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  1. Same. After doing a mission, it's not there anymore.
  2. Something tells me, and I don't mean it in any condescending way, that you are under geared. You either need better mods, better warframes or, at the very least, a better build to increase your survivability. You can't be a glass cannon and build only for damage or for your abilities for your warframe. You need a certain amount of tankyness or at the very least, use a warframe that can mitigate damage (damage reduction like gara, armor like cold chroma, invisibility like ash, etc.). You can complete the star chart with anything in the game, but somewhat "end game" content like kuva liches requires better builds. You could tell us what you are using and we can help you improve your build but liches are actually really easy for a lot of players (most veterans) so they are totally balanced.
  3. This has been going on for early 2019 : zaw nikana sheat disapears for the rest of the mission after a single melee swing. You then hold your exposed blade instead of re-sheating.
  4. There's a good reason already to get both : Mastery. With what you are suggesting, players would not get any mastery from having the prime variants because it would simply be "glued" onto the non-prime version's parts like an upgrade. Also another good reason : If I remember the lore correctly, prime frames and weapons are the best versions because they were the originals where as the "regular" (non-prime) versions are mere copies we tenno produced. Simply merging "low quality" copies parts with original "good quality" ones doesn't make sense lore-wise.
  5. Thanks! Sadly I already found a clan! Have a nice day!
  6. Between job and university, I plan on playing here and there, so a couple of hours a day (week days mostly) on average. Looking for welcoming and fun-oriented clanmates that would also be veterans at the game (so looking for more endgame stuff to do). I am part of a quite advanced clan but there seems to be barely anybody online anymore in it so looking for a change! P.S.: I speak english and french, and I'm located in NA East if that changes anything 🙂 Found a clan, thank you! 😄
  7. As a Canadian too, I gotta say that, while I'm proud of being able to rush in the cold early in the morning only wearing boxers to bring the garbage bins to the road on time for the garbage trucks to pick em up, I also want to give the D, so to speak, to the D polarity (as in "F it"). Only thing is, I have a lot of weapons built for viral + bleed (hunter) combo and so I did forma'd a lot of D slots in my weapons. If they are to change the cold mods' polarity to a dash to normalize (which would make sense), they should also give something in retroaction like some formas so we can re-change our Ds into dashes.
  8. As a chroma main, I love his 2nd and 3rd abilities, I don't see the need for them to be changed. On the other hand, I personally believe his 1st (does insignificant damage that locks you out of your weapons) and 4th (high energy drain that is only really useful MAYBE as an expensive "stun grenade") need reworking.
  9. Nice finds! I'v been using the Opt vandal since I acquired it (first time it was released) and I loved it ever since... was bummed out at the idea of a stealth nerf but I am now happy to know it's totally fine 🙂
  10. That would be a good idea imo too!
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