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  1. I never bought the mod and I considered people insane and stupid to pay this many dollars for a virtual item that was not real. Still someones hard earned dollars went into this, especially during a time when Warframe wasn´t doing so well, peeing in the face of those is not very nice.
  2. Imagine the British Postal Service decided to reprint the Blue Mauritius Stamp for lets say 100 £ a modest 10k in number to make a quick buck, they also never promised to never republish it. It would be an insulting move, that is all that I can say. I always kept on preaching people, things you buy in an online game never belong to you, the company can always decide to screw you over, sadly DE did just that. Some companies pull such moves others have the decency to NOT pull such moves out of respect to the customer who made sure the company even got that far. Sadly DE has proven to be rather classless in recent years Riven changes were one thing this is just the crowning act.
  3. Promised or not, it is still a S#&$ty move to pee in the face of long time collectors after 7 years. People who made sure that all the mooching gloaters can even play the game because they kept it alive while paying money. It is a matter of respect, to all those girls and boys who threw in their dollars, so that the game could keep going, that the DE staff got payed and they decided to pee them in the face and laugh about it.
  4. This is a bad move. Some things should be kept rare, just for the few hard core collectors who also happen to be whales. Ever played Magic the Gathering? Black Lotus while being nice to have still sells for hundreds of dollars, beta variants even for thousands, these trinkets are like rare baseball cards. You just do not throw in a Babe Ruth Card for 100$ or release a new exclusive cards pack for MtG with a Black Lotus for 50$. Does the thing have an impact on the game? No! It´s just a unicorn's horn, nice to have, something to brag about but that´s it. Years ago collectors were willing to pay 20k plat for Primed Chamber well before the market price inflation and prime frames cost like 40 plat. Offering this now for a still trinket price, is a grave insult to hard core players and collectors who have carried the game all these years. I do not own Primed Chamber nor do I aspire to own it, but I would be furious if I had payed sick money just to be it the crown jewel of my all mods collection, now to find out, the pawn shop next door sells it as well. Very S#&$ty and insulting move by DE I am afraid to say!
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