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  1. My pet Moa wants to be free to walk around my ship and play with my balls. He is jealous of all the fun kitty has. Thanks.
  2. I want long Cyath claws. o3o but it's been like 6 years since new zaws were added so it will remain a dream. anyways, I really like the bent lawnmower blade zaw.
  3. I know, it's great. 😄 Aiming for Resident Evil monster.
  4. The hood being up or down is your choice.
  5. Hydroid needs QoL buffs liek that and a beautiful deluxe skin. 😠 He's an ancient frame but all the newer ones are getting all the love. throw in pressing his 2 again to cancel it like Revenant's dash as well so I don't have to waste energy stopping it with puddle.
  6. I hope to see a cool Hydroid deluxe before I die.
  7. I wish his stomach opened up like a gaping dragon and devoured enemies. Missed opportunity for some horror themed goodness.
  8. Conclave is good, but no one has time to play it. We have a universe to fertilize with corpses.
  9. Oh that bomber bot mode, I already forgot it existed. I think I did it so many times my PTSD erased it from memory. The side effect of having to run something new so many times that u get sick of it quickly.
  10. But floofs came and gone fast. The balls are outstanding but then Baro came along and tanked it with the cute yet immobile sting ray-thingy floof that has no physics. 😞 My cat desires booping it all over the place. If I'm playing Nidus floof; collisions with players and pets should bounce him around and maybe make squeaky noises.
  11. Join a large clan/aliance if you want a better quality region chat.
  12. Farming Disruption was so bad with Harrow I gave up on him and left him forgotten till centuries later something forced me to do it and his part dropped. Either a NW, Sortie, Alert or something, I don't remember. Drop rates are higher on things you're not looking for. I wasn't very hyped for Harrow though and not for Gauss so might end up the same way if the mode is still unfun. (there's nothing really new or exciting with him and no damage scaling I assume.)
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