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  1. Not really an issue with the event rather an effect caused by the event, but now Isolation Vaults Tier 3 are frustrating to do if you want to actually do the full thing, and the Arcane Bounty. People just want the Necramech parts and honestly Tier 3 is the best way to get it with zero reason to do the full vault because there is no necramech parts in the vault and zero reason to do Arcane Bounty because there are no necramech parts.
  2. Okay, I'm not 100% sure of this, but only have the weapon equiped to your mech, do not equip it to anything else like Heavy Weapons or Archwing. I might be wrong but it seems like if you have it equipped to another slot it'll only accumulate XP from that slot and not from your mech.
  3. I'd just like a dodge mechanic when double tapping shift while holding A, D, or S (left, right, and back respectively). Double shift while holding W should be the only way to boost slide. Also would like faster recovery from boost sliding.
  4. All weapons should be auto in the same vain as Overwatch (there is only a few exceptions like Hanzo, and Widow). Also, it's even more annoying when a weapon is auto-burst in space but semi-burst in atmosphere. Like the Cyngas...
  5. Are you thinking of a different gun? The Cyngas is a auto-burst heavy machine gun with high status chance. It doesn't have a charge trigger.
  6. TYPE: Nightwave DESCRIPTION: Trying to get Nightwave completed with Necramech VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Boarding a Necramech and perform tasks to complete the Nightwave challenge. EXPECTED RESULT: Fulfill the challenge while inside said Necramech. OBSERVED RESULT: No progress is made while in the Necramech. REPRODUCTION RATE: Everytime
  7. For some reason the Cyngas is only fires one burst when you hold down the trigger, this is completely inconsistent to the space version which fires auto burst.
  8. I was put in T2 last time I queued for T3. It seems like it just puts you in a mission with people instead of the one you queue for.
  9. Queued for T3 again and it put me in T2. So it seems like it's a similar bug to when queueing for a particular Lich mission would put me in a Lich Mission that people queued for on the same planet.
  10. When I queue for T3 Isolation bounty it puts me in the T1 version instead.
  11. A level designer would be cool. Just let us create our own scenarios and play other people's scenarios. Have no rewards so it can't be abused.
  12. Yes, but at least vehicle slots only cost 12 plat for one. At it doesn't clutter up the already cluttered inventory with yet another category.
  13. It feels like they added a new inventory category just to sell more inventory slots. Why have a new inventory category at all when there is a perfectly good vehicle category right there?
  14. Everytime I try to place a marker down while using necramech not only does it not place a marker it glitches out the marker placement preventing me from placing a marker in or out of the necramech.
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