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  1. this is in no way related to the current issue. The issue and topic is the backlash DE received due to the last 3 updates being sub-optimal. And the reason players went for Nuke builds as meta is because the majority of the game is Farming endlessly. And that's not something we want to do for days or months. We want to efficiently get it over with so we can enjoy some Actual content. Nuking became meta because grinding for 50 hours a week became the norm. Like i said... give players an impossible task and they will adapt to overcome it. I literally can't imagine doing long survivals or events like Scarlet Spear without frames like mesa or weapons like Bramma. It would be a nightmare and the excessive grind will cause more players to Leave. Case and point: I started this game with several friends. Our clan was in an alliance. The alliance lost 90% of it's members because they couldn't deal with the Grind. ALL of my friends left as well because they though spending 3000 hours in farming was not worth it. That's over 200 people gone that i personally know of. And my friends list is littered with 100 other people between MR1 and 20 that haven't been online since 2016. Nukes aren't the issue. As for the list you mentioned. Banshee was nerfed. Ember was reworked and she was never good above lvl 40 nor is she good now. Arca plasmor is in no way shape or form a nuke weapon. Catchmoon is the exact same as Arca plasmor and i rarely use it due to it's short range. Wukong was nerfed to hell in terms of tanking but currently he's a good melee frame... not a nuke. Kuva bramma, that's relatively new and i can guarantee you DE will nerf it as soon as they are done with their current project. Tigris and Redeemer as well as all other shotguns are now obsolete due to the status update. Melee no longer hits through walls and slash no longer works on corpus units. Literally the point in my first comment was The balance is off because DE can't keep up. But with the status, melee, level scaling and damage update, they managed to level things out a little.
  2. honestly im not one who cares about spoilers. I just care about the content. You could literally spoil the ending of a movie for me and i'd still watch it if i enjoy it. As for critics. They did the opposite. They told DE to add more Endgame content for veterans as currently there isn't ANY. Having faith that the community will bug test rushed updates was never mentioned in any conversation. I think Rehatalius said the exact opposite of that. Unless it's some youtuber i don't know about, in which case they're the minority and don't have any grasp on reality. The reality is , NO ONE wants to be an unwilling guinea pig. It's common sense. This would hinder interaction between the devs and the community. But i agree some form of message moderation is required. Just because 1 person screams the loudest, doesn't mean they are the majority. Which is why i think it's important to make POLLS where the entire community is involved instead of just relying on a small group of people to Relay a message. It creates the issue of "broken telephone". 1st person says Snake, the 100th says Bake. It also allows for personal agendas to corrupt ideas.
  3. since he's multiple warframes assembled in one, i'd be fitting to add a variety of different abilities. The design gives me sentient + hydroid vibes so... 1: Void tendril: Grabs enemies in a cone shape in front of him using void tendrils and slams them together in the center. (Hit a grineer with another grineer lol.) 2: disassemble: dismantles himself and becomes an immobile pile of parts on the floor to regenerate health or energy. The player can't act while the ability is active. Enemies will ignore the "dead" warframe. Grenades might still damage it. 3: voided blades: all melee attacks deal void damage for a duration. Basically Saryn's 3rd but void instead of toxin. 4: soul pierce: numerous tendrils burst out of his torso impaling enemies in a globe around him. Same radius as frost's globe. Strength determines number of enemies and damage. Impaled enemies are affected by bleed and knocked down. Passive: Adaptive Armor. Similar to sentients, The warframe adapts to damage types. But each damage type has a threshold of damage it can negate. Once that threshold is breached, pieces of the warframe will fall apart and as the warframe loses parts it also loses it's adaptation. The armor can be regenerated via the 2nd ability or by dying. (i was debating switching the passive and the 2nd ability. Feel free to do so if you feel it makes more sense)
  4. they do have a dedicated team to test stuff like this. Problem is it's not very big. 200 testers and 30mil users is a huge difference. It will probably take those 200 testers months to find something broken that those 30mil will find by random chance. But regarding overall game balance, you're correct. There are a lot of common sense things in warframe that are broken. For example, Cronus sword. It's drop rate was nerfed to 5% after the initial acquisition. Meaning it could take you MONTHS before you get a duplicate. This was done years ago to prevent MR1 players from credit farming. But now we have the index. I literally just helped a MR9 player get 20mil credits a few days ago. Mid-tier defense missions give you 20K credits per 5 waves. So that Cronus nerf is about as outdated as a Altair 8800. Yet DE refuses to remove the nerf which forced me to farm for it for 5 f**** months because i accidentally sold it and they threatened to suspend my account if i discuss it. Like i said, i have a lot of heated moments with this game. But i still prefer this over train wrecks like Fallout 76. Back then "players used coptering to speedrun maps so we created movement 2.0 to make the game faster" today "players used limbo to complete some nearly impossible rivens so we completely nerfed limbo and ruined him for the majority of mains" their mindset has flipped upside down. It's more damage control and less For the player, by the player. You can't keep using exploits to cheese the game, sure. But the reason these exploits exist in the first place is because we have to bypass broken content with broken tactics. You give players impossible task and... what's that quote "Life finds a way" that's why i said everyone needs to just slow down and the entirety of the game needs to be bandaged and polished before any more new content is added. Add more weight to a shaky foundation and it will collapse. We, veterans waited 5+ years for the game to get where it's at right now. If we can wait 5y, then everyone can wait at minimum 1 year for things to get patched up. No one expects the devs to pop out of the ground like dwarves with new content every month.
