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  1. Type: in-game Description: Game breaking and very frustrating series of bugs that are probably linked to Networking or Casting animations. Most of the issues occur when the host has a ping above 100. Which is basically the majority of the community. These bugs occur both in the Railjack and Ground assault. The only bug that is consistent between Hosting and Joining is the Scoreboard one. List of Bugs: Abilities don't work (likely due to the casting bug) Melee doesn't work (likely due to the casting bug) Operator doesn't work (likely due to the casting bug) Locked in ability casting animation Murix invisible while in RJ Mirage specific: casting ability 1 breaks Everything. Scoreboard doesn't update Reproduction rate: 90% in public squads. Visual: i made a 5 min video where i play as mirage. You can analyze it and see most of the bugs there.
  2. So far we have almost every type of character in the game. From vampires to monks, mummies to fairies, anthropomorphic to mythical. But the 1 thing we don't have... is a Mage. I'm thinking something along the lines of The Avatar + Harry potter. Earth, wind, fire and water. Spell casting. Maybe some latin gibberish. I chose both offensive and defensive spells because 1) I tend to play solo a lot. 2) There aren't a lot of fun Support frames in the game that can also nuke or take a swarm of punches to the face. Im not saying there aren't any. Wisp is great. But still... wish there were more One man army type of frames. Passive Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4 Feel free to steal, butcher and ridicule however you want. This is just an idea, feel free to make a Better version yourself. All i want is a John Constantine type mage/warlock. Note: I know 1 and 2 can seem... convoluted and complicated. but i think it will work. Im already used to juggling 8 abilities from Vauban. But as a compromise, im willing to accept "Form switching" like Equinox does. With only 3 unique spells on each side.
  3. i keep hearing x27 (shraksun) is the best but Dissic has better damage and aoe. what's the logic behind this?
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  5. ok Strap yourselves in for this one... List of "WTF just happened": 1) 6 players in chat 2) My speakers died during loading 3) after loading my game UI decided to no longer exist. 4) There was a giant Kavat in the ship. Almost as big as the railjack. 5) I launched in AW mode... Walked (yes WALKED) outside of the RJ, died, Revived, got teleported back into the RJ. 6) Launched again, boarded a Crew Ship. Killed it. Escaped. Walked back to the RJ. Started flying with Archwing inside the RJ. (opposite day?) 7) Died in AW again, got teleported inside the RJ, dropped under it into the wall, dropped into the skybox, went into AW mode, Tried to fly, Hit a wall inside the RJ, started walking again. 8 ) Died in AW. Revived. Had both Archwing Gun and Normal gun equipped at the same time. Duel wielding confirmed? was able to make 2 short videos of this. Sadly i didn't capture everything. (reason there is no audio, is because like i said... my speakers died. Or the audio driver to be exact) Link to playlist
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