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  1. What that shadow bubble is and how to fix it? It is a bubble, centered at my character. When i go all the way up to the skyies, shadow on the ground becomes smaller and smaller, but still round shaped. Is it a new engine bug or an old known issue? Here's the list of my graphic settings. I have the new engine turned ON. Can anyone help me with this, please? :)
  2. Yeah, it's fairly old stuff, but i've just returned to a game a just finished crafting the RJ. So, as the title sais, i have some variants for it. Some of them are from my head, some aren't. Help me to choose one of them. Hit the Rail, Jack! Samuel Railjackson Your AD here Nef Anyo's Party Boat Weebwagon Flextape Express The Vomit Comet Nanospore Fueled Orokin Spaceballs WD-40 and Flextape Child Uranus Conqueror Millenium Dodo DON'T BREATHE MY AIR *Vor Speech* Wheelchair. But no wheels. And no chair.
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