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  1. In part two of stage two, where it is the hijacking part. We have gotten to the G3 + Vay Hek room, and once we are at extraction, the core stopped losing HP, and we were expecting a mission success screen, but it never showed up.


    We end up just stuck in the end of phase two, and not being able to continue. The host had to abort the mission unfortunately. This has happened multiple times and should really be looked at before I will attempt any more raid runs.

  2. I think I have heard Scott saying that there are a few people in DE that are cooking up some more Spy 2.0 rooms. When can we expect to get them?


    Is it possible for you guys to write down the rarity level of each reward in the Void Reward Table? It doesn't has to be the specific percentages, but at least something along the lines of "Common, Uncommon, and Rare" spectrum would be really helpful.

  3. Um... so does Vay Hek really not require a key anymore? (I know that the changelog said that he doesn't, but it still shows up as he requires a key.)



    The new node is on Oro, Earth. It's not the long node anymore.

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