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  1. The idea of altering enemy levels as CC is one of the main reasons I liked Fox's concept. It's a really unique ability because it's meant for high level content. The idea is that she would suffer at lower level content because the power is close to useless, but at higher content she makes life really easy. Depending on circumstances, level included, certain playstyles and warframes are favored and that doesn't have to be a bad thing. At least that's how I see it. Transmogrify excels against grineer, but it's effects are less against other factions. Sure she cuts armored enemies by a large amount but she can't affect infested and corpus to such an extent because they don't multiply scaling health with scaling armor in all cases and they're difficult in their own ways. She also unable to affect all enemies because of nullifiers. Also in regards to enemy scaling I personally believe that dealing with enemy levels is fine. Players already cut EHP the way you say with corrosive, viral, and magnetic or shattering impact. Cutting enemy levels doesn't make much difference to me because chances are you've already fought them at that level before. DE also has level scaling as an issue they're looking to fix soon though maybe not since it was said awhile ago and plans change. If scaling is made less of an issue then dealing with a level changing ability would be easier to come to terms with. I'm going to lower the level reduction, but tossing the idea of level reduction CC is the last thing I'd like to do with the concept.
  2. Sorry for the super late response. I was typing up a massive post and was worried that it would be erased if I typed here. I've had that happen to my posts before so i didn't wanna risk it. Sorry about that, It's just making a warframe like "Tanuki" with that design is kind of inviting people to take it the wrong way and I'm insecure about myself in general so it kinda just came out. But I really do like to spotlight just how much support I can put behind a warframe like "Tanuki". I'll try to avoid that in the future but it's a bad habit of mine. So after second consideration would the energy drain and transmogrify ability be ok as they are now? Or do I still need to make some edits to the kit?
  3. { Warning } {-{ OPTIONAL DIFFICULTY }-} {-{-{ Trial: Plagues of Yggdrasil }-}-} (8 Person Railjack Squad) *Inspired by StallorD's raid concept* {-{-{-{ RAID REWARDS }-}-}-} These rewards are all completely made up and are fun to come up with, which is why I present multiple options. As shown above, there are many rewards in this raid, but this portion will focus on mods, weapons, and the Plague Vials. None of these will be what you actually play for, that's the forgotten memories. But these can be sold for platinum and can be played over and over for. The part I most enjoyed was the Lost Arts, as they are essentially parazon augments. If anyone has suggestions or criticism, feel free to share, even if it means tearing down the rewards. {-{-{-{-{ LOST MEMORIES V2 }-}-}-}-} Lost Memories are an old concept I used for the "Revenge of the Sergeant raid, but I believe I've improved on them since. Many are still the same but some were altered, cut down, nerfed, or changed to be more fitting. These were inspired by the Echos of Umbra item, but refined to be better. This not only allows sentience, but acts as an upgrade a way to provide lore on your favorite frames. For those who don't know what they are, Forgotten Memories will be an item which can be installed in your warframe to activate 1 of 3 special attributes tied to that specific warframe. In a sense, they are augments without the need of a slot, but still different. The goal is not to buff or nerf, but twist, enhance, or create playstyles in different directions. These will also allow your frame to become sentient, similar to umbra, and move without your operator. Now I say specific warframe because players can only have 1 attribute per frame crafted. If you different abilities you must create another warframe. This is essentially like creating another character for different powers becuase you build them differently. This will cost more time, forma, catalysts, slots, and reactors, throwing people back into the warframe loop. To be detailed, this would benefit people who trade, it would place more value into prime parts and relics, it would be a resource sink, and it benefits DE because the paying players will spend more money. All at the same time, this system isn't P2W because you MUST play the raid to obtain this power. You must be good enough to have it. {-{-{-{-{-{ CONCLUSION }-}-}-}-}-} I've been sitting on this for over a month now and I'm not sure everything is completely correct. However I needed to push this out there NOW because there was mention of a railjack raid idea and I want to put my own ideas out there. I seriously doubt this will be the raid should the railjack be used, but It's fun to think about what it could be. I did try to keep the general theme of the original "Yggdrasil" raid idea, but I also wanted to modernize it to the railjack. Additionally i had to make some extra challenge because I don't want the raid to just be a push over. Making it feel impossible but not actually making it impossible was the goal. This raid will push people to use everything they possibly can to win. One thing I haven't included is a scoring system or leader boards. The reason for that being I don't know how I'd go about making one for this raid so this one is more PvE focused. Making it time based would rely too much on map generation RNG so that would be unfair, and there's not a solid system which can't be abused for a scoring system so this raid shouldn't have one. Lastly, I excluded squad link for several reasons. For 1 I don't want to include something so bug risky in a raid because it would rely too much on factors you cannot control. The mission can be messed up by bugging, disconnecting, host migrations, and more so Squad Link would only make it worse. The normal raids were buggy as is so i don't want to risk more then I need to. Secondly, I don't have a good grip of what squad link could possibly do and how it can be used so It's hard to concept a raid off of such a big unknown. Would this be a fun raid? If you've got any criticism on anything at all, or questions, feel free to leave it below and I'll try my best to reply.
  4. Still no changes to arch guns and how some are just outright terrible for railjack... was really hoping that gun chages were going to come with ivara. I don't like being limited to imperator, phaedra, and cygnas. Can we please get weapon stat changes for these becuase you just nerfed all weapons and that included laughing stocks like the corvas and dual decurian.
  5. I didn't get to post this because they were ghost nerfs, but why did our archwing weapons get nerfed? Some I can get but others??? The Dual Decurian, Corvas, and others simply can't compete at all. I decided to test out the Dual Decurian. It of course it the laughing stock of warframe but I thought maaaaybe it could be better in railjack content. After 5 forma on it and a good build on it, it deals 11 damage, maybe 17 if I crit. It deals such low damage that it's impossible to deal any damage with it. To make matters worse it's got projectile speed and it isn't quicker to catch up with enemies. Despite even that it's recoil makes it IMPOSSIBLE to aim during railjack missions because the crosshail flares everywhere when the enemy is able to preform evasive maneuvers. The Mk 1 Pulsar deals more damage and that's got no overheat, infinite ammo, and it's hitscan. That's only one example there are others. Why were ALL of our weapons hit ANONYMOUSLY? Furthermore with our leaping ability for archwing melee gone, shouldn't we have a good 4-8m range added to our melee with boosts to our mods? or maybe even more mods for archwing in general? If archwing is a core part of railjack it needs attention. Railjack has more mods then the archwing does and it just launched. I'm not saying some of our guns didn't deserve the nerf, but hitting ALL of them seems like an overreaction.
  6. I'm not going to say anything in regards to bugs... we all know they exist en mass. I could honestly write a book titles Emperyon 76 pertaining all the glitches in my first hours of gameplay. From dying during a deployment animation to not being able to escape enemy ships, I can write it all. But this is feedback not bugs. This update, bugs aside, is a huge leap in the right direction. I'm not done with it yet but it's super fun and has alot of potential for future investment. I do want to say though you missed out on a major intrinsic opportunity. I came up with the name for this one so it's kind of fake but it's an important and risky role to play. Interceptors. Just like the grineer you have interceptor tenno which primarily use archwing to support the railjack from the outside. The Amesha deploys cover and defense, Elytron provides great area damage, Itzal destroys any crewships before they can come close. Not only do interceptors have access to their archwing powers but they also disrupt enemy fire preventing enemy AI from attacking the railjack. Intercepting is hard to do because you always put yourself out there in danger without the shield of the railjack and it requires you to have stuff from all intrinsic sections as well as a good understanding of archwing. Due to the different playstyles of people and the goal is defending the railjack all archwings should have a use now. Also I find it really REALLY clever how you designed the enemy pathing. It's on offensive variation of what the pursuit ships use and I'm wondering if maybe archwing enemies might also be added to emperyon eventually too. I also noticed that enemies have a very special new type of health. When I glitched and died in the middle of space I got the rare opportunity to shoot the enemy ships with my actual guns. Despite the fact that they are level 12 and lack much armor I wasn't doing thousands of damage. Will we be seeing this anywhere outside of emperyon, because a heads up would be appreciated. Now about solo content ).) I don't think you considered too much because I was able to solo all of earth by using specters to guard different areas of the railjack. This means I was free to leave the ship and simply act as an interceptor for solo play escorting my railjack whenever I needed to and even if the ship got damaged 1 minute is always more than enough time for me to take down a ship, teleport back, and seal the breach. I don't think this was intended so maybe put more pressure on us with a timer between 30 to 40 seconds? 60 feels way too long. As for rewards you did a fantastic job. Some people are complaining about how we have to go around to pick them up but I say that's completely fine. There are those of us who survive without carrier so do it now. Not only that but resources are shared, if one player picks something up we all get it. That means at the end of a mission when players do the loot runs 3 players leave the ship and go around collecting resources. it's actually quite relaxing and gives a bit of downtime while still retaining that warframe drops everywhere feel. If I have one thing I want to say that's bad about this is that it's a pain to have to farm so many resources just to make essentials. I know the payload lets us carry that revolite but can you allow us to carry resources into the mission within the payload too? Stocking up on raw resources in resource management ships should be mandatory in games like this but we can't do that. Larger forge capacity would also be appreciated even if it's an item we have to install into our ship. Further more when we refine our materials it refines all of them. Can we have a way to refine a specific amount so we don't dry up the things we need for revolite? This part will be due to concerns I have for multiplayer. Due to a bug I had to force close warframe and hope I could reconnect to my session. Little did I know I wasn't going to be able tor reconnect and I lost all my resources. Getting mission reconnects in quickly should be a priority especially for something this buggy. I also noticed that whenever I sent an invite I sent about 3-7 invites at once followed by a crash leading to anthem amounts of loading screens. So far that's all the feedback I can really give. I don't know if this will be a disruption 2.0 where we need to improve rewards but from what I've seen so far it's promising.
