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  1. Very happy channeling isn't gone for good. But i'm hoping it won't take too long to make it's return. But 100% damage blocked seems a bit strong doesn't it? I mean maybe 90% for all weapons and 100% for sword and shield? but giving all weapons 100% feels really powerful. I could just sit front of a heavy gunner for an hour and not die. Also for CO, I'm wondering if the lifted status effect is also taken into account. Because that could be a serious change to how we could mod our weapons.
  2. it was implied. You said that hi m "needing" power strength like I said he needed it. I simply said he could have it and it benefits him. ------ As for the sarpa argument... you literally just repeated what I said you could do and missed the entire point. If a warframe has an ability to shred armor then if played correctly you don't need to have armor strip weapons. You can enhance the damage towards a more effective damage type. Plus the sarpa may reduce armor by a flat amount but some abilities when modded properly strip armor completely, not some mediocre amount. It's more effective but harder to pull off. That's what the play style centers around. You may also say it's not good enough, but again, that's your opinion. I can't say if it performs better or worse because it depends on the skill and style of the player. What works great for other might not work for you. if it doesn't that's fine. if it does cool. I'm simply saying you're trashing a viable build just because it doesn't lend itself to you which is unfair. Granted I bash sound quake banshee's as unskilled heathens, but that's a fun joke as I know it's a perfectly viable method. As for vortex compared to bastille, there are still benefits to both. Holding more enemies means more enemies are accessible to be damaged. Bastille also provides far single target damage as it leaves heads wide open for sharp shooters. Vortex doesn't do that and clumps everyone up. The new rework might also encourage more STR. Vortex and Bastille have different circumstantial uses.
  3. 1. Not relevant 2. yes, it is an opinion. You obviously like repelling bastille but that's not his only option. His shred build also has value but you don't use or care for it obviously. Here's something, shred with vortex as of current can shred any and all enemies inside that vortex. Yet, nyx has seeking bolts stripping armor off 6 enemies. Vauban can strip upwards of 20 enemies at once as long as they're in his ability. How is that not value? It's true again that you could mod impact sarpa or corrosive, but if you don't need to cut your damage for armor stripping, why cut your damage? it's a matter of you not wanting to put in a little bit more effort to strip armor. 3. I never, ever said he needed it, or that he that it's only useful now. It was always helpful. Your play style limits the amount of abilities you can use in a mission. Yes you benefit your team, but at the same time your hampering your own abilities by taking away shred. Some people may also prefer for you to catch enemies instead of repelling them away. That's not a problem, it's just your playstyle. What I'm saying is you've grown so attached to your style that you refuse to recognize other playstyles. Kind of like how Quiet Shy refuses to ever use sound quake builds. You're purposefully limiting yourself.
  4. I do play a different warframe. I mistyped that sorry. "I hate playing vauban, as CC isn't my thing" I don't like playing CC warframes. That's why I play banshee and nezha. It isn't needed. Neither is repelling bastille or your build. "Power strength isn't good" is probably the word you're looking for but that's an opinion. It's really good if you know how to not die. Sure you don't need armor stripping if you've got the weapons but at the same time. if you don't need armor stripping why is it such a sought after form of CC? If you have the ability to armor strip without mods, it means you don't have to build weapons for that. It's not everyone's thing because of the work you have to do, but it has undeniably better damage that way. There are benefits to playing with and without it. It's playstyle, preference, and skill level. Many people say if you want to run high lvl with banshee you need quick thinking, yet high skilled banshee players such as Quiet Shy don't use it. Being amazing with a warframe opens up different build options and playstyles. Another example is the channeling exalted blade. Crazy and terrible on paper but Joey Zero makes it work because he knows the ins and out of warframe instead of thinking of everything as a rule.
