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  1. Thanks for the update Here's some issue I found: -Spectra can somehow install Chroma(Warframe) mod -Cycron do 60.0 Heat damage only by default, but the site used 61.5 Heat and 2.050 Puncture for somehow -Cycron also have innate punch through by 2.00m -Cycron use Status / Sec
  2. This 100% looks wrong LOL
  3. MK1-Furis can use the special mod, but it's not allowed in the site: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/MK1-Furis Can use the Furis-exclusive Winds of Purity mod.
  4. Really funny to see how this topic misleading to another thing, the issue is so simple, the vote system is too easy to exploits, it even lack of basic mechanism to prevent it, and it's not hard to fix, just extend a few seconds if anyone changed the vote, and limited it to 10 or something seconds, you might waste 10 seconds to watch him change around, but still better than defense a level of four alone, it's a coop game, more people will push you to higher level, don't mean you are super elite that can automatically SOLO anything in the level, in the end they got all the rewards and you got zero, and your only fault is you trusted others and not strong enough, need to git gud? Are we actually playing faction PVP or something? And sure, of course DEVs can see this just do nothing, I'm sure they are too well known this issue, because it's not likely the newest one, it's too old, issue existed for too many years, this topic never stopped to being bring up, and it's too old that this change might only be possible on next version of the Defense, some might say it's not a big issue because it can exists for so long, but it just like some machines in the factory, it don't kills everyday, doesn't mean it don't needs a safety, and doesn't mean it don't needs a fix, you can't prove the fix of issue is not necessary just because it exists for too long, I don't see logic in it anyway, safety is a concept that shall never being stop to talk, that's how we make our life better lol
  5. Just solod 20 minutes in the ODS and wonder the same, what a waste of time, don't think we can have compensate though :< Long way to the new frame
  6. And the wikia said: Beacons can be stuck on walls in choke points or other narrow areas where enemies are expected to pass through, allowing for sustained fire against enemies while keeping out of sight. Goodbye, special usage lol Kinda not sure if the Panthera buffed enough for me though, since I only use the alt-fire mode xD
  7. Uhh, I found after this patch the 64bits option cause my game crash right away, anyone have same issue?
  8. This really sounds Corpus, I like how they using special way to deal the war lol
  9. Uh.... where's the 'It's the Grineer' one.. that one is funny!
  10. Lanka with… QUAD AFFINITY!
  11. Totally same problem here, can only finished first after I revive(go into the void and death, ninja things xD), second didn't have that luck ;_;