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  1. So i reinstalled the whole game after the great ensmallening due to problems installing it and chose to help my friends do deimos content and when i loaded in well this is how deimos looks for me removed the corner (discord call) and blocked out my friends names the game looked fine up until this point before that it looked fine and when i turned around Edit: i have now re optimize download cache and then verified it. It then found a 6000mb update so this is fun i am so confused will edit again when it's done Edit 2: infinite cannot get update from server at 25% edit 3: so
  2. umbra forma suffers from the video game syndrome of what if i need it later i have i think 5 of them because i keep forgetting their existence
  3. VR warframe sounds like a good way to lose your lunch
  4. I did that and it downloaded a small update then made the game crash on startup this was after initially waited through 4 attempts of the 6000mb update and each time it failed saying the download data was corrupt
  5. making the font bigger will not make the task easier Auto block is a trigger meaning it toggles on when a condition is meet The condition being damage so the way the code sees it is granted in a far simpler terms 1: is tenno about to take damage? true/false 2: Is tenno quick melee out? true/false if query 1 and 2 are flagged true Input block thats it thats all it cares about. Now if we did as simply as your BIG FONT says and we added a 3rd condition of is the tenno in the air or not you then have to factor in what the game considers in the air simplest being is the tenno touching t
  6. then follow what i told you and it won't happen i don't see what is so hard about this... ok look... The reason it's doing it is because if you block with melee normally you aim glide so auto block makes you block when your hit to stop damage so when it happens in the air you aim glide. im sorry but that's how it works inside and outside of auto block they are tied together since its just toggling your block on when its quick melee the game is blocking for you this can be fixed in a few ways. 1: remove auto block 2: remove aim glide entirely from melee
  7. don't jump into the air while your quick melee is out and this problem will not occur... either tap weapon swap/aim to bring out a gun or hold melee swap to use your melee now you won't automatically glide in mid air in the off chance something shoots you and hits when you do a maneuver there are solutions to this problem
  8. Slam attack, or aim glide are things you can do in mid air...
  9. I just warframe market it's perfect for a antisocial person like myself find object Copy past whisper Get invite Do trade Done in about 3 minutes and i don't need to spend hours looking at a chat and succeed the bare minimum of human interaction if anything id support just a ingame merge of warframe market as a replacement for trade chat
  10. the fact they did that is screwed with me so many times since even with operators you aim some mini amount of aim glide to control either your fall (operators) or use your weapon like riding your own momentum (warframes) i'd just prefer if i aimed my necramechs guns it would STAY to hover so i don't have to hold down 2 buttons to do something that normally requires only one
  11. Don't jump around with your quick melee out as the auto block is only enabled when you quick melee auto blocking also builds up your combo meter and sustains it so i'd like it if you didn't remove it because you don't like it does its job when you jump solution to your problem is hold your weapon swap key and fully hold your melee weapon not quick melee it OR aim your weapon and do a slam where you want to be we can slam at a almost 45 degree angles now Lack of control is not a excuse any more in my mind
  12. Explosive rounds -15% Damage All rounds explode on impact 2m radius Primary secondary non explosive/beam weapons Twin linked 100% Fire rate semi automatic firing mode are now 2 round burst Primary secondary Hunter rounds Successive hits against the same enemy increase the damage of the next shot by 30% (max of 300%) Primary secondary Overfilled shell 200% multishot doubles ammo consumption Primary secondary shotguns Zealous hunter +30 initial sniper combo -50% combo duration primary snipers
  13. I personally don't mind it asking you to use a bit of content you unlocked to fight something IE we unlocked the ability to use ground arch guns to fight it and that's i think it on the content DE forces you to use a arch gun on everything else i think can be done with normal small arms fire What i dont like about the profit taker is the Simon says of its shielding but thats not on topic
  14. i enjoy big robot and its 4 lets me do my favorite pastime "how far away can i shell that thing into non existence" Since the trail for the necramech's 4th ability is not a indicator of its range IE kuva tonkor and kuva grenade machine gun bomb goes till it collides with something you can shell things from very far away and deal a frightening amount of damage and well i'm a sucker for 40k looking stuff and well this is basily a dreadnaught shrunk down and has a basilisk mode TLDR: Its artillery on legs and me likey artillery
  15. Kuva dual Marelok That is all i want
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