  5. Depending on how exactly these kuva weapons function and which weapons have kuva variants, they could serve as a reward maybe. But it's not like we need powerful weapons. We've already got weapons that destroy everything what good will kuva variations of content we've already played through do for us. They aren't different weapons right? Not saying you have to do all of them, but some people are already strapped for time given their priorities and available playtime. They can only fit so many missions into what can be considered dailies especially when so many hold relevance. Relic packs from syndicates, sortie rewards in general, nightwave can be relevant to alot of players, xp and resource farming is a pretty big time eater, and if zealots are here to stay then zealot codes will be something we need quite frequently. The increase in invasions also means fomorians and razorbacks show up more often. You may not be punished directly but you miss out on stuff for not doing it, making it feel like necessity for some players. Perhaps if there wasn't so many temporary rewards like relics, nightwave, and events going on inbetween normal WF things I'd feel a little more comfortable with the influence. I mean if you can't get on for a couple of days what happens if you finda whole planet or two taken over? That's like an hour or two of gametime to go through. If they did I missed that. Sorry. I'm not completely confidant that they'll make these missions worth playing but I guess that's good enough for now. I know that the missions have different enemies, but they seem like reskins of current enemies and not in the good way. Unlike the nightwatch core, they seem to only have different weapons. No different AI or attributes that mean anything significant.
  6. So I'm assuming that the influence means we need to run over the missions currently being controlled by this lich? If so then this could have some issues if not handled with some semblance of caution. Yes it gives us something to do and brings us back to previous missions... but I have things to point out. REWARDS Are we going to be rewarded for clearing these areas and punished for not? Because if we are punished it feels like a chore. If were rewarded, will you reward us enough. If both then what reward would be good enough to make us care. This is a serious issue because were going to be running base missions. To put that in perspective you're asking us to run missions with less value than our previous alerts. In return we get what? TIME We already have a multitude of things to acomplish every day. 6-9 syndicate missions daily, invasions, 3 sortie missions, nightmares, fissures, arbitrations, tons of nightwave requirements, resource farming, and leveling. Adding missions that spread is adding more to our plate which already takes up hours of our time. Some people may not have time to spare. Plus every now and then we get razorbacks, fomorians, ghouls, and fractures. How will this be handled or are you just going to chuck it into the game. MISSIONS probably by far the most important is the missions we run. They are previous existing missions DE. Missions you haven't actually added variety to. Exterminates are still vanilla. Captures remain stale and quick, mobile defense is somewhat boring and the same thing every time. These missions are not only distractions and unrewarding but created in such a way that they won't be fun. If you're going to make us go back and clear these missions of influence, we need it to be fun, not just rewarding. We need engagement so how will you provide this? VETERAN CONTENT Keep in mind these are normal missions that we need to complete. Starchart difficulty missions. Will this really end up being worth the wait on our part? I know we have a lack of information and I may be completly wrong but I'd like for DE to atleast consider it. If they're honestly trying to reward veteran players for their long term support then how will this be good for us. Surprises aren't always good, especially with DE's half baked track record of surprises. I could be completely off my rocker but this influence system has me somewhat worried as it seems like it'll just be a reminder saying "hey remember this mission you did last year? yeah do it again because I tell you to, even if it isn't fun" That's my take anyways.
