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  1. Im more thinking what weapons will have the chance to become meta because bare this observation in mind Since combo no longer will give a damage bonus ALL melee weapon raw damage will see a significant increase If you look at just the slash damage of the skana in the dev build compared to the live build 24.5 slash for live build and 84 for dev build that is a iirc on my math 3.5 times the amount of damage and if i got that in percentages correct that's a 350% damage increase if were looking at almost 4 times the damage for the starting weapons imagine the other weapons when they get their damage changes
  2. Right now on the table is working on cross save as cross play is something that may be much farther down the road i know steve talked about it on a devstream a few times but i cannot for the life of me recall what one
  3. Ok when you open the chat window and go to trade chat there is a magnifying glass in the top left click it and will open a box for you to filter things out put in everything you want if includes term is check with a green check mark it means it will show you everything that used that word For instance trade chat goes a mile a minute with WTS offers but filter for WTB with includes term checked it will show you only things that have WTB somewhere in them drastically cutting down trade chat speed getting more specific will slow it more but help narrow down what you were wanting to buy or sell EX: WTB + includes term = Show all WTB offers WTB + Chroma prime set + includes term = People only looking to buy chroma prime set
  4. Choke points really toss a disk where alot of enemies bottle neck though and you effectively made that way in free kills/dont worry about it
  5. and we still have people make posts like there is a character limit you could have just put this in the title "Exilus slot for weapons but we lack points" pet peeve over they said in the devstream they wanted exilus for weapons to be utility things not something to boost DPS im also picking up a hint of "oh since i cant use it why should any one get rid of it" but that's just me
  6. Hmmmm..... You win this round good internet person
  7. when was there anything done to this game that people didn't complain about?
  8. well i can see 1 of 2 things may happen For accessories like edo prime their channeling state my become their default state of being when tenno rage comes out that is where it may be using the channeling FX again
  9. im just going to wait to get the stuff in my hands before i make solid opinions and bold statements
  10. To go off my notes of the devstream and recalling what reb said Log in first 7 days of update will be given stuff to respec and restat your weapons boosters, forma, and legendary core this should be time stamped but incase its not its at the 24 minute mark
  11. well if the skana got from what looks like a 3.5 times the damage buff 24 > 84.5 slash damage im keeping an open mind till its in my hands to play with
  12. also to know it got i think roughly a 350% damage increase from 24 slash to 84
  13. Easy dont want to burn out on playing warframe so im doing some variety of games as doing the same thing over and over too long gets dull so variety keeps things fresh right now im doing the for honor halloween event
  14. yes and i find filtering with vague words like Set help slow the chat down so i can actually browse but i rarely use trade chat as i rarely have plat to spend but i primarily used warframe.market for my selling/buying since it beats sitting trade chat for a hour trying to find someone when i can just look up the item i want to sell/buy and then message someone who wants to buy/sell in a faction of the time. But i agree superman would have trouble with the speed trade chat goes at
  15. Also chat filters are a thing really helps cut down the breakneck speed Trade chat goes at
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