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  1. Game breaks when 32bit integer underflows/overflows...who would have thunk it? ... oh wait...
  2. Tenno Space Program sending enemies oob/into pits and to their deaths was an illicit? O.O or are demolysts just special?
  3. I have a standard practice to not post on forums but I'll make an exception for this. Imo best case is for DE to make valid information (actual successful trade data) available. And this would be the best type of information to make available Semlar's bot while welcome, if it only looks at positions sellers or buyers take (WTS riven at X / WTB riven at Y) is far from ideal. Could use many MR0 alt accounts with a macro to repost in trade chat and inflate riven prices. Not bashing semlar in any way, he is doing the best with the incomplete information available to him. Is me just saying the best type of information is actual successful trade data, only which DE has the power to access. Now I suspect the reason why DE hasn't made much efforts to address this community issue is because I suspect they enjoyed the plat sink some players were creating. I suspect that only now after this specific incident and the amount of backlash it has generated has DE's hand been forced.
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