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  1. Waspyeh

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

    32bit is kinda really old school, now whoever runs windows vista 32 bit, is rather equivalent to I'm sorry i had to Lol.
  2. Waspyeh

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

    But windows xp was better 😫
  3. Waspyeh

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

    LMAO, Comon windows xp and 7 users, get with windows 10 Dat potato aint gunna last much longer
  4. Waspyeh

    Gainful Liquidators

    Gainful Liquidators is seeking for new and returning people to join the ranks of this clan. We provide a laid back, and dramatic free environment, and we play the game casually. What we offer A beautiful dojo All Labs, with 97% clan research completed. Active alliance to the clan. The clan is pretty open and diverse, you can start researches and you can also invite people to the clan. Got a friend joining war frame and want him/her to join the clan? Just invite them to it. There is a 1 year inactivity limit, we get that the game can wear you out and that you want to take a break without having the fear of coming back to not be in the clan anymore. The 1 year inactivity applies to mastery rank 10 and above. Interested in joining? Join our discord server located here and let one of the clan mates know.
  5. Waspyeh

    Is this a good riven?

    That damage tho.
  6. Honestly, if it was that way, then warframe would have to build a tenno gen shop inside their website or something like that, and have payout methods. I hope they would do that, but then again, steam has been around for ages and trusted by over 2 million gamers worldwide.
  7. Waspyeh

    Anyone have a list of words that can get you banned?

    You are talking about the internet here >.> And there will always be trolls that will troll.
  8. Sometimes the rng hates certain players, and sometimes its quite hilarious! I had a friend that is farming somachords and every time he runs a mission, it just doesn't want to drop, but if i run one with him it drops.
  9. Waspyeh

    Please let this be the next open world.

    I hope it is like an underground open world. Like red faction 😄
  10. Waspyeh

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    They don't feel smooth, as i said in my previous post, they feel overall, clunky and just simply really slow. It feels like the performance optimizations did more damage than good in my opinion imo this may be linked to orb vallis bug i mentioned in my previous post.
  11. Waspyeh

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    Orb Vallis feels more clunky regards to fps, it feels slow and sluggish and it just simply doesn't feel right. and i have been having a hard time getting into orb vallis because there is hosts that are actually crashing due to the recent changes to it. I run basically public all the time, And the fact that it is sluggish as it is, then there's some bug or something effecting the performance overall. Last 5 runs of orb vallis just felt as i said, clunky, not smooth, rather choppy.
  12. Waspyeh

    Last Post Wins