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  1. When is the fix for tatsu ground finishers?
  2. Read it all and REALLY enjoyed it. You list exactly all the points that she URGENTLY needs. I'd just add that, on top of ALL THAT, she also really needs a way to deal with hp-direct attacks like toxin, gas and bleed damage/DoTs. Either with a buff to her passive that makes procs and damage types that would normally go directly to your hp only affect her shields instead (until they are depleted) or by making her Haven similar to oberon's Hallowed Ground which would make her and affected allies immune to elemental statuses/procs. The issue with her tiny hp pool is that at high enough lvls, DoTs will kill you, unless your eyes are glued to your hp bar (ready to press "2"), and toxin based attacks (such as the toxic ancients) will outright oneshot you (it's pure toxin damage and not a DoT so it cannot be erased/removed and it just one-shots your hp even with a umbral vitality + umbral intensify so she had around 600hp - tested it myself) even if you pay attention to your debuffs. Because of that, she needs a way to deal with those otherwise she's no tank at all. Hell, to even be called "tanky" in endgame she needs to have adaptation and at least a maxed arcane aegis/barrier if not 2 of each or both... oh and to never be against infesteds...oh and with no squadmates using corrosive projection. On the other hand you can be even tankier (WITHOUT THE NEED TO GET ARCANES worth at least 400p each and without any other conditions) with any frame that is either inaros or has a form of damage reduction/mitigation as a passive or ability eventho they are supposed to be "damage dealing" frames which can nuke WAY more than hildryn could ever hope to achieve (ie: baruuk, gara, mesa, nidus, revenant, valkyr, etc.). Also, for fun's sake, if you compare both "secondary exalted weapons" in the game, aka Balefire vs Peacemakers, I'm pretty sure there's NO contest as to who's the winner. Peacemakers deal more DPS, have better range and AoE clearing and is a lot more energy efficient than balefire which stops your shield regen on top of draining with every shot.
  3. Exactly this. I would like to add that if they don't want the passive to make elemental damage/procs (such as toxin/bleed/gas) to only affect her shields (until, at least, they are depleted), they should bake it into haven (similar to oberon's grass "Hallowed Ground" effect on allies). Atm, haven is useless in endgame as the shields given to allies is one-shot by enemies, the damage you deal to enemies is insignificant (even with 200% str) and you need all the shield you can keep as hildryn just to survive and be able to cast your Balefire and Shield Pillage. Also, LoS requirements are wonky as hell. Enemies can only be PARTIALLY obstructed (like their feet is behind a small pebble) and they will therefore ignore your Shield Pillage and Haven. Just because of that, either they make it so the moment an enemy partially VISIBLE, the abilities work or they remove altogether this stupid requirement.
  4. While that is nice, Tatsu ground finisher is still annoyingly hitting towards the left, missing the target about 9 times out of 10.
  5. Changes that should happen to make her more viable/fun: 1)Balefire Remove the fact that she's slowed whenever she tap-shoots her 1 Charged shots needs to deal more damage than it currently does + the size of the AoE of the explosion should increase the more it's charged 2)Shield Pillage Remove line of sight requirement Scaling off of the "current" shield is fine as corpus have incredibly huge shields (late game, ie: lvl 100+) that also regenerate overtime, on the other hand grineers do not regenerate their armor once it's removed/lowered. Therefore her 2 needs to scale off of "current" hp of the affected enemies as well. That will help both against armor-stripped grineers and make her Shield Pillage not completely obsolete against infested. 3)Haven The sound effect is just too loud, I had teamates ask me to turn off the ability as it was too annoying. While Haven is activated, Hildryn and affected allies should be immune to debuffs and elemental effects/DoTs. Hildryn gets oneshotted, even at full hp, by the toxic ancients (lvl 80+) and their AoE toxin pulses even if you have umbral vitality (experienced it myself). There is absolutely nothing she can do about it other than to camp far away from the action which goes COMPLETELY against her kit and how she's built. She needs immunity (using Haven with this upgrade) against burst damage directly dealt to hp. Without this, there's barely any reason in using this ability at all. The radiation damage needs to have a great chance of proccing the confusion debuff on affected enemies. Maybe it's possible already but I have yet to witness it happen. 4)Aegis Storm Either she gets to use her Shield Pillage while flying or enemies killed while floating from the effect of this ability directly refills a portion of her max shield. She should be capable of using her primary and secondary weapon while flying instead of simply having the choice to either use or not use her Balefire. While she's using either her primary or secondary, the Balefire Chargers should fire when the melee button is pressed, or should charge up if it's held. When she chooses to not use her primary/secondary and only use the Balefire Chargers, every shot should be doubled (as there are two of those). This would give a good reason to use the Balefire chargers as main weapons as well while using the Aegis Storm. Little QoL buff: faster horizontal movement please. If not possible, then simply giving her the possibility to "dash" foward or backward, like she does on foot using her shoulder pads when she dodge "rolls", would be awesome for quick repositioning or to...well... dodge!
  6. On the 54th minute, you guys scared me XD And why target my poor kittykat! 😛
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