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  1. No, those mods can't fit in my solo build. The only thing that seems to be consistant is the weapons need to be hitscan (pulsars and Photors) anything with a travel time doesn't seem to trip it. I think though you may be on to something with the gunner's damage boost. I don't know if you have tried it yet but 2 rank 5 gunners in a grineer mission absolutely trivializes the game mode, you just fly in enough to aggro the fighters and just lock on missiles at crewships that have the yellow shields to open them to the gunners. I didn't report that aspect here because it feels less like a bug and m
  2. Except it's happening from all angles, including directly from the front where the engines can't be hit, and some of the times the distruction doesn't happen until after the ship hit's zero and starts regenerating. It's also happening at long range using pulsars, not exactly high damage shots. I was aware for the previous bug and felt this was something new. I didn't mention it because I was unaware I would have to defend a bug report like my thesis.
  3. TYPE: Gear DESCRIPTION: Trying to Valance fuse railjack plating and reactors REPRODUCTION: Try to fuse any railjack item where the primary stat is maxed but the secondary isn't (e.g. In plating, hull is the primary and armor is the secondary. EXPECTED RESULT: it should have fused the two items, leaving the primary stat at maxed but brought the secondary stat closer to the items max potential OBSERVED RESULT: pop up informing me the item has maximized stats REPRODUCTION RATE: every time on items that have the primary maxed but not the secondary. I know this is not
  4. That was the other major flaw I pointed out in the dev workshop that they refused to address, the homogenization of the game mode. The best analogy I can come up with is if they released the original game with 8 warframes and 6 guns and the decided to reduce the number of warframes to one, doubled the number of guns and claimed the game was better for it.
  5. I warned you this would happen. Link to post It cost me over 175k Endo and 12 million credits to get my avionicsmods back to the level they were before the update, like I said in my post, the amount to Dirac I had before the update and the fact that I was an MR 30 player with all mods maxed for a long time meant that these changes wouldn't impact me, still holds true, but it still holds true that I was on the far, far tip of the bell-curve of players and that these changes would end up crippling the average players progresstion due to a combination of tying everything to
  6. This does not address the fact that every forma limits as much as it expands an item, meaning that as my previous post players, if DE follows with the basic polarity "logic" they have applied to mods that we will need separate plexus for different roles, not just separate configs. To be honest, with the lack of total mods/avionics for railjack, multiple configs become almost pointless. With all the reasoned and thought out replies you have gotten, this is what you came up with? It ignores almost every concern people have stated and seems more like you are doing this to be se
  7. I normally don't do much in the way of feedback for dev workshops since I prefer to see your vision first before I make judgement, but all things considered, I feel the need to point out some major issues. I'll separate them according to section, and I will try to offer solutions, not just criticisms. A warning to players reading this, it is a raid-boss level wall of text and meant for the devs. I welcome replies, but don't expect short. Trigger warning: math. Also, I would like to note that I talk about progression rollback of the players. In all fairness I should point out that this
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