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  1. IMO instead of trying to use blind's opening to finishers to justify adding it to other things, it should just be removed from blinds. Blind doesn't need it. It already gives you an obscenely powerful melee damage buff that will make you 1-shot anything beyond reasonable limits as it is, and if anything finishers just get in the way and slow you down until you're at the point where you DO NOT 1-shot things, and at that point the enemies are meant to be slaughtering you anyways. TL;DR- no, remove the finishers from blinds instead.
  2. Because shadow step is OP exists. Speaking more seriously- because while the average damage of a weapon with crit might be the same as the average damage without crit, the weapon with crit has a higher dps potential. Yes it's based on RNG- but one of the big factors is that getting headshots multiplies the multiplier. That alone straight up damages the output. They'd never be able to balance a crit weapon around the idea of someone ALWAYS getting a headshot, because they won't. Due to that, however, and the fact that all these crit weapons CAN always get a headshot with little to n
  3. Tornado is not good CC. It makes a complete mess of the battlefield and puts you in an even worse position with what it DOES toss around- and doesn't toss around half the things it should to begin with. Turbulence is her ONLY good skill. Dive bomb is completely useless since you can achieve the same result with most of the melees' ground slam. Her 1 lacks control- and if reworked properly could be an amazing utility for her. Seriously- most of her abilities are totally outdated and worthless at this point, she NEEDS a rework.
  4. I fully agree with you on Nekros- and to an extent Oberon. Hydroid even maybe- but ZEPHYR? She needs a full rework, top to bottom.
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