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  1. [DE]Steve specifically said during a few dev streams back when railjack came out that when command came out we would be allowed to reallocate our intrinsics much the same way we were able to when the focus rework released. This was also repeated when they said the would be reworking intrinsics to give more value to the higher rank ones, which the said the would be holding off on until command was released. Now all that remains to be seen is if they remember/keep to these statements.
  2. You post two links to show why you are feeling disrespected when the articles you link both state that sicking one's tongue out are "Depending on context—and placement—tongue protrusion can imply almost anything" and "In any case, a person who sticks out their tongue during a task is not harmful, nor is it a sign of an underlying issue." Did you even read the articles you linked or did you just google them and assume they would support your view? Because as it stands, all you did was show you are choosing to view an emoticon, an EMOTICON for god's sake, in the worst possible way just for the s
  3. So in the process of leveling my Bonewidow, I have been using the Morgha as it's primary in the Orb Vallis. While the Morgha gains affinity in mission, ranking up as normal, upon extracting via the elevator, while the Bonewidow receives the affinity gains as normal, the Morgha receives no affinity whatsoever, staying at rank 0 even after 40 minutes of continual play. This has happened to me in the last two leveling runs for the items, both in Orb Vallis, but once in the past hour playing solo and once last week before the most recent patch with a single other player but still as host. I didn't
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