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  1. You seem to be under the impression that we want to run solo que in a co-op game
  2. Wu Kong would be a good frame yes but he would be too good. At least that's my opinion. We can't really debate out on A over who's right because DE can't figure out if were meant to be broken strong or have some challenge. B. That's counter productive. Why would they purposefully over tune him to rework other warframes. They've already got a list of frames that need help. Vauban, Loki, Nyx, Titanya, Ember, and Zephyr. They don't need to over tune it. Plus if they keep over tuning and leave it there. They never learn how to perfectly balance the warframes. Another reason that's stupid is because if they keep over tuning warframes then they have a higher chance at accidentally making that warframe way WAY too powerful make more frames be overshadowed and have that warframes fan base demand a rework. This makes an infinite loop of overtuning until the game just isn't fun anymore. it would drive DE insane. theres already alot of us who demand that we get actual challenge, we don't want to make the frames become stuck in an endless buff loop. You NEED to nerf stuff in games. This infinite loop or even just making more reworks for themselves takes time away from mainline updates such as cinematic quests, warframes, tile revamps, etc etc. Why would they want to waste their time on a rework rather than making new and fresh content. If at all possible i'd want all the warframes to be in a good spot so that we no longer have to worry about reworks. That opens the door for more time spent on stuff like Rail Jack, the New War, hell even start making the AI better. It's making more work for no other problem. it's akin to sweeping the issue under the rug until you need to get address it later at a time you don't want to. it's procrastination.
  3. I'd love to debate this with you. I honestly would. I have so many reasons why saryn's made banshee and other warframes pointless but this is a topic about Wu Kong so i'm not going to put my points here. I've already derailed the convo enough. If you would love this, then you're obviously on the side where warframes should be demigods. That's fine, your opinion is your own. Just saying I disagree for X and Y reasons. Lets leave it there. DE picks whether or not this happens. Though the way you said that makes you sound kinda rude. You want Wu Kong to make other frames irrelevent? why?
  4. I had a long responde written out but this is a wukong rework so i'll cut it short. Look up the specifics of these abilities and look up how much better they are when compared to similar abilities such as molt vs decoy. Saryn got a rework and all her abilities are as follows. Spores, an infinite scaling dps armor strip that coveres entire rooms Molt, A better loki decoy that's actually useful Toxic Lash, God Tier toxin damage and melee boost. Increases all weapon damage. Misama, massive aoe stun that cuts enemy hp in half making slash great. All of this is condition overload of 240% with an extra 60% from lash boost. She can mop the floor with ESO defection, and defense. I'm a banshee player ok. Reworks such as pablo's while they're great make frames irrelivent. Hell I don't know who worked on wisp but thats a good place to show you what I mean. Wisp got released with reservoir. It gives max hp and insane regen, stupid movement speed, and stuns all enemies in her mote area or around the buffed warframe. cool right? well there are those of us who saw this and were like, wait a second.... WAIT A- VAUBAN NO! YOU'RE NOT MEANT TO CROSS DRESS. Tesla can be charged for 5 seconds to zap a single enemy for poor damage. Maybe CC if you're lucky. Now class lets compare, who's first ability is more powerful? that's right WISP! know why? her 1 ability isn't just tesla on sterioids, but it's an infinite team buff in speed, hp, and regen. Oh yeah she can teleport to them at any range to. Place a mote infron tof the PoE gate and teleport to it from amountain about 700m away. You can still teleport to that reservoir. There are other exmples like why did loki's decoy ability get ripped off again or why can wisp even blind enemies through walls. That's literally what they nerfed Mirage's ult for in Draco. What's the point. What were trying to say is yes Saryn's rework was great. so good in fact it failed. She got reworked but other frames now need a rework to even be recognized by the community. Either that or nerf saryn. She's so good she made other warframes a moot point. yeah she can't kill an eidolon or farm enemies, but everywhere else she's the goddess that looks down on other warframes in pity. I'm a banshee main, ok, follow me for a bit. Saryn has 4 status types available with her augment that all kill enemies. Lets say everyone in the match has condition overload on their weapons. Well, ok what's the point of my banshee? damage boost? why though? we already have 240% damage boost with gas, toxin, viral, and corrosive. Not even counting our own weapon's status. My damage boost has become completly useless. I'm only useful when enemies hit say lvl 150. That's when saryn can't kill enemies alone. But eh, why would we go to 150 enemies again? oh right we don't... ever. banshee's lost her place in the game. And saying that soundquake is her best ability is just a lie. It's sonor and silence. But theres no reason to use those. Just because they lost viability doesn't mean they aren't her best abilities. I refuse to use my damage support as an afk exp booster. Saryn did this to me. DE did this to me by removing void keys. At least nova is still useful with her slow and speed buffs which is tied to her best ability, Banshee's got nothing. Ask shy, she hates sound quake. Banshee can still be played yes, but when you see a banshee now, are they running to boost your team? or are they running a small savage silence build. Us banshee players have lost our place in the game and now take it out on a single enemy at a time. We used to be THE BEST warframe to take with you on hour+ long runs if we knew what we were doing. Now what? we farm? Saryn's got survivals locked down. Life of Rio can use saryn to kill lvl 800 enemies without problems with the use of specs and the zenistar. These games play themselves now. What Mirage Knight is saying is that this may happen with Wu Kong. In a co op game, he will make other warframes useless by making him too good. Pablo has a gift for making reworks, I can't deny that. But if you're making a game there are rules to follow. YOU don't decide when a frame gets reworked just by saying eh nah I don't feel like it today. It's work, it's a job. You keep balance. even then his reworks only seem to make work for other members of DE. Even in some cases throwing DE under the bus because if Pablo isn't the rework guy, then we all quiver in fear, hell maybe even DE is nervous to rework their own frames now. There are reasons to fear both a DE rework and Pablo rework. One is obviously more preferable than the other. Wu Kong's rework can go three ways. Follow the Pablo Brick Road Balanced, Fresh, Unique, and New Ember's Thanksnerfing Dinner yes this was short compared to the rant I was about to do. In all seriousness I do hope that we take the middle path. It feels like thats where were going but we could easily slip into the first or third option.
