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  1. ^your moistening text as it hits my face
  2. Embrace the wetness. Balls are good Skin would be good if I could use it on kitgun or basically any Rifle I actually want it on. Balls are good.
  3. Only because they refuse to add "Primed Soft Hands." I'm waiting, DE. Waiting to be blessed with the softest of hands.
  4. The worst part is I literally cannot physically open all of the ones I have. It's just not a possible process when you play often and have a lot of them~ it takes too long and you keep getting more.
  5. I want my Warframe to have a flight speed riven so when he jumps he's yeeted into space and Shooting Star music plays.
  6. My favorite Rifle is my Gaze and I coulda made it blue and squirt continious fluids. 😢
  7. Let me put the skin on my Kitgun, please. Much wetness would ensue from such a thing, thanks.
  8. I use Larva atm, it's the only thing of any use whatsoever with low duration. I really wish there were more subsumed abilities that didn't require duration. Pull and Zephyr aren't too useful since the pull is clunky and unreliable. Larva just makes a quick ball to lull and his 1 is 1000% useless so mine as well. Also Baruuk is extremely powerful in Steel Path >.> he just needs a lot of forma. Which mine has 5 on Warframe and 5 on weapon.
  9. I still have a lot of succulent balls from the first time. But I take my balls in moderation.
  10. No, I wanted damage numbers to be in Wingdings font and all this would do is add mailboxes.
  11. Need more meaty male deluxes like Ash Koga and Frost Harka. Volt's current one makes him look pregnant.
  12. I just stick with the 3 on the left cuz they're the more sane ones and I dont feel like playing teeder todders XD Really easy to keep 3 on left or right maxed.
  13. I like Breach Surging Larva balls on Nidus (I replace his 4, personally). And Lulling balls of Larva to farm Baruuk's meter on low duration build (Replacing his useless 1).
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