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  1. what even was there flag again id have so many flags waved in my face in the recent years they all kinda blur together wasn't it the rainbow one or was it the one that was white sky blue and light pink ? either way at most it just be a pallet of 3 colors that we already have or the variation of each color block will be so minimum they will look the same regardless
  2. 3 only gets 3 per mission at random granted those random buffs are kinda well they got some oomph 4 if you want to count the window defy gives you
  3. id question how you know its using the same calculations other then assuming
  4. didnt in the last devstream before tenno con say they were going to look at it and while it might not be a full revert something like it will be something i mean i have a terrible memory and i recall this being a thing pretty clearly yet no one on the forums seems to make mention of it here i'll find it here time stamped and everything 18:34 if the timestamped is screwed
  5. *verbally does math* Yes, Yes you do my advice get the one that lets you throw the ghost weapon when you double jump or bullet jump that on is scary powerful
  6. might have been changed since there is no arcane bps just straight up buying arcanes
  7. that is also correct if you had 2 matching mods it cost less and was more effective at leveling it up then 2 different mods
  8. ohhh your triggering some older memory it was a drop from enemies and game modes getting r5 was hardish to do as it was a rare drop if i recall it was during the dawn of the transition from cores to endo really nothing changed since i think 1 r5 was 200-300 endo (dont quote me on that) like you always had a stash of them on hand the cores if i had to do a direct comparison became ayatan statues with and with all the ways we get endo now its pretty easy to acquire a stack of endo or statues for in case of endo need socket statues
  9. lore wise i doubt they would change it since that would probably require tenno gathering in one spot to discuss it for who knows how long so it be better to just go about it like it doesn't change anything and keep out daily genocides of various factions
  10. knowin obscure and otherwise strange information is my job like this bit of outdated info it takes 258 R5 gold cores to max a single prime mod
  11. i thought kuva tasted like cherry or straw berry jam like substance certainly looks that way
  12. they are bio organic its assumed so the sentients cannot mess with the technology the orokin used since the sentients could turn machines but not flesh
  13. partly endo is used far more often the you would use kuva as with endo you can rank up any mod while with kuva you dont even rank up the mod you spin the wheel to see if you get something better worse or just as meh as when you started. endo at-least lets you gain a positive boost in power while rivens are well i got a picture that kinda explains my feelings on it very hit or miss much like below but if kuva had more uses id be more inclined to agree the drops should be increased since
  14. rivens are optional not mandatory if kuva serves more a use in other things then id be inclined to agree with you but right now kuva serves very little other use then rolling rivens and rivens in themselves are a janked system anyway but thats awhile different can of worms also dont tell me how i should comment agreeing or disagreeing you are not my space mom
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