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  1. I knew that Scintillant drop rate was bugged ! xD
  2. While we're at it, can we get an option to turn off the whole zoom into your cached animal/fish to display useless stuff like its weight etc. All while we do this, our other tranqued animals can get demolished by nearby mobs or you can actually get killed by mobs as well because while we're looking at that cute infested animal other enemies won't wait for us to finish before beating us to death. In a calm fishing/hunting game that would be ok but here in most cases its swarming with enemies and there is really no point in going back and forth to that zoom view for every single fish/animal we c
  3. The EXACT same thing happened to me only with 1st infested fishing rod. This post needs more visibility. I was stuck in a cave only problem was my pet killed the infested then for hours no new spawns came to kill me so I was forced to abort mission. Also Scintillant. >.>
  4. Lol the Scintillant drop from mechs is a lie. We literally killed 48 since the update and got 0. Also had a lot of luck on desecration so like 80% of those relooted stuff. Now I have over 60 of each matrix yet 0 Scintillant and still no engine, capsule pod, barrel or stock. 😕
  5. Ok I've just got my Hydroid not long ago. My handgun arrived yesterday midnight (EU time) and I already got my 2 relay prizes. So good luck to everyone else. The stack is just going down slowly. xD
  6. I've gotten the staff skin and the sculpture form relay and I've just gotten the cannon. I guess the hydorid will take some time as well but it's getting there. 🙂
  7. Is 6+ hours considered several hours ? Because that's how time has passed since the first stream started and some of us still got nothing. 😞
  8. I've watched the stream ever since it started even participated in the quiz and I've got 0/2 drops, not the gun nor the frame. This is depressing. I've even tried un-linking then re-linking my twitch account. And it didn't help.
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