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  1. How was this ever a thought? maybe you would like it if your boss came up to you and was like; "how would you like less pay for all the work you've done?"
  2. A challenge mode where we can find out who's tonight's biggest loser?
  3. Suda Syndicate armor says "Hi." S#&$ turns near everything purple.
  4. But that would ruin my mouse macro that keeps swinging when I hold it down to keep my fingers from dying :(
  5. Why would someone buy something if it has a publicly known issue that needs fixed? Seems like a valid concern to me.
  6. Can you please remove the forced purple tint from the Suda Syndicate armor. It's my favorite of the Syndicate armor but I can't make it match my Warframes because many of the colors I use, especially dark ones, end up Purple. Even Smoke Palette's darkest black ends up a very noticeable bright purple as you can see in the pic below.
  7. At some point they turned this off and then turned it back on again, possibly more than once, because I guess people liked resetting their Rhino buffs and etc? I wish they'd get rid of it again.
  8. All that really matters is vaccuum, radar and buffs from mods. Pets don't really provide much use beyond that which makes me wish they were just passive and didn't attack. That way it wouldnt run off into a crowd of enemies and get 1shotted every 2 seconds despite being forma'd as much as possible for every defense mod. I like that sentinels can be made passive but they permadie instantly even with the prime revive mod ;/
  9. Revenent melee killing his Thralls doesn't proc it.
  10. I mean they were okay with Hydroid being bad for 7 years as well as another upcoming 7 years.
  11. Revenant is best boi naow, without competition.
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