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  1. Yes the intent of this was to indeed have something like a 1 hour raid. However if you get really good and take the right frames to speed up specific parts. I imagine people could complete this in 40ish min if they really try. An example being Volt can help super speed the exterminate and Limbo can pretty much bs the spy part with some practice. They can even help later of with defense and cc. So length shouldn't be an issue for say a clan made with the intent to crush this raid to bits.
  2. Lol, kinda funny. I'm actually currently working on a Vauban Rework idea as well as a few other projects while I wait for Jovian. I know they'll all go ignored but heyyyy i'm bored 😄 We do dumb stuff like specter armies, Volt races, Captura hide and seek, and clan decoration while we wait for the content to come soontm
  3. I've actually seen a recent spike in specs. Well in some cases. And while running some kuva survivals I've seen plenty of people use em. It all started when the wolf guy came around and I started building specs to tank the hits for me. but then I got thinking and saw some other cool ideas. Did you know, trinity specs are very useful. They give you energy back, heal you, and also fight enemies then tank for you 😄 . Nezha- Free firewalker status cleanse Nekros- Free desecrate Trinity- Heals and Energyu Broberon- Healing and Armor Octavia- Energy regen from abilities Mesa- occasional CC from shooting gallery. there are actually tons of fun uses for these frames 🙂 I never realized how useful they could be. Of course they still aren't as popular as say a Ancient Healer, but hey it's another body. Plus it means you can add another to the warframe Army. I myself haven't done this, but I think it's possible to have an army of 50-60 undead/specter/follower minions walking with you in a 4 player mission. 4 Nekros, all specters, syndicate mission followers, rescue target, and of course Clem Clem. I know some players would love to goof off with them even if they don't take specs seriously.
  4. Honestly i'm relieved, thought players would be a bit more spiteful towards me for taking this in a direction of bullet sponge combined with difficulty.
  5. Well the idea is that yes it does have rewards that are one time uses right? however some rewards are things you can ONLY get from this. and others of course hold value to vets. First we've got Graxx specs, you can only get them here. They're unique specters and allow you to have yet another ally out on the field. Really useful in the right missions. Two, we have Rivens and Arcanes, stuff traders can sell to players for plat. Rivens and Arcanes are very valuble. Entire clans were built around farming arcanes when trials were actually a thing, so, that should be a sustainable form of endgame reward for that type of player. Three, incase you ever wanted to farm Credits, we have an option in this with rewards where you can gain 650k credits in under an hour if you run it properly. It has challenge and gives you MUCH more than just credits. Four, we know nightwave will be a thing DE wants to continue with. So, if you have a 100% chance to get nightwave credits without running these weird side quests, people farm it reguardless to progress. heck you could even say it grants you nightwave standing. Five, it gives you 100% guarenteed resources that you may or may not need, these resources range from kuva, to orokin cells. Six, we have a way to get resource boosters now, something players would LOVE to get their hands on. So that should make people want to run this every day. Seven, you get syndicate standing, this is always relevant as it helps you out in getting new content from syndicates and gives you relic packs if you save up. Eight, it's different from the normal missions and requires some semblence of teamwork and co operation with one another while also breaking the mold with minibosses. You may notice that i'm primarily using rewards to keep people playing this over and over. Well, rewards are the reason why people play it over and over besides it being fun. Reaperhunter put it best, For there to be endgame, you need to meet 3 conditions. 1. Difficulty, 100% yes on this 2. Replay Value, Well this may not have too much replay value but if you add say, 4 other raids, you now have many raids you can run and all are different in their own way. Or you can have a special modifier where the mission sort of changes. Like lets say sometimes Stage 1 has a cryo leak/fire hazard/magnetic bubbles etc etc. Also this mission is chaotic as it is so getting bored of it would certainly take awhile. 3. Rewards, Rewards are 100% in DE's hands here. Infact Rewards are the main issue DE have with most of their releases because they gate content. This means you can only get a certain amount of content in x amount of time. However let's say that you can only run this once a day. Well you farm this a ton, get unique arcanes daily, and can make some good plat off this too. If all three conditions are met, you have endgame. You have difficult content guarding top tier ENTICING loot which doesn't get boring.