  5. About this, yes 264 employees is a super big number... for us. However lets remember that large companies have a difficult time creating content, granted they're lazy and lax and could be making way more, but lets compare strictly numbers. Blizzard lays off 800 employees... thats... alot. Yes DE has more people than we can imagine working on Warframe, but even if we take into account that they work themselves to the bone and say ok 1 DE employee is worth 3 normal employees, that still only just comes close to what blizzard layed off. They have a very limited amount of people to work with, especially if we have these departments where people work. You're bound to have to switch developers in and out of their specializations in order to complete content on time. Look i'm just saying that DE doesn't actually count as a large company despite being a really popular game.Riot, the developer company of LoL has over 2000 employees. 2000. Thats a ton of people. DE is small compared to them and yet warframe is so popular it's starting to get up there in popularity fighting it off with Destiny. Bungie has around 700 employees. DE has half the team they do and produce content. You NEED to rotate people in and out, you NEED to have employees that can do multiple tasks. It's how warframe has survived so long. Pablo in specific has grown somewhat popular because he undertook a few reworks and came up with functionality for some warframes like Nidus. These warframes and reworks were very well revived *despite saryn being the most OP thing since Telos Boltace 1.0*. I don't like some of his reworks, but what he does he did because he was taken off the UI team to work on this stuff. In larger companies you won't see this as often because they've got the resources. DE doesn't... That's why Pablo is... on the rework team ok why are we talking about Pablo in the wukong chat again? 😕 Ok to keep this relevant to Wu Kong. this. I agree with you, i don't want Pablo touching Wu Kong. It's just that i'd rather have a Pablo style rework, then an ember nerf fest. Or a you can charge your balls "rework". Right?
  6. Well for 1 DE is a small company so they need to switch people around ALOT probably. yes they've got their main specialty, but eh talents can also help them assist in other departments. Also I can see why Pablo does what he does, the way warframe is going warframes are starting to have multiple classes and builstyles that let them double as 2 or more classes. I'm kinda against it but 1 person can't really push against an entire community. In the past we had warframes that could build for CC or Tank. CC or Support. Support or Tank. Tank or Damage. Damage or Support. Support or Defense. etc etc. But now it almost feels like it's a requirement to have at least 2 classes always present in a Kit. Pablo does this with alot of his reworks.
  7. I've actually got My own rework idea for Vauban. I posted it shortly before Wisp launched. It's um... a bit too long to post as a non main topic. But I suggest you check that one out if you want the in depth specifics as I talk bout S D E R mods, augments, synergy, and why I give vauban what he has. It allows for build variety and still keeps vauban as a skill capped warframe. he plays with channeling, overshield, and chaos. Inspiration came from Vauban's Profile. I don't get rid of minelayer but I do make it better. The mines are worth it. I also give him 2 new abilities. Vauban is a really hard warframe to work with if were trying to rework him but I believe he should remain true to what the profile video said he does. He puts himself in danger to cause chaos in the battlefield. He lays traps and makes the battlefield itself a weapon. Again check out my "Mechanic Vauban Rework Concept if you want to see the in depth but i'll cut it down so you can get a good feel for it. It's a bit powerful atm and needs to be tuned down a bit, but I feel it's a good start. "Mechanic" Vauban Rework Concept Vauban PrimeArmor 50 100Energy 225 225 increased to 250 250Health 300 300 lowered to 225 225Shields 225 300 Increased to 250 325Sprint Speed 1.10 1.10 Passive: Dismantle, Vauban deals 25% extra damage to enemies who are incapacitated or unable to move.*Honestly, solid passive DE, now why does VAUBAN of all frames get a good passive and Ember doesn't... beyond me." {{{{{ABILITY 1}}}}} Mine Layer (Tesla) (Bounce) (Trip Laser) (Barrier) (Concuss) (Shred) (Bastille) Tesla: Shocks enemies, can be charged to release three and status chance is boosted. Tesla can link together and deals more damage the more it shocks Bounce: Bounces allies and enemies, makes bounced enemies vulnerable to channeling damage, increases speed of rolls, backflips, knockdown recovery, and dodges Trip Laser: Trips enemies that walk over it, "tripping" the enemy. Tripped enemies can be seen through walls and take more damage from turret. Barrier: Number of shields lost from max is turned into armor. If shields regenerate, armor is decreased to fit. (Ex. 100 shields missing, 50 armor gained, armor decreases or increases the more or less shields are missing. Concuss: Deploy a pulsing aoe grenade that may stagger enemies, strips 10% armor per pulse, and reduces enemy aim. Shred: Throws a grandae that explodes in a 6m radius. 25% of armor and shields stripped is applied to all enemies in the explosion radius. Bastille: Well, it deploys the bastille we know and love, just it's smaller and picks up less enemies. AUGMENT- *A bit too complex to post here, sorry but I can tell you that the augment also gives you a super charged *an even longer charge* option which allows a mine to become a transporter. you can walk on these mines in the general direction of another transporter and transport to that location. Every other mine has it's own little change to it, but again it's too complex to explain here. {{{{{ABILITY 2}}}}} Sentry Turret Vauban can deploy a sentry turret that can be mounted for increased fire rate. Turret is stationary and deals more damage to tripped enemies, otherwise the turret does some ok damage. AUGMENT- Sentry Munitions, Turret can no longer be mounted but it turns into a unique ammo restore. Turret will give tenno the Sentry Munitions buff. Ontop of these augment things it restores ammo to tenno nearby. -Allies under the effect of Sentry Munitions have a 50% larger clip -Allies under the effect of Sentry Munitions have a 50% reload speed increase -Allies under the effect of Sentry Munitions have a 50% less recoil -Sentry Munitions causes turret to attack enemies that have been marked by Sentry Munition shots.-Sentry turret can attack enemies marked by Sentry Munitions from farther away. -Enemies hit with Sentry Munitions cause sentry turrets to deal 50% more damage to target. {{{{{ABILITY 3}}}}} Citadel Steampunk Vauban gains 90% channeling efficiency and 250% channeling damage. Every enemy killed boosts finisher animation speed and channeling damage. Turrets gain a damage boost to current channeling damage that's been gained. (ex. 250% channeling damage / 0% boost) (300% channeling damage / 50% damage boost) AUGMENT- Steam Engine, kills from sentry turret or Citadel Steampunk increase duration of first three abilities by 1 second. {{{{{ABILITY 4}}}}} Vortex Vortex is well... vortex. You can hold vortex down to cause it to pulse extra damage. There is alot I skipped over such as tesla boosting vortex dps and shred causing enemies in vortex to blow up for % based health, but overall I think it's a good place to start tweaking vauban's power down. It gives him a turret that he and allies can mount, but he gets more buffs to his turret if he's actually out there doing damage. His minelayer gets a well needed buff. Allies on turrets can see "tripped" enemies. His augment to minelayer, specifically the concuss opens staggered enemies to finishers which works with his third ability. etc etc. Lots of mechanics I don't go over. Wow even with a super cut down version this post is so long... damn. Anyways, I think the issue we have with vauban is that he keeps getting punched into a ball and used as someone else's ability, or gets made irrelevant. The last time I saw a vauban was during raids, which were removed. The issue with your proposed rework is also that it takes away what vauban unique. He should be a high skill cap warframe with low survivability. No damage reduction should be in his kit. Yes I gave him armor and such, but at most he can get an extra 200-300 armor. and that would require all his shields to be gone. He can still easily be blown up by burst damage such as a sniper, bombard, or corrupted crewman because the armor won't take effect unless his shields are gone. He needs to remain a warframe that has low survivability compared to other warframes and should have a high skillcap. having an immunity mine, 90% damage reduction, Also his passive change you suggest... why? I'm going to assume you don't know that enemies caught in vortex and caught in bastille are turned into an "unconscious state" which enables him to do that extra damage from his passive. He's actually one of the few frames that has a themed passive which works. I suggest that you look at Vauban's profile video if you don't get why I said he should have no sort of damage reduction. Or why I keep the minelayer and trap focused abilities, or why I give him a boost if he goes out to attack enemies putting a squishy frame closer to damage while animation locking him. It's his thing. He risks his life to do what he does. Overshields and SOME armor won't give him survivability enough to facetank a lvl 120 bombard.
