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  1. i think the entire game needs a rewrite with a difficulty similar to this. Away with the mindless hordes of enemies that die in 1 hit and serve no purpose other than to drop loot. Enemies should have tiers like minions, mini bosses and bosses and attacks that are punishing but not instant death. This idea you've come up with should be standard gameplay throughout the star chart. Would make the game 1000% more interesting and probably lure back veterans that abandoned it. Probably will never happen in general gameplay. But as an event or Iso Vault type mission like you describe i think
  2. So i just did 50 runs of Mission 2 in Vox Solaris. 50 runs. 0 Atmo drops. And im not the only one. I've asked my clan and random people in public squad. Everyone saying they've either done 20, 40, 50 some even 100 and have given up. If these numbers are "normal" for 1 Atmo drop then im the Easter Bunny Edit: since it's obvious DE are ignoring this. Stop replying to my post and make your own. From now on, anyone who has an issue with Atmo, make a new topic. If DE won't notice mine, maybe 1000 new topics will get their attention. Protest via spam
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