  7. So, similar to my Mission Variety "Survival", these capture mission ideas put a twist to how we currently play warframe. Some ideas could totally be hated and other might be great but overall it's meant as a brainstorm for DE to pick from. Capture has long since been neglected since the event it came with. These ideas and twists may have been mentioned before, and I'm sorry if I'm bringing them up again but hopefully I can at least bring slightly more in terms of an explanation as to why and how along with what rewards would be there. How Capture Works Similar to my Apothic Survival, we have a % chance to come across a specific capture scenario. This means one time you run "Ara" you might get a one version of the capture mission. But the next time you run "Ara" you would need to handle it completely different than the first. The reason for this change is not only replay ability, but it's impossible to know exactly what warframe you would want going into the mission and maybe giving other frames a chance to shine. Similarly, we have more capture targets available with more abilities. This again should add some sense of diversity to the match. Here is an example of what would happen as sound files should also help you out. Additionally targets will have 2X the level of the given area they are at. If there is a special event on the area such as a void tear, alert, syndicate mission, nightmare, or a sortie these targets will instead be 3X the level. Sound files would also be nice as a warning to give us a rundown beforehand what they have. I'm not sure how difficult or expensive it is to input sound files, but new ones would be nice. For syndicate leaders and other announcers. Here's an example of what they would be from Ordis. "Operator, your designated target is in the designated area and currently unaware of our presence. Proceed with caution RUN THEM OVER! Ranged combat is advised as they're equipped with new technology made to combat melee combat. Similarly, they are equipped with a stim to enhance their speed so try to keep up. Please try to avoid detection at all costs. If our target RUNZ HOME TO MOMMY! this mission will be a failure." Capture missions also have a higher % chance of spawning rare containers making them ideal for farming the mantis. Slight changes to container drops also make multiple faction capture runs something people might want to do on a daily basis. (Grineer Rare Containers have longer boosters) (Corpus Rare Containers have increased credits to 350,000 credits) (Orokin Rare Containers have replaced endo with 2 Ambers stars and 2 cyan stars) Reworked Base Capture Mode For starters this will be the base capture mission now as the current is a bit too quick and simple. Our new base system is meant to be easily approachable for newer players to understand. Our base capture mission will simply be the capture target being surrounded with 5 Eximus units. Stealth Capture Mode So we often hear Lodis/grape ordis simulation tell "do not let our target know were here" but we just bomb rush anyways... I'm not alone in this right? Well what if we made a mission to take this seriously. Here is an idea of stealth and to push the idea of "HEY! YOU'RE A NINJA!" because at the moment players are at their most stealthy hunting animals. 1. Your capture target is invincible and protected by "the ships energy force field / a pylon / etc etc" which makes them impervious to damage, but not CC. To bypass this you must scan the target and trace the energy back to it's source. You will then be notified you must hack 2-3 terminals before they can be harmed. If your target is invincible, they can run away and you can't do anything about it so avoid detection. 2. This mission will feature a higher enemy population than most other mission types, so mass killing will be slightly harder. Similarly, if the alarms go off once, the target immediately runs away and you won't have time to scan or hack the terminals without CC. Lastly all enemies will already be on alert to make sneaking harder. 3. In order for this to work capture targets actually need to stop having psychic powers and noticing us as soon as we enter their tile. It's annoying. Actual stealth warframes such as loki, ash, and ivara are great for avoiding detection. Assault Capture Mode This mode will be taking ideas from the assault mode as you spawn in with a datamass. Your capture target is a wanted stowaway of the opposite tile's faction containing vital information. They're locked in a small room trying not to die as the corpus/grineer/infested are trying to break down the door and kill them. You must place the datamass on the locked door and defend it for 1:30 seconds. Then you may capture your target. During the assault capture mission, elite enemies will spawn more often such as balifs, nox, and commanders. Hyena, Scramba/Comba, and Bursa. Juggernauts and Leaping Thrashers. Demo units will also spawn in an attempt to blow up the capture door. This is meant to bring some semblance of time to capture missions and make defensive warframe a preference in capture missions. Doppelganger Capture Mode For this mode, there will be 8 targets (+2 for every additional tenno) aboard the ship, but none of them will be marked so you must find them. They all look the same and you must find the real capture target. 2 of these targets are real and must be captured within a 6 minute window or else they die and the mission fails. Scanning a fake will cause ordis to say "No operator, this isn't one of our targets. It's a specter" Simple for a team, but hard solo, this doppelganger mode is meant to put emphasis on scans and faster warframes who can find enemies quickly Nightmare Capture Mode This is a specially unique and uncommon option for capture if it's nightmare. You have 6 minutes to capture 1 target who is 4X the enemy level. This target will revive twice (+1 for every additional tenno) appearing elsewhere in the map. This target is not marked and must be found, once found it will be marked for all players. Derelict Capture Similarly to the moon, this capture mission will involve a derelict ship being ripped from the void. Thus we have a derelict ship with tons of cracks in time. You must find your target but upon downing them they're consumed by a void tear. You have to find your own and track them down again, capturing them. This ins't really related to any warframe preference, just something i thought would be fun. Now as stated before, the capture missions will have a higher chance to spawn a rare cache. This means the mantis has a legitimate farming place instead of randomly running missions for a month and getting nothing. Also changes to the rare item drops should tempt players into running capture missions. Similarly, capture should become more difficult and fun to play rather than a passive run through the mission type thing. Is this good? Can I improve on anything? Do the rewards feel fair?
