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  1. Many people have already respond to this bringing up the double standard and it gets ignored and the same point is just repeatedly brought up so its happening both ways.
  2. I hate to say it take one look at twitter and you will see plenty of people angry at white people and blaming them as a whole. The most common response is "well not all are like that". Well as the old saying goes one bad apple ruins the bunch. If people are going to apply that same mentality to all police then the same must be done on the opposing side otherwise its just a double standard.
  3. Well said, when i do not like something feel free to riot and burn things down but when i like it you better dare not even speak about it. Its honestly the biggest double standard.
  4. Honestly that is just ridiculous nothing is above criticism. You cant demand a conversation and action then actively shut it down when you hear an option you do not like. This kind of attitude is how change never happens because people will never be willing to talk about it in any sort of negative light because they are afraid of being labeled "uneducated" or something worse just for having any sort of criticism. People are allowed to have a difference of option and are allowed to talk about it.
  5. If it is not a political issue then why didn't DE make a thread about the ongoing Hong Kong protesting?
  6. Just as bombing the middle east wont undo 9/11 rioting and looting wont bring him back either. I 100% support peoples right to PEACEFULLY protest how ever people are not even giving the system a chance to work. Of course things need to change but MLK changed a whole lot and he didn't need to riot.
  7. I hate to say it that is different for each person. Injustice and ignorance comes in all colors. No person regardless of skin color should have been treated the way he was. Unfortunately if it was 2 white people or if the skin color was flipped or if it was 2 black guys then this outrage wouldn't even have happened in the first place. All lives matter regardless of skin color it shouldn't be about race it should be about conduct and basic human decency.
  8. If that is the case then why is it a issue if all lives matter? It is in the name ALL lives matter.
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