  8. Even IF it's only one. if you're given proper control that by default makes his specter the best in the game. You can't control any other allies. Giving him more clones makes sense so we all agree on it. It's something to make the ability better and would seperate him more from say a duality equinox. It makes sense with his lore and DE should add this. thats why were talking about him having multiple clones in the first place. Yes not everyone agrees but it seems like the most logical and effective way to make his clones more unique. DE also hasn't said anything about being against him having a monkey squad. and even if they are, we can completely destroy that reasoning because inaros and nekros can summon their own group to fight with them. If i'm wrong and they said, "we dont want him to have tons of clones" then please tell me so i an correct my way of thought. You're also forgetting that I mentioned, AI is pretty damn important to the game. Even if he only gets one clone, if DE can get some experience with AI management and apply it to all other warframes and companions in the game.
  9. Again... I have to say this but AI isn't that bad. feel like people keep forgetting that CONTROL allows even specters to be valuble. An example i've already given is God of War, atreus. You can switch his gear, upgrade him, control his damage type, and tell him when to attack. Kinda like what were going to have Wu Kong. It's a free specter that it feels like DE is going to add some functionality to. I've already said that they could tie in combos using his clones for Primal Fury. Charge attacks force all clones to teleport and slam their primal fury sticks onto the target you're aiming at. Maybe even preforming a finisher. Just adding these simple little things make Wu Kong's clones far more effective than ANY other specter in the game aside form the Ancient Healer who serves an entirely different purpose. Control means the AI doesn't matter. If you're a good Wu Kong, you can properly control these clones and make the most out of them. Heck if Primal Fury does as much damage as DeMonkey says it does, the clones and forcing clones to teleport sounds powerful as hell. You guys under rate even normal specters. They take attention off you and the specs you create from vapor to cosmic can help alot. Nekros can desecrate on survivals, trinity can heal you and give energy, harrow can give crit buffs, banshee can apply sonor to enemies. There are so many options clones and AI provide you with. Yes the AI itself sucks, but make use of the most effective abilities and suddenly they can help a ton. Add some manual control on top of it and you've got a perfect companion that DE can easily create. Tell me nekros players out there, if you see an arctic eximus or nullifier spawn as one of your minions, do you sometimes hide within those bubbles, of course you do! Specters just have passive things that help out. Heck even Arson Eximus are worth keeping alive for the damage reduction they give you. One last thing. This is an opening for DE to work on AI for companions and explore how to make minions more viable. Are we seriously going to let this slip by? I'm sure lots of us want Ai to get better. Equinox players, Nekros players, Nyx players, Revenant players, Soon to be Wu Kong Players, Inaros Players, Khora Players, and Atlas Players. They all use AI companions to their advantage. I say let them work on an AI ability just to explore the area more. This doesn't even just apply to our AI focused frames. What about defense operatives, rescue, everything. If this rework opens the door for DE to tweak the AI, then we should be all for it. We desperately need this.
  10. Look, I don't deny that Iron Jab has potential. When I look at trying to create reworks, I always try to find a way to make the current ability fit. but not for my own benefit, it's so that DE doesn't have to make new animations. I only recently started to post on the forums about rework concepts because I got bored waiting on the jovian update. I've found ways to make fireball and tesla viable. With all the potential I can see in iron Jab, I also see how easy it would be to allows iron jab to be added to primal fury as a combo by say channel and chargettack for a quick cast of "iron jab" but it's while Primal Fury is out. I'm not opposed to keeping Iron Jab, but I am opposed to it being kept as a first ability. I can def see how it can be made to be useful, but not to the use of spores, or mallet, or heck even sonic boom from banshee. And that's an ability we banshee only use when were in a bad spot or have built to strip armor. Iron Jab just simply put doesn't have the funcionality. Yes it gives you an escape, but the thing with Wu Kong is for a warframe that is tanky and in folklore having a key point being "doesn't die" means the warframe shouldn't have an escape in the first place unless it makes sense in the trickster sort of way. Whenever I look at how we can make a warframe ability better is I look at several things. I see more ways to use cloud walker than iron jab. Is there any reason why this first ability exists and does it mix with the passive? well in this case no, because normal melee weapons can attack at a much farther range. If you want a large aoe knockdown from a far away range, glaives do that just fine and without any energy cost. Is there a charge to it? if so can we do something during the charge? in this case no there isn't, but you could add a charge to add a sweep but that doesn't do much but knock down enemies in a cone. Frost has a way better cc cone than that and with an augment it's effetcs last way longer. Moreso Wu Kong would need that less than Frost. Is there some sort of channeling mechanic we can add? if so what buff would I give? well theres no channeling buff so, this doesn't matter for iron jab. Can we give it some sort of scaling damage or secondary defense stripping, well... not without breaking it as the first ability which removes the need for Primal Fury in the first place, all the more reason to add it to Primal Fury. Can we add something to the ability for added CC or Mobility? Well yes, yes we can. by making it a sweep you have cc but... if you're a tank with a rage build why would you want to cc enemies to not attack you. For mobility we can totally add that, but without any sort of side buff the ability would be forgotten, to point out examples, valkyr's ripline. This was forgotten and easily tossed aside because there wasn't a reason for it. It drags a SINGLE TARGET to you, or can make you have some semblence of control by sloppily tossing you to the enemy. Now we could add a finisher opening on the first abilty say Iron Jab into an enemy and appear at the location opening them for a finishere but then... what happens to ash? That's his thing. Wu Kong, and all other warframes should not mobility finishing abilities. Nezha's old halo before it became a damage tool and very quick and easily controlled teleportation ability was never used unless you wanted to self heal a small amount. Zephyr one, it has so much funcionality and has been merged with zephyrs abilities and buffed several times, and yet it's still