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  1. This is great news! It means Nidus prime is closer to release.
  2. Hmm, let's remove shields from the game instead :3
  3. Claws are one of my favorite weapons (still wish they'd add Cyath Claws for Zaws as it's my dream weapon) so I'd go with that. :)
  4. May be a 2020 thing but it certainly had some bad ideas and mostly recycled content from other open world maps, much of which is forced at the time of release (capturing animals, ugh). Then you fish, mine yadda, yadda, all the same ting. Just doesn't feel too new and exciting so it wore out pretty quickly for me.
  5. Nezha cuz he's the only cute twinkframe and his abilities are useful and fun. Volt comes close cuz speedyboi wif big deck aoe. He's just average~kinda boring looking but not ugly at least... his abilities make up for it but he needs both looks and usefulness at same time to beat Nezha. Ash would be my #1 favorite cuz he has the coolest deluxe skin (koga) but unfortunatly he's useless so I haven't played him much since they added marking (the worst mechanic in game) :)
  6. Steering her tornado with aim is slow and hindering and it doesn't really do much. Funny how the next Warframe is getting that mechanic.
  7. Finally, a new Muscleframe, if it turns out like the revenant art looks at least. :3
  8. I'd even accept a mod that makes pets immortal but do no damage tbh. They're just loot/radar/buffbots.
  9. There's no kitchen or bathroom
  10. No, I have PTSD after seeing grown adults on an MTV spring break show wrestle to the death in a pool filled with corn as a child, I can't enjoy it meow without vietnam flashbacks.
  11. Considering I'm not really a fan of corn, I'm not easily excited for corn on the cob gundams. Considering I also play Volt and Nezha the most I'm not easily excited for slow, weighed down gameplay. Should go smaller instead and add Smolt; a smol, faster Volt.
  12. I'd put Xaku at the top of the ugly chart; it's the only frame I struggled to get to Lv.30 just cuz I stopped playing it for a long time mid grind solely cuz of how awful it looked. I'd rather permastrip it to skeleton form forever if I could. XD Lavos just looks like a Ivara and Hydroid were mashed together, and anything mashed into a Hydroid is gonna look terrible. I don't like the chest, huge gloves/shoes or helmet. But he survived reaching rank 30 quickly at least. ( why can't we just get more Ash Kogas for males? :P )
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