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  1. You need to upload image somewhere else and paste the URL link of it here, using the button on the down right. You can use the social media for this.
  2. Hi! It's time to learn how to draw. Sorry, not a skillful artist. 1. Portal 2. Fangs (it's funny how in my memory Lotus definitely had fangs in that scene with the bite in the NW, but in fact she didn't have. Mom pls stop, it's scary) 3. Decade 4. Crystal (had a discussion with a friend about gems & crystals... remembered that I'm a chemistry student, so if it has crystal structure it definitely can be called a crystal. So here's my Operator just counting her Marquise Thystes to trade them for those Fortuna outfits... If all Solaris spend that much on their clothes, no wonder they are up to their necks in debts) 5. Beetle 6. Throwback 7. Knives 8. Whisper Choosed between drawing and playing... 11. Inspire
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