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  1. You can think of it like that, Hell is meant to be this 'scary' place
  2. Please feel free to post any ideas, feedback or any questions. If you think this type of frame would suit warframe or is a good idea then please leave a like on the post. "Even some of the Orokin believed in Heaven and Hell, most thought they were the deities that would rule over everyone. That was until their worst nightmare came true when Diabolus was unleashed into the universe" - Lotus. Very special thanks to Mojoober for helping/discussing abilities and acquisition of the frame. This frame will have a strength bar like Protea. This will be called the Rage Vessel. (Name was found online, felt like naming a frame Satan or Lucifer wouldn't be favoured amoung the community or even DE themselves). (Picture doesn't represent the frame, just as an idea). Stats: Damage type: Heat Mastery rank: 15 Health: 666 (1500 at rank 30) Shields: Null Armor: 500 Energy: 75 (200 at rank 30) Sprint speed: 1.10 Polarities: 2x Random Polarities Exilus polarity: Locked Aura polarity: Universal Aura Polarity Passive: Dark Heal Every time Diabolus strikes down an enemy in cold blood, he gains what little life force the creature once had and uses it to passively heal himself by 1.25% every time. Whenever Diabolus goes under 200 health, he lets out a scream that will make every enemy in a 20m distance run in fear. (Passive range cannot be changed with mods). 1st Ability: Searing Impalement Diabolus is able to summon his pitchfork and throw it at enemies, either impaling and killing them instantly or pinning them to walls and dealing gradual heat damage to them for 2 seconds until they break themselves free. For every 10 enemies killed with the pitchfork, Diabolus's strength will grow stronger and stronger. 2nd Ability: Possession Diabolus is able to transfer his whole body and consciousness into any enemy that he targets, allowing him to walk through hoards of enemies and security lasers unsuspectingly. Once he has finished his deeds, he will rip out of the victims body, killing the host in the process and granted immunity for 3 seconds. 3rd Ability: Lake of Fire (CC) Diabolus can summon the demented souls of the damned and the fires of hell to restrain and damage enemies in within a given area. Diabolus will summon an AOE on the floor where the hands of the damned will hold enemies in place whilst the heat will deal damage to their armour over time. 4th Ability: Soul Destruction (AOE) When Diabolus summons enough rage, he will unleash a terrifying scream that will pierce the enemies souls all around him, inevitably destroying their soul and blowing their heads apart, draining his rage vessel. Those who manage to survive will be stunned with fear and unable to move for 10 seconds, making them easy prey for either him, or his followers.
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  4. So you are saying that sitting in a defense mission doing practically nothing is better than exploring the maps to find caches? My solid opinion of your post and this response is just that you are bad at the game, your complaints are pointless seeing as you don't progress with the game being stuck in the "2015 warframe". You just don't like the fact that the nightwave is catered to your taste and how you play the game, yes some may agree with you but again, that's some. You need to actually play the content when it arrives instead of *@##$ing about it when it challenges containing that content comes to nightwave, to me you are just a boomer who can't stand change.
  5. I see multiple things wrong with your suggestions for elite weekly's. You suggest doing a 50 wave defense is fine but do have you actually thought about the effect of it on other players? When I was at college and working, I found it hard to find the time to do nightwave, I highly doubt I am the only one that has this issue. If your suggestions actually came into fruition then people who are in the same boat as me would hardly level in nightwave. DE made it so nightwave can be completed by newer players with some dificulty to it. To me it just seems like you can hardly understand the game at all and complain because you "play the game like you did in 2015". Actually play the content when it comes out and then you'll be able to understand it more. Umbral forma isn't something you should get so easily with little to no effort, it's meant to be rare and you need to work in order to gain it.
  6. Am I the only one who is confused to #*!% on how he watched videos on fishing and still got it wrong
  7. Seems a bit overkill imo, yes it needs a nerf but not this heavy, The amount of cluster projectiles I can understand, then there is less AOE damage so you can't nuke like half the map but the only part of this nerf I would change is the ammo capacity to 10, it doesn't make sense for the ammo cap to be nerfed massively when the AOE is getting a nerf at the same time. Balancing in this game hasn't worked for a long time. If a weapon has a high usage (even without a riven) then it gets nerfed to the point of where it is practically useless, Synoid Simular is one example. Every time there is a weapon favoured with the community, some nerf will come to it where the usage drops massively, I feel like it will always be that way. Instead of nerfing practically every aspect of weapons that have a high usage, nerf parts of it. Do it gradually, nerf one part, see the statistics, nerf again if needed and so on.
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