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  1. oh geez what can i do without myself.
  2. Too bad you can still Use nova's wormholes and vaubans bouncy balls to send them off the path and get em stuck
  3. Oh hi im Dan (and im the joke like one guy) once in Lone rangers im decided to try my best to find a lover tier clan with more "Live" First off was Cephalon's shy Clan (but they rejected my love) and i'm said "I can begin a new clan life and i'm was in search to find a nice clan to join and help around and i'm found vanguard (you guys) and now after reading this wall of text i'm have been asked what can i give to you (answer is simple i'm was once top player at wyrmous and happy zephyr "and then something happened and my score has been erased" oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) next on list is my mastery rank its 17 and while im typing this its close to 18) Something about me: I'm living in poland and that means im also sharing its timeline (because im too lazy to bend time and space) im hope to join a great clan like yours and i'm would be pleased to help you guys out in one way or another.
  4. Oh it seems like most of the community is getting invited to her clan (maybe i'm did something wrong or idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
  5. Is there any chance that Zephyr will be able to fly (after rework that comes Soon) and im mean fly like Titania and not just flop around like fish
  6. it has a chance to came out at polish impedance day.(but im not sure :P)
  7. so Steve. Instead of one big glichfest we are going to be entertained by three small glichparties?
  8. Two hotfixes one day its a realy special day
  9. PSA

    im still waiting im want to put my great profile picture its great.
  10. Hej przeglądałem internet i znalazłem naprawdę nietypową broń tak nietypową że mogłaby pasować do warframe Nazywa się "Miecz Urumi" Miecz urumi połączenia miecza i bicza. (po więcej informacji na temat broni zapraszam do google "szukanie nie boli") Jeśli jeszcze nie zastanawialiście się to jest już odpowiednia pora tylko się zastanówcie Excalibur który szatkuje zastępy grennier w stylu zabójczej baleriny. To byłoby piękne.
  11. Im was up to make a another quote of codex bugs but it seems im can leave it here (no comment needed)
  12. Oh boy these cheesy boys can be seen in the codex finaly now let me exploit the way to spawn them in the simulation room :P
  13. Im say this hat fits him perfectly such a gentleman.
  14. Gliches and exploits in warframe are real