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  1. with all the posts about this i find it interesting that DE still hasn't made any official response. Not on twitter. Not on Forums. Not on stream. Not even in PM. Which leads me to suspect that this is intentional. A silent nerf to extend the grind. If this is true... this type of shameless manipulation is something i will not ignore. You know what they say about respect and trust. Hard to earn, easy to lose, even harder to get back. Im giving them the benefit of the doubt for now. But if they ARE manipulating RNG intentionally and lying about it, i'd be betrayed. Because i was there 7 years ago when they posted this game as a sort of small studio test project. I marketed this game like it's the next WoW. Even cut % off my minimum wage paycheck for plat. If in return all i get is lies, manipulation and broken promises... I'd hate to add DE to my blacklist next to EA. Again. This is a worse case scenario. But you never really know. People change.
  2. like i said bug or not. Unacceptable. and no. i will not "suck it up". That right there is the reason companies like EA exist.
  3. ignore him. 300 runs for an uncommon item is a BUG, that is not statistically possible. The drop is 10%. The math is nowhere near the total runs done by players. The reason i posted this in the Players helping players forum is because of toxic players like this guy who dismiss everything even when there's plenty of evidence. You're more likely to find help in the PHP section rather than in this toxic bug report forum. Steve himself said this isn't normal which is why he's looking for a solution. My guess is either someone missed a , and it's 1% instead of 10% or there's some conflict with the slot machine RNG they've built. Rng within Rng. Or perhaps it was a silent Nerf since the mission takes 3min max to finish. Whatever the case is, i refuse to play Fortuna or buy any plat until this is resolved. Bug or Not. This is unacceptable.
  4. We tweeted at Steve about this. He said he's looking into this. But that was 1-2 weeks ago.
  5. Nope It's a bug. Read the forum and stop dismissing actual issues with anecdotal examples. Im at run 330 and still no atmo.
  6. Nah i use wukong. 0 deaths. Difficulty is not the issue. The issue is coordinating damage types with a random squad. Or joining recruiting squads that are biased on warframe type and damage type.
  7. So doing the painful 4th stage is the only way? Well... Im gonna go buy 10 spare keyboards and some paint for my wall to prepare for grinding mission 4.
  8. You're doing mission 2 ineffectively. Is That better?
  9. no im just saying You are doing mission 2 wrong. as for DE... it's been 5 days since Steve said he'll look into it. I'll give em until the end of this month. Then im spamming every DE staff member.
  10. Mission 2 literally takes 2min From exiting the elevator to going back. I use Mesa. 2sec per exec then i rush the Ambulas and teleport with itzal to extract. 2min solo. 2-3 with a group. Just use Mesa, she can literally cheese 99% of the game. If you're stuck in a knockdown loop, just kill yourself and revive. You get 10sec of invincibility.
  11. Except mission 4 is a nightmare. I'd rather chew glass while drinking acid
  12. 1) It's 10% flat for that specific item. But... since there are other items in the same Tier... that means RNG has to roll twice. So it's a slot machine, inside a slot machine. 2) If they did a "silent" nerf on the drops from Mission 2, i would expect Steve to say so. It's not his MO to lie shamelessly. 3) Of course there's a platform difference. PC always gets the "experimental" version of warframe. It's why there's a huge difference in "WTF" posts and screenshots between platforms. Whatever the case is, i do hope this isn't permanent. Adding a wall on progression like this is just... well disappointing is one word for it.
  13. Well i got Good news and Bad News. People contacted Steve on twitter. Bad news: The Atmo drop chance is legit 10%. Steve checked. And their data shows 10% Good news: He said he's going to look into this since a lot of players are having the same issue. Now what that means, i have no idea. It might get a buff to 20%. It might be upped to Hand+ Or they might find some other bug that's stopping it from dropping. TL DR; It's not being ignored. Which is all i asked for. no thanks to zendesk. I know they're just doing their job at going through 100 support tickets a day but... I work in tech support. If more than 5 people report the same issue i straight up run to my manager and demand they treat it as a priority. Dismissal is not acceptable in any scenario. I've had to stay on the phone for 2 hours trying to teach an 80 year old woman the difference between Left and Right click so she can turn on her printer. I mean... are they afraid to talk to Steve or someone else in the studio? Do they not socialize with the devs? (me to me: you're ranting again)
  14. im just done at this point.
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