  8. Sure yeah everything will have an audience. But I'm not very biased when it comes to warframe reworks. I say what's bad and what's good, comparing the current to what we had previously, then say how it could be better for the warframe's theme and synergy. I absolutely hate playing Vauban as CC isn't really my thing. It stands to reason that yes DMG Vauban currently is not the way to play. But when the META of the came changes to favor damage over CC, then Vauban loses his uses and must adapt to the setting, hence why he was given a damage ability in orbital strike. It's not even that bad because it still is a damage ability that works with his kit and can't be effective unless enemies go to you, defense or survival, like where Vauban shined previously. An exalted k drive? That's not really vauban's style and it would never be a practical ability. DE even said they don't want to give you guns on your K-Drive so that idea is dead before it could even stand. I'm not saying there aren't abilities aI would have likes to see more than an orbital strike but at the end of the day that's what he's getting. He isn't just a CC warframe anymore, that style is dead. Even the biggest vauban player of the world has said that he needs to have some form of damage or support. He got both without losing anything important. Our biggest loss was the shred mine but we got armor stripping in bastille now. Also I don't mean to sound rude, but it doesn't sound like you know too much about Vauban and how to play him or what his overall theme is meant to be. Sure everyone can build their own way but from what it sounds like you don't care much about him and how he can be built. He has plenty of different builds as it stands now, including power STR ones. But given what you've said about Vauban i just sense a lack of care on your end for what happens to the warframe.
  9. I kinda disagree. His new rework is pretty good without knowing the specifics but it's already much better than what he had previously. Especially as a starting point for us to criticize in game. For clarification, no that mobility isn't going to be his augment. The tesla will be rollers by default. Also the charge time for tesla is now much faster meaning you can throw and charge them quickly. For minelayer, his tether mine can be extremely useful given that it's a cheap toss that knocks enemies out. it primes them for his current passive to increase his damage. Also as stated in the devstream is can be used to drag enemies into Bastille. The speed pad is ok-ish, maybe a great lockdown for interception if it pushes enemies. Unlike the azima this will have some decent damage and a consistent puncture damage lowering enemy damage and providing some CC. If combined with his vortex, then that's some serious damage. given that you can have several of these out at once it should be a decent damage ability. Lastly the AoE buff is just nice in general. So what if it's a peaceable roar, we have plenty of 90% damage reduction with slightly different mechanics so this should be fine too. While I'm on the fence about an orbital strike, It makes more sense than a solar beam coming from a wisp warframe. Plus it's a pretty sizable area. It will scale with enemy levels and may be even better if it benefits from his passive. Plus you're complaining about getting a free ability? Vortex and Bastille combined to make room for another ability it's literally a 100% upgrade. Also yes it does work indoors. That being said I'm going to turn around and be a hypocrite for the sake of legitimate critisizm, Orbital Strike is a bit underwhelming. It was used against lvl 200 NORMAL butchers, not corrupted or even belonging to a core. Vanilla butchers. It did about half their health. If it scaled with levels then surely a lvl 200 butcher, being the weakest of the grineer faction, would be obliterated with a 130% STR orbital strike. I could mop the floor with those exact butchers with one or two strikes from any melee weapon. Giving it a multiplicative damage synergy with tesla, vortex, or mine layer would be preferable. Adding fire, radiation, or puncture damage would also be pretty welcome because it's only flat damage. With Bastille and vortex, yes it costs more energy but that's because it's both abilities with added functionality. You have a much longer cc and armor strip, then even after all that it turns into a vortex upon expiration. That's not counting the fact that allies gain a special benefit while standing in Bastille which I'm almost positive will be some form of damage reduction given the ability's name and function. So not only did the two combine, but it has extra benefits. Even if it isn't damage reduction everything shown is a welcome change. By no means is it perfect, but with some tweaks the stats could make Vauban could see a dramatic rise in popularity. We haven't been filled in on what the augments will be either.
