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  1. So I can't gild my new pets. It tells me I need a max rank pet, which I have though. Will this get fixed in the update? Edit : apparently so, although the wording isn't very clear.
  2. Here's my take on the economy: The rates for certain vendors are nonsensical (seriously, 20 grandmother tokens for a seriglass shard?), but I think the token system is a step in the right direction (I mean if you insist on having timegates, which you could just remove, y'know). However I think it'd be better if we could buy the wares from merchants directly with said tokens. Or just get rid of the tokens and give us a "standing pool". Like we'd earn standing, but it wouldn't go to ranking up the faction, just to the pool. We could then decide to use that pool either toward buying stu
  3. I made a ticket, but I'm not sure if it was in the right category. Does it matter ? If yes, what category should we post the ticket in ?
  4. Whoa I didn't expect an update on the situation so late. Nice. Very nice.
  5. Well I hope not. I'd rather it drops the moment it's ready. Keeping us in the dark for two more days just because "hey, suprise!" would be very clumsy PR-wise. It'd be super insulting to the switch players.
  6. My theory is the Cert team at Nintendo has more games to test than Sony or Microsoft (based on the amount of shovelwares available on the Switch). And if that's true there probably should be more than two guys in the Cert team. Not a big deal though.
  7. The update's already in Cert, they won't just cancel it and start the process from scratch to implement some minor fixes (I'm saying minor comparatively to the assets pertaining to the update. Some glitches might break the game, but fixing them can be as simple as a line of code). Unless it doesn't pass Cert, but that's another problem entirely, and I don't think it'll happen.
  8. Well I hope we do get the update this week. Looking forward to it. I don't really care about delays, as long as I get to play the thing at some point, but I do feel sorry for whoever said on this thread he had taken an unpaid day off to play the update. I'm not judging, I could imagine myself doing the same for some games (Warframe included), although given the history of delays on the switch, it was a risky move to begin with.
  9. I think Geoff referred to Xaku as "they", and someone else too, I'm not sure. I mean "they" makes sense lore-wise, since Xaku's supposed to be made from the remains of three different warframes.
  10. Basically they said that with the work at home situation, they pushed back everything they needed the studio for, and pushed the heart of deimos forward as it was easier to work on from home (I suppose it has to do with the performance capture needed for those things, but really I don't know).
  11. Ever since the Deadlock protocol update, the Defense objective sometimes won't go up with the platform in the grineer galleon map. Instead it will simply stand suspended in midair (in the lower section). It's not a visual glitch as the enemies still attack it in this position. I've run about 10 missions there since, it happened like 3 or four times.
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