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  1. If my memory is correct, there was one today or yesterday on the switch.
  2. Yes. I've mentioned it a couple of times on the forums, alongside other players, but so far no response.
  3. Probably on PC. On Switch, I had trouble finding a team one week after launch. Regarding the stream, Im quite disappointed there weren't a bit more announcements. I mean, we knew about Scarlet Spear and Titania Prime (who looks great) was a secret to noone. Status on Lich is nice, but Liches are still a chore to farm murmur for. My latest one has the bramma, and I want the bramma, but I don't want to force myself to play something I don't like for hours just to get a fun new toy. So it's just been sitting there on Uranus, for two or three weeks now.
  4. Is the esteem pack IV coming right out after this one is gone?
  5. the stream is at 8pm where I live. On Valentine's day. Another stream I won't be able to watch 😞 As for the sound team: great job, you guys are amazing. Will we be getting more behind the scenes stuff? I can't get enough of it.
  6. Well, it doesn't stop being true though. Also Considering the amount of games that get added to the switch (most of them trash, let's be honest), I'm not surprised Nintendo takes a longer time if they have to cert all of those.
  7. And it's just been what, a year ? (ok I'm sorry I figure it can be hard to fix some things, you might not necessarily know where the glitch is coming from and whatnot, so thank you for the fix, keep them coming).
  8. Alright, so another anomaly has passed, which I wasn't able to do. Context: I counted the time to the next anomaly. And right on time, it showed up. So I tried to join games, only to be stuck in endless loading. I tried using my own railjack, only to be stuck in endless loading. Had to restart the game every time. And now here we are, 35 minutes after the start of the anomaly, mission-less and shedu-part-less. My remarks then are: 1. Whoever thought up this anomaly system should not be in charge of anything, they are obviously unable to understand what the player's experience will be. Which, you know, as a game developer, is kind of his/her job. In one word: this system is frustrating, punishing, not fun, and makes me kind of hate the game at the moment. Especially since the shedu (which is a STORY item, mind you) can only be acquired from there. This exclusive drop also leads to people leaving the team when no part drops, which prevents people who just want to play the mission to do so. Everybody loses. 2. Although I'll admit that having the game run on Switch in the first place is quite the accomplishment, one has to wonder as to whether you've played your own game on this system. Matchmaking has been difficult, to say the least, since the old blood update, there's always at least one texture glitch, and It seems like railjack brought another layer of RNG to top it off: there's basically a 15-20% that the game breaks before the end of the mission and throws all your progress down the drain. From what I've seen on the forums, this isn't exclusive to the nintendo Switch, but I can only speak for this system (Until cross-save, which cannot come too soon). I won't talk about the monetization issues, because in my opinion there's always been some, it's simply becoming more obvious. Are you proud of this update? I think you should be ashamed of the quality of what you delivered. As a player, this is insulting.
  9. I have nothing to add on the topic at hand, I just found the idea of a warframe going stealthy by violently bashing their foes with a hammer particularly funny.
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