  10. So, I think out fo all the missions we have, spy and sabotage have by far the most diversity. Multiple event and updates given to them over the years going back to deception and even Cicero Crisis. However when it comes to survival, we only have 2 variations. Normal and Kuva. I believe we can mix it up a bit with out survivals much like how we have with our Kuva. Depending on faction, lore, and tileset, our survivals could be extremely diverse. So here we go. Also I would have crafted Squad Link concepts of rewards and interactions but I don't have a good grasp of what squad link is yet. So I may come back to this later and improve on the idea. *EARTH* Apothic Survival Long ago we had an earth survival, buuuut it didn't really make much sense as the grineer shut off life support to the whole planet. So in exchange I have an idea similar to our earth sabotage. I'll be using the Cicero Crisis as a sort of platform to launch off of. This isn't your survival, but it's the survival of the forest. Vay Hek has ramped up earth's destruction with more injectors and troops provided by the Chem Strike unit. Courtisy of the Chem Strike unit, Vay Hek has a potent neurotoxin, vastly more effective than the cicero ever was. The result being a rapid decaying of forests around the globe and a much higher population of Nox and Ghouls *when active on the plains*. Both New Loka and Steel Meridian call earth home and for once work together to protect both the refugees and the silver grove using Iron Wake as a headquarters. The rampant spread of toxins has enraged the wildlife of earth and triggered self defense all over the planet, including the silver grove. For Earth, you will have a decay meter from 1-100%. However instead of decaying from 100 to 1, it will increase from 1 to 100. 100% means you lose the mission and the forest is decaying at an unstoppable rate. In this mission you will have two primary tiles which contain one injector each. Every so often enemies will drop an "antitoxin" as they need to protect themselves from the toxins as well. The Antitoxin has biologically regenerative properties. You will run around collecting these "antitoxins" and then bring them back to one of the injectors, causing a spike of regeneration within the forest. The longer you live the better the rewards will get. Instead of capsules, you instead have Antibody Apothic Injections which instantly spike the ground with their supply on activation. These will slow the decay rate of the forest by a significant amount. Use these to catch up on antitoxins or keep the toxins at a stable level. There are 3 types of antibody apothics which drop. When activating an anti body an event will occur to throw you off. Twilight and Sunrise spawn during day, Nightfall and Twilight spawn during night. TWILIGHT // Extremly high level kubrows raid the area, stealing antibodies. kill them before they can. TWILIGHT // Silver grove specters lash out at everything in sight to protect the grove, helping you but also attacking you. SUNRISE // Ghouls burst from the ground, ambushing players. SUNRISE // Vay Hek sends in a special Nox carrying a new lethal dose of toxin. If it reaches the injector the decay rate will permanently increase. NIGHTFALL // Night Watch forces are deployed alongside the frontier for the next 5 minutes. NIGHTFALL // Several Vampiric Hyekka are released which hunt down antibody apothic injections and begin breaking them, for 1 minute. Every 20 min 3 caches will spawn containing some materials for Plains of Eidolon. Having a high decay percentage also means more eximus will spawn. *LUA* Sentient Survival On Lua it's no secret that sentient come to attack quite frequently. However I have an issue with the droprate of vengeful revenant. Plus I feel like Lua is a missed opportunity for some seriously fun time/dimensional warping survival concepts. For this I'm using the Lua Spy as inspiration. Due to the moon's recent return, being pulled from the void has left cracks of void energy within the orokin halls dating back to the old war. You must now use your operator to activate these capsules. However another option exists. Luxor Nano Composites has developed a new type of nullification device which disabled tenno powers, but not warframe powers. These nullifiers spawn once with every life support capsule. Similarly, on death they will drop this nullification device. Hooking it onto a life support capsule, it will begin a 1:30s defense. where they defend it from