  7. I didn't say anything about taking away efficient methods. I am pro for not nerfing saryn and frames like her because they're fine as is. All of our most used warframes are fine. Sure some could have some minor tweaks to their stats but they don't need to be smacked with a nerf bat. As I said I agreed with you. Why are you so determined in trying to frame it like I'm against you? I do not speak for others, but I can inform you of psychological facts. People WILL play things they don't like if the circumstances fit. I'm using myself as a way to present facts about people, and you used yourself as a way to present people's opinions. There's a difference.
  8. It brings more interactivity to the game and allows for all players to enjoy more warframes. Some frames feel like they lack a purpose in the game because they're out shadowed by others due to the game's flaws. it CAN bring more enjoyment to players should you decide to explore those characters. You can speak for yourself, but cannot speak for other players saying that it defines their fun. We don't know that. They will hopefully be working on that to an extent but not all of the warframes we have now are garbage. The fact is they just don't fit into the meta of the game. The only warframe off the top of my head that needs help is nyx. Others just need missions to favor their kit so they can be useful. Usefulness does not equate to power. i certainly would like to see them brought up but not all of them need to be given reworks for this to happen. People will cry, then you go after them for it and tell them that they're wrong. Don't post one comment then leave, discuss and debate over it. Make yourself heard and you can change some people's minds. Or maybe you'll find yourself learning something. I had already posted the entire comment once and talked about how DE did something stupid due to DE's feedback so I didn't feel the need to post the entire thing again. I simply needed to point out something specific you said. I could also say the same on your end. "it seems very targeted to not include both quotes". DE's comment aside there was no reason for you to say "aha, so you decide what's best for the game" simply because I put my voice out there. What other conclusion would you expect people to reach? That's just it there was no argument. i agreed with you, provided my thoughts, and you leapt at my throat. I assume at least you would provide a counter argument to why my ideas were wrong, but you just went "aha, so you decide what's best for the game". People do not only play what they enjoy. Psychologically people will play whatever is most efficient even if they hate or don't care for it. Depending on the person this may be the case but if FUN was all players were after then there would be 0 complaints about disruption when it launched. Fun value only gets you so far. Again as I said above, you also can speak for yourself but you cannot speak for others.
  9. I didn't say that either. This game is founded on the exchange of information and feedback between players and developers. It's a relationship and the combined efforts of the community and DE brought warframe to it's current state for better or for worse. Nobody is able to decide what is best for the game because it's impossible to know what's best. But we can guess what's good for the game. You didn't respond to the main point of my post or even provide a counter argument to what I said. What you did was try to diss me and diss DE for not knowing what's good for the game's health, trying to make a fool of myself and the developers. They are just snarky one shot comments meant to degrade people, they aren't constructive. It just feels like you're upset with the games current state, which I understand, and want to lash out at someone. Even someone who agreed with you on some level. I'm simply saying what I believe would help the game just as you have in the past.
  10. Not what I said. I said I want what's best for the game, I don't decide what's the best or what the future will hold. That decision will always lie with DE at the end of the day and the most we can do is provide feedback and throw ideas at them. What I believe is best for the game, which is my opinion and not a fact, is a diverse and equally used roster of warframes. I could be wrong, but I don't think I'm wrong in saying that DE also wants all of their characters they they've spent years creating to be used.
  11. Yeah pretty much, but the issue is players only care about a handful of missions and because of that only certain frames are called for. I believe the chart shown was showcasing play rate of all warframes in general. Not mission specific. That data is primarily going to be composed of parts of the game players play frequently in. Examples being dark sectors, defense, survival, ESO, index, etc etc. The majority of these areas lend themselves to a set number of frames. Naturally CC and support warframes have been left in the dust because they can't help much in these popular mission types. Because of this we see a stark difference in the usage of frames across the board when there shouldn't be. General usage data should show the majority of the frames being used about equally with a few outliers at lower playrates. Instead we have the majority being used less and a few outliers being used more. If Farming, Horde Destroying, and Tanking are demanded from most then by default frames that explicitly focus on that will rise to the top. But if they fix the game, like for example if enemy scaling was fixed, then tanking wouldn't be seen as necessary for a frame's success in the eyes of average players. This would result in less players playing tanks and more players playing squishy or durable frames instead of unkillable or invisible frames. In other words less players would play Inaros and wukong over others because tanking is less needed. Unless I completely missed the point of your post. it's not uncommon for me, sorry if I didn't.
  12. It's not a problem for you, but it is a problem for people like me who want what's best for the game or for DE allowing the game to live longer. This isn't personal for some of us, it's a professional issue. No there is a problem with 80% of the population playing a handful of frames. It's obviously nowhere near as bad as 50% of the game using one gun, but it's still an issue if 4 frames make up a good portion of playtime with a roster of 42 frames. Maybe not for you, but it is for DE. For us it's just part of the game and that's all well and good, cool shiz we enjoy what we enjoy. But we the players will neglect content which DE has created. DE wants you to play with these other frames, weapons, and mods. They don't want anything to be fodder. This being said "Breaking and Nerfing" or "Buffing and Reworking" frames is not the way to go about this specific situation. What we need are fixes to the game as a whole, not simple reworks and tweaks to numbers which end up damaging the community and game overall.
  13. I'm still dumbfounded at how people in this thread think she's too strong. Many players have stated plenty of times that she's got frames that rival her against low level horde content *which is where the vast majority of us play* so why is everyone complaining when everyone can get kills if they actually give a damn and try. Seriously whenever I see a saryn I'm bound to see one guy just stop moving and say "fk it I'm not getting kills" maybe because you're not trying. We are able to get kills with spores and I gave proof from an ingame screenshot and several others seem to follow the same story. You sitting down just inflates her numbers further because enemies are more likely to die to spores and not you. This game may play itself for you in multiplayer if you want but then it's not a game it's a show. Shows get boring faster then games do. She's terrible at spy because why not use ivara, wukong, or any other useful spy frame over her. She can't fight bosses for the life of her mostly becuase of their status immunity or stupid high health pools. This extends to orb mothers and eidolons. She's not very helpful in survival unless it's a very VERY controlled environment like LoR's videos because life support goes everywhere. Her damage tapers off at high level content and as stated she isn't seen anywhere in actual difficult content like 1-2 hour survivals, unless very controlled. Even in what DE considered "hard" content in arbitrations, Saryn is just as useful as literally any other dps frame because of arb drones. What is now considered "hard" content are the lich where saryn is often a boon to her own team killing not just the enemies, but her allies en mass. Rad sorties included. If you really want to nerf saryn because she's super good at one game mode then so many other frames are vulnerable to nerfs. -Ivara can go hours and hours of survival no problem even setting world records of 14 hours. -Nova is the Goddess of Defense hyperboosting it's speed. -Rhino is the pride of the index hoarding dozens of points at a time. -Chroma and Mirage share warframe's version of the title Dragon Slayers, Eidolon Slayers. -Vauban is the dark god of CC locking down entire rooms with the tap of a button. -Frost is the best, and always was the best Defensive warframe has had to offer providing CC and protection for his team and the objective in a variety of ways. -Inaros is the Undying God King. -Nekros is the Loot Daddy shaking down corpses like his life depends on it. Do you notice something though? None of these frames are completely unrivaled in their role despite their reputation and each has their use. Rhino isn't the only index hoarder but that's his rep. Chroma literally shares his title and even warframes like ember now can add to rad damage on eidolon hunts. Vauban isn't the only CC warframe and CC has hard drawbacks. Limbo, Gara, Khora, and even gara can be considered defense alternatives to Frost and each have their own potential. Nekros may be the best loot farmer but Hydroid and Khora seemingly always by his side. Inaros may be the hardest to kill but he's got the hapanese frames on his heels. Nova is almost alone with only loki to contest her using Melee AI to speed up defense missions. Strangely enough though I see all of these warframes more consistently then Saryn outside of ESO in more missions. If were going to talk about that she has no drawbacks then the same can be said for the majority of these frames. So what, saryn isn't useful in spy but she's got no drawbacks. swap that. So what, frost isn't useful in spy but he's got no drawbacks. swap that. So what, Rhino isn't useful is spy but he's got no drawbacks. swap that. So what, Chroma isn't useful in spy but he's got no drawbacks. But what no there is a drawback because why use any of those frames over wu kong or ivara who speed spy like no tomorrow. The drawback is they don't have an ability to help them in that mission where others do. Her popularity is due to multiple golden factors. She's the most durable DPS which players look for in all frames. She's incredibly easy to learn, but much more difficult to master making her valuable to all MR levels. Her kit is flexible and has build variety making allowing her to be learned in different ways. She's got the best looks, depending on the player, and most skins skins of all female with arguably the most attractive helmets if you're into hair. And psychologically her damage numbers all over the screen hook players like us on her playstyle. She is not oppressive in her role she's just the best at it. She is THE ONLY warframe that's as good as she is at what she does but she has intense drawbacks which sometimes even put her teams life on the line. Just like Frost is the best at what he does but has little use elsewhere. Who cares if she's extremely good at what she does as long as she's not oppressive. She is a very specific tool with a very specific purpose which just happens to fit into what the majority of us play and that, in the end, is DE's fault for how they made the game. The game is what's broken and if you all say that "DE won't do that pshh, you're crazy" then why do we praise them so much? if the game is broken they should fix it should they not? Is that not the duty of the developer to seek out and address core issues of the game. If they refuse to fix a core issue why do we support them, why should we? What makes this topic worse is this megaphone her reputation seems to get as "Oppressive" or "Overpowered" when she just isn't. She FEELS powerful because that's her design philosophy. I know I sound like a saryn fanboy, but I really do despise her. But I hate saryn in general, not because she takes from the game. From one saryn hater to the rest, do something about her. If you REALLY hate saryn go out and kill enemies faster then her spores can spread. She can't scale her damage if there's no enemies to scale off. If all of you are doing your job, then she shouldn't ever reach stupidly high spore numbers. So stop sitting around complaining and make it your life's goal to kill enemies with spores on them.
