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  1. You can just set up a tab of warframes twitch and let it play with no sound while you do something else, you can even be completely afk, hardly the 30m time investment youre making it out to be, just takes a couple minutes at most.
  2. Ok, even taking into cosmetic armor being obtainable without plat, what if you just don't want an armor piece equipped for a particular attachment slot? People without it equipped would be at a disadvantage compared to people who do, all because of something they don't want to have based on looks. Stats from cosmetics was the exact reason arcane helmets were discontinued.
  3. Augments for subsumed powers are supposed to be able to be equipped yes, and they are, but Hildryn's augment in particular needs Hildryn's 3 to function, so other frames can't make use of the augment.
  4. The augment only works with Hildryn's 3, it's not supposed to work with other frames.
  5. They're changed at release of a new Prime Access.
  6. Wolf Beacons do occasionally show up in nightwave store or baro i believe, as for the armor it's likely return in a future nightwave season at some point.
  7. All the previous dex stuff comes back every year.
  8. New weapons have minimum dispo now, so of course with rivens they're going to be worse, it'll be fine after a few dispo updates.
  9. Probably still need to add AI for casting the powers.
  10. What drops are rewarded has nothing to do with the new twitch drops system or being user friendly, if it was still the old system it's likely they would have the exact same drops chosen, they're having these drops cause octavia prime is coming soon, and duplicate drops isn't necessarily a bad thing either, calm down.
  11. It's like a bobble head decoration for your orbiter.
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