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  1. Introduction Valkyr has always been out of the meta and with helminth this was the nail to the coffin. Most game want all characters in the meta. Valkyr was the best when raid where out. For my idea rework I think valkyr need to be that melee frame. (I am a Valkyr main so trust me) Passive Will still be the same as live but with an additions. Additions to passive When valkyr get a melee hit she git 10% attack speed buff this stack up to 3x giving 30% melee speed. If she is in Hysteria bypass stacks to get 30% on melee hit. If Valkyr take damage get 5% convert to energy. This is 4x if health damage giving 20% convert to energy. Rip Line Will be Subsumed ability (Warcry is the one thing she is good at) Damage reduce from 600 to 100 slash Additions Statue chance 150% (Can be moded with strength) Statue duration 50% (can be moded with duration) Rip line can target multiple enemies in a circle on the crosshair. Enemies will be brought to valkyr. Enemies will have a debuff on them taking 50% Damage Vulnerability. 100% if melee damage. Enemies Defense are reduces by 25%. Debuff duration 10 sec. Warcry same as live Additions Eternal war is build it with warcry New Augmet Rally Cry: Allies (and her) will git critical chances and damage on melee 100%, melee damage 100%, status chance 100% on melee and heal rate by 1.5 Paralysis Range mod will not work if you are not using Prolonged Paralysis Finisher Damage by 300% Finisher kills by Paralysis 100% chance drop energy orb Hysteria energy pre sec 2.5 - 15 to 2.5 - 10 Talons changes Damage Impact 50 Puncture 60 Slash 190 Total 300 (Other melee ability have range attacks like Exal or Baruuk. and other have new abilities like Sevagoth) Valkyr can etend her claws range on melee hit from 1.7 - 3.4 Status chance from 10% to 20% crit chance 50% to 75% Crit Multplier from 2x to 3x Conclusion I hope you like my opinion on this, and I hope DE see this when they are not busy.
  2. So I’m guessing this is fix when the new update drops?
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