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  1. Hydroid deluxe was teased 4 months ago and that ain't happening either so teases could mean anytime between now and 5 years.
  2. No one plays it because it's extremely buggy and unfinished, mainly cuz it was some side project for fun, which it is pretty amusing still. I always just assumed it wasn't even created during work hours and someone was fooling around in their free time with it.... So I don't think they planned on taking it very seriously.
  3. I think you're one of those glass half empty kinda guys. Instead of being negative just say what you'd be excited for. Maybe it's; "I'd love a Warframe crossover but in the opposite direction where DE adds a Switch-Axe melee weapon."
  4. Then don't bother posting here if you don't care about the topic.
  5. That's pretty picky. The only collab event things I actually use atm is the Palico Moogle and Resident Evil pendants, doesn't mean I'd not support the Witcher, DMC, etc being in the game, especially when they're games I like too. I guess it makes sense if you hate Warframe though.
  6. They don't need to make a switch axe. Most events only give specific weapons, not one of each. I'd enjoy a crossover event. Give me a Kubrow skin for my cat. 🙂
  7. The virus would be killed by alcohol the moment it got anywhere near DE.
  8. I'd like to be able to use it on Prisma Angstrum and Stug too. It says "Unique" on it, I thought it'd apply to every explosive, primary or secondary. But does it even work and be able to prevent 1hitting yourself with a 30k damage Stug? I heard they improved it but couldn't find proof.
  9. We got that Melee 3.0 QoL change, the Lich QoL change, don't forget the most important Railjack QoL change that unfortunatly wasn't done; https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1163232-can-you-please-combine-the-rj-weapon-ui-windows/ I'd like to be able to swim through the hundreds of RJ weapons I need to scrap or keep more efficiently please. Especially for when/if they add a merging system for them.
  10. At least Zephyr looks cool already, generally cuz of the biasm towards females being more slim, sexy and human-like while males are monsters or robots in alotta games.
  11. A frame newer by almost 2 years gets deluxe before Hydroid once again. Anyways, what about elements for Kuva weapons? if I have a 59% Electric Kuva weapon can I make it 60% Toxic with a 25% Toxic weapon?
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