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  1. So while I'm definitely on board with the "feel" of fighting the Wolf of Saturn Six, there might be a... Snag in his scaling. According to the stat-scaling referenced on the Wolf's wiki page https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Wolf_of_Saturn_Six a level 57 Wolf has/should have 108,090 HP, 1,346.38 armor (roughly 82% damage reduction), leading to an EHP value of 593,191.14 This is fine, it's no worse than any other high-level armor unit at face value. The problem comes in when numbers are put into perspective. On April 12, 2019 myself and three other Tenno were locked in combat with the Wolf for slightly under forty minutes straight. I don't have access to their damage values, but I can definitely provide my own for reference. The only weapon on hand that did appreciable damage was the Tatsu. With an Attack Speed of 1.45, and landing crits with damage values floating between three numbers: 1245, 4316, and 3861. Across four attacks, in approximately three seconds, in a right-click combo, and assuming the lowest value appears twice, the average DPS of approximately 3,555. Assuming this DPS holds up across an entire minute of sustained melee, that rounds out to 213,300 damage, after accounting for the 82% mitigation. Multiplied by the approximate ~37 minutes required to take down the Wolf, that estimates to a total health pool of around 7,892,100. These numbers admittedly exist in a personal vacuum; I cannot read the damage numbers of other players (as far as I'm aware) and the semi-random nature of damage and critical hits means that the exact EHP of the Wolf in this situation is very difficult to pin down, but it should speak volumes that it took the combined might of four players to bring him down once. While I understand the Wolf is meant to be a very dangerous, very tanky assassin to give endgame players a run for their money, is scaling this hard intended, or has something gone wrong on the backend? https://imgur.com/MOQXhjE Attached is a link to a screenshot, giving the actual numbers for the Tatsu in question. The weapon's damage potential before accounting for critical hits and armor/health type rounds out to be around 816, 1,632 with a spin attack or wall attack.
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