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  1. 32bit is kinda really old school, now whoever runs windows vista 32 bit, is rather equivalent to I'm sorry i had to Lol.
  2. LMAO, Comon windows xp and 7 users, get with windows 10 Dat potato aint gunna last much longer
  3. They don't feel smooth, as i said in my previous post, they feel overall, clunky and just simply really slow. It feels like the performance optimizations did more damage than good in my opinion imo this may be linked to orb vallis bug i mentioned in my previous post.
  4. Orb Vallis feels more clunky regards to fps, it feels slow and sluggish and it just simply doesn't feel right. and i have been having a hard time getting into orb vallis because there is hosts that are actually crashing due to the recent changes to it. I run basically public all the time, And the fact that it is sluggish as it is, then there's some bug or something effecting the performance overall. Last 5 runs of orb vallis just felt as i said, clunky, not smooth, rather choppy.
  5. That's why i suggested the open beta accolade. There are people here who has been here since 2013 and we don't get a lot of appreciation..
  6. Ohhhh those were the days.... Sadly i think i lost all my screenshots in a data loss 😞
  7. I don't see the words open beta anywhere on the warframe name. and the game isn't early access anymore xD
  8. Yeah, I wish they also show the support for open beta players that has been here when open beta was a thing.
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