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  1. It's why I actually like flight speed on my crit chance Attica Riven. Too bad it's still kinda meh damage though even at over 100% chance. But it actually reaches an enemy's head instantly rather than it's default 20hour flight time to hit something 10ft away.
  2. I'd let her know but she doesn't have a Line I can get ahold of her on. She lets me know this often, somehow.. since I'm not on the line with her.
  3. It's true that males have tended to be buffbots/defense more often than nukes but it's been changing slowly... but really, the biggest problem with gender currently is the lack of visibly muscular male frames with perfect butts like Ash Koga 💪😉 while female frames tend to have more... fanservice than males. 😗 Well defined muscles and butts are a vital component to any genders' combat performance. Majority of male frames don't even have a chest or even got literal holes punched into their stomachs and meatless butts like Nekros and Revenant. Where do they get their core strength if their abs and glutes are scooped out?
  4. all I have to say. Thanks, DE.
  5. and kubrows should jump in front of it and bark at it
  6. Well they do seem to like MHA. Maybe we'll end up getting that Todoroki frame Megan keeps talking about eventually.
  7. Where's Hydroid Deluxe and QoL improvements now that other frames have his same mechanics but more functional?
  8. Looks great on Volt Prime since it fixes his sunken undefined Chest and makes him look like a Football stud. Fixes a lot of Male frames that have no chest love, actually. I'm busy with Path of Exile though so here have a Nidus instead
  9. Would be great if I could fight him in Kuva Flood but the game wont let me. I'd love an actual challenge for once but they had to make it RNG.
  10. It's still processing 😐But I was resetting Cassini via clan's advice to force spawn. Took 3 hours till he finally appeared...
  11. I don't see what the big deal is. He finally spawned for me again. Haven't seen him since those 3 times beginning of NW when he dropped nothing and he still instadies. :s Is it because I wasn't in a Kuva Flood? I tried to get him to spawn there but he wont.
  12. Don't abort if I'm in group, I'm the stronger Wolf.
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