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  1. You could make your own party with serious people. Public matches will always be unpredictable.
  2. What about any other booster from the game though?
  3. That is correct, having fun playing a video game is not a good enough reason to play a video game.
  4. Resetting syndicates would be op (skipping negative ranks). You gotta equip the base sigil for Suda and grind the negative ranks.
  5. If the demolyst reaches your boss, you are automatically fired from your job.
  6. It's the opposite; you could put skins on zaws at release but they removed it in a patch.
  7. Imagine if you converted the lich, only to see it walk around wearing the ephemera.
  8. Catacomb

    Naberous Ephemera.

    Yeah but...what would be the harm in letting others pick the color?
  9. i agree, they ,made ash really annoying to grind by giving his drops to manics.
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