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  1. Or add/change reticle colors, or auto shift when moving from bright to dark and the reverse.
  2. We have a MR Sigil, what about an MR emblem for the shoulder or companions?
  3. Add mods that can’t be used with multi shot mods (barrel diffusion/split chamber and others) but increase damage so that if you have a bow or a sniper you can generate the same damage to a single point if that was the original weapon concept. I would like like no split chamber on vectis with the same damage.
  4. They removed it since bait can be bought with standing so you have something to spend max standing on
  5. More on board fish tanks and dojo tanks would be nice, so we can stock dojo waterways
  6. A couple of QoL options Infinite glyph placement would be nice. You can wear a glyph and place any that you own or add to that wheel, without changing your profile pic Some easy way to check what’s missing from next MR or what hasn’t been used at higher ranks, where the list would be shorter.
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