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  1. I just think Operator AMP stagger is dumb and shouldn't have it, or self damage. It's their own energy.
  2. No but he certainly needs his 2, 3 and spin attack to not be the same skill 3 times. Only thing that bothers me about him.
  3. I just play other games till something cool happens. Don't need to play the same game 24/7 365/365.The downtime is actually helpful.
  4. Ash's 4 to a 1press frontal AoE similar to Ember's
  5. Yeah, should be able to replace him with Vor. He'll be going on about the first hull rupture for so long it'll skip all the future things Cy would typically point out.
  6. It's no Kuva Twin Ignis but have at it. 😏
  7. Operator's Shraksun Scaffold stagger is awful because of how naturally short ranged it is. Makes it a very unfun weapon to use now. The self damage was difficult to avoid but did so little that is was something we just lived with. But the stagger rapid interupts shooting and is annoying.
  8. They just need to use common sense for certain things. Like the Operator's Shraksun Scaffold should not do Self Damage and should not Stagger either. The range is too small and just makes the weapon concept illogical. I'd take self damage over the stagger though for that specific weapon. The OP is 100% right and just in this regard.
  9. Staggerlock from QT destroys the whole point of the mod and should have been fixed so would be nice if intented.
  10. Mirage Prime looks awesome already so the wait isn't bad.
  11. Because he basically has none. His immortal skin is a meme because of how bad it is. It's a shame because I love his moveset and water themed stuff, even tho it needs a little more tweaking. But instead improving him more or giving him any form of attention DE created a situation where he's competing against Khora for relevance and losing because of the designers seem to put way more effort into female frames. They will probably even release her deluxe before his even though she's new and looks fine already.
  12. Yup, being able to replace Life Strike for more damage thx to Operator made me very happy boi
  13. I tried the heavy spam builds for a bit. Did a lot of damage and all but ugh, it's just spin2win 2.0 and I don't like gimmicky builds like that, they're not as fun as doing melee combos. But you can still do them when you want to with any old crit build for a heavy nuke, I mainly dump my combo counter on heavy slam attacks/atomic missiles as gap closers... The mobility on slams is too good and makes the gap closer melee combo almost pointless. ;s
  14. Wukong's 4 is fine. I mostly focused on crit and pure damage. If you keep playing and trading you wont really have to worry much about deleting things eventually. I was using this before and after his "nerf" I didn't really notice anything dying any slower in 100+ stuff. I haven't played him since status changes tho but I never really cared too deeply about status to begin with. 🙂
  15. Is it a crit weapon cuz I had this stupid Riven for 4 years that amused me It's actually about time one of these ancient weapons gets a prime. Now we just need to all remember Kestrel exists and is one of the coolest weapons in the game that is ancient and forgotten in time.
  16. You're supposed to have at least one of every prime frame so yes.
  17. Volt Proto looks awful and malformed; one of my biggest disappointments in WF other than when they made the coolest looking Warframe useless (Ash). Even if it was a deluxe, which I don't think it deserves to be called, he'd still need a good 2nd chance one like Nova got since very few liked her first one. He's one of my top favorites but he's kinda dull looking after all these years and I've never been much of a fan of his helmets. Also, my god they are taking long to release Hydroid's, his default appearance is one of the reasons he's ignored by the community and tennogen can't do anything with a template like that.
  18. Hydroid by releasing his deluxe skin and replacing the CC on his first skill with scaling damage, allowing his Tidal to be canceled on 2nd press and steerable, and shooting hentaicles transferring damage to captured enemies.
  19. Gauss is inferior though and just a novelty gimmick.
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