forgotten. Mobility will help, but it'll be very situational at best due to the restaints of needing to respect another frames space. Is there any synergy with his other abilities? If not, can ask DE to give synergy? Put simply, no. theres none and the ability is too expensive for a simple 1 cc and knockdown ability in this day and age. Why not tonkor them down. Can we add synergy, well defy? hmmmm nope. cloud walker, maybe by pushing yourself into the air cloud walker can become free but that pushes you away from targets and people dislike cloud walker anyways. Can we make him a support styled frame with this ability? If so how? To fit his theme, no, theres no way to make him help his team. Wu Kong is a selfish person who's got an ego. He will not help his team. Yes it would be funny to poke your allies like you suggest but, why? does this fit with him no, he's got the cloud walking boots, not his allies. Would extra abilities be better, if so can we add a scroll wheel or simply make a completely different ability to replace the one in question. Well if it would fit his theme better, give him more flexibility, a unique identity with clones that he can summon with unique mechanics, then yes. Give him a different ability, maybe a scroll wheel. For Wu Kong, why would you give him a wheel. It's not like his thing is being flexible, it's being tricky or being tanky. Unlike Ivara, Vauban, Khora, and Wisp, who specialize in being flexible and have themes based around tricks and chaos, Wu Kong doesn't fit that idea. A scroll wheel wouldn't fit his theme and it's unneeded work for DE. They've already created clones and most of the community sees it as better that clones replaced Iron Jab. They can make this better by adding some control to the clones. the more influence over the clones we have the less AI coding DE has to do. Again an example being atraus from God of War. you control what would normally be a stupid AI by controlling what weapons he uses and when to attack. You can modify and upgrade his gear. DE can copy this by doing what I said. Charge Attacks while in primal Fury would cause all clones to teleport and smack the target you charge attacked, even if from a distance. That would means you can recall your clones and force them onto a specific target. Direct Control means less AI support is needed. Remember i'm not someone who outright says yeah trash this nobody uses it, I actually do think of ways to improve an ability with the idea of "remove the ability" as a last resort option. If DE already has this animation and stuff don though for Wu Kong, all we can do is accept this and build off of it. I'm on the side of removing Iron Jab. I feel sorry you want Iron jab to be kept and you're getting ignored. And I can see why you wouldn't want it to be removed. But DE will listen to the majority, as they have in the past. this is honestly a good change for Wu Kong and if handled properly can make Wu Kong the second warframe with "minion" build viability. the other being nekros. Clones, AI, and Specters are mostly unexplored in this game and I'd like it if DE actually focused more on this. This rework may hold more benefits than just a rework. If they actually work on the AI they can place that on operatives, defense targets, and even some enemies and assassins. I fully support his new first ability, even if it's a long shot.
  11. I envy you... All my friends run volt and they make it a point to block my aim with shields and then make them as annoying as possible. I mean hey free damage but please MY EYES. Seriosuly i've gotten so good at running with an ally volt I can run nezha firewalker with the max volt speed buff and almost not knock into anything. I can shoot while pretty much blind because I've had to rely on my minimap. it's not something i'm proud of learning, send help 😨 Shock will never be removed from my mind, none of his abilities will.
  12. Hate to say it but, Atterax, Orthos Prime, Zaws, Galatine Prime, lecta, and kesheg all beat this weapon in range. Even the War can hit enemies from farther away. And I don't even have my primed reach maxed. The damage is fine for it. But yes it is short. We Kong uses a staff, an EXALTED staff. Exalted weapons have been the best of their category with the exception of garuda, hildy, and baruuk because they aren't proper exalted or aren't built for damage. If not the best they at least compete with other weapons in the category the exalted weapon belongs to. In damage, Wuy Kong's staff is in rivaled. however it's got no range to speak of as it's a staff weapon. the reason staffs and pole arms are used is because they cleave large areas at once. Wu Kong doesn't follow this idea. Maybe, just maybe if the Meta itself were changed and killing things as fast as humanly possible wasn't what defined a frame, Wu Kong would be in a better place. But he isn't. There should be a reason to use an exalted over another weapon, and considering killing things as fast as possible is the Meta atm, Wu Kong at his base crumbles. he can kill 3-4 enemies with primal fury, or 9-13 enemies with an orthos/zaw. Now maybe if Wu Kong had some mobility to his ult this would give him some saving grace but he doesn't even get that. he gets, SLOWER by using his combos to slam into the ground. he focuses on slam attacks, not cleaves. Slam Attacks don't give him any extra range or mobility, they hinder range and mobility. His entire kit fights kills per second. He can do some serious damage, but it's single target. he needs to have some range on his stick, theres no reason not to. If not range, then give him some means of leaping to enemies so he doesn't have to wait. other pole weapons slaughter throngs of enemies, Wu Kong kills a bombard. What would you take into a ESO? Side Note, if you really want to kick wu kong for range, the Wolf Sledge, Sigma and Octanis, all glaives, and the Cobra and Crave, Zenistar, Whipblades, Redeemer, and Caustacyst all have more range in their own right. Remember how I mentioned how Wu Kong is a slam attack focused frame. yeah, if DE really wanted to make that the focus of his kit, why in gods name does it have less aoe than the Vulnus? Seriously, the Volus can hit enemies with its slam from over 11 meters away at max rank. it even applies slash. His exalted weapon doesn't even dominate the field it's meant to be dominating.*atm*. I can't speak for the Arca Titron as I don't own it yet but if DE wanted this weapon to focus on something other than range because they like making weird weapons, then where is that special hidden perk. It's not range, it's not status or crit, it's def not slam flexibility even though his combos seem to involve SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM. yes you could say well he's got combos that let him move. Well... Orthos can let you slide attack which hits more enemies, hits for status and crit, builds a good combo counter, and moves you without some pauses in between. Put simply there is nothing this exalted has that makes it unique or powerful. there's no edge in any sense other than it's got some solid damage at a low range. it is short, maybe not compared to a sword, or a katana, but yes it's short.
