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  1. Haha it was a false claim, not being serious at all. If you got any tips/feedback please let me know tho:)
  2. This is a tour of my orbiter as it is at the moment. If you want to visit the orbiter yourself, give me tips on how to improve or just hang out, feel free to add me in-game: Semideos Wanted to do this now since orbiters are getting a pretty big aesthetic rework, otherwise I would have done it later, once i get as many unique decorations as possible.
  3. My idea was: since this weekend is also a double credit weekend, then why not move the index rewards to the new event..? You could grind credits WHILE grinding for Nakak Pearls.
  4. DE please fix this! My balls keep falling Edit: I don't mind them falling... It is actually cool. But it would be dope if they respawned. Edit2: Add the SOAKTRON to the game! I want to shoot it at my friends when we are in missions or even in anyone's orbiter!!!
  5. First: Thanks for the update! Second: Can you maybe add an option to keep the Domstic Drones in a specific room? I have 5 of them placed between all my rooms, and often i find them all hanging in the Operator's room. Also, before the update there was an Orbiter decoration (Sukshma Eleva) which was non phase-able, meaning that it would act like a wall/floor. Since Update25 this was changed and now it acts as any other decoration, don't know if this is intended or not. I am also waiting for more of those Warframe noggles to be introduced into the game. Anyways, great update and thanks for the awesome work! PS: keep increasing that Orbiter's decoration maximum capacity! 🙂
  6. Where can I post a bug that happened to me so you guys can look into it? Edit: I should say it is a video - And the Lotus noggle is still messed up 😛
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