rifts tearing open on lua. During these rifts, corrupted and sentient warriors are ripped from their own time and forced to fight you. Life support gained is halved after completion. Be warned as during this defense time, the capsule will only count down if it is draining energy from at least 1 tenno, not a warframe. The process will accelerate if a second tenno is present. successfully defending these capsules grants you 15-20 void traces. *EUROPA* Cryostorm Survival So this one is sort of unique as there isn't a normal survival mechanic, rather it works like an excavation mission. The cold DoT, Heat Generators, and Cryotic Front inspired me for this version of survival. This is literal survival where unlike other survivals, this takes place without any capsule like devices or 1-100%. A corpus treasure ship crashed on Europa, however it will be repaired soon. To make matters worse you must act now, during a freezing storm, or else the packages will be transferred to another ship and escape. Short on time, Ordis runs a scan and sees that the corpus are surviving the storm only because of heat generators. Once dropping onto Europa, you find two heat generators in every tile. These generators work off power cells which are dropped by power cell carriers. Without them you will not survive long enough to provide ordis time to scan for supplies and he will be blocked out. You will freeze in 35 seconds if you do not return to an active heat generator. Once frozen you may either revive or wait for an ally to break you free. Make sure to maintain heat generator's power or you'll freeze to death and fail. Stay alive as long as possible to salvage as many rewards as possible. As the mission progresses, power cells will spawn less often. If all players are dead or frozen, then the mission fails in 10 seconds preventing cheese. Every 5 minutes, the reward of that rotation will be discovered but they will not be outright handed to you like other survivals. These must be collected manually and will be marked on your map. If one player obtains the items, everyone does. Every time the rotations restart another reward will be added, meaning you will can collect 2 rewards from 25-40, 3 rewards from 45-60. The Cryostorm is so bad that even indoor areas are no longer safe. To compensate there are heat generators everywhere. The Cryostorm also has reduced your vision with cold mist and no light making navigation more difficult. Generators also may break occasionally which requires you to hack and fix them. *DERELICT* Swarm Survival The special mechanics for the derelict come from season 2 of nightwave. Taking another split, in contrast to other survivals these rewards are given by kills, not by time meaning you can be efficent and competitive. Upon entering the derelict survival everyone finds one lantern each forming an aura around them. If an infested is outside the aura they cannot be killed, so keep them inside the aura. Killing infested increases the aura of all allies near that enemy killed. If the aura is completely gone you must get close to another ally, reigniting your lantern to their size. If all lanterns go out you are no longer capable of killing enemies, and you run out of life support becoming no longer able to collect rewards. Every 350 kills causes a shift in rotation and an event for your reward. A) 2 squads of Zealots spawn into the mission. Killing all of them reignites all lamps to maximum even if they are out and grants the rotation reward. B) 1 Juggernaut behemoth and 2 juggernaut spawn. Killing them reignites all lamps to maximum even if they are out and grants the rotation reward. C) Infested Chroma or Infested Mesa will spawn in the mission. Killing them reignites all lamps to maximum even if they are out and grants rotation reward. Reasons Now I do like the thought of more survivals but I want to say DE needs to focus on a form of sustainable content first. This was just something to kill time. So here's why I made the survivals the way they are. Earth being the starter planet should be simple however I'd like this survival to be a higher level meaning it's still viable for older players as content instead of paperweight enemies. These rewards utilize the day night cycle, mob drops, and the PoE resources. IMO our current open worlds worlds feel far too isolated in resources and lore from the outside game. The caches require you to go out of your way risking the mission for them, but if you want it it's there. You just