  6. Thanks. I tried using colored text to put attention to things saying yeah, you can ignore this and ignore this if needed. I was working on this for so long I wondered, yeah how can I make sure people can quickly know which part of the text they're in. I know! color 😄
  7. Before I say anything, I want to clarify that this will be for experienced players only. No really, this will actually be difficult. This will take inspiration from WoW raids where you have alot of people wailing on a boss so expect the main guy to be BULLET SPONGE 110%. This is also an attempt at creating an Endgame concept. I think I'm on the right track but eh it seems like it'll be a contraversial topic because "make it solo friendly" and "bullet sponge isn't difficulty" I want to explain two things. One, yes bullet sponge isn't difficulty, I know that, but I made them bullet sponges to prevent lower ranked players from getting into here, to make it so only players who know what they're doing can get in, and making people think more before they go into the raid. The health and armor values are meant to make people work together to fight a boss or miniboss for a signifigant amount of time rather than popping them in the head once with a lanka or tigris. I mean lets face it, that's exactly how everything went until the wolf decided to show up. We pop them in the face and their body was deleted from existence. Also remember there are 8 people total. You have alot of possible damge output. 1,000,000 damage shouldn't be much of an issue for 4 people. So I want to reveal something to you, the wolf had around 1,000,000 health if you take into account armor with damage reduction at lvl 70. A single person erased that with the dual ichor in less than 5 seconds. The Hydrolyst has around 5,000,000 health at lvl 60 with a decent amount of shields and armor. You can still solo that easily. Bosses for raids should be several times harder than the Hydrolyst atleast due to there being 8 people. Again the bullet sponge for these enemies is NOT to make them difficult. the difficulty will be in teamwork, organization, completing objectives, and fighting unique enemies. Second, this game IS NOT a single player game. It's a muiltiplayer game. I understand why DE is trying to make the game solo friendly because it means a wider audience and more money, but for the love of all that's holy it's a game based around groups. We have clans, an incredible community *even if it's a cult*, supportive friends, amazing devs, and many team based missions and game mechanics. Want examples? railjack requires a pilot, gunner, mechanic, and an "interceptor" who goes into enemy ships. You've got double doors, self explanitory. We have enemy spawn rates, more people more enemies, survivals get easier and your kills per second go higher meaning more LS. Some arcanes like Arcane Pulse and augments for warframes let you support allies. ALLIES. PEOPLE. We have massive relays where people can gather and show off fashion and another specifically for trading and ayatan. Now we also have Disruption, the most modern version of forcing people into a team co operative setting. Divide and conquer allows you to get the rewards the quickest. Lastly we had the old trials which required team work and trust. The trials were one of the most fun things to do because it's more satisfying. Oh yeah and the game on steam is labeled a CO OP and MULTIPLAYER game. So yes this is meant to be done in teams. Trial V2 Assult on the Nightwatch Nightmares (8 Person Squad) Mission 1 LvL 80 {Saturn} Darvo has scouted that there is a larger than normal army and tighter security around the planet of Saturn and he must get to Kroni Relay. He contacted you to clear out the abnormally larger than average formation of soldiers. Unfortunately Darvo cannot scan to tell the tenno what lies in wait for them as the grineer capital ship seems to be carrying valuble Cargo. Perhaps you can secure it and help Darvo out at the same time. Ordis thinks it's a trap, but get's called a broken cephalon. Darvo believes the heightened security is not only for the ship but because the Wolf of Saturn Six had recently broken out. Upon infiltrating the ship, Kuva soldiers are already on high alert and were waiting for the tenno. Ordis called it, it was a trap and the worm queen or some other figure knew that darvo would contact a tenno to help clear the way. The Mission will Start as an Exterminate, you must kill 430+ Grineer Troops in order to complete the mission. Kuva Guardians have a higher chance to spawn and enemies have a higher eximus chance. Every 50 enemies killed, 2 kuva manics spawn and hunt down the tenno. After killing 340 enemies a squad of Kuva Manics lead by an Elite *Nightwatch* Manic with 2,000,000 Health and 5,000 Armor. This manic is 10% larger than normal and can summon more manics to fight by their side. At half Hp the Manic will teleport away to the Kuva Throne room and must be killed. He is now surrounded by Kuva Manic Bombards and a platoon of nightwatch soldiers. he now also starts to create fake copies of himself. Manic can cast invisibility on itself like loki, but with red energy. This makes him harder to see. *While invisible the target marker from players disappears* Ordis is amazed that grineer troops are utalizing warframe technology and immedietly contact factions from across the system for assistance. Both in figuring who stationed the troops and in how the troops can use technology that exceeds their scientists. REWARDS: 5000 Kuva / Anasa Sculpture / 3 Detonite Injectors Mission 2 LvL 90 {Sedna} The Mission was planned by a member of the Steel Meridian. This member noticed that the the grineer troops were trangley already alert and that the Kuva Troops were not located on the fortress like they should have been. Someone with high authority planted that trap and they want Information. For this mission the squad is randomly split into 2 groups. One group must distract Kela De Thaym and provide cover for the second squad. To complete this, for as