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  1. yes and i find filtering with vague words like Set help slow the chat down so i can actually browse but i rarely use trade chat as i rarely have plat to spend but i primarily used warframe.market for my selling/buying since it beats sitting trade chat for a hour trying to find someone when i can just look up the item i want to sell/buy and then message someone who wants to buy/sell in a faction of the time. But i agree superman would have trouble with the speed trade chat goes at
  2. Also chat filters are a thing really helps cut down the breakneck speed Trade chat goes at
  3. Were at least guaranteed changes for Fire-fright, Firequake, Flash Accelerant, Perpetual vortex, linking tesla, and repelling bastille rest is chance
  4. well lucky for you you won't find me in crucible as i abstain from pvp with a passion so i wont be punching you if it were Rainbow 6 how ever when i did lightly play it *thinks of all the times i've accidently flick killed my friends in rainbow 6 siege* i'm prolly one of the main reasons some games dont have friendly fire i'm very hmm "skittish" easily panic under pressure just after the friendly fire change that made it after the first time you tk someone and they don't forgive you would just TK yourself i kinda stopped playing because i was actively being as useful as a sack of wet grass at that point
  5. i play destiny for 1 maybe 2 reasons its free titan punch Thanks for coming to my Ted talk
  6. Yeah they been here for awhile it's orokin text you can google Warframe Orokin text loading screen to see more about it
  7. assumptions are not the best way to make a counter argument i've set foot in conclave and i'm agreeing with the medallions should affect conclave mostly for the following reasons Drop chance of said medallion is 5% and iirc non tradeable so you would have to grind a lot for one advancement solely on medallions it only gives 1k rep and no more so the primary way of getting rep is not invalidated you could do both if it worked this way and get though it quicker to get what you want works for both new and old player to it
  8. instead of purple make it bright neon fecking yellow all in all i dont see this as a thing since we have a do you want the old stats or the new stats and you can sit on that screen as long as you want to think about it alt tab get a sandwich have a internal/external debate about it on discord and or phone call before making a choice
  9. if DE does the week break then intermission most likely they will at least 1 nitain alert up for players to do like they did last time if my memory serves me right during that week break with no NW active there is also the halloween event that had the bat ephemera reb showed up granted that varies on priority lists from person to person but we have no release date for that but impo i want that ephemera as halloween is the best holiday
  10. 13th of october iirc im not ingame to check
  11. oh no a whole 17 enemies are going to get a buff (10 being bosses)
  12. Counter argument before breakfast (warning may contain higher than normal stupid levels) toxin is over tuned to deal with the corpus since it flat out ignores everything to do with their 2 layered health types of shields/flesh it the damage itself its proc everything about it just ignores the shield which in most cases its a majority of their health its why toxin ancient is so deadly to some frames Fire could be the response element to the grineer it melts armor, makes them panic, and burns them with a fire dot the fire damage is not ignoring armor it still reduced just that when it procs it will melt some armor with it temp or perm over time or all at once are details we will need to make hard calls on it Side note: i feel their doing heat procs in general because if they made it exclusive to ember they would have to add specific lines for ember so you would have Heat damage (normal) then Heat damage (Ember) no other element based frame does this and people would complain why not just give it to fire procs in general since ember rn like every other warframe uses non special elements in the game IE: the element they deal is the same as the one you can put on your weapons. Fire did kinda get the short end of the stick out of all the elements non stacking only does a panic that seems to not work about half the time the only element that kinda outweighs what little fire procs bring to the table is magnetic as its only effective against one whole faction as only they predominantly use shields and void damage but that can be overlooked due to its proc being bullet attractor.
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