  13. I didn't lie. All I said was that there were LESS people who were able to give feedback and talk about the frame due to the heavy time gates on fortuna. time gates that killed out motivation. I'm not saying feedback is impossible or 80% of the players can't comment. I'm only saying that LESS feedback is available. Not none. Edit: Looking back ok yes I did word that a bit poorly so sorry if you misunderstood. I did say not many, my bad. That was not my intention.
  14. I wanna talk about this a bit. But these abilities have a saving grace. Volt, his shock increases the shields damage. Looking at the ability itself isn't how you should judge an ability. it's ynergy with the kit should also be taken into account. Volt's first is better that Iron Jab. Nekros has an incredible augment if you're in a tile and can't manage to spare the time to revive a team mate. it instantly revives someone. yes the damage sucks, however in a pinch it can be great. Yet there are better augments and nopt many nekros use the Soul Punch augment, but that being said, with the augment it allows nekros to do something to other warframe can do. As for Chroma, ember, and valkyr, yeah iron jab beats those. those desperately need a touch up.
  15. No there's always hope they will. during oberon, hydroid, and nezha, they listened to feedback and built around what the community talked about. Maybe were putting in feedback too early and they'll ignore us because he's so far into the "concept" part that feedback has little to no meaning to them, or maybe they will listen to us. We honestly can never tell with DE. As for baruuk and Hildy, we did't get much on them probably because they had really good releases. Also the fact that not many players even had access to them. Wu Kong should be different though. He's one of the frames people have instant access too upon starting the game because of clans. I they want to better the new player experience they need to nail Wu Kong down.
  16. Trying to give some benefit of the doubt 😄 but I do honestly think that if it was given some semblance of scaling it could be used... sometimes. But that's why it should be removed because just simply put other abilities would be better. I've seen some cool modifications to Iron Jab that make it somewhat ok, like a sweeping variant that trips all enemies in a cone in front of Wu Kong. or maybe some special interaction by marking the booped enemy to blow up for X% of max hp. All abilities can be made better but iron jab is just better off gone for a different ability.
  17. I actually missed this, huh.Yeah iron jab, unless it does scaling damage, just doesn't work in his kit and i'm happy it was taken out for something else. We have spores which can do upwards of 6k damage to over 20 enemies and applies corrosive We have Garuda who can instant kill and bomb enemies in blood baths for 50k-ish damage. We have Atlas who punches enemies out of existence if modded right We have Nidus who's got amazing synergy and an incredible first damage ability. Ivara's got an endless quiver that can put enemies to sleep, distract enemies, create giant cloaking fields, and make ziplines Banshee can do more but better and has an even better augment which strips armor. Harrow can pretty much chain an army in place. Khora whips enemies for massive splash and long crowd control Inaros can pocket sand covert kill enemies to regain health Mag can do the same thing but pull enemies towards her, it's now strong but it affects more enemies. Mallet is a thing from Octavia Wisp has some of the best team buffs with broken reservoirs that has cc, healing, and speed. Ash can completely strip armor off several enemies Baruuk can hold a staring contest with heavy gunners and be fine. So yeah... how does iropn jab compare to those exactly? Some of them literally just do iron jab's job but better, others kill enemies rather than booping the enemy out of the way. A clone is honestly more useful than jab. Granted yes iron jab would be fun to use, but you could easily just add that to Primal Fury no?
  18. Well yes we got this info friday. but they aren't coming back till tennocon. maybe some leaks on purpose via twitter but other than that, we've got nothing. Unless I'm missing something. Wu Kong development will go dark until then.
  19. The thing i'm worried about is, we have NOTHING to go on. for 40 days. No updates, no nothing. Maybe a few twitter leaks, but other than that Wu Kong's going dark in development. That's scary when it comes to feedback. It's like were talking into a void and we don't know if they're listening to us or not. Were jumping the gun now because if we don't give all the feedback we can now, this may go in the completly wrong direction that nobody is happy with. And as i've said above, he's on the path of a glass cannon DPS warframe. I'm honestly scared for you Wu Kong players and I just want you guys to get what you want. Wish you the best of luck because I don't think DE will be showing anything till tennocon. Our only shot at making Wu Kong a better rework will be when it's launched during tennocon.
  20. Well from what's being shown and said, it does seem like they're taking it away. They didn't exactly say so on steam but if you look at the devstream overview it says this specificly. Those of you who are familiar with Wukong, this ability is moving away from permanent invincibility aspect in favour of a more active playstyle. Defy will allow players to make use of small windows of invulnerability while they “taunt” at enemies, followed by a reflection of the damage taken. This implies that the "I can't die" type of deal is thrown out the window in favor of a scaling damage ability utilizing "brief" windows of invincibility. Now yes this is vague, but the way DE operates has me worried that the moving away from invincibility in favor of damage takes away Wu Kong's survivability. Brief probably means no more than 4-5 seconds. Even if they did say give him or some sort of buff based on damage he takes during this "brief" period of invincibility. It would be copies of other frames and would feel like a trickster thing to do. Nezha, takes damage to get halo Rhino, takes damage to get more iron skin Frost, globe takes damage to gain hp Octavia, mallet takes damage to gain damage Garuda, take hp damage to do damage Once Defy is done, the taunt is still there. Enemies will target you down and blow you up unless you leave. But that's IF your team doesn't blow up the enemies first. There's also the issue I already talked about, the Hair of the King cuts damage in half as enemies will be focusing on either you OR the clone. And there's also things that need to be taken into account such as what happens if you taunt a bombard. they'll fire a rocket at you and if defy ends before that rocket gets to you, you blow up yourself after reflecting all that damage. There just seems like too many holes in this. Also the idea of getting rid of immortality makes no sense. Rhino can reach stupid and I mean STUPID damage reduction levels which allows him to sit in front of lvl 400 heavy gunners like nothings wrong with the world. GHS found a way for rhino to get over 1,000,000 armor. Trinity can use two abilities and 2 mods to become a literal god. Nezha if used properly can't die due to invincibility after halo goes down. yes it's speculation, but not without reasons behind it. DE doesn't give you scaling damage and invincibility together. it doesn't happen. I could be wrong, I hope I'm wrong, but from the way things have turned out before i've little hope for Defy at this point. I'm not saying that it's impossible alright. But it seems very VERY likely Wu Kong's going to draw the short stick here. Like Vauban, like Ember, and like Nyx. I'll say this though as I know Wu Kong can control it at will... Why not do what revenant does? Channel increased energy to make it longer and deal more damage? Why implement a rage system? Channeling feels more "will" inspired than having to jump through hoops no? this is a newer one so i'll still reply to this. Again, "brief periods of invincibility" If Wu Kong remains a tank, where will he get his tank stuff from? -Specters? no they don't draw too much attention. -Defy, eh maybe that's in question but I highly doubt it because it will grant us some sort of scaling damage. Scaling damage and survivability are very rarely seen together. -Cloud Walker? Well it seems like cloud walker is becoming a buff mechanic to critical. -Ultimate? If anywhere it'll come from here. Except it won't because it will be locked behind a 4 mechanic and force you to use a weapon that sucks. If it doesn't suck, then they'll lock it away even harder to prevent you from getting access to this ultimate, which in turn takes away how you get your survivability. Plus te way they talked was that he would have CC to his ultimate now. CC, damage, and survivability within a single ability? doubtful. If i'm wrong in where he can get this survivability i'd love to know. I know that were shooting in the dark here because they showed off so little but I seriously don't see any room for him to have CC or survivability. Even more so, it sounds like they're creating a damage frame. A warframe that can create a clone, that helps you deal damage and takes damage for you. An ability that has scaling reflection damage An ability that boosts your weapon damage An exalted weapon that has built in cc, and damage. This is the formula for a damage warframe such as Excalibur. Not a tank like Wu Kong is supposed to be in lore and in the hearts of Wu Kong players. Am I wrong? please tell me i'm wrong.