much as the factions hate eachother, the Perrin Sequence, Steel Meridian, and Red Veil work together in order to complete this mission. All factions benefit from this interaction. Ergo gains credits to supply to the Myconians, Steel Meridian can take Kela down a peg, and the Red Veil can purge the grineer. Squad Alpha is lead by Ergo Glast who bargains credits to wager in the Rathuum that the tenno would beat Kela's Executioners. Kela willingly takes the offer for entertainment purposes and releases ALL of her executioners into the arena. The 4 tenno must survive until the second squad has completed their mission. If they have not reached 50 Executioner kills by the time Squad Beta has hacked all the spy terminals, they must do so. Squad Beta is sent to an Elite Spy Mission with 2 Red Veil operatives and 2 Steel Meridian operatives. In this spy mission Ciphers are not allowed. The squad must hack 5 terminals around the mission. If alarms are tripped even once kela will catch wind. be careful. Each terminal now has an even more complex hack to them, These spy vaults have a special lock to them where they must hack the terminal twice. After this is complete the tenno must extract safely. During this mission the squad is of course broken in half. Both sides must work together to complete the goal. Be careful about tripping the Alarms though. While tripping alarms will not directly cause the mission to fail, Kela will notice. If kela notices, she'll start playing dirty. She cannot call you out as cheaters because that would tarnish her show. A squad of manics will appear in the spy mission to make the mission harder. At the same time Kela will occasionally drop nukes in the Rathuum that instantly down players. It's best to not get caught during the spy mission at all. Tripping alarms means both triggering the vault alarm, and also if an enemy triggers the alarms normally. *Warframes that excel in spy missions such as limbo, loki, and ivara make spy vaults easier* *Warframes that can easily deal with executioners are prefered to prevent giving points to Kela's side* REWARDS: 100 Rathuum Points / 150,000 Credits / 10,000 Extra syndicate Standing for your syndicates. Mission 3 LvL 100 {Ceres} From the spy vaults, the Steel Meridian and Perrin Sequence have worked together to crack the information wide open. They figure out that a large platoon of Enemies will be going after the Wolf of Saturn Six who is on the move around Ceres. The Wolf apparently has been attacking Nightwatch facilities recently and his next target is on Ludi. He needs to Hijack an experimental fomorian core for unknown purposes. The Nightwatch will be there to defend this core as well as a Nightwatch Commander. Capture them and prevent whatever the Wolf is Planning. But if the nightwatch are now on Ceres, could Vay Hek be responsible? During this mission Vay Hek, Kela, and the Flamblade all talk and argue with each other while you fight it out. The mission starts off as a normal Hijack Mission. However you see Saturn Six fujitives fighting with normal and nightwatch soldiers. You're also greeted by a nightwatch Flamblade who taunts you over transmissions saying you took the bait. This Flamblade is apparently the commander. The squad cannot hope to extract the core while the Wolf is still around and must search for the wolf. To start the wolf is hiding like any Acolyte would, he's making sure he can't be seen and will spawn after someone finds the room he's in. He then appears with a roar and must be killed. The wolf is currently lvl 110 and surrounded by his fugitive friends. He must be defeated and forced to retreat. After the wolf is defeated, the nightwatch have already surrounded the player and 100 troops wait outside. The tenno must break out and kill all of them. In order to escape the room they're currently in there are four panels the players must remain standing on for 30 seconds. The second panel will then light up and another person must stand on the next panel for 30 seconds. All while the first person doesn't leave their panel.* This must be done until all 4 panels are completed. When the second Panel is activated, Goarth the Executioner was sent by kela de Thaym in agreement with the Nightwatch Commander. He spawns at level 120 and must be killed before the third panel can be stood on. The current two panels must remain with players on them. After Goarth is slain, the tenno can complete the remaining panels and leave the room. *LoR panel shipyard. Same thing as LoR where you stand on panels in a certain order to open the door* During the second Panel room, the Flamblade reveals himself and starts to rapidly teleport around hitting players. With 5,000,000 health and 5,000 armor. the flamblade is accompanied by a lvl 110 Garesh from the Rathuum. Garesh can be killed, but the Nightwatch Flamblade Commander will only retreat upon death. Flamblade commander is 3/4 the size of troopers *as nightwatch flamblades have trooper armor* Flamblade commander randomly teleports. Flamblade commander causes all players to switch places at random with another player *Loki's switch teleport ability* Flamblade commander places radiation traps which explode affect players with radiation for 15 seconds. 