  14. to # 1 // Alright let me be clear then. It MAY be against the rules and I don't want to violate them in any way given the corporate way of making things vague for their own uses. I will not give any reason to think that it is even close to derailing the topic. If you want to discuss more on this then start a new thread or conversation where it wouldn't fall into a gray area if it's on topic or not. Also just because I won't explain something doesn't make it false or wrong. it's an assumption on your part. Sure proving your work is important but if it's against the rules to prove it why should I? Or maybe you could go read my post to learn these things, I did post them before afterall. to #2 // That's not the goal. Making different frames viable is a side objective with reworking the game in mind overall. You can change more than one thing at once. besides if you take issue with saryn being so popular because she's powerful in so much content, then why not make her less powerful in that content when they get around to it. It's not that difficult. to # 3 // In what way does providing facts about Saryn being healthy in one area and negative in another, count as distorting reality. It's a fact not an perception of words. Whichever way you slice it she sucks at boss content or nonmassacre mission objectives like spy. I also have explained and given evidence that she doesn't. If I can kill with saryns in my group why can't you? That may be the question you need to ask yourself. to # 4 // I shouldn't need to present circumstances to the obvious. Limbo's cataclysm is a balloon and nullifiers are a needle. Pop goes the cataclysm. The fact that her damage is so prevalent is because of FOR THE LAST TIME the missions call for damage. Damage does not put her over the top, it's her viability for mission completion just like any other warframe, farming frames excluded. Change how the mission is completed and she falls. Nuke and CC frames have coexisted in 1 game mode you're forgetting. in raids Damage and CC was commonplace. How can you say she's the problem when she worked hand in hand with the king of CC at one point? to #6 // Yeah it's why it's called an indirect nerf. But she doesn't actually get weaker. As stated in point 4 it's her mission viability. Here's an example of a change which indirectly nerfs saryn, it's silly but its an obvious example I can point out. ESO now is 100% reliant on hacking terminals, saryn is now useless because she has no natural talent at hacking terminals. congrats she's now less viable. But in no way was her damage touched meaning she's just as powerful as before. to # 7 // I have been reading them, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to respond to everything. But that doesn't mean your words can't be misunderstood and in this case it felt like you said that I was fine with warframes being just as powerful as her. That's not true. I want warframes to be just as viable but not just as powerful. to #8 // How the- no? what? How is adding eximus which hits status types only going by a frame to frame basis? It's going on a playstyle to playstyle basis. If anyone here wants to go frame by frame it's you. Your misunderstanding that the cycle doesn't end will continue down frame by frame direct nerfs and reworks constantly altering how viable any and all warframes are. to #9 // *outside of if it's playable* means it's considered playable. I don't understand why you're so fixated on a point of solo play when were talking about Saryn and her effect on Co Op. Plus Raids were not solo viable either yet they were a lovely part of the game to those who played it. Even if it wasn't solo viable, which it is, that doesn't automatically make it bad. Can we please drop solo play now? to #10 // and? to #11 // How is my statement false? Warframe's history is on my side here not yours. If DPS leaves players WILL go to tanky warframes. IT's already favored why won't it be more favored is DPS leaves. The most durable DPS is the most popular DPS, saryn. Inaros, Rhino, Wukong, Nekros, and more are also seen constantly because they can tank. to #12 // I haven't removed anything from any of my posts. The only edits I have done are spelling corrections. I'm normally civil but never accuse me of something I did not do. Ever. it's a blatant lie made to smear my image and make me look like I don't know what I'm talking about. If I make a fool of myself I leave it out there for everyone to see. If you've got proof I removed it then show it don't say it. to #13 // The point of which she was worked on and when ESO came out was so small that I have to believe she was made with ESO in mind. If not DE is actually incompetent. No developer ever reworks a character without considering upcoming projects, trends, and recent events. ESO was being worked on for a long time so at worst they would have subconscious thoughts of that while she was being remade. I can agree that she wasn't intended on being so dominant but who's fault is that? The game was primed for her kit to work and if that wasn't considered during pablo's rework of Saryn I daresay heresy pablo dun goofed hard and only recently realized that. to #14 Again off topic, gray area, won't speak on it. I have proposed those changes in different threads I created. If your curious either make a thread allowing me to explain there or you can find them yourself. to #15 Saryn on an equal playing field with other warframes? why? She's DPS and thrives as one becuase she isn't meant to be on par with warframes like say vauban or baruuk. She's meant to do damage why remove that role unless you're going to give her a completely new role. We have such few DPS warframes that it would be shooting yourself to do that. Warframe variety needs to be there and she's unique in theme, abilities, role, and how she carries all of those out. Making her less focused on damage greatly changes her identity and she becomes just another frame. As I said before, the list isn't so short of what frames over perform. You think the list will stay the same if you change a popular warframed, well no that % of players who went one place will go to another place and inflate that frames numbers. Will they be shot too even though they were considered fine before? No matter what you do unless you balance missions to value more frames there will always be a gap in play rate as players leapfrog from one frame to the next.
  15. Going to give a bit of advice, it's kind of getting hard to tell what you're talking about via bullet points. It's shorter than our other format but you need to explain in that bullet point what were talking about. It helps for organizational purposes and makes it easier to understand. yes it would and even if it did I don't feel like saying the same thing twice especially when it's not needed. I've given a broad example of ideas taken from my raids and concepts and put them here. Examples related to saryn specifically because this thread is on her. Posting the entire raid does nothing but make the obvious more obvious and would take ages to read fr no reason then to clarify for you specifically. If enough people say I haven't made the circumstances and situations clear enough i may reconsider but I feel I've done a good enough job at explaining. It's not like they shouldn't go back to revisit missions already, people complain about enemy scaling and endless rewards all the time. Mission types are flawed and need to be looked at especially endless ones. Why not mix some additions in there that not only satisfy the community for difficulty but take warframes like saryn down a bit. This is a multipurpose fix that works with what the community wants in more ways than one. Fixing important missions, making saryn and her class less viable, and bringing back CC all in one, maybe more if DE gets more creative. I have gone over that already! She's amazing at places featuring specific circumstances where she floruishes where she's meant to. Other warframes are comparable to her so why must she draw the short straw and be nerfed when others are "just as problematic" yet nobody throws a fit about them. Saryn has no reason to be nerfed because she isn't oppressive and doesn't devalue every other warframe. She's not good at boss fights, she isn't a loot farmer, and she certainly isn't a tank or support. Damage is her only redeeming quality and horde damage to be specific. She's good where she is and that's all there is to be said on the matter. if a warframe provides the situation. How did I fail at showing that saryn needs an enemy? Literally that point can't be wrong because she's got no enemy at the moment. She's incapable of being hard countered by enemies yet all other warframes are. usually nullifiers are good enough but she doesn't feel the weight of nullifiers at all. I used cataclysm as an example becuase if players build max range cataclysm nullifiers are the bane of their existence. Have you ever felt that way when playing saryn? that something shuts you down completely? no. She needs something like that whether it comes in enemies or mission objectives, which have been proven to work btw. Saryns aren't ever seen in massive boss fights. Ahhh ok wait I see it ok. My bad that was a typo on my part leading to a miscommunication for a few posts >.<. sorry. I messed up here "Silent and direct because she's fine as is. No she doesn't get weaker, she just becomes less viable. CC is just as powerful as it was in the past but it has less value. value and power are different things." thanks. I meant to say indirect. You're right interactions are part of it, but with this change there is still no direct changes to Saryn. People can play her exactly how they do now if desired even if it's slightly less effective and required more work from her team. This is why it's called indirect nerfs. You could say she gets weaker but it makes her more reliant on her team now doesn't it? If she can't deal with everything like you want to believe she can, then this change would satisfy all players who want her not to be touched, yet also satisfy those who want her to not "kill everything". "I've explained before the problems with making everyone as powerful as her which you seemed unable to explain away so it has failed as an effective option. " This quote here implies that I want other warframes to be as powerful as saryn. At least that's how I took it. Sure she uses viral and corrosive but to this extent eximus and those are the examples because this is her thread. I gave an example of how to counter people with playstyles using corrosive and viral, hitting saryn in the process. This is a specific example and it can be replicated for other warframes and playstyles. It may hit her but it's not limited to her. Solo play isn't important to consider outside of is it playable. I cannot be more blunt then that. I didn't mention stuff to bring the changes with because were talking balance. Not reward. I also beleive DE can do just fine creating rewards and content given that it's their job to do so. I've already explained why your explanation on DPS killing CC is flawed. I can admit it may be a small part of it but it's not necessary to correct. I explained that if DPS is removed people will just go to tanks because nothing calls for CC warframes. Even people who are respected for their knowledge of the game, trib and rahetalious said that CC isn't called for with mission objectives. I didn't remove it from my post? I'm assuming you're talking about ESO, Defense, Exterminate, Survival, Disruption, and Excavation being good for saryn and good for rewards? sort of lost on this part. Obviously domination doesn't equate to relevance. But she was forged for ESO and refined in it's systems. ESO launched update 22.18 of April 20th 2018 and shortly after update 22.20 of May 17th 2018 launched with S3.0 so it stands to reason she was custom crafted for ESO. Especially since this was the newest game mode and feedback of saryn and ESO mixed together so she was even refined for ESO. her post was even called "Beasts of Sanctuary Update 22.20 Saryn Revisited. If DE, and this is a big if, If DE did not make Saryn for ESO then they're incompetent and completely forgot how content plays into other content. If it also was an unintended fix why wait until now to fix it, or are they that lazy? In lame mans terms yes it's half of it, but i've thrown more ideas out there. Reworked mission types and new mission types which don't feature Saryn favored content served to her on a silver platter. So your idea is to bury saryn. then move to mirage, tear her apart like her previous incarnation, then kick volt's crotch? And once that's done and people start moving to tanks the cycle starts again. Then we eat inaros, nerf wukong again cause he really needs it, throw acid on rhino's iron skin, and etc etc. That many reworks sounds like it'll take years and not a year. Nerfing over and over will only push players from the game.
