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  1. Don't talk s$&t about Pangolin Sword; it's been doing it's best for 8 years and it's not it's fault it's stats were never updated. That time has finally come and you show a veteran sword such disrespect. How dare you!
  2. Oh, I as wondering why I wasn't getting mail anymore. Well, aside from repeat emblems.
  3. I've had space groups fail because we were never asigned a ground team for 15-30mins n got bored. So we're basically defending the thingies for no reward the entire wait. Meanwhile since ground teams are 1:1 the other groups are flooded with all the codes they'll ever need rather than it sharing them between other teams.
  4. Can you do this in the form of a cinema-sins type video?
  5. Limbo has been a mess to balance since his release. They would have to redesign every aspect of him to justify anything since any change done to how it works now will make him 100% useless. He's either 100% useful or 100% useless with no inbetweens because the Rift system just can't be balanced properly, it's an impossible design for this game.
  6. When is Ash's 4 gonna become a frontal AoE like Ember's? When is Ash's forced stealth synergy going to be removed so we can even see his Deluxe skin and have playstyle options? When is stealth even going to be not-lame, anti-fashion and cheesy in general? New Ash deluxe is totally pointless till those things are addressed imo. Also where the hell is Hydroid Deluxe first? Hydroid has nothing and Ash already has the best Deluxe in game currently. If they do Ash's 2nd Deluxe before Hydroid's first, without even fixing Ash's terrible rework on top of it, I will be so angry at DE.
  7. My mod slots are too precious for such things.
  8. I just think Operator AMP stagger is dumb and shouldn't have it, or self damage. It's their own energy.
  9. No but he certainly needs his 2, 3 and spin attack to not be the same skill 3 times. Only thing that bothers me about him.
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