2 Players are teleported to a different tile where they must fight to survive against lvl 100 nightwatch enemies alone until the Flamblade is killed. After he is killed, the 2 players rejoin their friends to fight on. Flamblade commander will continue to teleport more enemies into the mission until he is captured. This puts the core at a significant disadvantage. Flamblade commander deals 100% toxin damage rather than heat damage. *Tenno aren't the only one's who prepare to fight their enemy, he knew shield frames would be used to push the core* Flamblade commander will focus down warframes with higher amounts of shields After leaving the room they must hijack the fomorian Core. This part is pretty much the exact same as the LoR, but now during the first part nightwatch troops swarm the core. The Flamblade Commander reappears, fully recovered and must now be captured before the end of the mission. At the same time you must protect and continue pushing the core to it's destination. The commander will be captured like any target in capture missions. Now during the third part, all three of the Gustrag Three appear aswell as Vay Hek himself to prevent the core from being taken. At the completion of this mission, the Nightwatch Leader reveals himself via transmission and talks strangely politely for a grineer while also being condescending *It is advised to have crowd control warframes for this mission. In particular nova would allows you to slow down all enemies and easily kill them. It also slows down the flamblade commander and makes him easier to kill* *Warframes with defensive abilities such as frost, gara, limbo, khora, vauban, and other frames that are kings of defence and have crowd control baked into their kit make the core safer and enemies more manageable* *Warframes allies with high threat levels or warframes with taunts such as a guardian derision nyx are great options to draw fire to yourself rather than the core* *It is advised to capture the Flamblade commander as soon as possible due to him spawning in more enemies. This prevents enemies from swarming the core more than normal.* *Warframes that cleanse status affects such as nezha, oberon, Avalache augmented frost, and other status ignoring warframes greatly help ignore status from radiation traps* REWARDS: *New Mods* / 5 Orokin Cells Mission 4 LvL 120 {Mars} Judging by the Flamblades information, he only knows half the story and only knows that he was told to defend the core. Vay Hek was cooperating with *Nightwatch* the grineer Nightwatch Leader. The tenno now go alone to face off against Vay Hek with a fomorian ship sitting above their heads. *Usual LoR Vay Hek Fight* but instead now the Nightwatch Leader interfears and throws one of his own into the ring to protect Vay Hek. Thing to note is Vay hek will have 20,000,000 health and 8,000 armor after being forced into vulnerability During this mission a special unit spawns to make life a little bit harder. While the tenno run around charging batteries to blow up vents. Nightwatch Hyekka Masters line the outside of the battle sight and snipe down at enemies with vulkar rifles. Unlike other enemies, these ones will not have laser sights. They each have 200,000 health and 1,000 armor. These snipers lay down fire and make it almost impossible for people to stand on panels without proper organization or cover to prevent their gunfire. Hyekka Masters have the ability to summon 30 hyekkas into the battle from the center of the map. These kavats hunt down tenno. Hyekka Masters do not have lasers that give away their position Executioner Vay Molta was also ordered to protect Vay Hek from the tenno. During this battle she zooms around and has a light 250,000 health, but 25,000 armor. She's capable of blowing up her opponents and rag dolling them off points. If she ever gets low on health she attempts to heal herself. *Attacks that ignore or strip armor are VERY effective against Vay Molta shutting her down almost instantly.* *Warframes such as frost, atlas, and other cover deploying warframes are useful in blocking sniper shots.* *Crowd Control warframes would slow down Vay Molta and slow down the rate of fire from Hyekka Masters.* *Warframes with high energy pools such as loki or limbo can charge batteries easily* *Trinity would assist in keeping energy levels at a maintainable level while also healing team mates* REWARDS: 1 Random Riven Mod / 5 hour Resource or Affinity booster Mission 5 LvL 150 {Derelict} First Half Information found in Vay Hek's Terra Frame showed that this was the hideout of the Nighty. *Nighty will be the placeholder name of the Nightwatch Leader* To find Nighty, the group must first survive while defending a Volatile Fomorian Core that will blow up the Derelict Ship where the Nightwatch make their command. Apparently during the Gradevus Dilemma, Not all tenno had been handed over to the tenno. Sargus Ruk and Nighty had formed a shady deal and several dozen warframes were sent to Nighty for testing. In return, Nighty offered Sargus Ruk experienced training and better weaponry to Sargus Ruk's troops in the future. Nighty has since been toying with warframe weaponry and abilities to create the most lethal troops imaginable. The most high ranking troops have not only access to a vastly superior arsenal and some even have been modified with warframe abilities such as invisibility, teleportation, and power of dimensions. Nighty has recently been producing contraptions that mimic specters and mind control. Destroy Nighty before research gets too out of hand. The Nightwatch are flooding into the room and have cut off life support hoping to kill the tenno that way. Life support capsules spawn within this large Derelict Tile. The % of LS is the % of Max hp your warframe will have. so if Nidus with 1000 hp has 50% life support, he will only have 500 hp. Every minute of the survival, 3 Nightwave manics will spawn and hunt down the tenno. Every minute of the survival, the fomorian core must be hacked in order to prevent an EMP. EMP will give magnetic procs to everyone and nullify ALL abilities active on the field. Fomorian Core will rapidly drain nearby tenno of shields in order to charge it's explosion and must have drained over 30,000 shields in order to blow up properly. Area outside of the main defense point is bathed in radiation that will only affect warframes. 10dps but will be affecting you with radiation meaning your team can damage you. *Shield Restores and Defensive frames are useful for Core Defense* *Hildy or mag greatly speeds up the shield process.