need to work for it. As for the mission's gameplay I wanted some variety with references to lore and items. I flipped the decreasing life support on it's head and used DE's cicero as inspiration. Instead of cutting life support, you fight to preserve life. I've also made it feel more randomized instead of a flat life support system. In place of capsules we have Antibody Injections, or ABIs. Each ABI has 2 different effects making the mission less predictable and diverse. I did however tie in important mob spawns in hopes to increase the amount of places certain low chance mods can drop at. Also yes I am abusing the fact that kubrows horde items to steal life support 😄 Lua is super fun and I was toying with the concept of inter dimensional moon/void travel, but that would be a bit difficult to pull off so I opted for a consistent sentient invasion. The rewards were inspired by fissures as it's kind of well known that they're garbage in more ways than one. We lack a reliable way to obtain traces other than sheer luck. To supplement that I wanted to provide a difficult yet weird survival variation akin to kuva survival granting traces. This way Tycho will always remain relevant. I wanted operators to needed, like with eidolons, and I got the idea from the Lua power challenge. If you charge the capsule with operator energy, then it would be unique and makes you use the game mechanic for combat and utility rather than just boosts. It also encourages the use of other amps besides eidolon killers bringing players back to PoE and Fortuna every so often. The increase in sentient spawns also means that you'd have a better shot at getting vengeful revenant while making it more chaotic and fun. I did also notice something about Kuva I wanted to replicate which is unique to Kuva Survival. You'll never have capsules available because you use them for a kuva. It's honest optional added difficulty. Europa is my favorite taking on the true meaning of survival. By using revives and a power cell system, you get Cryostorm. The rewards will stack more and more making it a risky gamemode as it makes getting the rewards challenging. Europa's survival tactics are complex and demand critical thinking. Unlike extractors you can't shove infinite cells into everything repercussions. You'll need to be resourceful and sparing to get far. Team communication, a plan, and the correct warframes are must haves if you want this profitable survival to work in your favor. A fast warframe would be a great addition for the team because of the freeze time limit but even they can't avoid the freeze times. You will either need to help them or send them off with a battery. It's worth noting killing isn't the idea of this survival and makes no difference It's literally just to survive enemies and the unforgiving cold. This lowers the value of warframes like Saryn. The Derelict is strange in it's rewards but I came to the conclusion this could be used as a pherliac pod farm and also orokin cells on the side. ODD is good for mutagen mass and XP so I wanted this to serve some other purpose. it would also be cool to face off against the infested warframes in a serious setting as minibosses because as it currently stands they're underused assets. The Derelict is a "planet" which only uses keys so it should stand to reason that the missions should be unique right? For our survival I used nightwave S2 Ideas mainly because the lamp is fun to think with. In a survival it strikes a delicate balance of efficient killing, restraint, caution, while also shutting down mass killing tactics and ranged weapons because of the invulnerability meaning you need to get close. If you are efficient at fighting close ranged, then you and your team can use the Derelict as a way to be rewarded faster than other survivals because it works based off kills, not time. So, does this sound fun? fair? anything to improve on or change?
  11. Yes there is, multiple reasons why. Although clarification I'm not saying to give it away. It's a reward for grinding our nightwave. For one if it's so bad tell me in depth why it's such a bad idea. If i'm being dumb educate me with legitimate reasons that make sense. That's how people work. They teach each other to prevent others from doing more stupid things. Second, that's kind of like calling the people who develop other pass styled formats stupid. Other games give out premium currency too.
  12. no? I never said that. Also that's still not a counter argument.