  16. (Addressing point #1) No it would be off topic, I know it would because it would become about how my raid and ideas balance out saryn and all other frames. Not only would that be long enough take take up an entire page but it would shift the topic. (Addressing point #2) One of their largest content drops ever is coming soon which frees up a lot of room and they don't have many other confirmed large plans aside from duviri. They can work on that and work on and off on this for over a year. This is nothing compared to how many things they've had working at once. (Addressing point #3) How is it not relevant? You say she's overpowered and should be nerfed yet why should she when there are frames that are almost as good as she is who have more uses than her and nobody complains about them. They aren't problems either otherwise we would see people complaining how mirage and volt destroy ESO. They should have the same reputation or close to the same as saryn's yet they don't. They're DPS warframes and do their job just fine. I have explained why they shouldn't be nerfed. Because nobody is complaining about volt and mirage. Saryn in specific people want nerfed because she's the most popular and has the best reputation. Saryn has the illusion of being useful in all content when she isn't. It's because her specific purpose just so happens to fit with most of what makes up warframe and DE seemingly won't develop anything not focused around killing. She isn't the problem, she's a specific tool for a specific purpose which DE has overused. (Addressing point #4)That wasn't the purpose of that point. I wanted to show limbo's enemy which is nullifiers. Saryn needs something like that. Whether or not cataclysm is defensive or not is irrelevant. When did CC come into this point? I said nothing on point 4 about CC this wasn't the topic of #4. This was purely about saryn needing an enemy like limbo and nullifiers. (Addressing point #5) I'm going to assume that was a typo "anything but indirect" which yes it is indirect. My ideas are indirect nerfs to saryn, but they are direct effects to the game to do so. That was the point. Were talking about saryn right? These are indirect changes to her. No these wouldn't make her weaker. How would any of the changes I proposed make her weaker? She remains with the same stats and strengths. The thing is viability of certain playstyles would lower while other playstyles rise. You're wrong and being very skew about game design right now saying there's only 2 ways to change a warframe's viability. DE already showed you're wrong here. Fire itself was changed and ember got stronger. But it wasn't just ember it was the entirety of heat based playstyles. Ember, nezha, Ignis, and more all rose in popularity post heat rework. You don't need to directly change something to make it better. You can use the game's existing systems to do so. (Second point addressed in #5) I never said I wanted more warframes to be as powerful as saryn. Where did I say that? When? (Addressing point #6) No, all warframes rely on status. Any CO user, Ember, Nezha Saryn, Garuda, Mag, Oberon, Loki, Revenant, Volt, Wisp, Grendel, and other all use status in their abilities. The meta uses certain status for specific actions, if you take action against the status itself ALL players feel the impact regardless of warframe because it's part of the meta. Please refer to #5.1 about heat procs. She's also not the only warframe which relies on status types. (Addressing point #7) And i ignored it saying that it would be possible but is not recommended. It will be difficult. Does this sound familiar to something we just heard in a devsteam? Railjack is not built for solo and it's not recommended solo but it'll be playable. If solo becomes unplayable then fine it's a problem but I know my changes will keep solo play as an option. (Addressing point #8) Yes it is content if DE releases stuff with it making us revisit old areas. It also makes gameplay challenging which is something we've wanted for a long time. (Addressing second point in #8) They are fine. I have answered your questions. They are DPS warframes. warframes that deal damage and they do that just fine. Please refer to point #3 and #3.1 and I've also said why they shouldn't be nerfed. (Addressing point #9) No it can't. Unless DE decides to make missions that call for CC and not DPS CC won't ever return. I literally just explained that. 9 10 11 were all spawned from direct responses to your paragraph format. They may be duplicates but they have different evidence and prove the point all the same. (Addressing point #12) Says the game. ESO, Defense, Exterminate, Survival, Disruption, Excavation. All of these games have hordes that saryn thrives off of and almost all of these are used for farming the majority of what's important in warframe. The exceptions being few and far between involving boss fights, speed run missions, and maybe the occasional spy. Many of the missions players hold as valuable saryn can dominate in and it's DE's fault. (Addressing point #13) What do you mean I don't have an outline? Make content that doesn't favor saryn and frames like her in a variety of ways. Eximus that counter her, situations to make saryn more cautious, or missions that call for CC more than DPS. I've also given some specific examples of such through our debate. They are general suggestions with examples of how to go about doing so. Unless you've got an issue with that? (Addressing point #14) Yes game balance is always going to happen but your suggestion is the band aid. Nerfing saryn just lets another frame replace her. You cover one leak and another is made. then you cover that up and another crack forms. and another and another. Game balance isn't only dealt with in nerfs and buffs. That's a 2 dimensional thought process. it's not riddled with flaws. You think it's got problems because of your way of thinking and how you perceive the game. How in any way is making Saryn and frames like her less viable, and other more viable through challenging content a messy solution creating more problems then it fixes. It's easier said then done but that doesn't mean it can't be done given enough time.
  17. Endless Mission Fix Suggestions So, endless missions are by far the best missions in Warframe hands down. There are a few bad eggs either being a hit or miss. But endless missions have lacked several things for quite awhile depending on which endless run were talking about. Core parts of Endless runs are there for one mission type, but for some reason DE forgets some golden rules they established with previous missions. These core parts would be the following. Speed to Reward Ratio, Rewarding Replayability, Fun Value, Difficulty and/or Challenge, and Scaling Effort. All of the above are needed in an Endless Mission, and there is some idea that these changes are simple, but that's wrong. I would love if it were simple but DE is faced with a domino effect by altering rewards that are currently in place. For one, if X Endless Mission gets good rewards it may overshadow Y Endless Mission because it's hands out better rewards. Changes may also affect normal missions such as capture and exterminate which are also in desperate need on attention. Even asking for reward increases it an issue. By altering resource drops it in turn will revalue how difficult it is to obtain and craft certain weapons and research to where it becomes outrageously easy to get what you want. This means DE has to revisit how expensive dozens of blueprints are, or sweep another issue under the rug like they've been doing. That being said, I want to try to suggest changes to said missions to make them more fun, rewarding, and attractive to players depending on the way you play. This post will feature not only the mission themselves, but general additions and alterations to variations. I'll also be suggesting fixes to current game modes and new takes on that mission type. The following will be showing the positives of the missions, negatives of the missions, and fixes or ideas to support said mission/variation. GENERAL ADDITIONS I THINK WOULD BENEFIT WARFRAME Leading the General Additions Is an elephant. This will be about scaling health with armor. To deal with armor scaling I find it very simply. Put a hard cap on how much armor enemies can have. Depending on the tier of mission, the cap for certain enemies will be higher or lower. As an example numbers aren't final, Endless T1 Heavy Gunners cannot pass 7.5K armor // Endless T2 heavy Gunners cannot pass 10K armor. Endless T3 Heavy Gunners cannot pass 12.5K. If more tiers are added in the future this can be increased or decreased to fit acordingly. This change fixes multiple things. For one, armor no longer scales to absurd levels but is still powerful enough where armor stripping has relevance. This also means newer players won't have to deal with such a powerful enemy if they decide to enter a low tier mission. Lastly enemies won't multiply in health to ludicrous levels but it's still much higher than corpus and infested with exceptions like elites being bursa and juggernauts. Adding a different type of survival for void trace farming would be appreciated as well. If the future of warframe will revolve around these nemesis and primes then we need more ways to obtain traces. As it stands we can open around 13-4 relics for 1 radiant relic. I don't want to have to spend relics to get what I want because I'm starting to lose track of what's what. Better UI would help but I'd like a survival similar to Kuva Survival. The best location for this would be Lua. By lore it logical because the moon is essentially a giant relic lotus ripped from the void leaving lingering tears in the fabric of time resulting in lua spy. If we have a reliable and consistent way to farm traces without spending relics we might not accidentally use stuff we need. Also please let warframes like chroma, mirage, and nezha to apply their defensive abilities to defense objectives. For some reason gara can do this without an augment, yet nezha cannot with an augment, unless it's an open world excavator.... logic. Doing this would open up more warframes for more mission types and that is what DE is going for right? I will now discuss the mission's endless rewards, each per mission, and talk about their positives, failures, and how they can be fixed if they can or should be. I will not be going super crazy with rewards, but i do want to add some sense of scaling, improvement to the missions, and make rewards more skill based taking inspiration from where DE has gotten things right. EXIMUS DROPS I was pleasantly surprised by this. I actually had a rework concept for a mission type involving eximus dropping mats specifically because they appear more. I'm surprised DE took this route and it got me extremely excited. In recent years, this has been the only thing to get public matches to go past 30-40 waves of defense or past 3000 cryotic. I have literally nothing bad to say about this besides it may take awhile to ramp up and this might give rise to eximus stronghold replaying abuse. If DE wants to continue down this path then adding 100% resource drop chance or 100% resource boost to eximus deaths, then players would want to go further in all endless missions baseline. Also IF, and this is a big if, IF DE mages to pull off railjack and it's a fun and rewarding system to play then adding 1 railjack resource per planet would greatly increase players running for long periods of time. Maybe not hours but it's something. ENDLESS VOID FISSURES So one thing I've always found irritating about void fissures is that relic opened bonus. If players are talking about fissures you'll never hear anyone talking about "oh yeah this bonus I've got for opening 20 relics gave me 100% affinity. Nobody will be trying to level affinity on these missions if they're even going 20 times making that affinity booster completely useless. They will only run that long if their warframe is maxed. Why run that for affinity or focus if eidolons and ESO exist? Players might consider running survivals more frequently if maybe it went up by 50% per relic opened, or increased 25% for 2 items at random. Maybe allow players to pick what boost they get. Instead of waiting 5 rounds for a relic and it being separate from boosters make it drop on the fourth relic opened and increase the boosters. Chances are that relic might not be something we care about. DEFENSE Despite what many people say I think Defense is in a fantastic spot in my opinion. it's fun value is there and has a certain influence on which warframes are taken as players will prefer khora, frost, limbo, etc etc. There's some thinking involved in which warframes are effective. Defense also has Relics on every rotation which means despite it's semi slow Speed to Reward ratio, your chances of getting relics is higher than survival. Courple that with itbeing a solid affinity and resource farmer due to condensed tiles and you get defense. DE also shakes up defense with moving operatives and evolving tiles. Even the newest updates help as DS Defense is seen as the best way to farm Diodes and Carbides. For these reasons I wont ask for any changes to the mission rewards at all but it can be improved indirectly. The biggest issue with defense is the monopoly some warframes have over the type. I did say it makes players think of which warframes to use but it sadly leans too much to that. Nova ais the sole proprietor of complete enemy speed. Nekros, Hydroid, and Khora are also commonplace in defense for loot harvesting augments or abilities. Also the fact that warframes like nezha and more cannot efficiently apply defensive abilities to objectives but Gara can represses their viability further. This also doesn't make sense because nezha can't put stuff on excavators normally, but in open world areas it works just