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  1. Still no changes to arch guns and how some are just outright terrible for railjack... was really hoping that gun chages were going to come with ivara. I don't like being limited to imperator, phaedra, and cygnas. Can we please get weapon stat changes for these becuase you just nerfed all weapons and that included laughing stocks like the corvas and dual decurian.
  2. I didn't get to post this because they were ghost nerfs, but why did our archwing weapons get nerfed? Some I can get but others??? The Dual Decurian, Corvas, and others simply can't compete at all. I decided to test out the Dual Decurian. It of course it the laughing stock of warframe but I thought maaaaybe it could be better in railjack content. After 5 forma on it and a good build on it, it deals 11 damage, maybe 17 if I crit. It deals such low damage that it's impossible to deal any damage with it. To make matters worse it's got projectile speed and it isn't quicker to catch up with enemies. Despite even that it's recoil makes it IMPOSSIBLE to aim during railjack missions because the crosshail flares everywhere when the enemy is able to preform evasive maneuvers. The Mk 1 Pulsar deals more damage and that's got no overheat, infinite ammo, and it's hitscan. That's only one example there are others. Why were ALL of our weapons hit ANONYMOUSLY? Furthermore with our leaping ability for archwing melee gone, shouldn't we have a good 4-8m range added to our melee with boosts to our mods? or maybe even more mods for archwing in general? If archwing is a core part of railjack it needs attention. Railjack has more mods then the archwing does and it just launched. I'm not saying some of our guns didn't deserve the nerf, but hitting ALL of them seems like an overreaction.
  3. I'm not going to say anything in regards to bugs... we all know they exist en mass. I could honestly write a book titles Emperyon 76 pertaining all the glitches in my first hours of gameplay. From dying during a deployment animation to not being able to escape enemy ships, I can write it all. But this is feedback not bugs. This update, bugs aside, is a huge leap in the right direction. I'm not done with it yet but it's super fun and has alot of potential for future investment. I do want to say though you missed out on a major intrinsic opportunity. I came up with the name for this one so it's kind of fake but it's an important and risky role to play. Interceptors. Just like the grineer you have interceptor tenno which primarily use archwing to support the railjack from the outside. The Amesha deploys cover and defense, Elytron provides great area damage, Itzal destroys any crewships before they can come close. Not only do interceptors have access to their archwing powers but they also disrupt enemy fire preventing enemy AI from attacking the railjack. Intercepting is hard to do because you always put yourself out there in danger without the shield of the railjack and it requires you to have stuff from all intrinsic sections as well as a good understanding of archwing. Due to the different playstyles of people and the goal is defending the railjack all archwings should have a use now. Also I find it really REALLY clever how you designed the enemy pathing. It's on offensive variation of what the pursuit ships use and I'm wondering if maybe archwing enemies might also be added to emperyon eventually too. I also noticed that enemies have a very special new type of health. When I glitched and died in the middle of space I got the rare opportunity to shoot the enemy ships with my actual guns. Despite the fact that they are level 12 and lack much armor I wasn't doing thousands of damage. Will we be seeing this anywhere outside of emperyon, because a heads up would be appreciated. Now about solo content ).) I don't think you considered too much because I was able to solo all of earth by using specters to guard different areas of the railjack. This means I was free to leave the ship and simply act as an interceptor for solo play escorting my railjack whenever I needed to and even if the ship got damaged 1 minute is always more than enough time for me to take down a ship, teleport back, and seal the breach. I don't think this was intended so maybe put more pressure on us with a timer between 30 to 40 seconds? 60 feels way too long. As for rewards you did a fantastic job. Some people are complaining about how we have to go around to pick them up but I say that's completely fine. There are those of us who survive without carrier so do it now. Not only that but resources are shared, if one player picks something up we all get it. That means at the end of a mission when players do the loot runs 3 players leave the ship and go around collecting resources. it's actually quite relaxing and gives a bit of downtime while still retaining that warframe drops everywhere feel. If I have one thing I want to say that's bad about this is that it's a pain to have to farm so many resources just to make essentials. I know the payload lets us carry that revolite but can you allow us to carry resources into the mission within the payload too? Stocking up on raw resources in resource management ships should be mandatory in games like this but we can't do that. Larger forge capacity would also be appreciated even if it's an item we have to install into our ship. Further more when we refine our materials it refines all of them. Can we have a way to refine a specific amount so we don't dry up the things we need for revolite? This part will be due to concerns I have for multiplayer. Due to a bug I had to force close warframe and hope I could reconnect to my session. Little did I know I wasn't going to be able tor reconnect and I lost all my resources. Getting mission reconnects in quickly should be a priority especially for something this buggy. I also noticed that whenever I sent an invite I sent about 3-7 invites at once followed by a crash leading to anthem amounts of loading screens. So far that's all the feedback I can really give. I don't know if this will be a disruption 2.0 where we need to improve rewards but from what I've seen so far it's promising.
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