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  1. Firstly, not all frames need damage reduction or the like. Secondly, some of the frames you mention already have it. Volt already has Electric Shields power, the Capacitance augment, and Recharge Battery augment. ...? 8 seconds of invisibility that causes a stagger. That's not damage reduction, that's just Loki's Invisibility power but worse.
  2. That's still around? If that's the bug I'm thinking of you can use Transference to fix the camera.
  3. So, I noticed my Blade Storm damage was lowered. I thought it was a UI bug, then I thought it was an actual bug but then I noticed I had Extinguished Dragon Key equipped. Though I was informed that Extinguished Dragon Key only affects weapons and not powers. I also tested this looking at Ember's damage and Extinguished Dragon Key doesn't affect it. While I haven't really tested other Frames it seems like only Blade Storm is affected (though I do suspect Exalted weapons might also be affected).
  4. So I was trying to level up a weapon while testing out a build using Recharge Barrier. I wanted to move one of my shields a little and noticed as soon as I picked it up it would immediately plop back down. I assumed it was Recharge Barrier causing messing it up but then when I went to test it in the Simulacrum the bug persisted even after I took off Recharge Barrier. I also tested builds I knew I could pick the shield up with and same issue. I figured maybe the issue might be I only had a primary equipped as that was the only other difference between when I was able to pick up the shield and w
  5. K-Drive still has the same exact bug that's been around since November, 2018 where you fall through the ground when you mount the K-Drive only somehow it's worse.
  6. Hot take: hot take, maybe we shouldn't need multiple gravimags in the first place. Maybe we should just need one gravimag and be able to equip any archgun regardless if we ranked it up or not.
  7. My only problem with that is the potential at asymmetrical dual pistol skins. Though in that case they should count as three skins (dual pistol, and two single pistol skins).
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