fine. Inconsistency is irritating. Applying complete speed control to more warframe abilities would improve the variety of frames you can see on defense missions. So far i mostly see players run Hydroid, Khora, Nekros, and Nova in organized runs. DE said players feel forced to use these frames and while I agree it feels like that, so instead of nerfing, just add more to player control. Imagine Rift Surge slowing or speeding up enemies within the rift. Not only adding to build variety and his survivability, but gives both small and large void cataclysms a purpose in defense. EXCAVATION When it comes to excavation it's honestly really fun and it's rewards are decent with it holding monopoly over cryotic farming. They also have a very fast Speed to Reward Ratio for experienced players so skill and team communication does assist alot if you're able to split your group into 2 for separate excavators. This makes missions like Hieracon and Cholistan somewhat useful to players. They're mobile and make players run around in a mobile defense fashion. Sadly, Excavations fall pray to the exact same thing Survivals did. This isn't too hard to believe since Cryotic Front was so long ago leaving the game type vulnerable to being outdated. Rewards from Excavations are similar to survivals where they cannot grant relics anywhere on their Rotation A, but unlike survivals Excavations don't have a void sector meaning you'll never have relics on Rotation A. This cuts into the game modes potential as rotation A only gives credits and endo which are easily obtained elsewhere in mass. Lastly the Excavators themselves are so fragile it makes it almost unbearably difficult to run without a warframe who can either negates damage on excavators or defensive globes. While defense objectives are the same way there's less pressure because those have much more HP than excavators. One change I would make is put relics or something of value to Rotation A, whatever they may be. Another change I would make is make the health of excavators scale with enemies when they are deployed. Making them tougher to destroy in general would be lovely. Lastly I'd like excavation variation. Perhaps an Excavation Defense concept? Simply let us have one giant excavator to protect which mines cryotic and items from the ground. The more excavators completed without destruction, the more cryotic is harvested from excavators rising by 10 each and stopping at 300 per excavator. This is also affected by resource booster meaning you can get 600 per instead of 400 per. SURVIVAL Survival is the classic love of veterans and appreciated by almost the entirety of the player base because it's mindless fun and brings back nostalgia from old warframe. Multiple survivals across the system can be used for resource harvesting and in general it's just a decent mission type. The issues with survival are all based around time. Often we will wait 1-2 hours for our enemies to power up like goku, except he doesn't ever let an enemy power up for 4 episodes straight. Players must also wait 5 full minutes for a reward which worked in the past but now we have endless missions that give rewards in 2:30s at best. This means survival is outdated and needs to be looked at. Another issue lies with a forced useless Rotation A for normal missions and dark sectors containing nothing of value but credits and endo which we can get elsewhere easier. The last issue I have with survival is the lack of Tier 4 survivals with only Mot in the void, and Zabala at Eris. This means survivals are terrible for endurance because there's so little variety with them. Either infested or corrupted. Now survival has a lot of potential to improve but it would be too much for me to state in one post. So I'll redirect you to another of my threads where I flip survival on it's head and show how ripe survival is to mission variation. "MISSION VARIETY SURVIVAL". DE needs to make relics part of every rotation for survivals or they need to make the rotations similar to Arbitrations where they will roll AABBCCC- or AABCCC-. Kuva Survival however I want to suggest that it increase in kuva obtained by 5 for every successful defend. It's not too powerful and would be fairly balanced. If someone wants to spend 1-2 hours in that mission farming kuva then they should by all accounts be earning more kuva than siphons can provide. This makes even more sense to add now then before because siphons have a chance at giving requiem relics where survival does not. INTERCEPTION I've been somewhat out of the loop on Interceptions so I don't really have anything negative to say about them. However they have decent Speed Reward Ratio, and they are one of the few endless missions which encourage team play being harder to control all points as one player. As it stands it's not the best but passable as a mission type. Interceptions are among the few mission types which don't make players want to kill everything, rather you want to be in control which means it's the home of CC frames such as limbo, nova, and vauban. Interception would be one of the few mission types that I would prefer scaling rewards on due to it encouraging team play and doesn't value damage over everything opening up for CC more than other game modes. Scaling rewards every 4 rounds to where we get 2 rewards instead of 1 per rotation would be appreciated and would add value past going round 4. However this reward would cap off at 3 rewards a rotation meaning after 12 it won't scale further. This is to prevent players from getting 10 rewards per rotation as that would break the system. This way we do have scaling rewards, an incentive to not leave and to not waste time, yet at the same time putting a hard cap on how much scaling reward we can get. Interception could also do with some variation with more defense objectives or more terminals for mission variety like A B C D E F with 3 terminals each on harder interception missions to prevent camping. DISRUPTION Disruption is unquestionably one of the most exciting modes DE has launched in ages. It's Speed to Reward is skill based making it the best option for organized teams who know their stuff. It's randomness also makes it the most replayable all of endless missions and can keep players on their toes. Lua is the sole location for lua lens and somatic fibers making it permanently viable and the universal medallions seal the deal. But it gets better because Disruption's skill based system makes it the only mission type capable of skipping Rotation A. It certainly has it's place. Despite all that, on launch the rewards deflated the entire premise of disruption. This has since been changed but 2 missions stick out for me to this day. Jupiter Ganymede drops hexenon which is annoying because it's an easy resource to farm. This underutilized resource has no place in diluting drop tables for disruption and only serves to irritate players. The Kuva Fortress also flops compared to survival. The reason why is because players not only get kuva from K-Survival, but normal rotation rewards. Demo units also have issues related to enemy scaling. Corpus demo nullifiers I can get behind because thematically it works. But why are grineer and infested equipped with this ability? Grineer Demo have Shields, Armor, alot of CC Immunity, sometimes flat damage resistance, and ability nullification. As said before, remove the hexenon of Jupiter's disruption. This is the equivalent of 50 plastids from a rotation which sounds terrible to anyone. The Kuva Fortress should also be changed to have the highest chance for Universal medallions at maybe 8-10% and Lua should be stripped of medallions. This makes the fortress a more reliable medallion farm giving it purpose and separating it from the survival while freeing up drop chance for lua lens on the moon. Lua's disruption already has exclusive rewards in lenses, don't give it medallions too. Also please change it so terminals respawn right after completion rather than a new wave. Making rewards come every 4 terminals that respawn instantly instead of 4 set terminals per wave makes it feel smoother and might increase the speed at which rewards can be obtained making players feel even better. INFESTED SALVAGE Believe it or not, this mission does in fact have positives. For one, the rotations are quite quick. Even with 1 terminal degraded you can complete a rotation in around 3 minutes. This means it's much faster *if you're lucky* than survival for relic farming. It's also got a much better rotation A than survival. IS sadly is restricted to 1 sector making it easily forgotten. Most of my clan forgot it existence before I brought it up for feedback on this topic. The mission also doesn't feel very fun or interactive. Worse, it's difficult to navigate due to it being an infested ship tile with infested spore and mist, lighting and UI issues/bugs, and 3 giant everblue bubbles blocking vision. Playing with friends makes it just that much more hectic. Moving on, If terminals are destroyed one wave they slow down progress and there's no way to recover except restarting which hurts people who do endless runs and cuts into Speed to Reward Ratio. Nidus is also legendarily infamous for being impossible to farm for some players followed by the rest of Rot C which carries the worst rewards of all endless missions. Any other Tier 3 endless has better rewards yet they're the same difficulty. Rewards continue to disappoint because while you complete it faster the relics have a below average drop rate of 10% making this less reliable than any other endless for relics. I honestly like the mechanic concept... but I'd much rather just have this mission type removed from the game. I don't find it fun and it's rewards would make sense elsewhere. The infested salvage mechanic however can be utilized to further make Eris feel unique and different. The mission is needless but the mechanic is unique so use it. Specifically this mechanic would be amazing if blended into a Defection revamp. This is honestly coming from a person who wants what's best for warframe and removing it would be for the best. Nidus can be moved to the infested lab. I do feel like this mission could be improved but it's better off being... salvaged... for it's mechanic and applied elsewhere for divesification. Open the dark sector for another more useful mission. DEFECTION Defection is a great concept *in theory* and it's speed to reward ratio is on par with survivals at 4-5 min of work for 1 rotation, or quicker if you're in multiplayer. Defection has decent world building too being the first mission introducing you to grineer defectors if you haven't joined a syndicate yet. The mission is also different from other missions focusing more on protection instead of killing making control frames viable. Unlike interceptions however Defection uses allied AI which can be healed and protected with supports bringing them up in viability making this mission a ciritical spot DE needs to focus on if they want supports to rise in viability. AI pathing has also been improved in both tile sets as of update 25.3 and 25.7 to assist the mission so, maybe, expect less glitched AI. Also due to them being dark sectors they should always be more rewarding than common survivals. Now, what's bad about Defection. This mission doesn't fall short in many aspects but the few problems it has make the entire thing crumble. The pathing of our lovely defector friends is notoriously terrible, although admittedly DE has made strides to improve this after 1-2 years. This change flew under the radar and I can't really test this myself in depth but during my first mission going to 16 extracted squads I had 2 defectors get caught on life support capsules. Defectors also lack the stats to survive against powerful enemies, nor can they be sped up to increase how fast rewards can be gained. Also players spreading out alters spawns occasionally leading to droughts of power cells leading to defector dying like they caught black death. We already have delicate targets to protect, we don't need the game systems to ruin it for us because of enemy spawns. To begin, I'd like to apply the salvage mechanic. Players will suffer some debuff which stacks over time when exposed to heavy concentrations of infested spores. Power in life support capsules will create a massive bubble where players will not suffer this debuff but they will slowly shrink over time. Players can also use the life support capsules, press x on it, to recover health and armor at the expense of some of the tower's power. Around key tiles where defectors rally there should be power cell generators, atleast 2 or no more than 3 which produce power cells at a set rate countering enemy spawn issues. As players progress through the mission they unlock more and more defectors increasing squads rescued per minute which results in more rewards. After 14 squads are rescued B will now have B1 and B2 where 2 terminals can be activated to bring 2 squads of defectors. At 21 C1 and C2 will activate. Rotation B will replace rotation A if no defectors are downed allowing players to bypass the useless rotation A. Defectors also have a 50% chance to drop 1 synthula when extracting offering an alternative to crafting. Every squad of defectors which is extracted will raise Defector levels by 1 to prevent them from being too fragile. AI and Defectors should also be reworked to gain benefits from warframes like volt and zephyr with their AoE speed buffs. ESO I will leave out my opinions on this as there are quite a few things wrong with it and I myself don't have much experience because I tend to avoid it, not even on purpose either. I won't speak on areas I don't have much personal experience or information in. Besides, gathering long term data of ESO would be difficult without a squad made for that and none of my friends are up for more data gathering so i'm out of luck here.