  5. also, props to DE for still being positive and moving forward. I'll admit i've had heated "episodes" while playing the game as well... but i always log back in the next day. Because DE are some of the most transparent devs i've seen in my 20 years of gaming. Im honestly surprised the game managed to stay active for 8 years. Normally when i play games i just speedrun them and uninstall as soon as im done. Even with MMOs like WoW as soon as i hit the level cap and finish the raids, i just log out and that's it. Warframe is the only game i've consistently played for more 3 years now + On-off for 5.
  6. We're all aware by now that both the community and devs are feeling stressed. It's on youtube, it's in the forums, it's on the official livestreams. Because some people regard the last few major updates a failure or half-baked. And i think it's time we all just slowed down and tried to bandage up the wounds before moving on, if not then this is bound to happen again some time in the future. My personal opinion, based on what i've heard and talked about with the community and friends, is that the whole reason for all of this "hate" is because the game became too popular for it's own good. I've been here since 2012. For the first 5 years it was acceptable that updates were buggy, glitchy, etc. It was a Beta that we as players Willingly downloaded and decided to take part in bug testing, improving on ideas and funding so that the game could become better. But.. it's 2020. The game is No Longer a Beta. And new players are coming from every platform, every genre and every similar game out there. We have wow players, lol players, call of duty players, etc. Veterans may be used to or at least more agreeable with buggy updates, but veterans are no longer the majority of the community. The average Warframe player expects this game which has millions and millions of players to hold up to impressions that similar games with large communities have given them. What im trying to say is, You can't force PC players to bug test the game without backlash anymore because your community has grown and you're no longer using "training wheels". Im not saying the game has to be perfect. That doesn't exist. Every game has flaws, every game has haters and these days everyone's a critic. But something has to change. The game has to adapt. ---- An Easy solution (maybe easier said than done but...) would be to give players a Choice. It's clear that the biggest problem you have now is you can't bug test updates on a massive scale in a short amount of time. With a community so large it's statistically impossible to find all the exploits and bugs before 1 of the 30mil players does. And once an exploit has become Meta, you will piss off the majority by fixing it. There's no way around that, unless you had say millions of bug testers. So why not let players do it? A choice that allows players to Willingly bug test updates before the majority community gets them. Something similar to what Minecraft has done for a decade now. Experimental updates that players can choose to download if they want to bug test and provide feedback or ignore if they just want to play the more stable content. That way, the players that are bored out of their mind, the veterans and those that just want to help can actually help polish the game and in turn keep the community happier since the average warframe player won't be Forced to download content they think is broken. You get early feedback. You get a massive and free bug testing team. Community gets better polished updates. Everyone wins. theoretically. Just an idea that might be worth considering. PS: i also think it's important to be more open towards suggestions and ideas, like in the old days. You know when players helped make weapons, warframes, missions etc. It can be difficult with a large community, but it should still be a priority.
  7. Type: in-game Description: Game breaking and very frustrating series of bugs that are probably linked to Networking or Casting animations. Most of the issues occur when the host has a ping above 100. Which is basically the majority of the community. These bugs occur both in the Railjack and Ground assault. The only bug that is consistent between Hosting and Joining is the Scoreboard one. List of Bugs: Abilities don't work (likely due to the casting bug) Melee doesn't work (likely due to the casting bug) Operator doesn't work (likely due to the casting bug) Locked in ability casting animation Murix invisible while in RJ Mirage specific: casting ability 1 breaks Everything. Scoreboard doesn't update Reproduction rate: 90% in public squads. Visual: i made a 5 min video where i play as mirage. You can analyze it and see most of the bugs there.
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