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  1. Wolfdoggie

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #123!

    I use Mouse 5 for melee, hopefully no interference. I might have an annoying time with a new channeling button though if I can't use left click fire anymore.
  2. Wolfdoggie

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.12

    Well #*!%, I missed out on a lot of fun.
  3. Wolfdoggie

    Ignis Wraith... Should have been Switch Only

    Why are you upset that they added a harder way to get something easy to obtain for cheap/free?
  4. Overwatch is a MOBA now? >.> But ehh, Warframe did it better. Hilds a more realistic murder machine and that game's just a PG cartoon. 😄 but as mentioned by others it's a concept that's been around for a long time. Most people just recall the Futurama Death By Snoo Snoo episode before Overwatch. Or Bisky in Hunter X Hunter.
  5. Lotta the female WFs have the same body type and it's boring. Hildrenn is the first Female WF reveal I've actually found interesting in a long time. I want my murder vessels to look strong/athletic. ;o Smolt would fill that role perfectly as a Volt Deluxe skin.
  6. Wolfdoggie

    Limbo causing players stress

    Actually lets just delve straight into that Silent Hill concept. Limbo's rifts transitioning the environment into a dark spoopy post apocalypse world and transforming all the enemies into deformed monsters would make it very easy to notice.
  7. I just have to be a cat instead since no one else makes doges. (I did a lot of those raffles, they are super dragged out and strict too)
  8. I eventually gave up on Wgrate's Glyph. It was just too hard.
  9. Wolfdoggie

    Is it true that DE doesn't like money?

    If they dont want to make an Abe Sapien-ish themed Hydroid skin then they just may possibly hate money. 😮
  10. Wolfdoggie

    Baruuk: Please let me punch Arbitration Shield Drones.

    Yeah I'd be fine with the waves not hitting them but I'd be nice if getting up close and personal; smacking them in the face with my fist worked. You have to hit things close up for stuff like life strike and combo meter to work so he has that physical contact goin' on that normal melee have. Constantly reactivating his 4 takes a hefty chunk of his restraint bar which is already a frustrating mechanic at times to build up. His spin attack has a pretty nice range uppercut for hitting flying stuff.
  11. I can't punch them, not even with actual fist contact. It wastes chunks of my restraint bar having to rapidly toggle his 4 off and on to kill them.
  12. Wolfdoggie

    (NSW) Fortuna???

    Oh, NSW isn't the same as NSFW. 😞
  13. Wolfdoggie

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    Khora's Augment O_o poor kitty
  14. Wolfdoggie

    Equinox/Limbo Deluxe when ..please DE

    I don't think it'd bad but Limbo Prime looks far better than it. I'd prefer the upper body wasn't so thicc though, reminds me of DC's terrible cartoon art style.
  15. Wolfdoggie

    Samurai warframe?

    Weird, I thought Khora's theme was of somekinda insect themed transformer out of "Beast Wars" TV show. :s