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  1. Dare I make this comparison... Seeing Mynki move on from DE is like seeing Hideo Kojima leave Konami (without all the negative connotations surrounding it). On the one hand it's a tremendous loss for DE (though the spot being filled by Geoff gives me comfort), but on the other Mynki just got an opportunity to go and make something incredible that he couldn't before now. Looking forward to see what ventures you make out there Mynki, best of luck.
  2. I'm impressed you guys actually managed to figure out what was causing this problem for people, I really am. I can't even begin to imagine just how much you all had to push yourselves when the only information you could get to solve it was from players... I wasn't one of those affected, but I want to give you a thank you anyways for being so dedicated.
  3. Why is it that you guys continue to shove conclave events and content at us despite the OVERWHELMING majority of the community not only not enjoying it, but full on hating it- and to boot not fixing any of the issues that cause such a negative reaction before doing so? TL;DR: Why keep intentionally forcing stuff (conclave) onto us that you KNOW we all hate?
  4. Wondering when conclave is going to stop being "forced" on us... The alt helms are awesome, btw.
  5. "People thinking of themselves only/being selfish is natural" And it's that exact train of thought of yours, sir/ma'am, which is the exact reason I cry for this world.
  6. There's a difference between "increasing the grind" and fixing a clearly broken booster that wasn't supposed to have the effects it did. Increasing the grind would be adding new things that require more resources- like Hema.
  7. I would personally prefer if they just make sentinels stop attacking/drawing aggro to themselves when the player is downed so they're not attacked while you're downed altogether. That's really the one true fix to the "RIP all my sentinel lives after I'm downed once" issue.
  8. Thing is- while it seems going with 4 projections in a squad will give you the CHOICE between 4 rewards- with everyone picking a single one, it also seems like you can take a whole squad out with a single projection (there's no real reason to do this other than....) which means people could still attempt or "suggest" old style key-sharing, which people could still "scam" with.
  9. So one question. If four people go into a void mission with their FOUR projections- and complete the mission, you get to choose ONE reward. Does that mean if we all take a key we each only get one reward despite FOUR keys that could take 4 people being used? I suppose that is in a way more fair than how it is now where one key gets everyone a reward- and it would limit the inflation of keys (projections now) that everyone has. I see it as good- but I just want to confirm because I can't quite tell.
  10. They don't need to be exclusive to events. People get them from events- they get them easy. They get them free. They get them before ANYONE who misses the event does. That's enough. Events shouldn't need special rewards to be fun for people- if they do the event is a failure. Why don't people get this? The true reward of an event (or ANY GAMEPLAY for that matter) should BE the event/gameplay. It should be the fun you get from it. This farm everything, get all the shinies, there's no time here for fun in a video game mentality has... to... stop...
  11. Take my +1. Machete imo is one of the best looking weapons in the entire game. i've always wanted it. Sure I have the machete wraith now but I can't exactly color it because DE still is insistent on wraith/vandal weapons being uncolorable (unless you fork over plat for a skin assuming that weapon actually even has one in the first place. It's not like they planned that since them using skins was a still somewhat recent change, but still.). Sure the wraith weapon class as a whole is absolute garbage due to their SINGLE stance with horrible movesets, multipliers, etc. But that can be fixed in time. Whenever machete returns- it needs to be alongside an update to the weapon class or vice versa. Also- kama should not be a machete. A kama is not a machete... As for Snipetron I couldn't care less about that one but there's still no reason to not bring it back really.
  12. 50 bucks for an armor set/syandana- oh wait, that's how ALL PRIME ACCESS PACKS ARE. And yet people still complain about the vault unsealed ones alone...
  13. Rebecca, please please PLEASE tell the team they need to change the opt-out for rift+speed to BACKFLIPS. No one EVER uses those- so it's the perfect thing for an opt out. It even looks flashy. It won't interfere with movement- everyone wins. Been saying this forever but it never gets seen. Hopefully this time it will be. :(
  14. You've clearly never seen what forums are like when these things happen...
  15. Thanks for the update. I hate conclave but I'm interested in seeing how well Lunaro came out. Also btw- still no fix for:
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