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  1. Is there a fix yet for dodge roll i-frames/evasion being borked? Ever since Update 26 dropped dodge rolls have lost their stunlock i-frames (discovered that one while getting wailed on by a Kuva Lich with a Shildeg), and in the same vein I can't dodge-roll away from a lich's grab attack (I roll away when the animation starts, before they actually grab you, and get dragged back 6-10 feet anyway). Other players have reported, mostly on Reddit to my knowledge, that this has affected Titania's Razorwing form, as her evasion either does not work, or only works some of the time (depends on who you ask) A solid portion of my game knowledge has been invalidated by this bug, as does most of my defensive tools at higher levels, let alone what it has done to Titania. Any way we can get a fix, or at least an ETA on a fix?
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