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  1. exactly. the new resources took ~ 1-2 hour total, and roughly the same for argon the rest, aside from credits, which I was already running low due to trading, I have more than enough resources to build several railjack without a sweat. imo, railjack is probably the only time DE really draw in the veteran players instead of the newcomers, almost every major update in the past few years were excessively easy, and if they weren't upon release, they certainly were within 1 month.
  2. When was baro not a disappointment? (aside from maybe the very first few times he came)
  3. if you mean difficult as in "challenging content" (rather than difficult grinds) then probably no, it wont ever exist in this game. This is because everytime a new update is released and it is not blatantly easy, people will complain and whine about it until DE nerfs it, which they did, everytime. Stupid RNG / excessively painful grinds are not difficult, that is just annoying...
  4. tbh, I am just waiting for her prime. I am aware that a triple umbra build is likely going to be really good on her, but mod costs would be an issue without umbra formas.
  5. It has been the case for a long time. Pretty sure jackal isn't the only boss. (Back when my loadouts aren't that strong, it is a very common for me to unequip at least one of my weapons to reduce their levels if I am trying to help other people clear bosses
  6. I kinda prefer the current mechanic over your suggested one.... Mainly because its already hard enough to get them spawn enough for me to kill them quickly.
  7. I would disagree with that.... the requirements you listed are mostly for 4+ x3 runs. 3x3 or anything below would likely not require all the things you listed. I dont have a single forma on my chroma p, nor do I use the rubico prime for eidolons (not even lanka too), and I ran a lot of 3x3 before even having maxed unairu. Wanting to do more than 3x3, would be like wanting to clear roppy in less than 5 min. I don't think it is unreasonable to have a lot more restrictions on frame and weapon choices.
  8. I would recommend these methods that doesnt require macros 1. Easiest: bind your melee key to mouse wheel in addition to E 2. Potentially bind 2 side-by-side keys for melee, so instead of spamming one with one finger, you can use 2.
  9. Mirage. She is like... the definition of fun. plus, she is just really strong xD
  10. tbh, I am just disappointed that Depleted Reload isn't an exilus although the reason why that is the case is very obvious, I just wanted to have that mod on one of my weap 😕
  11. Well, cats has always been better than dogs. Also, idk if the grind for either is easier than the other, kubrow eggs don't drop all that often while kavats appear more in derelict, they also don't always give you codes (although you can help with using the widget at simaris, using ballistica p for double scans... etc) the only difference is when you use plat.
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