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  1. seprent

    I'd like to brag about my opticor

    gunna take someones eye out with that stick just do what i did with wukong for the short time i had him "how far away can i be a poke this lancer" i swear i had more enjoyment poking the enemy then anything else with mr monkey there you go next build idea machine-gun poking
  2. i always thought main in warframe is just the stuff you find your self default using most of the time over anything else or swap to it when your bored of your current weapon or frame like for me its Harrow x Corinth because 1 priest with a shot gun 2 priest with a shotgun that has a under barrel grenade launcher 3 its a name of a greek city i like
  3. where there is rewards there is going to be lazy people who want others to do it for them its a inevitable thing they do how ever solely rely on the other peoples willingness to tolorate them if everyone just left well then he screwed and i dont know if its still a thing but if you get him killed and then everyone leaves if their still dead it will force a mission failure i remember that way back being a thing besides that gather evidence and report them to support and idk a genuine suggestion i can give is if your in a clan or your freinds play the game ask them to help you or do bounties and chat with them it will be far more entertaining and makes things feel like their going by faster
  4. seprent

    Im stupid

    ive played this game for 5 years i just learned the button to use ciphers... when ever i decide to use them since i like the hacking puzzles
  5. seprent

    Does anyone have a riven even worse than this?

    i should get a picture of it but im lazy -145% damage (< the riven change made this stronger it used to be 132%) +110% multishot +57% clip size +45% maximum ammo
  6. seprent

    A PLANES of Duviri talk.

    huh so next open world is going to be a big airport are we going to be fighting the space equivalent of the TSA?
  7. seprent

    Scared kiddo(Maybe spoilers)

    he shows up for me alot ive gotten use to him to the point he can say hey kiddo i just say hello back and continue on with my business its a supernatural roommate he started showing up more when i placed the tea set that was given out either i just keep rolling it to happen or wally is having tea in my ship when im not around
  8. seprent

    AimBots or just a really strong mod/Arcane?

    Best comment
  9. seprent

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    im still pretty skeptical yeah it looks nice kinda blend of Andromeda/destiny combat systems and i hope the game launch is well and hope EA dont cut it if it doesnt make the sales figures they want it to have Ea is just the publisher and bioware is the devs? kinda thing thats always bugged me why does the publisher have this much say in what goes into a game another company is developing to the point where some publishers kill the game/series because they wanted some more money out its fanbase
  10. seprent

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    ubisoft is kinda in that list too but thats mostly their methods of Good concept poor execution i want to say you can at-least see them trying so i dont harp on them too much when/if this crash does occur i just hope warframe has a umbrella just in case i feel it should be fine but i worry abit but yeah the titans will fall down and have to restart along with other companies and hopefully they learn from the experience some of the lesser titans are not all bad and they might get caught in the fall out
  11. seprent

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    didnt play it heard EA DDOSed themselves had a good laugh at that game looks neat probably would play the colossus knowing EA they are going to screw with it some how i can feel it gunna wait a month or more to see if they pull some black ops 4 shenanigans further down the line after the reviewer wave has passed since thats been a thing ive noticed wait for the review sights to give it all good reviews and then put the transactions in since most sites are far to lazy to change their reviews and jsut make a different news article about it with EA track record of game releases i feel something is coming in general for the game indestry since is starting to look like a repeat of the game crash in 1981-83 but instead of bad over saturation of games its bad/greedy games with worse customer treatment some more for getting to the wallet and making the share holders happy then delivering you content bethesda cant stop falling down the stairs with fallout 76 Blizzard has activision yanking its collar to spend less make more money Ea had battlefield 5 actively insulting its player base though development and launch party and they are probably going to want anthem to sell really well to get them out of this rut or its just gunna fail id estimate 10 mil or more
  12. seprent

    Acolyte's mods drop rate...

    drops rates dont bother me i got what i want from the edge boys im just posting the drop rates so people have something to go off of when talking drop rates
  13. seprent

    umbra pistol?

    its weird but i think i can explain it US: Excalibur prime is the founder frame China: Excalibur umbra prime is the founder frame and was approved to go into the global build as he weapons (nikana prime and spira prime) before him in update 23 Excalibur umbra prime: due to the chinaframe shutting down De is able to move more forward with getting umbra prime to the global build and instead of just calling it Excalibur umbra prime since that would anger founders probably more then him releasing did in the first place so they chomped the prime part of his name off gave him some new ability mechanics it has Radial Howl, more armor, and Sentience and new lore and a big nikana as for the pistol they only ever showed umbra with anything other than a nikina which would would later become skiajati and never mentioned anything of a pistol i guess if you wanted to you could use the spira prime since that was technically his founder secondary in chinaframe following your logic though wouldn't he have released with a umbra skana as well?
  14. seprent

    What’s your mainframe??

    well my profile would tell you ash prime but im trying to make it harrow since i freaking love harrow shot gun priest best priest
  15. seprent

    Acolyte's mods drop rate...

    thinking about memeing strike is making my hand hurt and you know warframe has all their drops rates posted right? here i have the link book marked: Yes i know it looks weird but you can look up Warframe drop rates and the wiki page links to the exact same thing