* *Loki, Ivara, Wisp, and Zephyr, and Titanya, are good picks to avoid radiation. This is because they can either stay latched onto a wall, can float in the air, or place ziplines to walk over the radiation. of course warframes such as Nezha with warding halo also can avoid this radiation proc with warding halos on you and team mates. if you want to fight outside of the defense area these are the warframes to go for* Nighty has 25,000,000 health / 1,000,000 shields / 10,000 armor *nighty is not affected by status* Nighty can teleport around and floats in the air making melee weapons obscelete. If Graxx Mesa is alive with shooting gallery she must die as she prevents you from shooting. Nighty regenerates 1% of his shields after a graxx is killed Nighty gains 1,000 armor for every graxx enemy currently alive Nighty has a red nullifier shield that prevents warframe abilities from hitting him, however weapons can still pass through this shield. Nighty is unable to be hit by finishers Nighty will occasinally release a red flash bang (Like Alad V) and removes 100% of tenno shields. *Warframes that can tank damage or distract nighty are great for distracting this grineer leader.* *It is advised that the squad breaks into two groups. One would be focus on destroying side enemies and graxx troops, the other fights Nighty Directly* Mission 5 LvL 150 {Derelict} Second Half -BOSS FIGHT- After 15 minutes the life support is back on. But the tenno must now defeat Nighty. Nighty is a grineer nullifier that has 8 copies of the warframes being used as specters. These specters must be killed before Nighty can be harmed. Each enemy specter has 100X the HP and Shields of the person they are copying. Killing that specter will down the player there is a copy of. Killing all specters at once is a BAD idea. After all specters are defeated, Nighty becomes vulnerable and now constantly summons in Nightwatch versions of all graxx skins which he aquired during the gredivus dilemma and had modified. All graxx units provide Nighty with an extra 1,000 permanent armor. Kill them to prevent Nighty from getting more insane damage reduction. Graxx enemies have 1,000,000 Health, 1,000,000 shields and 3,000 armor. They also have a small platoon of nightwave soldiers surrounding them that fit their theme. Excalibur has flamblades, Frost has bailiffs, etc etc. -Graxx soldiers are capable of being hit by finisher attacks and are affected by warframe abilities- At 50% health Nighty will deploy several more shadow specters which must be killed before he can be damaged further. This time though graxx warframes and nightwatch enemies are still fighting you. At 50% Vor and lech kril are summoned. At 25% Health, he does this again and summons Sprag and Venkra to attack the tenno. Nighty is invulnerable until these two are killed. *CC is valuble here due to enemies having ways to CC you, damage you, and control your abilities. Graxx enemies specialize at making you vulnerable despite survivability so play careful and prioritize killing graxx opponants.* -Graxx Nyx uses chaos, friendly fire with chaos. Swaps graxx enemies to look like allies and actual allies now look like graxx. -Nova TWINS use Molecular Prime, slows tenno down and makes them vulnerable *nova spawns in groups of two as Gnova and Graxx Nova, nighty gains 500 armor from each and they're half as tanky as other graxx warframes. -Ember uses WoF, damages all people with fire eruptions. *Can be very annoying by constantly knocking down tenno and fireprocs meaning they cannot regenerate shields* -Limbo uses Cataclysm and banish. Must roll to exit void from banish. -Mesa uses Shatter Shield and Shooting Gallery, damage reduction and prevents use of guns. Desecrate also prevents people from going into the downed stage by removing their body. -Nekros can use Fear and Shadows of the Dead, brings back dead graxx allies and causes tenno to lose control of character for several seconds. -Mag uses shield polarize and pull. Polarize removes all shields of tenno and pull will stun and give magnetic procs to all tenno hit by pull. Polarize also restores 30% of nightwatch and graxx enemies. *KILL HER BEFORE NIGHTY CAN BE RESTORED* -Vauban uses gernades and Vortex, pulls enemies in and can annoy enemies with traps. Graxx Vauban also deploys all sorts of rollers. -Valkyr uses hysteria, war cry, and ripline. Ripline drags a tenno to the graxx with a stun, Warcry slows all tenno down, Hysteria makes her unkillable -Saryn uses Spores, toxic lash, and miasma. Miasma halves health of all tenno, toxic lash lets her ignore shields, spores strips armor and damage reduction like halo, iron skin, and shatter shield. -Hydroid can drown and trap tenno in puddles. Must damage puddle to have hydroid transform back. *If all 8 players are trapped hydroid instantly releases them all* -Atlas will hunt down and punch tenno to death, stunning and sometimes killing them. *Atlas can gain massive amounts of armor, killing him sooner means he won't be an issue to kill later. -Zephyr can summon tornadoes, use turbulence making only melee viable vs her, and uses air burst which ragdolls tenno if hit by them. -Frost can freeze two tenno in place that must be broken free by other players via avalanche and can create snowglobes. If frozen allies are invulnerable but if not set free in 20 seconds will shatter and instantly die. -Harrow allows enemies to 1shot you with higher critical chance with covenant. Harrow can also heal allied nightwave, including nighty. harrow can also chain you, making you invulnerable but must be broken out of chains by ally melee attack. -Volt will shock tenno with lightning bolts, halving their shields. -Chroma will give extra armor and damage to nighty and will stick close to Nighty. -Rhino can use stomp to knockdown all tenno on the map at random. other graxx enemies are kinda obvious in terms of what they would do. Graxx enemies will be added based on future graxx skins. The idea to ass draxx skins I think is cool as it's techiclly a new enemy but also a reused asset. Also let's be honest, having enemies like this on the map is DIFFICULT to the extreme. *Finisher warframes such as valkyr, banshee, Excalibur, Inaros, Ash, Equinox, Ivara, and other warframes that open enemies up to finishers make dealing with graxx warframes easy.