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  1. you will need 3 lures (alive) near garry when you take him down for a capture (terry only needs 2, both garry and harry requires 3 for a capture) if you don't have enough lures, you will still be able to kill him, but you won't get the shard you need to spawn harry, and so the bounty is considered a failure
  2. Most content in game is way too easy given the arsenal we have, therefore fun and nice looking weapons will certainly still have a place in game. Just because a particular fun / creative weapon doesn't do as well in 1 scenario doesn't mean it isn't worth keeping. I still have dozens of weapon in my inventory that are certainly inferior to my strongest batch but are still used every now due to various reasons.
  3. The main reason why people are speeding running is because as it is right now, it is very often far more efficient to speed run than casually opening up lockers, as the lockers give minimal resources and does not justify the time required to do so. It is far more efficient to go to a certain "lootcave" (nodes that give abundance of particular resources) to grind for any resources you are looking for. Unless DE significantly amps up the resources dropped from lockers, I don't think there will be many people picking the "casual" option that you are suggesting.
  4. uhhh just a fair warning, but 100k plat trades could be dangerous, from what I heard someone did a 100k vectis riven trade (perfect stats and unrolled) and got banned because DE suspects they were doing real life transaction.
  5. damn it, you were quicker than me 😞
  6. I would argue that Primed chamber can be considered a permanently missable content, sadly your 4k is just about nothing compared to the price of the mod nowadays.
  7. going to give it to mirage prime, just like my first one. why? perfection is required for my favourite frame. would also make life less miserable when I eventually decide to 100 forma her
  8. rage related bugs (and QT, which imo, has always been a bigger issue) is a known issue for a very long time. Often, dying once will fix it, however that isn't guaranteed. Every once in a while, you will see either / both fail to work in a mission (but not in the previous or next), it is also reasonably difficult to replicate in a meaningful way to help support identify the issue. Personally, I would just recommend bringing energy restores, it could come in handy when dying once is not the best option at the moment.
  9. mag bubble + lanka is still a death sentence to most enemies Lanka has its purpose, it just doesn't do everything great
  10. personally I bind my mouse wheel to primary fire too. left click button for individual shots, but switch to wheel when trying to fire at maximum fire rate, its also relatively easy to setup and doesn't require macro
  11. gives out opticor vandal essentially for free every 2 weeks without mr restriction guts opticor's disposition due to popularity
  12. 1) Yes, you should be able to pick which mod config to bring by clicking on the bar near the top of your screen when you are placing the mods into the weapon. Whenever you change weapons / warframes however, the next time you re-equip it, it will default back to the first config (config A) 2) you would need to invite them to your clan's dojo (or they invite you to theirs) and there is a trading post that would allow you to trade with them. Alternatively, you can go to maroo's bazaar on mars and trade with them there by using the shop function, I don't play on switch so I am not sure which buttons you would need to press, but it should be the same one that opens up your gears and emotes. You would need to be mastery 2 and have 2FA in order to be able to trade. 3) Might want to specify which weapon it is for. I personally would recommend checking the wiki in general for this. 4) Pretty much, yes. 5) It is one of the mission type. Cryotic (one of the resources) are obtained from excavations. In addition, some excavation missions are good for endo (hieracon) or farming for relics, as rotations can typically be completed quicker than survivals with a decent team. 6) Really depends. I personally have a lot of loadouts as I am a bit lazy and there is a lot of different loadouts that I would like to keep for various purposes. Seeing how you are new, I would guess that you don't have that many warframes / weapons, so I would recommend using your starter platinum (assuming you haven't bought any yet) on slots instead.
  13. Perhaps enemies can drop pearl when we soak them? 5 (or even 10) per enemy on highest level would be nice (assuming we keep the current store prices)
  14. I would love it if DE just adds the rewards in nightwave into some sort of bundle (with the cosmetics and the umbra forma) and put it in market, in that case, I will just get the bundle and not bother with this boring chore-like system. That being said, I could see that its precisely why DE did not do that =_= Honestly, I would prefer it if nightwave challenges are actual challenges, things that actually challenge the players to do something "out of the box" per say, and not the current "hey, can you waste half an hour doing this boring task for xxxx standing where the biggest challenge is not falling asleep?"
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