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  1. I was thinking about what other factions' kingpins could be named. I like your ideas.
  2. My hypothesis on the delay is that the update on switch contains a lot of (long-awaited) fixes that possibly: 1. Make it bulkier (in terms of size and things to certify) 2. May not be handled by DE but by panic button. Not sure though.
  3. Yep I spent 120000 syndicate standing thinking I would get some relics. Well at least I'll have vaulted relics now.
  4. Well, they did add the shawzin, so it seems like that kind of stuff wouldn't be so out there to them. Which I don't mind in and of itself, but it would be taking dev time and resources away from much needed gameplay improvement and fixes and whatnot.
  5. For Stealth stuff, I always use Wisp, whose passive is to be invisible while airborne. It's a lot of jumping around, but it works.
  6. Ok. But like, if the game is installed on the console, and no other game is installed on it (the rest is on the SD card), will the download work or will I have to reinstall the whole game on the sd card? Because the reason it's the only game on the console is because I wouldn't be able to join games when it was installed on the SD, for some reason.
  7. I most often use the directional arrows, and you can increase tve movement speed of the cursor somewhere in the menus. That being said, I agree, an option to do so for those that want it would be nice.
  8. I'm not sure where to ask that so here goes : when will the arbitration changes go live on switch ? I want to farm vitus for wheneever Grendel arrives but I can't touch arbitration at the moment.
  9. I understand how some people would want the rewards they missed, so I undersqtand they'd bring them back. I think the ideal solution for that would be the ability to choose between two (or more) rewards at some ranks. Like you have a choice between the armor bundle and a consumable. I don't think it would be that hard to implement. Then again, what do I know about game design.
  10. Hello, I have the same problem, I reinstalled the game multiple times (which takes a while everytime), but eventually after a week or so the problem reappears. So I have to reinstall the game every other week. Has a definite fix been found ? So far it seems I ca download the game on my internal memory, but I'm afraid that will work only until the next update, which might get downloaded onto the SD card.
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