* *Another option is to use Executing Dash to open them up to finishers* *Banshee would have a special interaction. Based off conclave banshee would silence graxx soldiers preventing them from using abilities. VERY useful.* *Nova can slow graxx down with molecular prime, this is very useful* After Nighty is forced to retreat, Tenno have 2 minutes to extraction or they will be blown up along with the derelict ship. Just to make it better, the ship flys out and you get to see the derelict ship explode to end the raid.` REWARDS: Graxx specter! / 200,000 Credits / Guarenteed 1 new weapon piece / 5% chance for a nightwatch skin / 5% Nighty Articula / 10% Orokin Catalyst or Reactor / 1 Random Arcane NIGHTMARE MODE Mission 1 LvL 120 {Saturn} -NIGHTMARE EFFECT- During Mission One, Enemy total is increased to 570+ Enemies. During Mission One, Eximus Stronghold Effect During Mission Cryo Hazard Elite Nightwatch Manic 3,000,000 health / 6,000 Armor -Now summons an extra 2 Nightwatch Manic Bomabrds -Only headshots harm him REWARDS: 8,000 Kuva / Anasa Sculpture / 3 Detonite Injectors / 1,000 Endo Mission 2 LvL 130 {Sedna} -NIGHTMARE EFFECT- Increased nukes during Rathuum. Elite Nightwatch Manic appears during Rathuum. *No second phase* Massive Boost to vault security with extra lasers and drones. Vaults drain warframe energy by 5/s REWARDS: 150 Rathuum Points / 250,000 Credits / 10,000 Extra syndicate Standing for your syndicates / 1,000 Endo / .5% Argon Scope Mission 3 LvL 140 {Ceres} -NIGHTMARE EFFECT- Wolf now adapts to damage. Players are drained of energy 20/s while standing on pads and cannot cast abilities Fomorian Core will instantly blow up if it touches lightning on rails Fomorian Core has a nullifier Shield on it that prevents warframes from using abilities while inside this bubble. While transporting Fomorian Core, while outside Dargyns and Dregs will attack the core. Flamblade Commander now has 8,000,000 health and 6,000 armor REWARDS: *Nightwatch Mod* / 5 Orokin Cells / 5 Tellurium / 10 *Nightwave Credits* Mission 4 LvL 160 {Mars} -NIGHTMARE EFFECT- Same stuff as LoR Nightmare Hyekkas now explode upon death dealing 100% of their health in a 2m radius. Suicide Kavats. Molta now has 1,000,000 shields. *Magnetic or toxin helps bypass this* REWARDS: 1 Riven mod, you can pick category. 5h Rare Resource, Affinity, or Credit Booster Mission 5 LvL 190 {Derelict} -NIGHTMARE EFFECT- Nighty 75,000,000 health / 2,000,000 shields / 10,000 armor *nighty is not affected by status and takes 50% less critical damage* Fomorian Core requires 50,000 Shields and also drains energy if the warframe has any. Elite Nightwatch Manic spawns every 5 min *No second phase* At 50% and 25%, Nighty will not only deploy boss specters, but also deploy the copies of the 8 tenno warframes again. This totals to at most 10 targets needed to be killed. Graxx now grant Nighty 2,000 armor per Graxx alive. Graxx now spawn more frequently and now have 4,000,000 health, 2,000,000 shields, and 4,000 armor If any player goes dies/respawns, Nighty regenerates all his shields *Upon death in nightmare, Nighty has a 2% Chance to drop "Energy Armor" REWARDS: Graxx Specter / 250,000 Credits / Guarenteed 1 new weapon piece / 10% chance for a nightwatch skin / 10% Orokin Catalyst or Reactor / 1 Random Arcane / 1 Pet Arcane / Nightwatch Ephemera ---------------------------------- Ok so I just wanted to throw together an Endgame opinion. Yes I know exactly what someone is gonna say WTH WHY DO THEY HAVE SO MUCH HEALTH. Well I want to put it this way. We are REALLY powerful right? We also hate invincibility so I wanted to make it feel less like you can never damage these enemies that are MEANT to be difficult. On the flip side you do little damage to these enemies and you NEED to be prepared with restores, specters, and the best mods possible. As for the reason why they have tons of health, I wanted to bullet sponge. yes many people hate the idea of bullet sponges however I really wanted to make this feel like THE boss. I mean all bosses we have at the moment we can solo and pop in two to six hits if you build right. The concept for this actually came from WoW. I remember that often you fight bosses in WoW for 20+ min at a time. Well if were going to be doing a Raid, it's gotta be one of the hardest bosses. So lets make it about a 30min fight. yes it's long, yes it has a lot you have to do to get there, but... the rewards are well worth it IMO. if you run this once a day you make progress in almost everywhere for the game. It appeals to everyone right? Rivens and Kuva= Riven Traders and Riven Clans now can trade even more rivens and farm kuva while doing it. Rathuum Points= Kela Farmers can gain points without actually breaking away from the farm, enough points to fight Kela 2-3 times. Credits= Index Farmers can run this and still get money from it while getting everything else. Graxx Specter= Cool trinket to let you summon another ally, A thing special to this raid. This tempts people to play this. 1 Weapon piece= well this one is weird because I want Nighty to have a special Grineer Weapon. That would mean you have a unique weapon for this raid which is always a + Booster= To increase value further down the line if you're playing warframe after this raid. Arcanes= A unique Pet Arcane to make different pets more viable and to give them even more reason to exist Skins, Articula, Ephemera= just a cool collectors item that matches the Theme Nightwave Credits= To allow players to have another way to gain this currency without actually having to do Nightwave, but of course at a price. Nightwatch Mods= To be specific i want some more mods to come from this raid. That way we have even more variety to the game. Also these mods would be valuble to the market due to difficulty Anasa and Endo= Specificly to allow players a way to farm endo. Lets be honest in the time it takes for players to complete THIS raid, you could farm about 21k Endo from Rathuum. Of course the optional reward is tantalizing aswell, who wouldn't want an Argon