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  1. As my comment was lost in the cleanse i shall say it again If you are consuming popcorn for entertainment in this thread remember to drink water Hydration is important and salt pulls out moisture so if your exposing yourself to it remember to sip some water over the course of said exposure
  2. Guess whos back Back again Prime chambers back Tell a friend
  3. i know human brain likes its shortcuts when doing things but that one just seems more unwilling to think for a moment because the mind likes patterns their easy to understand and move though most of the time the brain is really good at picking up the start of a pattern it already knows via comparison. Try this: the next time you go to wherever you go to get a larvling tell yourself mentally or vocally you're here to see what it would give you as the brain likes to be rewarded for its effort so having to visually confirm its something you want helps curb the knee jerk reaction to stab it when you see it repeat that a few times and eventually the habit will form to look and confirm before you stab it.
  4. go on imgur upload the image copy image paste image done Thats how i do it
  5. 150 energy over 30 seconds trinity been around longer and she can empty to full your energy bar in a second so no dash is fine
  6. today i learned a thing good lord that offends my eyeballs something fierce im getting confused looking at it. it looks like stained glass you would see in a chapel window forced into a 3d shape
  7. Shouldn't it be peta liked that? iirc peta does not think you should have domesticated animals
  8. Will the acolytes become recurring like plague star, ghouls, and fissures? perhaps something like what triggers a flamorian or razorback kill the stalker enough he calls in the acolytes for abit?
  9. *me grabbing every lich that has a close combat/explosive weapons for my railjack crew* Nope not really for all it will do for me is speed up my acquiring of a railjack crew that will make the grineer regret boarding as their all radiation lichs so far
  10. *laughs in synth deconstruct* lower damage = nerf to angy riven users most the time even if its just still one shots but with a lower number no stats only looks granted they look neat and my gf is excited to make another gaze kitgun this is why i base the weapons i use off look and if they entertain me and avoid the clear meta trap weapons unless their aesthetic really interests me like i remember the araca plasmor meta idk if that still going on but i hated using it when i was leveling it because i spend the whole time i was poking at this clearly unfinished shotgun that some mook grabbed off the assembly line and said good enough and didnt explode shooting it
  11. It could be the poor guy who has to keep replacing the windows we keep breaking he wants revenge for all his broken windows
  12. it could just activate if you there to be killed and dropped off at the start point but if it was that players would just press 4 constantly and ignore whatever penalty you could slap her with unless it was on some form a cool down remember one of her abilities gives improved hp and energy orbs tossing zenurik you pretty much cannot die as long as you keep your area of activity of a decent size so you dont back track too far. What im thinking it does it just turns off and your downed or your downed and dragged back to where your start point was but we shall see when time comes for her release
  13. well they could be tired from sitting I like baruuks design imo he colors a little weird but i got over it i more dislike his weapon cobra and crane then anything else i would not say that Excal is alot easier to get then baruuk and exalted blade combos are more simple baruuk is little slow in getting out his combos while exal swings his around like a child with a stick they found at the park Though it is the boost i think our monk boy needed
  14. Blunderbuss it self should be brought up to 120 crit chance like the rest of the basic crit chance mods before id consider a primed of blunderbuss point strike and organ shatter maybe id lean more on the odds of organ shatter happening then any of the three listed
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