothing took me out like that. WTF is this?

  4. We love he new content, but please don't rush stuff on a friday, let it cook, take your time, we'll be here



    And I accept the apology. But, let's face it. You guys released U10 on Friday the 13th. You were kind of asking for it.....

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