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  1. Since they became rare I haven't found a single one. I remember back when I had like 7+
  2. Sigh, another ugly Ash helm. Cockroach Shrimp Manta Ray with glasses I wonder if they just don't like Ash for some reason. EDIT: At least Loki got a bad &#! helm.
  3. Its not about needing plat, its about getting the bang for your buck.
  4. Its not the plat prices that are overpriced but rather the price for SOME items. Take for instance the Skana. 150 plat (around $10-$13?) for an item you can farm in less then a day. Now obvoisaly you start out with the Skana so there is no reason you should buy/make it but that's not the point. Whens the last time you heard of someone buying a normal weapon with plat? Only beta masters did when they didn't no any better.
  5. They do spawn alot. Its just theres something wrong with their AI. Next time you play a corpus mobile wait till you see one spawn and then go forward from where it spawned.
  6. Why? Can't you just be patient? I found both hate and dread and I don't even care for these weapons.
  7. Ceres,Kiste is one of the best places to farm mods and exp. I don't know why more people don't do it.
  8. Making weapons is a credit sink. I remember back when I had 2mill+ and thought "gee, theres nothing to use these credits on!" Started making weapons and I can barely go past 600k. BUUUUUUUT I still agree on SOME buyable resources and SOME MODS. Should be able to buy the basic/normal mods.
  9. Sorry if this has already be said in this thread but if your team mates kill with their skills YOU get Exp distributed to all your weapons equally. I noticed this after I played Saryn and spamming Mia. Ended up with 28k Warframe Exp and 16k-17k on weapons. As apposed to my previous run where we had a Mag in our team and I let her get most of the kills. I ended up with 20k on everything.
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