  13. Saying "you're just making it worse" isn't an counterargument. it just ignores the points I raised. The only thing I'm hearing is just telling me i'm wrong and showing me one of thousands of hypothetical situations because it would fit your argument that people will focus solely on platinum. You said that it would take away income and i gave an explanation how it would not only benefit the player count but also how that's not their only source of income. That's not a discussion or debate just passing something off. Not to mention that they make so much money every year a tiny boost to that plat wouldn't cut into them all that much. You said that players want to pay rather than grind and yet you still have to grind and wait for you to even have the ability to get this small amount of platinum. which means little to nothing for mid and veteran players. You also openly ignored my middle ground where I said if it worries you then lower the plat you can get from it. Considering the diminishing returns they would get by purchasing plat instead of buying the items from the offerings, it isn't logical to only buy platinum. yet again I ahev to ay it isn't logical to say that people will ignore the other EXCLUSIVE nightwave rewards. You said I removed the incentive to spend by bypassing grind, I didn't because there's a booster there for credits. It's basically saying stay for the nightwave to make the most use grinding with the booster you bought. Also considering that you have to wait and build up the creds to purchase plat or a discount, the impatient will still spend money. You said that DE was aiming it to new players so I clarified what one of the purposes of this was, to assist new player progression and retain both veteran and newer players preventing the player base from shrinking and bleeding out more than it already is. It's retaining the attention of multiple audiences. You tried to deny that WF's NW isn't like other passes because it isn't paid thus giving plat is terrible. But other passes from other games actually give you premium currency along with useful items and cosmetics. Something like Dauntless has 2 different currencies and still provides a premium currency in the pass. So it couldn't be that bad of a suggestion. You've been saying "You're making it worse" " You're out of touch with the game model" but your argument is based off the idea that people will only focus on platinum when compared to other exclusive and useful items which isn't realistic given the amount of time they spend, the amount of plat they gain from it, and the items they need to ignore. It's meant to be an amount of plat to give players an incentive to prestige. After that they can spend that meager amount of plat on stuff that wouldn't be necessary or useful items such as profiles, potatoes, shawzin, etc etc. That or just a small boost incase your short that tiny bit of platinum. Plus the items in the nightwave already have weight in plat. Top tier arcanes, potatoes, cosmetics, colors, forma, resources, augments, etc etc. That being said if the amount of pure plat you gain from nightwave is less cost efficient than buying the items outright then what's the issue? It obviously isn't funding because DE makes enough as is. It sounds like you don't like platinum as a reward because it's pure platinum. Sugata cost 15, syandana and armor cost 45-100, forma bundles cost 35, so it shouldn't be an issue if you can get platinum if it's diminishing returns. This option for platinum acts as a safety net for new players and a way for them to progress through the game and a way to keep new and old players focused on nightwave retaining them for longer. If they want platinum they can make way more by selling items if they want and that's what us vets do because we already have all the things we need. Telling new players to sell their items that they farmed for is ridiculous. They should be able to keep the first valuable they get, not sell them for slots.
  14. What if there was a trade cap. only 1 reactor and catalyst per part. Every NW season they can max walk out with 5 reactors and 5 catalyst. That was they can't abuse a system. if you put a cap on it and then raise the cost or lower the amount of plat earned with the offerings the loop is gone right? The reverse could also be an option with a limit of plat trades and altering platinum.
  15. You're right they aren't focused on new players so let me rephrase this. Giving them platinum through nightwave, only a small amount, will keep more players in the game rather than instantly leaving. it pushes against pay to win. And yes you can still have that. Tennogen for one is a pretty big income boost, Prime access is also a thing, steam exclusive skins. Tennocon and events. Premium currency isn't the only way for DE to get your money. Even then people will still pay for platinum because those who want to skip grind will skip the grind with money. you still have to grind primes. Giving only a small amount of plat out that's useful for newer players is a good idea because they can't sell prime items. They don't want to. They want to craft them, to keep their first valuable items that they worked hard for. Yes they are the ones buying plat, but they wouldn't be the only ones if DE managed to retain players for longer. newer players should be our majority after 7 years of gameplay. Also let me rephrase that as well. Many players don't care about pushing past rank 30. if you do then it's probably because it's an achievement which grants you nothing valuable. it gives you something to do. More than half of nightwave is forgotten ebcause we can hit rank 30 so early on. But on the flip side there are those who struggle to hit rank 30. Not everyone has the free time, patience, or care to hit rank 30 like you do. Some even join late and barely make it or take a leave of absence for a week. If you're so concerned about the platinum then just accept with what I suggested, lower the amount of platinum or raise the cost of it. This is assuming players actually cap out at rank 60 and ignore all other rewards from the NW offerings. Arcanes, forma, potatoes, relics, accessories, nitain, or even a discount. Even the boosters would be a nice pickup. You would only have 3000 credits every NW and I doubt people would pass on these offerings. The point of platinum is just an incentive to play and stay.
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