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  1. I don't think adding more % health damage is going to be a good move, it will just increase ability spamming due to its effectiveness and make frames with such abilities way too strong. Especially psychic bolts and tesla as they both can deal damage while you are hiding in a safe spot (remember back when void keys was a thing and people camp the pipes with tesla?) A week or so ago, I did an hour run in index (for prodman) and had the highest damage and kills as trinity because energy vampire deals %health true damage, the amount of damage even trivialize level 200 enemies as I was dropping them like flies by spamming ev at them (it was a high strength min duration build).
  2. Leyers_of_facade

    Is riven are a good way of fixing bad weapon?

    The concept was kinda good, but the implementation of rivens were just poor and ineffective.
  3. Leyers_of_facade

    Archwing Energy in Plains of Eidolon (POE)

    Kinetic Diversion could help... Otherwise, just use zenurik and it should be enough
  4. Leyers_of_facade

    Will it be needed?

    Personally, I don't think paracesis is necessary for the new war (ie, even without it, you probably can still do the quest) However, given all the resources (umbral mods, sacrificial mods, and now the paracesis), I would guess that the new war will be really sentient heavy. You will probably have to face a lot of sentients, many of which will be strong. Paracesis will probably make your life easier, similar to how a semi-moderate amp makes your fight with umbra excal in "the sacrifice" a lot more comfortable than the base mote amp.
  5. Mirage Prime. With vectis prime and velocitus, I just keep my distance and snipe the spider from afar while having all the buffs on myself to do good damage
  6. Leyers_of_facade

    Just got nikana riven and I would like to ask few things

    its still far from good...sadly stats like +attack speed, +melee damage tends to be good on most melee +combo duration is often a useful stat too Considering how nikana prime have 20% cc and 20% sc, both +crits and +elementals can be decent too
  7. Leyers_of_facade

    Look at them

  8. Leyers_of_facade

    Garuda Blood Alters

    sounds like a bug... unless you mean the guards who I highly suspect are immune to the ability
  9. Leyers_of_facade

    Despoil Sucks (At Least For Camping) : Here Is Why

    Solution 1: If you really like despoil and you want to camp as nekros... consider getting a trinity in your squad Solution 2: If you just care about the loot and want to camp as nekros, don't take despoil
  10. Leyers_of_facade

    Garuda: a mix of two incompatible playstyles

    In my opinion, her kit is fine as it is now, and she probably just needs a bit of a buff on her passive as it is definitely a bit weak for the cost you have to take. I do believe that she requires a lot of investment to be strong, definitely not a frame that you can just throw a potato and mod her to be amazing. A strength + efficiency half-tank build can definitely take you far if you play her carefully and Regenerative molt saryn comes into mind when thinking of similar builds.
  11. If people are willing to pay 20 bucks per season, they can easily still get most things by just buying plat (or even wait for a lucky plat discount and pay more in 1 go) then buy all the primes they need. Even for things like kitguns in fortuna, you can just buy them with plat (although its a bit expensive). A pass that makes grinding easier is only going to make the grind harder for the players who don't buy it. Otherwise there is no justification for players to buy them. To be honest, the only grind in fortuna (and maybe even warframe entirely) currently that you can't just bypass with plat is probably repeller system (and basically the ranking up of vox solaris) as they are not tradeable afaik and requires pretty much the spamming of a boring mission (part 2)
  12. Eh? A scientific calculation? Rare to see one on forums these days, sooo I will add what I have to this post too Here I will treat this as a negative binomial distribution. I will be using excel for the calculations. https://imgur.com/6CqgW2h This is the link to the formula for the first cell I specifically use for reference. (and you can just repeat the code by pulling the rectangle down) Most of you probably aren't too interested in how the calculation was done, so I just kept them in the spoilers Here are some results. By using cumulative, we can see that it will take ~ 49 runs to have 50% chance to be done (Cumulative gives us the value of 50.61% at 49 runs, 49.87% at 48 runs) ~ 88 runs to have 90% chance to be done (Cumulative gives us 90.38% at 88 runs, 88.90% at 87 runs) ~101 runs to have 95% chance to be done (95.01% at 101 runs, 94.74% at 100 runs) ~131 runs to have 99% chance to be done (99.04% at 131 runs, 98.98% at 130 runs) ~206 runs to have 99.99% chance to be done Using the same assumption of 5 minute per run from original post, this implies 245 minutes (4 hours 5 min) to have 50% chance 440 minute (7 hours 20 min) to have 90% chance 505 minute (8 hours 25 min) to have 95% chance 655 minutes (10 hours 55 minute) to have 99% chance Note that these values assume each run takes 5 minutes and does not account for break time
  13. Leyers_of_facade

    for sanity's sake: improve the bloody profanity filter!

    Its probably just easier to have a code that prohibits all words with *ass* instead of one that tries to figure out if its in the right context or not. The filter is probably a bit overboard but as the saying goes "better to be safe than sorry" that being said... I have a feeling this thread is going to get closed down by a mod real quick
  14. Leyers_of_facade


    I thought you were talking about panthera (secondary fire)
  15. Leyers_of_facade

    hit or miss

    Seek medical attention now.