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  1. I'm sure it's true for me because there is no rotate button for me at all
  2. Still no fix on the inability to rotate rooms in the dojo room selector screen before placing them for contributions, this makes elbow connectors and T-halls worthless, and the Dry dock itself nearly impossible to place.
  3. ok, so while this is a step in the right direction, to be honest, it is probably the absolute smallest step that could have been made. I hesitate to even call it a step, it's more like a lean in the right direction. While this is great for the poor layer who had these weapons spawns: Kuva Karak Kuva Karak Kuva Seer Kuva Karak Kuva Karak Kuva Karak They will do nothing for the many more who's roles look like this: Kuva Khom Kuva Kraken Kuva Khom Kuva Sheldig Kuva Khom Kuva Ayanga Kuva Khom Kuva Kraken Kuva Khom Kuva Ayanga That's fine, the system needed more RNG to it /s Originally, I thought the lack of respect for a player's time was unintentional. This has me questioning that assumption. So in order to trade, you have to put in 3-4 hours work, and the other player needs to do 3-4 hours work and when you trade you both then need to put in another 3-4 hours work? You don't need to pad the system with forced gameplay. Bare minimum time to get all the weapons without dupes is around 45 hours, and that is not including the time it takes to put the 5 forma in. Give players some way to recycle an active lich. I sincerely hope that conserved liches and and their mediocre-at-best performance is included with this. Not for me it doesn't.
  4. I made a more detailed post here, fearing this would get lost in the bulk of this thread This is the revised post: The flaws of the Kuva Lich system: What can be done? OK, so I gave it a week, defeated 11 liches, and feel I have delved deeply into the system enough to give feedback. I'll try to offer solutions and not just criticisms as well as keep things concise but there's a lot to go over. Liches Minor issues Personalities: there are only two. Don't get me wrong, they are very well done, both with the writing and voice acting, but after the first two, it just feels like I am fighting the same character over and over. This ties into a major concern, which is farming. The only real solution is write and VO more possible personalities. Abilities: Maybe it's just my rolls, but it seems like I have only seen 3 power sets for the liches, which just reinforces the feeling that these are not different enemies, just the same one over and over. Maybe deversify the abilities and tie them into the personality so their abilities also reflect who they are not just what they can do, of course this would mean the addressing the first issue on this list. Conversion: This choice is utterly lackluster in it's benefits. They hit like wet noodles, they only show up for a minute or two, and never when you need them. Of the five times I have had them spawn in my mission, three of them were as I hit extraction and well after I completed the mission objectives. Best solution I can think of is use the mechanics established with the landing craft. Have us select an active ally, and use a long cooldown consumable to call them in a mission when needed. Have them scale like cosmic specters or better, since they will only be active for a limited time. Extra weapons: Eventually you are going to have players with more weapons than they need, and if you want this lovely system that you crafted to still be viable after this point, you need to let the players do something with these weapons other than vendor or destroy them. I would suggest melting them down for kuva the same way we get endo out of Ayatan sculptures. Major Issue (Just the one) The Grind: It was fun the first 5-6 times. hunting them down, finding their weaknesses, etc., but now, it's just a chore. there's absolutely no variation in the gameplay. All I have to look forward to is 4-5 hours worth of gameplay to clear them. Add to this the RNG of the Kuva weapons and to be honest, I don't want to do it anymore. of those 11 lichices I have faced and defeated, 4 of them (FOUR!) have been Kuva Khoms, 2 Kuva Krakens, and then a Seer, an Ayanga, Twin Stubbas, and Sheldeg, and an Ogris. My first Khom roll for bonus was 51%, so not even the new Valence Transfer is worthwhile to me since my next highest was like 31%, so of the 100 hours I have put in since the release a week ago (I'm retired so I have a lot of free time), more than a third of that has been clearing liches just to try again. I just created a new lich, and guess what, it's the Kuva Khom... again! I can't even buy him off or try again, I am forced to do the same thing all over again with not even a chance of a reward I can use, just to have another chance at what I want. Do you realize how disheartening and frustraiting that is? At least with things like relics or boss farms you don't know that you failed to get what you want until after you have done it. This is being told that you failed before you even started and then told if you want another try you have to do it anyway. We need a way to buy off the liches, just like we were given a way to consign kubrows and kavats. Any way would be a move in the right direction, be it paying them off in kuva to leave you alone, a once per week get of of lich free card, or a special mission that resets it. Look I understand that RNG is a major component to viablity in a game like this, but nowhere in this game is there as horrendous a grind as getting these weapons. Maybe I'm an outlier with my RNG, but I have played this game for over 10,000 hours over the past 6 years, I am not one to let bad odds or long grinds discourage me, but my most recent lich having the Khom again made me want to shut the game down and delete it. You could point to things like the Lato and Braton Vandals, or doing Infested Salvage for Nidus, but those things only take about 20 minutes per try, this RNG is hours per attempt. The best thing I can think of it that either you make it so that once you obtain a weapon, you can not have that weapon occur again, either until all weapons are obtained (allowing those that wish to improve thir weapons with Valance Transfers do so), or you create a vendor where you can trade in a kuva lich weapon for a different one but with the bonus damage being random and at the minimum level, so that those who wish to do it for the mastery can stop, but those that wish to get the best weapons can continue using the valence transfer. I know I am frustraited right now, and if my feelings have bleed through my post, I am sorry, I really am trying to give constructive feedback here, and not just rant. The core of the system is sound, but what made the system work in Shadows Over Mordor was the variety, and the Kuva lich system just doesn't have that, and with the RNG for the weapons as it is now, it lacks the most vital component for a replayable system in a game: fun.
  5. Next bit of feedback: About dedicated melee switchingg. Before you started the journey to Melee 3.0, there was a keybinding that let use use a key to switch to melee rather than holding the weapon switch key. With the return of dedicated melee, it would be grand if you gave us that keybinding back as well. Due to nerve issues, I have trouble with hold commands, and the original keybinding was a godsend to let me draw my weapon. Edit: I could set a macro that would act as a hold on a keystroke, but as you have said this could get me banned due to you not being able to determine macros used for accessibility and those used to cheat/exploit. So for the sake of those of us that need aid in playing your game I really do implre you to return this keybinding as soon as possible. Edit 2: if you could also return the concept that dedicated melee also used a seperate keybinding for melee attacks when enables, that would be great as well, as LMB for melee was much easier to use and in dedicated melee is completely unused since channelling is gone.
  6. OK, so first bit of feedback from me, it's on the Weapon Exilus slot: As stated it is pretty much manditory that this slot to be polarize for late and "end-" game builds. The problem is you remove choice from the player by having the slot pre-polarized, forcing a player who wants to use a mod with a different polarity to add yet another forma on a weapon that has already seen 4-7 used on it. Would it be possible to have the Weapon Exilus Adapter work akin to gilding, in that when you apply it, you get to choose the polarity of the exilus slot, rather than it being predetermined? It's a minor change, but one I am sure many players would appreciate.
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