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  1. Moving Sonar to 3 will result in it being 75 energy to cast, this would nuke my Sonar build because I cast it a lot and I run no efficiency on her. You will be using Sonar more than you would Silence, why have it consume more energy with such an unnecessary switch around? I'm all for these changes, but please don't touch Sonar, the ability is fine as it is.
  2. There actually is a page on the wiki that explains the AFK buster. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Inactivity_Penalty What I am assuming happened is that you get flagged for being AFK in the logs and someone must have reported you through support. But I wouldn't know either, I can only guess. EDIT: Did some testing, it seems that the AFK Buster doesn't work on Pilots who are the host, as for a client I have not tested yet.
  3. I am assuming the AFK buster kicks in on pilots and gunners because you are sitting in one place for too long. It would also explain as to why I seem to get so little Intrisics as a pilot as well. Funny, because I assumed this would happen when I saw how the illusion for Railjack works.
  4. Wait, why should we not hear the Acceltra from other players? If I didn't want to hear sounds from my squad mates then I'd mute the game.
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