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  1. what happened to dark sectors? what happened to clan/alliance revamp? honestly, I would be surprised if DE actually starts finishing up things they mentioned
  2. Here before this one gets locked too Oh, and while we are here, can we have this fellow back pls?
  3. Self damage was a non-issue if cautious shot worked on all weapons. A fully modded kuva ogris with a riven could barely knock half health off my mirage prime when I shoot it at my feet even under eclipse damage buff (670% dmg maximum buff, wasn't able to test exact amount that time). While it is far from the strongest aoe weapon, I would say you would be hard pressed to find a weapon that can deal more damage than kuva ogris after a significant damage buff. In addition, mirage prime is a fairly squishy frame compared to many others. The only issue was that the mod can't be equipped o
  4. Hm... I think this counts as an auction house thread time to check it off my bingo-sheet
  5. To be fair, prior to the ophelia nerf, the standard for rates was 200-250 per 2 hours, which puts the average rate for 40 min right about 66.66-83.33 (so basically the range for the values) --- Although the main question is why is DE nerfing kuva rates again, even with kuva requiem survival the rates are awful. Steel path endurance at least give a far more reasonable rate.
  6. revisiting old content? what is this sorcery? there is so much content that would benefit from a revisit, although DE would rather release new updates with excessive amount of grinds than to revisit these past contents. They never changed...
  7. Challenge? Steel path isn't challenging to being with, only difficult part with that mode is not falling asleep mid mission from boredom. Heck, I even use it to max newly crafted weapons while I run through the useless nodes solo these days. I would very much like an actual challenging gamemode for the game, sadly people would complain at anything being difficult and ask for a nerf if their unmodded braton cannot shred through them. Next, steel path's kuva/min rate is actually higher than kuva requiem survival, and one would be obtaining a fair amount of kuva in a reasonable amount o
  8. you are having fun, they aren't, so they want to take away your fun to make it even, typical.
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