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Sorry for the disappearance.
Yui's been occupied by a giant load of work.
Adulting is hard
_(;Д ; 」∠)_

*:.. ..:**:.. ..:**:.. ..:**:.. ..:**:.. ..:**:.. ..:*

I don't take request or commission 'cause I draw Warframe fanart 

to keep myself happy away from school and work stress, sowwie :c
Also I'm a VERY VERY busy person, it's hard enough for me to maintain
all the things I'm doing, so I will not join you in any project or any proposal.

*:.. ..:**:.. ..:**:.. ..:**:.. ..:**:.. ..:**:.. ..:*




tentaclegift2_zps47f0a0fa.gifAbout me?


I'm the pitch black Nyx that lives in the air duct of Tolstoj in Mercury system, watching my beloved Captain Vor. I protect myself with small arsenal and lovely Captain Vor Jr, the Baton and spent most of my time shutting down those who sees me for good and write letters to my brave knight in flaming red armor.


Warframe Community Spotlight: Yuikami

I'm rank 21, 97% complete rate [Half the Fail is from crappy connection and bugs... so unfair...]
I'm #64 on Spydrones event, #700 of top 1000 killing leaderboard.

I can play any frame, take any role if needed with all the items in the game maxed/potatoed/polerized4-7times. [Except some new stuffs, I'm working on it now...]
I've already maxed out Cephalon Suda, Arbiters of Hexis, Steel Meridians and Red Veil.

I'm the Warlord/MotherFukinPrincess of Clan Pink Giant Octopus

I'm also running my alliance for drama free/nonbadlands alliance called Ultimate Super Something



tentaclegift2_zps47f0a0fa.gifSome of my love for Warframe;





tentaclegift2_zps47f0a0fa.gifOther than that,


Hi! I'm an old Thai student/artist who really really likes playing game and I'm made of LOL.
I had to start playing Warframe cause everyone I know was, the next thing I realized, I'm badly hooked and I enjoy Warframe so much! I mostly hang around in Fan-Art, where I post my Warframe fanarts!

I also enjoy cold Earl Grey Tea with lemon or honey, I love salmon, bacon and egg, flan with lots of whipped cream and caramel and singing loudly with horrible voice.


I'm also a Grineer fangirl and deply in love with n00bish Captain Vor. (´ ▽`).




Follow me on Twitter @yuikami for the fastest Comic update and LOL tweet.

I have a gallery in Deviantart for other works; they can be found here

Some of my speed paint video can be found in YouTube

Also, feel free to add me on Steam so we can also play other games together!

Or go to my Tumblr for NSFW Contents


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