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  1. Will you guys please stop making more server CPU chewing made up resources, RNG, and insane crafting costs... if this is going to be the norm from here on out for future "content" then a large chunk of your player base that has little time on their hands will stop playing this "new" content completely, even if its mandatory for the "new war" based "content". also if you guys really want players to start having an interest playing "abandoned" (for me personally its arbiters of fail-exis trials, kuva lousy-iches, and now rail-junk) content, you need to stop putting restrictions saying "its mandatory to play this repetitive broken mess, other wise you can't have the content that is locked behind it" (archgun deployer locked behind Flop-rtuna standing grind wall and game crashing gimmicy mechanics orb-mother heist that gets you one-shotted ever 5 seconds due to unending hordes of enemies). My rail-junk experience: The building section of the railjack update cost was unnecessary and should have been used to upgrade rail-jack itself. most people who have solo/small clan and/or don't have much time on their hands (because they have real lives to live...) can barely keep up with the credit costs let alone have anyone with the will (or interest) to contribute to it. I ran a random railjack mission and see that its not even worth the time to play since most of it just results in you being blown up instantly in archwing because you didn't equip the meta-archgun/arching combo to instakill everything or your ship just randomly being destroyed due to Cephalon Cy saying "unavoidable game-play gimmic mechanic has happened! play it or instant game-over!" that wasn't even needed for the sake of non-existent immersion or interest. of course that is my thoughts..... not that it even matters any more
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