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  1. honestly? no once you hit the higher levels, inaros isn't gonna keep you alive, he is weak to burst amounts of damage valkyr on the other hand, has both shield gates AND actual immortality with her ult if I have to take a frame (between the 2) with the purpose of staying alive as long as I can for high levels, it would definitely be valkyr, not inaros
  2. there was 3 things that would have saved conclave before it died off (I assume after U19, it was still fairly active up until SoTR days iirc) 1) "dedicated servers" (stable connection for the majority of people who isn't playing on a toaster), we kinda have this right now, but it wasn't enough and it took too long 2) proper matchmaking. Recruit conditioning was a joke. 3) proper balancing. and yes, that would mean that not everyone can feel like they are a god smiting mortals like they do for the rest of the game. 2 and 3, never really happened. Ironically, if one w
  3. ok, first of all, dera does have a variant (dera vandal), so I hope you mean the vandal (it would not be a good idea to consider buffing normal / weaker versions of the weapon to the level of better variants) anyway, very curious about what your "godly riven" is, because at least from the stats on wiki, it would seem that making the weapon do well isn't really that hard. Although for sure you would probably need to run something that adds flat crit (eg arcane avenger) Honestly though, considering how weak the typical enemy is (by typical, I would mean anything that you
  4. pretty sure most avonics are dirt cheap on PC right now, sell some stuff (heck, even go with trash prime if you have nothing), get a few plat and buy the offensive avonics like honestly, get tether / void hole, and cheese the mission >_> they even scale well into veil, railjack enemies are so weak, it is an absolute joke right now and cyngas being mandatory? pretty sure imperator vandal and velocitus are the best for railjack. Imp v for the dps, velo for the 1 shot capability
  5. Not quite. Under my definition, a useable roll would be one where there is no base mod that is better than the riven for the last slot. This only holds for several cases 1) your weapon have nice dispo (at least 0.85+) 2) your weapon isn't of a type flooded with decent base game mods (primary and melee are flooded, secondary to some extent... so yes, archgun and sentinel weapons more or less all count) 3) your weapon have terrible cc (ie, a weapon with like a 2% cc base), terrible sc to some extent 4) your weapon have some mechanism that makes certain "typically good"
  6. probably about right to be honest, with a booster its like 16k -20k with smeeta half it to account for no booster, and you are looking at 8k-10k, minus smeeta and ye, 7k looks reasonable also, steel path is way way way better, even after they fked it over >_>
  7. eh? they should add that into the game make it some sort of premium fissure, 1k level enemies, you get to pick up to 2 rewards (out of 4 in a full squad) lets go
  8. while we are at it, can we bring this fellow back? too many posts that deserve to have this on them
  9. so, you lost 12 plat, my first thought is on weapon slots, you can check if you accidentally bought some weapon slots? easy for that to happen when you are at cap and you clicked too fast although, there is nothing that us forums people can help, you may have to contact support. support may take a while to respond, but they should be able to help you figure out what happened in the mean time, I won't worry too much about it for now. The plat that was spent is likely starter plat, so it couldn't be traded away (and best used for slots anyway). weapon slots seems to be the most likely
  10. she isn't even the only frame that can do it >_>
  11. you must be joking. SP bounty gives you 13.8k standing for perfect run, 30.25k/13.8k = 2.1884058, assuming each run takes you 16 min, you will be looking at 35 min to grind out a daily worth of standing. You can do that within 10 on fortuna, within 20 on plains
  12. it was just a lie from the beginning, perhaps to make them seem like a "nice developer", all DE ever did was add more and more ridiculous grind into the game the last few years. it was just an empty promise, the typical thing. 1 hour of content with 99 hours of grind is not 100 hours of content. DE didn't learn from their failures in liches, railjack, and soon deimos. Just look at how little people bother with farming liches and railjack these days (excluding when nora throws it in nightwave), why? It is because people play the game because it is fun, not because they wa
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