  18. Well you would know why had the first half of my post not been removed. -.- yey. I'll be avoiding that organized shortening mechanic from now on I guess.But to share, It only makes sense if I go in depth about my raids/eximus ideas and the situations they put you under. But due to the rules of the forums I'm not allowed to do that. I can say it would make it engaging and complex but I can't say anything further beyond giving specific short examples related to Saryn because this is her thread. I will say it again.... because it seems you can't see this. I'm not allowed to say anything other than on Saryn. The ones I gave should be obvious how they affect Saryn. I have eximus for other counters but this is not the place for those. I can literally ONLY GIVE YOU THOSE EXIMUS AND SITUATIONS. Stay on-topic, be constructive and use descriptive Topic titles. Don’t rage/rant post, name and shame, have misleading topic titles, post spam, advertisements, unreleased Design Council information, pornography or any other inappropriate, offensive or irrelevant content to the Forums in text, image, or video form. We will delete/edit it, and there will be consequences as per our warnings. This would not only count as maybe advertising but it wouldn't be on topic. It is not juggling because for the last time it's taking place over a long time. This is on them for letting issues like this come up in the first place. If they mess up they take what's coming to them or let the game rot. That's what devs have to deal with like it or not. I'm offering them a way out which is flexible and left open to interpretation on purpose. You cannot ever ask for better than that. It feels like you're just ignoring this. Saryn is not unrivaled, volt, mirage, and others can deal damage and wipe ESO and survivals just like she can if not quicker. Not only that she's less useful than those rivals in other areas. Nerfing her would result in mirage taking her place and we've got the same problem again. You want to nerf a warframe that's fine and flourishing in an area where she's meant to excel. Look if you nerf saryn, mirage takes her place. Then nerf mirage and volt takes her place. this will go on and on and on until nobody has damage left because this is how humans work. We move onto what's easiest and the most useful next. If your only option is nerf nerf nerf then you won't make any progress in the game. All the while this is happening you see tanks remain in the same dominant powerful position. No, Saryn doesn't care about nullifiers. her spores go around nullifiers. They aren't a hard counter to her play style like limbo's cataclysm. He needs cataclysm for a lot of his builds. Saryn won't care if 2-3 nullifiers are on the field as long as 1 enemy has spores on them. That's not a hard counter or an enemy. Also by enemy I don't mean specifically an enemy. Whatever form, mission, or ally it may take the shape of it needs to dampen her popularity in some way. Nerfing does not supply her with such an enemy. Silent and direct because she's fine as is. No she doesn't get weaker, she just becomes less viable. CC is just as powerful as it was in the past but it has less value. value and power are different things. You're right they can't custom tailor content to specific frames. But what about nerfing elementals like viral and corrosive applies to Saryn only? no this would shatter the meta and make people scramble to see what's good only to find that other eximus, which I cannot describe, counter that too. it's all up to play style and preference. couple that with situations to bend and favor some play styles over others and we have a diverse variety of everything to play with. positives and negatives on all sides. You're right, solo play is always kept accessible just like with these changes. That does not mean our game wasn't developed with group play in mind. If solo players want to play then fine, it just means it'll be much harder. Who knows that may be what they want given most solo players run the most unkillable warframes. But why talk solo play when our discussion is Saryn and how she "supposedly" breaks co op content. That doesn't mean i didn't consider solo when creating the ideas, but going solo is on them, not us. The effect of my indirect nerfs through additions not only adds content, but dampens Saryn's viability and increases build variety. Is that not effective? It's either that or nerf Saryn, then nerf Mirage, then nerf Volt, then nerf whoever's next. You'll just get yourself in an endless loop and damage perfectly fine warframes. Think about it you want to nerf Saryn because she's too good when mirage can out damage and rival Saryn. So by that right mirage is liable to be nerfed too. I don't think I've heard a "nerf mirage" since her Simulor days. Brozime, roster 2019 and 18 kept her at B when even saying "she doesn't have a lot going for her". He later goes onto Saryn saying that her weaknesses are literally giant boss fights. She is not overly oppressive, just a fantastic warframe. That's in the past. Not modern times. enemies can not only ignore CC but deal such heavy damage it's useless. CC is meant to help lock down and secure. if it fails at it's job that's already a massive undercut and even more if it's job is less important because killing hordes is a good portion of the game. By default it's simply less important. Why would anybody play CC to lock down an area that doesn't need to be locked down, why not just survive as a tank instead and deal damage with weapons. Raids were the best showcase and those got removed and thus Vauban slipped and faded into the abyss until his rework. Cutting damage won't bring CC back. Mission types and reworks will. New mechanics and situations will. Saryn dominates a large portion of the game because a large portion of the game is meant to be dominated by Saryn's specific role. If Saryn has a super specific role then it should come as no surprise she's powerful in missions that fit that specific role. The issue is the lack of reward in areas that don't involve Saryn's super specific role. DE is just terrible at designing that way. It gives the illusion that she oppresses others when she doesn't, DE is the thing oppressing others with the lack of content favoring other playstyles. Look I cannot give you a full plan. because the full plan doesn't exist. The full plan is made with holes for DE to slot things into. You know, like a child's toy with shapes to fit in except it's malleable and modifiable for DE's liking. The end result is always the same but DE can go about it however they want at a slow refining pace. I cannot give you many details because those details don't fit into this discussion. Your idea of "address the problem directly" is a band aid. I've repeated this so many times but another frame will just jump up and claim Saryn's crown and there'll be outcry about them too. Will the same thing happen? probably. This might be a discussion about "nerf volt's discharge it kills too fast" despite it's use as utility at higher levels. I may actually may not have been specific on this particular note so if this is where our misunderstanding has been then my bad. What I am asking for are specific changes which cover a large area of the game. I don't want weapon balance changes. What I do want are specific additions to the game that affect how players approach the game. That alone would alter how players mode weapons, mod waframes, pick warframes, and more. It's not me asking for dramatic shifts of stats or hundreds of enemies but specific additions that make players think differently. it's not directly shifting enemy balance. It's not DE taking co op design into their own hands, it's them changing the game on the enemies side and letting us adapt how we see fit. They use the current systems in place to change the game. They don't have to make so many new systems.
  19. Well it's not a complete balance is it? Health still increases and becomes multiplied into EHP. It's just this way we don't have 2 scaling things continuing to multiply each other to unbelievable levels. Putting a hard cap on armor isn't a hard cap on everything an enemy does. There are also enemies like the nox with innate damage reduction even without armor. Plus were about to get sentient soon who use armor too. if there are any high end missions with sentient then were going to have another issue with their adaptability. Damage reduction on damage reduction armor, on health. Atleast armor should be dealt with relatively soon don't you agree? Enemy damage can be dealt with at a somewhat later point if DE wants but I feel armor at least should be addressed within the year... or however long it takes for sentient faction sectors to be released.
