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  1. Is there a fix yet for dodge roll i-frames/evasion being borked? Ever since Update 26 dropped dodge rolls have lost their stunlock i-frames (discovered that one while getting wailed on by a Kuva Lich with a Shildeg), and in the same vein I can't dodge-roll away from a lich's grab attack (I roll away when the animation starts, before they actually grab you, and get dragged back 6-10 feet anyway). Other players have reported, mostly on Reddit to my knowledge, that this has affected Titania's Razorwing form, as her evasion either does not work, or only works some of the time (depends on who you ask) A solid portion of my game knowledge has been invalidated by this bug, as does most of my defensive tools at higher levels, let alone what it has done to Titania. Any way we can get a fix, or at least an ETA on a fix?
  2. Maybe not with the Relics themselves, I'll grant you, but definitely the Requiem mods. Considering the layer of grind on the mods, their integral nature to playing the game (all it takes is one melee attack to slowly eat your starchart one node at a time), and the fact that they are a limited-use resource, putting a full set of them in the Market, especially as a one-time purchase, is very much pay-to-win. Short-term, at least. All it takes is bad RNG, and your game can be essentially soft-locked by the presence of a Kuva Lich on the starchart, especially in the case of low-power players, i.e. those without meta mods and builds at their disposal.
  3. Alrighty, forgive me for what is gonna be a rambling monstrosity, but I need to get all of this out as concisely as possible. Parazon: - overall the Parazon feels nice, gives the Tenno a certain flair. Having all the new Parazon mods in a pack feels sketchy when they fall into the two camps of "absolutely situational" or "Absolutely Necessary" depending on the mod - Parazon Mercy prompts, if they are random, should make the target "invulnerable" to other damage, a la Kuva Thralls, because it is a chore to proc them otherwise - Hacking animations are occasionally bugged, as are Mercies (especially vs Thralls; maybe an anti-softlock feature?) Requiem Mods/Requiem Relics: - Reduce the layers of grind from 4ish to 1-2 at most, or make the mods a permanent addition. If grinding the mods out through Requiem relics is absolutely necessary from a game design perspective, at least make them a permanent addition like every other mod in the game. - Remove the ability to purchase Radiant R.relics/Requiem Mods from the Market. Given their compounded grind nature this feels like an utter slap in the face, and is a move I would expect out of EA, Blizzard-Activision, Ubisoft, or similar P2W entities that Digital Extremes has proven itself to be better than in the past (never forget the Kubrow pelt changer) - If they absolutely must remain in the market, decouple them from the cosmetic bundle, or at least decouple the cosmetics from the mods. -Kuva Fissures are actually quite fun for the effort they require - Replace Weapon Exilus and Ayatan Stars in the relic drops with something that has a greater system impact, i.e. prebuilt Forma or Catalyst/Reactor blueprints. Requiem Fissures are, as of right now, Warframe's endgame alongside Kuva Liches; bloating the drop list from these relics is detrimental to both the experience and the effort they require Kuva Liches: Biggest section, warning you now. - Overall, Liches need to have their power and immunity to entire game subsystems toned down. The relative power it takes to kill a Lich (I am MR 26, I spend most of my in-game time with an MR 25, an MR 18 Founder, an MR 12, and an MR 10 who has completed all the prerequisites for the Lich) is disproportionate to the power level you can be at to generate one (the MR 10 simply does not have the raw gear, mod assets, and familiarity with the game's systems to keep up with consistent level 90-125 content) - Thralls as a mechanic feel fine. I would recommend taking the necessary Thrall kills for a single Requiem Murmur down from 50ish (total of 150 for the full cipher) down to 45 or 30 (total of 90-135 depending on changed requirements). Potentially add a mechanic where gaining Murmur progress after the three are unlocked will find you the first correct Requiem Mod in the sequence. - As liches stand now, they have a baked-in force-loss mechanic in the form of discovering the Requiem Mod order; this is a form of punishment for engaging with the system, and if not removed should at least be seriously toned down. - Once a lich's full Requiem Mod list is found, their disposition should remain at Fuming at minimum to ensure a consistent spawn (you are already in the last leg of the hunt; having to bring his rage meter back up after every mod order attempt shouldn't be an hour-long slog) - Regarding subsystem immunity: Status effect immunity + high armor and health + CC immunity = oppressively annoying enemy that you must kill in order to play the game normally, that demands a small handful of builds to actually kill (speaking from experience, it took a 4-man team of Iron Skin Rhino Primes and Umbral Mods/Adaptation/Negation Swarm Inaroses to reliably keep a lich from instantly killing anyone in arm's reach, made worse by the inability to strip armor. If a Lich is going to keep this sort of immunity, I propose a compromise; each Lich randomly gets 1 to 2 of these immunities, determined by their level or how they died. It provokes thought without being an overt guessing game, and prevents a lich spawn from becoming a mindless slog that highlights the biggest issues with Warframe's damage and armor scaling. Right now, this is all I have. I welcome feedback, additions, and proper criticism in the replies.
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