scope am I Right? So I made it a 6 spy vault exclusive with a low chance. I mean you wont be running this mission specifically for Argon Scope unless you're insane, it's just a nice little chance to get the mod. Of course the little boosts with the potatoes are also cool to get but not guaranteed. I think this gives you a sizable reward for how difficult I made this raid suggestion. What do you guys think about this? -----------------REWARDS------------------ Fair warning, these rewards are all completly made up and really are just extra food for thought. You just viving you an Idea of why you would run this raid. You know, because you need something useful to farm right? MODS Energy Armor (Warframe or Melee) 300% of energy used while channeling is transformed into armor for 15 seconds. Stacks and refreshes if another ability is cast. Armor cap of 1,000 NIGHTWATCH SET Charge attacks release a shockwave that travels for 5 meters in a cone which opens enemies up to finishers (Up to 10 meters) Only required 3 Nightwatch mods to hit max set bonus Nightwatch Negligence (Warframe) At 50% health, Enemy accuracy is reduced by 40% (Set buffs up to 75% Health) Nightwatch Hazard (Warframe) *Exilus* 40% Fire resistance 40% Toxin Resistance 40% Ice Resistance 40% Electric Resistance (Set buffs all resitance to 80%%) Nightwatch Charge (Melee) Charge attacks have 20% more range Charge attacks deal 100% more damage (Set buffs up to 40% more range and 200% more damage) Nightwatch Ricochet (Sniper) While crouched and looking down the scope, sniper rifle shots bounce to another enemy nearby dealing 55% damage done to original target (Set buffs set to 110% damage) ------------------------------------ PET ARCANES Arcane Undying Companion has 85% chance to ignore lethal damage and become fully restored *Does not stack with tek assult* Arcane Precept If a companion uses a precept skill, Warframe gains 20% efficency for 10 seconds Arcane Status All enemies that are affected by precepts lose 50% armor and Shields Arcane Phantom Killing an enemy that your companion has attacked cloaks companion for 5 seconds. Arcane Sacrifice If the warframe takes fatal damage, the companion has a 100% chance to take that lethal damage in their owner's place. *with Nidus, companion will take all lethal damage. Undying will not proc unless companion is either dead or down* Arcane Reaver Companion releases a 30m pulse that causes all enemies in the area to have a 25% to drop double the resources upon death *Enemies hit by Arcane reaver cannot be reaved again* *Life support will not be dropped from this* Arcane Predator Companion has a 10% chance to instantly kill an enemy with it's next attack. 5 second cool down. Arcane Cleaver Companions attacks now have 40% chance to cleave in a cone of 4 meters Arcane Revenge 100% chance to re spawn your companion if you kill the enemy that had killed your companion Arcane Protection 20% chanc that upon being harmed, companion gains armor equal to 50% of it's max Health for 18 seconds Arcane Magnet Enemies killed by companion drag all enemies within 15 meters to the point of death Arcane Status Companions deal 100% more damage per status on enemy Arcane Bloodlust After killing an enemy the companion has attacked, companion gains 200% attack speed for 8 seconds Arcane Efficiency After casting an ability, All of companions cool downs are reduced by 25% Arcane Svalinn When warframe is affected by status proc, companion will increase shield regeneration by 100% for 10 seconds. ------------------------------------ Anyways feel free to comment on the reward list ideas, revamped raid concept, and enemy difficulty. Again I have to stress this, this is not meant to be easy or for medium players. It would be for the players who know what they're doing and are 100% decked out and ready to screw someone up. I believe 100% DE can make endgame. There's a reason raids and dungeons have always been the center of it, and that's because they work if done right. Anyways if anyone's got stuff to say on it i'll gladly accept it and try to critique it for the next raid suggestion or tweak this one. Endgame is a sensitive topic so i wanted to take a shot. Here's my suggestion. On another note, i'll be taking all suggestions into my next attempt at creating another raid idea. Just cause i've got nothing else to do at the moment in game. Seriously I'm playing hide and seek in captura with my clan 😄 Also I know i said i'd work on Wukong for the next rework concept after Overheated Ember, however it sounds like DE's got a wukong in the works so me saying anything would be pointless. I also 100% guarantee they've got ideas for Vauban soooo yeah I decided to do this. Anyways I know the bullet sponge idea will get some hate but i honestly think it's the only way to get the Raid feel with difficult enemies rather than pop one shot Vay Hek. We've all done it once or twice...
  8. Well self damage isn't unheard of in warframe. Inaros, Garuda, Nekros, Chroma for eidolon hunts, Harrow, Valkyr, Hildryn, they all hurt themselves to do something. Suicide is to give players a panic button, obviously nobody wants to die, so i give you 20 seconds to lower it down to below 100. easy. Plus ember plays with fire, which nobody should ever do so i wanted to add risk. that's the reason why self damage and meltdown are a thing in this concept. You can super buff yourself for 20 seconds and lower the overheat. As for the nerfing weapons, no I nerfed critical chance by 15%, which is ONLY at 100% overheat. Chances are players who are at 100% overheat play with arcanes and have a large variety of mods to compensate, and would be running status builds on a status frame. Care to explain to us why fire is so amazing? because as far as I can tell it's just toxin but for infested, then prevents you from killing corpus. That being said I would love to hear your feedback when you get around to it 🙂. Looking forward to improving it. However I am going to add a few more things to the rework now based off current feedback.
