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  1. Inaros is just a lazy warframe for newbies who are afraid of dying and want to ignore gameplay mechanics (god mode essentially). It's like a worse version of the Rhino meme when all the newbies used him as their safety blankey but Rhino actually does useful things. Inaros gameplay is completely passive aside from using your equipped weapons. He's just large boring HP bar. Pocket sand is only ability worth using on enemies but practually every WF can do that effect better.
  2. I call him "Monsieur Pis' Le Pooh."
  3. Wont all Warframe videos on YT get copyright strikes if Sony owns it?
  4. Really disappointed since Nezha is my favorite and Inaros doesn't really do anything useful for the group.
  5. Chat opens and closes when I press enter and I can only type if I hold it. Apparently this is an old bug that returned recently ?
  6. I like his deluxe but I like his original a lot more thanks to the Jinza helmet they added, plus Wolf armor looks great on him. (there's also not really any thin twink frames to play other than him o3o)
  7. I hope your money helps fund Nezha Prime to look amazing. If something goes wrong I'm using you as scapegoat for not spending enough.
  8. Probably just a side-effect bug from a lighting or whatever change, like when they randomly broke the Ignis to be unable to change it's colors properly, which was fixed eventually. Bug report it with pics and such.
  9. I went in with full power/sprint Volt and it spawned me at the exit and the capture target was in my hand with no clothing, hair or skin left on his body but still alive thankfully. Too much speed. 😩
  10. Statues are way faster than what they have us doing. 😶
  11. It's sad most when you roll for a bad weapon that you like just so you can make it useable for fun. 😞 Rolled a Supra like 50+ times cuz I love the gun so much but really wanna make it as strong as my main weapons or at least close but no luck so far.
  12. You have to buy Tennogen to fix him, as intended.
  13. No Ash fixes with his skin that'll be invisible. Again; what's the point?
  14. Why are you looking forward to Ash skin? He'll be invisible.
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