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  1. You guys are doing a great job with these deluxe skins...except for the feet. Why, oh why, are the feet always so small? Is there some kind of foot binding enthusiast on the design team? You're killing me here. I bought the Lamina skin and still sorta regret it because...where'd Limbo's feet go? It's a wonderful skin...except occasionally the feet enter the frame and boom! I'm sad. I deal with it on the Feyarch skin, because Obe Prime's torso is so...chunky, it's worth it. However, this time? Nah. I'm not gonna ask for a rework of the skins so the feet look normal...but how about a shoe or foot slot for this exact sorta situation? and you'll get another slot to play with? It's a win-win. If not, eh, I tried.
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