  21. But. why would they ever want to do that? Valkyr can just slap enemies with her exalted blade. While Wu kong has to build up his range, excalibur can slice enemies from over 10-20m away. Excalibur's and Valkyr's exalted are far superior in the sense that they grant buffs along side a powerful weapon. but you're saying Wu kong has to do work to get his buffs? and more so they don't stay on him to the end of the ability and he can't cast his at will. With baruuk we accepted this, just abrely, because he's a monk who shows restaint. it matched his theme. Wu Kong has no such theme to pair with a "4lock" mechanic. heck even Ivara has a better exalted. She, like excalibur can make use of headshot multipliers. Wu Kong can't get anywhere close to that. His exalted sucks, so putting it behind a "4lock" makes no sense at it's core because it fails with it's attack mechanics. yes you get added CC and knockdowns now, but... will that help you survive, kill, or affect enemies 30 meters away? no. yet all other exalted weapons in the game have an answer to this. Valkyr has immunity and armor Baruuk can sleep and disarm, plus his exalted can effect enemies at a range. Excalibur has an ability that sends out waves of light for 40m Mesa is Mesa Titanya is hard to hit and has both melee and ranged exalted weapons Balefire is ranged Ivara can cloak, sleep, and shoot from a range. Wu Kong has nothing. It's just a staff. He used to have Defy, now he can taunt. With taking away defy for survivability and putting his ONLY CC behind a "4lock" he's got nothing but a specter to held him live. It's not like cloud walker will restore him, they won't rip an ability from revenant. Cloud Walker doesn't let you kill or control enemies by the sounds of it. Putting his 4 behind some sort of barrier just hurts for no other reason than to hurt.
  22. I do get where you're coming from, the most recent frames have been impressive despite us not knowing anything. But wisp? our main cplaint was that the sun beam made no sense and it still doesn't. the beam also sucks against high level enemies. Hildy I can't speak out much about, but without arcanes she suddenly becomes much weaker than you think she is. She can't instantly recover her shields or randomly gain 900 armor from nowhere. But the fact they're not telling us many in depth stats and aren't showing us a lot is really concerning. They revealed to us ALL of wisps abilities and even went in depth as to how you can mix her abilities. This seems like they were slowly dancing around having to explain this stuff. Which is worrying. For clones, yes they suck. But if DE does this right, then they could get better and become worth it. During God of War, gaming found a good way to make use of companions. Control. If we have a way to say, ok attack this guy with a powerful hit, like i suggested with my Primal Fury charge attack, then all of a sudden you want tons of clones out in order to hit them multiple times. Control is a way to get an easy good AI. Invincibility isn't good we all know that. there are ways to go about dodging death rather than "oh well i'm invincible" or "oh well I got healed to max health." I suggested one such way, a form of resource management based on your clones. It's not completely brainless yet grants you a way to avoid death. But we also need to respect that Wu Kong in folklore is the unkillable trickster. He needs some easy way to cheat death. Energy happy also isn't rally an issue because he can be modded for efficiency and equip rage. If you need a tiny bit more energy just recover with focus schools and be a tiny bit cautious in the process. Also remember they said "brief windows of invincibility" it won't be loki invisibility or turbulence. It's going to be 3-4 seconds of invincibility and you won't be able to regen any energy from that. No matter what way you spin it it won't work with Rage anymore which was his core ability. The biggest gripe I have with the way Defy making you invincible for this "brief period of time" becuase it taunts enemies. why would you taunt enemies when your profile says "stealth". yes I get it, this is warframe nobody is stealthy. But whenever we throw the word stealth around it involves invisibility, parkour, and finishers. Not "SHOOT ME". plus the way Defy will work with a Hair of the King, that seems so counter intuitive. Enemies will shoot you sometimes and your hair other times. You're purposefully splitting the enemies damage for this worse ability. You're going to want to not cast the 1 ability if you build for Defy. Wu Kong has no way to survive without Defy at the moment of this rework. His skills don't CC unless were going on about his ultimate where it has some larger aoe. yeah CC isn't the most reliable way to stay alive. Vauban proves that and he's got pure CC. Wu kong would get floored by high level enemies. Plus were changing a CORE ability. an ability everyone on the warframe loves. it's like stripping away old rhino's stomp and giving him instead a massive 50% slow. It completly changes the feel and ascetic of the ability. Players who like hard cc no longer would play rhino, because rhino lost his hard cc. Defy made Wu Kong a tank, he's got nothing to make up for it that another frame can't do better. Armor? Rhino // Health? Inaros // Undying? Nidus // Shield, Hildryn // Literal invincibility, Valkyr // Enemy accuracy? Zephyr // Damage reduction? Mesa // Constant regeneration? Oberon. // Redirection? Trinity. His unique way of survival dies and he doesn't even become a cc frame in return. he gets... critical? The only way i can see Defy going is oh hey, damage you take turns into damage reduction... that's nezha and chroma. For the moment this isn't up to debate. because there's nothing to debate without information. We've gone through the info and have pretty much come to the conclusion that from what they've said so far, it sucks. if you're saying maybe they've got something in the works for him and they don't want to tell us, look at Vauban's rework. He got to charge balls. that's it. Wu Kong looks like a worse rework version of Ember. Tampering and nerfing the one thing that made the warframe decent, and giving nothing useful or fun in return. As for optimism, I've learned that through life, never expect anything from anyone, and you won't be disappointed ever. I've looked at what DE could do with this, but it honest to god seems like they didn't talk much about it because they just don't know what to do. They talked to talk. If they came up with a good reason to use that clone like they did with wisp, they would talk about it. But they didn't. it's just there because other games have it and that's something Wu Kong is known for. However it's For the Moment. we could all be blowing smoke and could be wrong, you could 100% be right. or maybe not. for now, we can't debate it because there's too many unknown right now. it honestly just looks like they made it so, hey look, combo system. oh by the way we just started on a wu kong rework. If a warframe needs to have arcanes or mods like adaptation to make it do it's job right, then the warframe fails. They should be able to do good lvl content as is. the way it's looking, Wu Kong will need not just arcanes, but rage and adaptation. As DeMonkey said.