  9. She was meant to be a damage frame so heat damage has pretty much everything to do with it. As for the survivability, i'm giving her a way to survive while her range is at 50%. Also how am I nerfing the range? baseline I increased the lvl 30 WoF range from 15 to 18, which is a buff. This means WoF builds can reach further than before even if it's a tiny amount. I've also given you a way to increase the range of WoF by standing within the Fire Blast. Plus WoF would gain an EXTRA 20m ontop of her baseline range. this lets her range hit up to 30ish meters away while standing inside of the blast zone. I've also made the shrink time duration based, so you can make the energy drain and range shrinking happen over a longer period of time via Duration. I don't understand how Firequake would be worse from this to be honest? could you clarify please? With the reduced range, ember has some issue killing lower levels as she needs to get closer, but in higher levels you can play more tacticlly in order to survive and have a larger map control. both players get what they want with a compromise on both ends. DE get's their halved range, and in exchange we get a massive area for WoF to hit. Lastly I didn't really nerf her energy at all. Yes she consumes more energy with this, but she only starts eating more energy than she normally would at around 100% overheat. I cut her passive energy regeneration in half because of the overheat effectively making her always on fire and let's you not have a weapon dedicated to lighting yourself on fire. This means if you're running low on energyu, shut off WoF, and regen 5-6 energy a second. heck maybe even up to 12 if you've got naramon on. On accelerant as well you would be casting onto a large amount of enemies increasing the chances they will drop energy orbs that give you more energy than normal and work with mods. Ember's issue is fire, because fire is her source of damage, and she's a damage frame who can't do damage. You have ember who can do 600 to 1000 damage against 2-3 enemies every second with her WoF, then Saryn's over there nuking maps with 5k dps spores on 30 people at once. AND Saryn can strip armor and half enemy health. Yes saryn needs a nerf, but if you think that's an unfair comparison, it really isn't. They're both status, dps, and aoe warframes with very similar abilities. If you still want to deny that then I'll compare her to say nezha. I've ran kuva survival with several embers, by the time they extract i'm running with nezha and I've got over 10-20% damage over them. If ember is a dps warframe and she can be outdone by a tank/damage hybrid who's capable of decent cc, then something's wrong. And i'm only running around with a melee. Damage is the issue. Ember and saryn should be at each other's throats for damage, or at least the master of fire should be doing more damage than a nezha who uses the same damage type as ember. By the way nezha can also make enemies vulnerable, ember can't. nezha can heal the team, deal more damage with the same damage type, survive for longer, and can regenerate energy faster and better than ember, while also being capable of ccing and applying vulnerability for your team. By the way, so can Saryn. What about volt, another elemental warframe. he can take damage like no tomorrow, is an eidolon hunter, can pick up his damage reduction and apply it anywhere on the map, ccs for much much longer with more reliability than ember's WoF, can provide extra speed for the team, and can regenerate energy. While volt isn't a dps frame, he is a heavy single target hitter with his electric shield. yes she doesn't need this rework, giving her the range back would suffice, but why settle for that when you can get something better?
  10. Well even before that, ember was already falling in popularity. Yes reverting her WoF would make her better. but the issue lies with Heat Damage in general and her survivability. Ember was already outdated before WoF and was really still only ever used for survivals. I know she can be used in other missions but now frames like Saryn have risen to glory which instantly kill enemies across the map on survivals. so her return to power would only be a return to slightly above passable rank. And under the topic of if were going to rework a warframe or edit it, we want to make them feel new and up to date with current frames. and again it's not like i've made it impossible for the sit down and let WoF kill people style. Remember if they rework a warframe they want to make it feel different, but still the same as they were before. that way people spend time playing that frame and enjoying it rather than just passively playing it saying "oh it's back to normal, nothing new here, lets move on"
  11. To be honest it's not actually all that hard. The Rework i'm suggesting doesn't change much at all. If anything it's a pure buff. You can still have a simple WoF build and just never go above 60% to catch fire. even with that she get's buffs across the board and more flexibility. The chill and relax play style still exists, but for players that want her to be complex she can be. I don't think I took anything away from her too badly to make her nerfed. if I did could you point that out please? I wanna try to make ember into a frame with different playstyles, build styles, and sides available to both new players and end game players.
  12. My first thought upon seeing this was like, naaaaah I don't think DE would go as far as adding a new status type into the game JUST for Ember... then I remembered they make an archwing system for a warframe that works in normal missions... Yeah that does sound really effective. Maybe like "Arson Damage" or "Phoenix Damage"? The only possible issue I see with this is that fans of other status frames like Volt, Saryn, Frost, Mag, and Oberon would all kinda demand the same treatment. But if we got something like that it'd be really cool and make her even more unique.
  13. I'm pretty sure vauban's "in the works" so expect him in a year, as for wukong I doubt they've got any clue what to do with him... He's my next target. Also how would you feel about this to sort of buff heat damage. Every consecutive fire tick adds more to the fire damage multiplier? meaning the more an enemy is of fire the more damage they'll take from the next fire tick/damage. It should also get a buff to lets say 25% extra vs alloy and/or ferrite armor. the reason I suggest this is because think of it as cooking an enemy inside their armor. makes some sense right? It's still not up to par with say slash and toxin, but It at least gives it that small little boost of viability but i'm not 100% sure.
  14. Yeah that would be another reason not to have it carried with you. At first glance that seems like it would be a really great addition, however. If fireblast were to move with you *I assume you're talking about fireblast. If all of your weapons now also have fire damage to compete with, it would interfere with weapons trying to do other status procs. If you want to deal corrosive i won't work because you're always surrounded by the flames. Sure it deals more damage overall, but it will suffer against proto shields more making her worse vs corpus and also make corrosive, radiation, and other weapons less effective. It would be more annoying and mess with status builds than helpful. Again this depends on the player, alot of people would enjoy this change, however others would dislike it. And if we suggest that the flame blast can be picked up and dropped like volt's shield then she would feel more like volt AND that we would need to nerf something because you give her another buff to counter her increased flexibility. It's a good idea but that's something we can't really confirm with 100% certainty without teseting. But IMO i'd rather have it as static placement.
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