  20. I don't want to go in depth here because this isn't about my raid concepts. It's about saryn. I can reference small snippets and examples which affect her and that's what I did, but posting an entire list of possibilities would take ages of explaining and would take too much time to update and rewrite for this forum post. I'm tired and sleepy. So there's no need for me to dive into them anyways because that's not what the discussion is here for. I've mentioned before that these changes will lead to a mixture of new and updated content which won't favor saryn. This means other warframes rise. I've said this multiple times. "my route is add content to the game which indirectly impacts and silently pushes players away from content Saryn" that was a typo my bad. shhhhhh nobody saw that. My route isn't specifically focused on saryn. I leave it like this for multiple reasons. one of which is, as before, I leave it open for DE to flexibly work with and adapt to their world so they can't hide behind the shield of "that doesn't fit our world". If it doesn't fit, then mold it to fit. I also leave it like this because this isn't a discussion about "how to fix warframe's problems" rather it's how to fix saryn, if she even needs fixing. She doesn't need fixing, what she needs is an enemy like limbo and nullifiers, something that can shut her down. I'm not going to go in depth and post my ideas of how to counter the meta when it's not the point of discussion or the topic of the thread, infact it's against the rules to do so. Hopefully for the last time I don't have to repeat this I've repeatedly stated I want to silently push players away from warframes like Saryn. I want to use her as a catalyst to spearhead change or as a representative for her AoE damage class. Build content with her kit in mind, to cover playstyles like hers, and have content play against her. Do this while keeping warframes like Vauban in mind who represent the pinnicle of CC. Juggling haha... this way lets you create ideas which favor certain playstyles over others and working this into content makes for great ways to take saryn down a peg without direct nerfs. She doesn't need to be scaled down, other frames just need the rise in viability. Without a call to play those frames they'll forever remain left behind. And you can't say she's too powerful either because I, a multitasking durable support nezha, can be competitive and even overtake saryns on damage while focusing more on elements and animations that look cool putting me further at a disadvantage. I'm also going to ignore the part about solo players because there are fixes for that. I'm not going to say them, saryn topic, but this is a Co-Op game. A multiplayer game meant to be played in squads of 4. You go at it knowing that so it's on you 100% of the way through the game. The part about balance is important, but... should we not expect DE to fix their game as a developer? Even then it would be over time allowing for them to make balance changes accordingly to feedback which is why I said over time. I personally do think it would work. I could be wrong, I'm not a game dev and i don't know their exact resources... then again neither do you. If we've a way out of the loop and create a permanent fix, even if it takes time, I'll take that over a bandaid nerf to saryn which only brings another dps warframe like mirage to the forefront of survival and ESO. Enemies have become resistant to CC over time. Because many enemies making up our rewarding core content are immune to CC, CC is effectively useless. CC fails at so many aspects of the game DE puts value in that it's not worth using. How will CC ever help eidolon fights or orb mother fights? How will CC ever help arbitration when half the time they're immune to CC. So many things don't care about CC allowing damage and tanking rule supreme. What you want is to take away damage and ignore key problems resulting in tanks having monopoly over important content. Also yeah guns do make CC somewhat irrelivent don't they? Why CC something if you could loose the tigris. Weapons are damage themselves after all. Why CC the enemy when your tanks can survive the impossible? If a gun kills the enemies before CC can take effect then there's no point in CC unless the situation calls for it, even then defense frames make good substitutes and often bring more to the table than CC frames. I used sapping osprey as an example. CC has 0 effect on their mines. They continue to pulse with lethal energy to everything and no CC protects you from that. If DE is going to release more stuff like this, like say the sentient and their little tricks, then CC will fall further and nerfing saryn won't do anything but remove more viable frames from battle. Some CC can't even chain and lock the most basic sentient enemies battalyst and conculyst. You're right they are special sectors but not everyone runs ESO and survival. How often do you see Saryn going up against these enemies? Now how much is CC seen in these areas? Now, follow me here. If Saryn isn't seen in any of these areas, and neither is CC. Then saryn obviously isn't the sole issue pushing CC down is she? You can't say Saryn is the thing that represses CC because that isn't true. Her removal will not bring CC back no matter how much you want to believe that. These enemies may be specific and the sectors even more so but a good portion of the player base will fight them on a daily basis making CC the last thing on their mind even if there wasn't a saryn. If situations do not call for CC it will remain forgotten. Now, hopefully, for the very last time I can say this. My ideas will alter how many people play dps warframes, who don't need to be directly affected, meaning they can stay just as healthy, powerful, and useful as they currently are while other frames rise in popularity and other missions can get fame. You cannot imagine that DE can manage this in a couple months. This is why I said "Over a long time" Because this tackles several critical issues in the game. Rather than nerf saryn, which would only result in mirage taking her place in ESO, and restart this nerf buff cycle why don't we try to find a solution. Even if this solution takes a year to make I'd be fine with waiting if DE can finally move on from an endless cycle of birth, nerf, and buff. If this gets fixed then YAY we get content made even faster than before. This plan not only gives them time for larger contents but makes it a flexible plan De can mold and bend to however they see fit. I have stated my route, both in this thread and outside of it. The only difference is how clear I am allowed to be due to the rules of the forums restricting me to only speaking about the topic at hand.
  21. K so apparently this thread suddenly came back after about two weeks of nothing, cool. So I'll repost my ideas this since people may have missed this if they hadn't read the full thread. It's my fault for not putting this in the main post so here. I'm not opposed to an alternative way to obtain ephemera such as an achievement or token system. This way "I don't want duplicates" isn't an issue anymore. I'm not opposed to secondary methods but I'm neutral on how they handle it as long as it doesn't involve money. IMO it was acceptable in it's previous state. The fact that it's cosmetic and not an essential mod makes it perfectly fine to place it behind a hard grind wall and makes even more reason for it not to be tradeable. You want it? Go earn it. The reason I say "earn" is because That's how DE phrased it when pitching the idea. Players who purchase the opportunity to kill the lich with the ephemera don't deserve it. Why? they didn't generate it, they didn't convert it, and by DE's own words they shouldn't have involved trading to ephemera in the first place. If you say "they technically didn't break their word" that makes it even worse because then they framed their words to give them an out to monetize it later under the guise of trade. They pride themselves on transparency then do that? Extremely low drop chance is still "earning" in grinding game standards and it matches with what DE said. They specifically said that it would be from arbitration stores, drops from ESO, and challenging content in general. If you had a problem with it and knew you were going to get duplicates then you should've said someone about it back then right? You can farm for 10 minutes or 100 hours and it would still be earning in grind game standards. This has been a thing since WoW with rare cosmetic drops and players have dealt with it since then. Why are we only getting angry at stuff like this now? Someone said "If you want to grind for your Ephemera by yourself and place value on that grind then by all means feel free" That's dumb, not for you but for me. Why would I farm something when I say it holds no value to me in it's new state. It presents an ultimatum to players like me, will ww farm for 2-3 days, or buy it for 100p. I mean It's pretty obvious what I should and would pick but if I don't care it's worth 0p to me. Tradeable ephemera has also made entirety of the lich system skippable via cold hard cash. Yet again players can bypass all "endgame" content with money meaning there's no incentive to go get it and play the game yourself. It actively lets players avoid the content DE spent 2 years making. Unless you either really enjoy it or you're one fo the few to grind it for trading purposes, you won't play it. I was once an avid lich supporter, one who gave feedback and tossed around dozens of ideas of what the nemesis system could evolve into. I went from that to straight up abandoning it. Striking it makes me feel better than actually getting the ephemera at this point. Not only that but this is about vengeful ephemera specifically. You run into the same vengeful ephemera twice, cool why do you care. You're not losing out on anything. The lich comes with the gun, it's not like you lose out just because it comes with an ephemera. I wouldn't be so fussy about this "cosmetic fluff" had they not made the face value of their pitch imply that ephemera would be seperate from trade or platinum. They said this on an informational stream then later proceeded to disrespect the time of players who killed lich for ephemera when the update first launched. I struggled against a system I had many issues with, but liked, for a week. We had no reason to believe they'd be made tradeable so we farmed away. Had DE made an official statement about this shortly after the initial ephemeras launched then chances are I'd also be less irritated, but It felt like our effort got stabbed in the back without any warning or reason. They already dropped a deluxe skin, warframe, cosmetics, and made an old blood bundle there is no reason to monetize these. I also again want to clarify this again incase people somehow skipped it. I am not interested in having exclusive rights over the ephemera. I'm also well aware of how cruel RNG can be, more than most players. I spent 6 months farming nova prime in the derelict. I didn't just make this thread willy nilly I knew what I was posting and how some people feel. What I want DE to stick to their word, OR I want an honest, transparent, formal statement from DE why they made this change now, why specifically vengeful ephemera and not other ephemera and cosmetics, and why through trade and not some other more fair system that doesn't loop into monetization. If anyone thinks I'm alone and I'm just making it sound like it's more people by saying we, I'm not. This is the second area I posted this. This was also put in the old blood feedback and I didn't get any pushback and was only supported, surprisingly. That means there are people who feel the same as I do. It doesn't matter how few we are, we should get at the very least a response but for some reason I don't think we're going to get one.
