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  1. Been thinking about this as well. The system was problematic in some ways and they changed it but there's still things to be learned from it. The brilliant part was that it gave people choices. If you can pick from any 6 weeklies, but you get the reward after two, that gives the developers leeway to put in more specific weeklies, and players the freedom to pick those that fit into their playstyle. You had group challenges, solo challenges, minigame challenges, jumping puzzle challenges, challenges for the three different game modes in general (pvp, pve, wvw), lots of variety. Of course you'd have to tweak the numbers and probably introduce more challenges (some archwing-related maybe? people would complain about that in the current system but if it was optional it would be fine), but it would solve most of the problems. Most players would of course just do the ones they feel are "easiest", but those who like to do endurance runs can do that, those who stumbled upon a lot of ayatan statues can fill those, etc and more importantly it gives the option to avoid things they don't like. You might even - thinking back to GW2 again - introduce PVP challenges if that fits into your design plans.
  2. Well it felt really good after the change, but was also a tad too strong if I'm honest, even as a wannabe Saryn main. But that's the thing with game balance, you always tend to overshoot because if you change too little, you can't gauge exactly what kind of impact your changes had. But then you have to course correct, which is also ok, but it's even easier to overdo it in that phase. 😕
  3. Most of the changes are good, but I agree that NO spread on spore death was probably unnecessary. All in all I'm kind of disappointed you zero'd in on the spores so hard. I would have preferred a nerf to the base damage of Miasma, coupled with an increase in bonus damage on spore-infected enemies, thus promoting more active play and reducing the mindless #4 spam regardless of spores.
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