  23. Actually I found a fix for that. i recently made a vauban rework and mine layer got filled with 7 different mines right? It's extremly difficult to switch and tons of YTs say it feels clunky. so, I want DE to switch that to the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel itself isn't attached to channeling, pressing the scroll wheel is. I've got no clue how you PS4 and other console users would get this, but I do know on PC it is possible.
  24. Alright so i've got a new setup after reading everything. First i want to set a few things straight that seems to be common. People think Wu Kong sucks. However some people say he doesnt. I'm impartial and say he's middle of the road, he deserves to keep his classic defy, but with more restrictions. He can be invincible if he tries a little bit more but of course, mythologiclly, Wukong is a beast who can never die. if possibvle Wu Kong should be among the top tanky warframes, more tha nezha and on par with someone called the "God Killer" who we all know as Inaros. Wu Kong was able to fight over 100,000 heavenly soldiers, is pretty much imortal, defeated several gods plus nezha, so yes he needs to have tank in his name. However I still believe my compromise Defy works. Next many say that the AI sucks. I agree with you however DE isn't dumb. They do have a decent amount of experience creating unique and complex AI. They're still somewhat dumb but that doesn't mean we can't point to examples that DE has done. Nightwatch, as i'm very familiar with them, have great AI and are challenging to fight. DE can and will create better AI if they've got the time and resources. Another thing I want to point out is something I did, in my post I gave you some semblance of control over your copies and gave you more copies to play with. My basis for this is, the 1 ability should become essential for the kit and I believe if done right "hair of the king" can preform exceptionally well. But ONLY if used right. to start I want to say this, I forgot who posted this but let Wukong create more copies. Hold down 1 and Wukong instead becomes 3 or 4 clones. This grants you more time to avoid taking damage yourself as they focus on your specters more than you. Now... why do i say this is amazing and has potential, well because it's Wu Kong. I have a plan for Defy. Alright next up we havbe my personal gripe, Wukong should be stealthy. As I said and pointed out in the profile video, Wukongs "abilities reflect his stealthy and deadly nature", a Quote from Lotus Herself. Now i've no idea why DE said that he was stealthy... but ok... I'm starting to see why exactly he gets enemies to focus on him but I'm going to say lets keep him stealthy, but in a very unique way. Stealth doesn't just mean sneak, lets say you stealth around by tricking enemies openly, backstab them, blind them, and can do things other warframes just simply cannot do. Again i'll be mixing this into Defy which will satisfy both parties. Now then lastly I will address the fact that Wu Kong's ultimate absolutely sucks. yes... yes it does. Not in damage, but the damage type and range. I forget hwo said it, sorry, but the only reason you would use it is for fun. DE, buff the range of this to extend outwards to max 16 meters, range WILL NOT EFFECT THIS. next we talk damage. No not the stats, the damage type itself suffers. I still suggest shattering impact be baked into the impact damage type. it's not as effective as currosive, it goes great vs shields by stats, it strips armor, and is now viable vs all factions. Kinda. this means all three physical damage types can be used. NOW, lets begin the rework. Passive: Monkey King, Monkey King, This wasn't part of the new rework but I find it would help him out. Upon latching onto a wall or jumping off a wall Wukong gains 50% movement speed velocity and 50% movement speed for 3 seconds. This means you can traverse faster if you act like a monkey and swing off walls. -Side note, When Wu Kong presses e to finisher enemies, Wu Kong himself does not actually Finisher them. Instead a holographic copy of Wu Kong appears to do the animation in Wu Kong's place. This means he can walk through a line of enemies frozen by defiance and finisher all of them without needed to swing his melee once. This is NOT his passive, after all Inaros can go into a coffin upon death and also heal off finishers. so. ABILITIES Hair of the King Wu Kong summons a single copy of himself making the original invisible and invincible for 4 seconds. If ability is held down, Your copy creates 2 additional clones. All Wu Kong's are invincible to damage and do not die, but will pass away after 15 seconds. Defiance Wu Kong casts Defiance to gain a single charge of Defy. More charges of Defy can be gained by finishing enemies. Wu Kong can consume a charge to emit a pulse of energy that freeze enemies around him within 6 meters for 5 seconds. These enemies are open to finishers, Every time Wu Kong finishers someone, the enemies in Defiance are frozen for 4 more seconds. IF WU KONG DIES DURING DEFIANCE, the original dies and instead switches positions with one of his Hair of the King copies in exchange for 5 stacks of Defy and becomes invincible for 5 seconds. Cloud Walker Wu Kong leaps into the air, invincible, and has a copy take his place. Wu Kong passes through enemies, slowing them, blinding them, and granting himself 30% critical damage. These buffs get larger the more enemies he passes through, however he has a harder time seeing the longer he is in Cloud Walker. For every enemy he passes through he also gets faster. After the effect ends he transforms into one of the enemies affected by Cloud Walker until he bullet jumps again. -Wu Kong's tail is still visable on the enemy while he is transformed. AUGMENT- All enemies that are hit with cloud walker trip and fall to the ground, blinded. Primal Fury Wu Kong becomes animistic and walks on all fours while he whips out the Rúyì Jīn Gū Bàng, a staff with immense raw power that grows in length with every strike. If Wu Kong slams down onto the ground, he creates an immobile circle shaped barrier that protects him for 5 seconds. Charge attacks with Primal Fury cause all hair of the King's to teleport onto the enemy at once to kill them. Primal Fury gains extra benefits from leap attacks, slam attacks, and wall attacks. Defy is auto cast after primal Fury ends, giving Wu Kong an escape. There, he's tanky, lore accurate, and can do some semblance of unique damage. I'm not too big a fan of the Cloud Walker I created but that's the best I could come up with. If Wu Kong doesn't manage his hair of the King's then he dies. You can still take health damage and after you die, you become someone else, then keep fighting. Opinions? I would normally make a much larger thread explaining the S D E R of all this but that would be pointless at this stage of the rework. His stealth comes from Arcane Trickery, Hair of the King, and the ability to "stealth" his way around death. He doesn't actually die because he's never the one who's actually being fired at. "stealth" Wu Kong "Wu kong's abilities reflect his stealthy and extremely deadly nature" Devstream 128 "Defy will allow players to make use of small windows of invulnerability while they “taunt” at enemies, followed by a reflection of the damage taken." ok DE, sure. 🤣
