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  1. Ok, now that i've tried Garuda's changes, time to share my thoughts. Overall mostly good things, the natural talent thing, the charge speed buff on her 4 being the main attractions, the rest being mostly small "every little bit helps" sorts of changes i guess. But, there is some things that feel a bit eh. The max angle nerf on her 4 doesn't feel too great, i liked being able hit everything i could see. Another thing, the "floating while charging" thing, needs some sort of opt out, some way to cancel it or to choose to active it or not, since it's not always wanted to be used, I'd suggest something like tying it's activation to holding down right, akin to aim gliding. Now, for a few other suggestions, from a combination of me and my friend's ideas and a few posts on here. A bit more survivability on her would be nice, probably tied to her 1, some possibilities being making the shield hitbox bigger/block things more consistently, or maybe auto rotate to incoming damage(while still allowing manual control ideally), some form or proc immunity or knockdown resist, or just a straight up armor buff or something. Her 2 is mostly fine, at least conceptionaly, but aside from healing allies, really it's main purpose is an energy source to feed her 3, which, if you have some alternative means of healing, like magus elevate, becomes even less useful. So i suggest adding some added functionality to it, possibly, like maybe some light damage reduction. Her 3 is ok for what it is i guess, an automatic use rage without having to actually be hit by enemies (saves a mod slot at least), nice for filling energy for QT for such, but mostly there to get her health down for her passive. Her 4 is mostly fine as well, but again, reverting it's max arc range back to what it was would be nice(or maybe affected by range mods?), at least make possible when charged long or something, and possibly increase the damage done when charged as well. Some sort of range indicator on it would be nice as well, like the ring on harrow's 3, and list the range in the arsenal too, for now i'm assuming its the standard 50m. As for her passive,letting her keep the damage buff for a few seconds even after healed, or having the damage buff be based on damage taken within x amount of time instead of current health would improve synergy with her 2, i mean come on, a frame that benefits from having low health with a healing ability?
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