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  1. Ley_CrimsonRiver

    Low ship capacity for decoration

    I totally agree. Need more floofs and I can't quite fit them all in already
  2. Ley_CrimsonRiver

    a weapon for Bolarola capture?

    no one has mentioned trinity... but she works pretty well too you use well of life (her first ability) on the bolarola. It does no damage, but you lift them off the ground making the belly a easy target
  3. Trinity's Bless can restore the roaming npc operative back to full health and shield with a single click of a button. Having a trinity in your team is also pretty helpful in arbitration, so to be honest, I don't see roaming npc operatives as an issue.
  4. Ley_CrimsonRiver

    Bolarola and tranq zoom

    https://imgur.com/Nth5q5O As you can see from the picture, when zoomed in on the tranquilizer the animal is shown with a sharp glow. While this is fine for virminik and pobbers, it is terrible when you are trying to capture bolarolas. Why? Unlike the other 2 I listed, bolarolas can only be captured when your tranq dart hits their belly, and having them glow as seen in the picture makes it really hard to land a shot where it counts. Having your eyes focus on a flashing animation is also rather uncomfortable (as you wait between flashing intervals to see their body) While I do know how to cheese bolarola hunting, I do believe it is best if instead of the entire animal glowing, we can only have the belly glowing? (Its a lot easier to shoot at the bright spot... than try to figure out where the "weakness" is when their entire body is emitting a strong light.)
  5. Ley_CrimsonRiver

    Fortuna Hunting

    maybe put up a list of "xxx numbers of sunny pobbers has been saved by the tennos, xxx number of.... etc" next to biz
  6. Ley_CrimsonRiver

    GIFT Floof

    I would prefer to make it trade-able, I don't mind buying a lot to fill my orbiter with floofs
  7. Ley_CrimsonRiver

    fortuna animal hunting start point issues

    https://imgur.com/fkMRkeE So... we are supposed to follow paths to farm for plushies to find animals for conservation. can the start point not be in the middle of a river? I don't think anyone can see a path in that picture I linked above. (I did manage to find the location by circling the marked area, but it wasn't exactly pleasant)
  8. Ley_CrimsonRiver

    Fortuna Hunting

    not entirely impossible, I pulled it off with gara (or was it mesa?) once. Yes, they are extremely hard to pull of, but considering how capturing 2/3 gives you 2 tag, 3/3 gives you 3, I think the difficulty of hunting all 3 is fine as it is I would like the other animals to spawn at a similar rate too... at least it will make farming for plushies not so annoying.
  9. Ley_CrimsonRiver

    New to get Plat

    There should be a trade channel? From PC so I am not 100% sure, but if its the same interface, its the right most channel. (it should be in order of clan, alliance, region, recruit, trade)
  10. There are 5 choices in the report button. Spam, Offensive Language, Offensive Name, Harassment, Real-Life Threat Leeching a mission does not correspond to any of those. So unless DE adds a report choice that is "griefing / leaving the game", your point isn't valid. While it is a bit far-stretched to argue that you are using a false analogy, I think it is fair to say your analogy is rather inappropriate as that will mean driving while drunk isn't an offense to the law.
  11. Ley_CrimsonRiver

    [Request] New PM Sound

    While a better sound will be nice, I am not sure I will like it if its a character speaking to you. Because 1. it can get really annoying if they do it every time someone pm you (and it is hard for the game to know whether you tabbed out or just thinking about something) and 2. "Hey kiddo" is already a good enough jump-scare if it occurs in the middle of the night when you are least expecting, we don't need another.
  12. Ley_CrimsonRiver

    Arca Plasmor Glitch? Gara vitrify glass walls.

    I remember I was playing gara on a mobile defense a few days ago and one of my teammate was using arca plasmor. Their shots were not going through my cylinder as well, and they claimed that it worked fine before the animation changed. Not sure if its related, but anyway, its probably not related to specters
  13. Ley_CrimsonRiver

    Mods riven

    The answer is 42.
  14. Ley_CrimsonRiver

    Riven Capacity/Trading

    From what I remember, you cannot trade for another riven when you are over the capacity you have. However, you can still sell your rivens, so thats probably the only solution you have if you can't afford to buy more slots.... Now... I can't even begin to talk about how bad it gets when you hit 90 in capacity and have a constant 88-90 rivens in your inventory. It is even worse when the 3 riven + 3 slot daily tribute comes.
  15. Hm... if this post is here a few years ago, I might agree on it, since there isn't as many reliable way to restore health back then. Now? not really Aside from life strike and health restores... we have Arcane Grace: (warframe arcane) 6% chance of healing 4% of your health each second for 6 seconds upon taking damage Medi-Ray: (sentinel mod) restores 12% of your max health (including mods) over 4 seconds. Hunter Recovery: (Companion mod) 30% life steal on your kitty / doggy Magus Elevate: (Operator arcane) 75% chance of healing 200 hp "if you rapid tap 5 (transference key) twice". This also has no cooldown Magus Replenish: (Operator arcane) 100% chance of healing 20% hp after performing a void dash There are a few more that I didn't list (focus, aura, might even miss an arcane as well). My point is, there is actually a lot of ways to heal outside of life strike, and many of them are reliant too. (Personally I run magus elevate, and by rapid tapping 5, you can heal back to full health in no time)