  25. Now that i'm done for the moment with my concepts I can clear my head and talk about this. ok. before I go to read everyone's comments I'm going to post what I feel about the rework so far. I'll be suggesting my own concept of wukong, usually i take more time to craft these but I'll take a simple random shot at it. new passive idea: Monkey King, This wasn't part of the new rework but I find it would help him out. Upon latching onto a wall or jumping off a wall Wukong gains 50% movement speed velocity and 50% movement speed for 3 seconds. This means you can traverse faster if you act like a monkey and swing off walls. 1. hair of the king, In other games this would be an amazing idea. But your lack of work on AI makes specters terrible. the only reason Duality and other specters are used is to avoid being shot yourself. With how short we saw that specters life is, it ain't going to be doing us any favors. There are definitly different ways to make this ability work, but not the way you're envisioning it. Take LoL for example, you go invisible and let the clone take damage for you.Do this. This lets you take less damage, gives you survivability and an escape, and also makes enemies waste time attacking nothing. That's a good way to use clones. I say take this idea. Make Wukong go invincible for 2 seconds and invisible for 5 seconds to make a quick escape. have the clone rush in to attack any nearby enemies, then have the thing explode in their faces of something. 2. Defy Really? you're going to take away this? While I agree permenant invincibility is a bit much but what you're doing is TERRIBLE. You attract attention to yourself to take damage and redirect it to enemies? ok ok. -Bombard fires a rocket at you once you direct attention to yourself, Defy ends before rocket hits you, you blow up and die. -Heavy Gunner knocks you down during defy and you can't recast it when it ends, you die. -Hair of the King attracts attention as well... wait what!? you're going to half the damage by having enemies focus on a specter rather than you. that counters the entire idea of the ability right? -Ok good we have a sort of scaling damage, thats the only positive I an think about this... but it needs you to be shot, not some outside object. And it's a one hit burst? It sounds like a worse version of harrows critical boost mixed with it being a 1 time ability like Mesa's ballistic battery Alright how about we do this to Defy rather than what you want to do. It gets us a buff, and makes him less than invincible. Defy is a channeled ability that has charges. Upon casting defy, you have 2 stacks of Defy, you can go up to 20 stacks max. Every time Wu Kong take lethal damage, Defy is activated. Every time Defy is forcefully activated Wu Kong loses 10% of your max health until finally you die after 10 times. Every time Defy activates Wu Kong becomes invincible for 3 seconds, goes invisible, and summons another hair of the king. Every time Defy activates Wu Kong releases a wave of energy that knocks down enemies letting him finisher them to gain a stack back to Defy. Wu Kong can Activate Defy to consume a stack releasing a wave of energy that knocks down enemies letting him finisher them to gain a stack to Defy. If Wu Kong runs out of Defy charges, the ability ends. You gain 10% max health back every 25 seconds and you defy can be used again. Defy cannot be recast unless the ability is off, Holding defy down disabled defy and you lose all stacks gained. manage defy correctly, you can't die. it's not permanent invincibility but he can avoid damage. it's not brain dead easy, and it still keeps defy as is. I really dislike the idea of having to direct attention to yourself. After all I believe in the profile lotus said "Wu kong's abilities reflect his stealthy and extremely deadly nature" Nothing screams "stealth" like purposefully getting the attention of all nearby enemies and focusing it onto yourself right? The best way to be stealthy and deadly is finishers, which you yourself didn't seem to have much of an issue doing in that exact profile. 4 finishers. It seemed like you were seaming at us, use abilities to finisher enemies so why not bake that into his kit? 3. Cloud Walker Alright so it's a critical buff the longer you're in it and the speed was increased cool. I like the way the ability is going. How about instead though we make it so X enemies hit increase cloud walker speed, duration, and crit chance/damage. You can disable cloud walker whenever to end it. That seems good right? also make us able to see more in cloud walker, it's a bit obscure. -Extra thing, make Cloud Walker leave a "hair of the king" at the start of the cast to distract enemies. 4. Primal Fury I admit i'm kinda scared as to the obscurity you're putting behind combos. I don't know if by combos you mean melee combo counter attacking then charge releases a massive hit to consume the counter, or if you mean an actual change to Wu Kong's weapon and how combo animations will work. Either way, not the point atm. Primal Fury will be.... using a Bruuk styled meter why? exactly? we don't need that and we don't like the baruuk meter. Why put a limiter on the exalted weapon that already suffers from impact damage, poor damage, and nothing unique to it. What we should get I think is an exalted weapon that blends abilities for once. No Baruuk style meter, that's just dumb *atleas to me i'll reread to see if other people agree with me if not then i'm just wrong* Charge attacks while in Primal Fury force you and all "hair of the king" to leap onto an enemy to hit them all at once. Rework impact damage, maybe make shattering impact a default property of impact damage or make staggered enemies open to finishers? Maybe also give us ariel attack, wall attack, and slam attack buffs to make us want to use our trait more? make some combos to Primal Fury summon in some extra wu kongs to attack the same enemy two to three more times before they vanish. After Primal Fury ends auto cast a free Defy which spawns a free hair of the king and lets you escape. Attacks from primal Fury grow after every hit. of course. Funny thing but maybe make a unique animation for Wukong while he has primal fury on, like he gets on all fours and leaps around? just cosmetic. Also add tail animations. These are just my ideas, I'll read the rest of the convo now so i can catch up. Wanted to put down my opinion and suggestions first.
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