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  1. Just got this bug in a Relic mission.
  2. I don't want them to remove Mastery Rank Tests, I just want them to rework or replaced MR9 and MR19. Back in the day when enemies didn't have a 100 meter and 180 degree view cone it was possible, now the only way to do it is cheesy them.
  3. Unfortunately this is not a bug. They removed the explosion because people kept exploiting the self damage. Not sure why they didn't remove the self damage instead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Only thing he needs is his 2 to be buffed or reworked (it's too slow).
  5. Supposedly they're discussing changes in the Design Council. Personally, I'd like to see it return to how it was before they removed Stamina. Back then it was a decent lowbie mod letting people solo Nightmare missions. Though if they want to improve it, maybe make it so it deals damage to whoever you're locking at at the time of blocking?
  6. This mod hasn't been viable since they removed Stamina. Actually, the mod still requires you to channel for it's ability to work. Which is to say it does nothing now
  7. Why not just make it do what it use to do before they removed Stamina? It was a great lowbie mod back then.
  8. Okay, now that I've played Veil the Intrinsic gain is so bad. Doing a bunch of quick missions around Saturn gives more than doing missions in the Veil.
  9. Tried to leave a Crewship as it was being blown up by someone too happy to use the Railjack's main cannon on every crewship regardless if someone is in it and got stuck in a black place with a shot a background of something. Can't move, can't use Omni Tool, can't use unstuck.
  10. 😐 Free speech isn't want you think it is.
  11. Intrinsic gain after Rank 5 kind of just grinds to a halt. It probably wouldn't be to bad if I had access to the Veil but getting Rank 6 and 7 is too much of a grind (maybe if I had been focusing on one skill it wouldn't be too bad). Wish the Archwing bonuses were spread out among all the levels instead of just Rank 8.
  12. Oh? We dropping out Wishlist here? Greed: Excalibur Zato Collection (255) Adau Glyph Pack (455) Domestik Drones Bundle (400) Frost Harka Bundle (215) Harrow Reliquary Collection (275) Vintage Locker Decoration (35) Need: Forma Bundle (35) Vehicle Slot (12) Warframe Slot (20) Weapon Slot (12) Cheap: Alloy Plate Decoration (5) Circuit Decoration (5) Control Module Decoration (5) Ferrite Decoration (5) Morphic Decoration (5) Nano Spore Decoration (5) Neural Sensor Decoration (5) Neurode Decoration (5) Plastids Decoration (5) Polymer Bundle Decoration (5) Rubedo Decoration (5) Salvage Decoration (5) Pretty Sure I'll never get it unless I buy it myself: Kuva Lich Hunter Collection (835) (I actually just want the palettes.)
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