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  1. I'm sure they're aware they need to add them and like half a dozen other weapons, and Baruuk.
  2. Is there an ETA for the next update? I'm guessing either just before the New Years or a little bit after.
  3. The Chat Suspension notification is badly implemented. Firstly, it uses white text instead of say purple text so it can easily be lost with other chat messages. Secondly, it fails to tell you why. Thirdly, it fails to tell for how long. I'm not saying I shouldn't be suspended but rather the notifier is just really bad. Someone can easily be suspended from chat and never know why, thus failing to prevent them from repeating the action.
  4. Why is the Vacuum so large? Do you not want Titania players to have efficient use of Energy Orbs or do you want her to suffer for using Razorwings?
  5. Eh. They wouldn't even need to do that much. Except for three earpieces they wouldn't even clip with the scarf, and one of them probably wouldn't even clip that badly. Anyways, I don't think they want to mess with the scarf's model for that. And they really don't need to. Just let things clip. If they look badly make some changes. In the case of two of the earpieces that would clip, just hide them. Ironically one of the earpieces that clip is the Umbra Earpiece. So you can't wear Umbra Hood with Umbra Earpiece.
  6. Will the Anten Prime Operator Earpiece be visible with the Umbra Hooded Scarf equipped?
  7. Are there plans to add more trading methods such as an auction house or player stores? Currently the trading chat is just full of people selling or buying Rivens and moves way to fast for people looking for specific things.
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