  22. I think many players are confusing "Endgame Content" with "Sustainable and Challenging Content". I myself fell to this trap and only recently came to that conclusion. I'm still calling my post series "A Shot at Endgame" but that's because I don't really want to change it. This sustainable content is what we need, content which is replayable and has a retention for players that care for it. For example, Fashion Frame has a retention rate. You pay attention and carefully fine tune your colors then show off. I've spent about 50 hours on making beautiful nezha color schemes. This would be a sustainable form of content for some people, but not everyone likes that. Some people are after actual challenging content which can be replayed over and over again. This is one reason why ascension, paragon, and seasonal resets are added in some games like Destiny 2, PoE, and Diablo 3 which are all competitors to warframe's grinding audience. DE seems to lack the ability to create and even comprehend such content as I recently found DKDiamante's first LoR raid and there he played with a DE staff. LoR was apparently very challenging for DE because their staff member couldn't understand what was happening even though they made the game. rebecca also took a long time to kill the wolf in tac's video where we delete it in seconds. They don't play the game to the extent we do or have the faintest Idea of how to make difficult content which is why we get stuff like solo tridelon 3 times a night. DE also can't seem to pinpoint how to make a goal in the game either. What exactly is the goal of warframe after you complete the star chart? Nobody knows, so we do whatever we want. A linear progression instantly devolves into a sloppy web of mixed opinions and content of were the game should go resulting in chaos incarnate. You can see that people being left to brew on their own will lose hope, poke fun at DE's expense, and laugh off their lack of rightfully deserved content. Fashionframe, Loginframe, Rivenframe, Ikeaframe, Forumframe, Lichframe, Arbiframe, Fishframe, Eidolonframe, Regionframe, THE CONCLAVE, and more. DE doesn't help either leaping from open worlds, to Railjack, to cinematic quests, to tile set revamps, and more. They refuse to even tell us where the game is going and when they make promises or tease stuff it's released years later. Railjack, Umbra, Vauban Rework Zephyr Deluxe. All aspects of warframe are subject to years of delay it seems, from cosmetics, to expansions, to quests, and promised and deserved reworks it's all not safe. This just adds to "what is endgame, what are we doing, why is this boring now" because nobody has any idea what DE has cooking or if it'll be any good. For any other game you can point how what they're doing and where their game is headed just by content release history alone yet strange warframe is an anomaly preaching about their transparency but won't tell us what their plans are. DE actually prides themselves on their curve balls and hiding information like lunaro but we couldn't give any feedback because it was just thrown at us. To actually answer your question "Sustainable Content" is replayable, interactive, and challenging content requiring an in depth understanding of game knowledge and mechanics. At the end you should get a reward which holds value to ALL players and avenues of the player base which will remain relevant for at least months after release which is called sustainable rewards. An example of sustainable rewards would be riven mods, forma, and endo to an extent. Rood. We aren't delusional, we just want something worth playing... you know like games are meant to be. We're not the "enlightened master race" but we've got a good understanding of warframe's past and can call upon that. We simply have more info and first hand experience with most of this stuff than new players and that's an undeniable fact. Want to know why we say "don't pay attention to new players?" Well often times new players don't know what they're on about because they say "there's a ton of content what are you saying, you're entitled and dumb." It's either that or "This is too hard nerf shadow stalker/wolf please" and then it is so. When we finally get close to challenge DE putting this hard content in easily accessible areas just makes it impossible for both new players and old players to come to an understanding of one another. keep in mind we are actually entitled to some extent because we invested in this game. Hundreds of dollars, thousands of hours, and countless memories were put into this game. To those of us that have literally everything and I mean EVERYTHING, there is no content. Players have all cosmetics, all frames, all weapons, all maxed on forma and arcanes, all rivens they want. There's nothing to earn anymore and worse there's no fun place to fight with these powerful weapons. Now I... am not one of these players, wooow. I'm someone who only has 1/3 of the game's items but that's fine because that's all I care about. You can't demand someone to go appreciate content they won't appreciate. I won't go out and find all the content just cause it exists when I know I won't like it. We use scaling rewards as an example for this difficult content because it means players won't want to leave and push themselves to the limits. Saying that were crazy for liking to fight high level enemies is making yourself look stupid because it's what's fun for them. It's just as fun and rewarding as fashion frame for people. You'd also be crazy to say that because if we work for 8 hours in a survival and show flawless mastery of the games systems we expect to be rewarded more than someone who pops in and out every 20 minutes. I know how the "fabric of warframe" is built and I know how scaling rewards would make the game. I have literally trained myself to see from a developer's perspective and player's perspective to concept fairly and provide constructive quality feedback even if it's polarizing to many players. Gamemodes should be more rewarding than each other but have advantages over others. Rescue is the only mission to get specters, a key reason why players play it. Captures grant omni ammo restores which is why players play that. Quick and easy missions like capture, exterminate, etc etc make for quick and easy relic openings too. Yet endless missions get shafted with numerous issues and sometimes they don't ever get fixed and become doomed to the abyss of mission fodder like Infested Salvage. It's disappointing because the foundation of endless missions is providing scaling content and valuable rewards to test player skill the longer they go. Endless missions have by far the most potential of any and all missions of warframe but the issues created by the game systems cripple the budding possibilities that could arise from such missions. Scaling Rewards are simply the easiest, most popular, and realistic suggestion given up to this point. Now take this post with a grain of salt because I don't use the term "veteran" as a status symbol I'm using because that's literally what I and others are. We have information you simply haven't experienced. That doesn't mean your opinions and ideas are invalid and inferior to ours it simply means it may be biased or untrue. "Veteran" is a classification, not a title people should wear like a crown. If someone looks down on you just because they are one, fk em because new players are the lifeline of warframe. Without opinions from all playtimes and all walks of warframe the game would stagnate and rot. I'd love to deliberate on this more and go in depth about this but I have stuff to do so if I get responses I'll get back to em in a bit, maybe a couple hours.
  23. Ok so i finally got idea for ephemera replacements and I made a more flushed our score system. This way even more warframes have a spot in the game because I have now, somehow, managed to incorporate grinding and credit farming warframes into the mix like flame chroma and nekros. Players looking to top the charts will need these warframes making it even harder, but it is optional. The Profit Ephemera essentially making it rain money. This would not only have an awesome to look at but can be used to hilarious effect in role play and meme content We have a Shockstep Ephemera from the moas, this will release a series of miniature colorable fusionwaves rippling around you as you step around. We have an Orb Shield Ephemera which is the repelling force field from the Profit Taker but color able and smaller, orbiting around the frame with shield recharge visuals. We have the Holograpm Ephemera based off the Hologram Eximus concept and enemies making accents invisible and the warframe emit slight god rays. If anyone is wondering why exactly I made repalcement ephemera, well DE stole my status ephemera idea for the lich system. good for them but now those ephemera rewards meant jack all and I needed more. So how are these ideas?
  24. Well yeah we all realize he said that. Comments were put on tac's video about that and msgs here so were not oblivious to that.... I hope. But this is a discussion and it can be pretty much boiled down to "Is saryn good in her current state or not". Because Pablo talked/joked about it attention was brought to it making it a topic players could discuss. In reality we could've made a thread like this for literally any other frame but the publicity that this joke got made this thead a centralized point of feedback on saryn's current state of various opinions. This is good to archive because it's feedback DE can come back to later IF they ever decide to make a warframe like saryn or rework/tweak saryn. Info is Info.
  25. Argh this is so frustrating >.< Also sorry for the late response, life stuffs. No, I'm not asking because of this specific warframe. She is one of many frames which I suggest content for and because she's popular. build content which either favors or doesn't favor her kit by silently pushing players away from her for said missions. She isn't incompatible with co op and does her job as DPS effectively as others in this thread have stated plenty of times. She is a dps and does dps. I've also brought up that she isn't unrivaled in dps and she has points of weakness so she isn't oppressive. Would I want more frames to act like saryn? yes, yes I would in the fact they use all of her abilities and has build variety. She's a healthy concept with game modes where she excels like any other warframe. I'll carify again I'm not against a nerf directly to her but the changes being suggested have a high probability of crushing her imo and I'm not alone in this. I'll give you specifics but if you want me to go in depth about all this then you're not gunna get it here. that's where I draw the line. Buff toxic and viral eximus to prevent viral and/or corrosive. Make new eximus which create an aura of -status% encouraging critical builds or vice versa. Make eximus which revive up to 3 times on death pushing players away from a nuke charge playstyle. Make new eximus which distort and make enemies harder to cast on or spread effects like invisibility auras. Make new enemies that ARE affected by CC but have resistances to damage. Make new AI and abilities for daily enemies. Make new health types that have either communities to said status or special quirks like a highly upgraded shield that is completely immune to status used on hyper elite corpus units. Make raids which focus on thrall hordes but also contain a focus on mission completion, objectives, and boss fights that have literally hundreds of millions of health. Radiation also turns saryn into the a backstabbing bish which means say a defense mission has a 100% chance of radiation, she's avoided at all costs like kohra or ember. Rework some missions, which need updates, such as defection, capture, excavation, and more which don't have nearly as much impact on killing. or perhaps make one that doesn't focus on killing at all like spy. make these missions have good rewards on par of quality with ESO. These all impact her in different ways than smacking her with the nerf bat, instead silently pushing players away from Saryn. No I won't go through thousands of missions to gather and record data for you and you specifically. I've got other games/things I wanna play/do. I'm not the type of player who will go and gather 1000+ mission results because someone asks me to prove that any frame can be competitive against saryn. That's called being unreasonable and untrusting because in the end it's up to you whether you believe me or not. Even if you don't believe me that doesn't make me wrong, it just means you don't believe me. Scramba are fine. However nullifiers are unfair giant bubbles which hurt CC just as much as DPS playstyles but less so DPS because DPS frames actually kill the nullifier creating said bubble. They are a universal boon and whatever they were intended for they obviously hit all of our abilities and put a focus more on weapons which is, guess what, daaaamaaaage. Not only do they encourage damage but because you can't shoot into those bubbles it also pushes frames to tanks that survive such damage with arcanes and base stats like Inaros, Wukong, and Nidus while CC and support get shafted. I've also posted before about how nullifiers can be altered and changed to become fair. Some nullifiers can erase abilities but not bullets. some erase projectile powers but not nonprojectiles like cataclysm. I could go on but I'll simply generalize. Add conditions to color coded nullifiers for game fairness. Yet you seemingly skimmed over the fact that there are things deployed into the field which don't care about CC like sapping osprey traps. Onto CC immunity. Tell me, what enemies are immune to CC again??? Orb Mothers and Raknoids "posed as challenging" // Eidolons, "arcanes" // Vomvalyst, "Eidolon Helpers" // Nullifiers and Demo Units "tanky everyday content in important missions" // Capture Targets "quick relic runs" // Lich "kuva guns" // Thralls "challenging". // Plague star "easy reskinned content for repeat rewards" // Arbitration Drones "fk all". How many enemies in our IMPORTANT content have and apply CC immunity? Quite alot and infact you'll not only see these enemies daily but taking other bosses into account almost every day. Many of these enemies won't care about CC or debuffs either. Notice something? How many of these enemy areas do you see Saryn? No, you see Volt, Chroma, Mesa, Harrow, Revenant, Gauss, or others. She isn't perfect at all the content we care about and some players even say they don't see her all too often. The same goes for me, I don't usually see them. Support capabilities thrived preS3.0 but that's the past. Warframe continued changing over time and the first steps of CC falling in popularity were already there. What is harrow and trinity to healing return, desecrate, energizing dash, and more? Tell me if the game slowly oppressed CC and these important enemies are immune to both CC and debuffs? what's left? Damage and tanking. If damage is gone... well, you know what happenes if it's all not dealt with at once. Even if it is I've already said It'll be one messy launch. I have given a route, but I've left it open and flexible for DE and others to put their own spins and twists on it. Proposing a specific narrow route limits creativity and it'll most likely get ignored. my route is add content to the game which indirectly impact and silently pushes players away from content. Build content with representitives of their class LIKE the queen of ESO and the king of CC in mind. launch difficult content like suggested RAIDS PLEEEEASE. Yes those things, actual hard raids against a boss with hundreds of thousands of health and special abilities when you fight with 8 people, saryn will not be as viable there if it's built right. But guess what will be viable, CC and Support. Yours very well might be easier but it'll be less streamlined and sloppy and focus on regression instead of progression. Slowly adding content allows for feedback and refinement. Adding all of this at once overloads the community and means DE needs to fix all of these things at once leading to oversights and ignoring some bugs because they're deemed less important. It's also not vague, it's open and flexible to allow DE's teams to work and concept and create because they like doing that. If our ideas won't fit their world then suggest a model and let them mold that model to their vision so DE can't hide behind the "it doesn't fit out idea of what warframe is meant to me" mantra.
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