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  1. Be creative! build your bed, cushions out of the decorations that are provided You can also donate your floofs to dojo and use them there (although you can't get them back....)
  2. not quite, by link buff, I am recommending that literally every "buff" that protects your warframe is automatically on your pet, which will include things like adaptation, as well as abilities such as turbulence (zephyr), halo (nezha), nullstar (nova) so practically speaking, if you aren't dying to the enemies, your pets probably won't be doing so as well.
  3. As much as I like pets to survive more in fights... making them invincible isn't the correct answer imo. That is actually pretty false, there are certain builds that will allow pets to do ridiculous amounts of damage Personally my suggestion would be for pets to have "the same" buffs warframes has (link buff) so if warframe has dmg reduction abilities, it will also affect the pet, giving them much better protection
  4. It takes 250,000 mastery to hit mr10 Currently for non-founders there is 2,151,002 possible obtainable mastery so you only need 11.6% ... that is quite a low standard already....
  5. "no matter what gun what mod setup or riven?" actual doubt pretty sure there are still a few weapons where if you mod them with near perfect rivens, can certainly match melees for example... synapse Although I would agree that melees in general take far less effort to achieve what can only be achieved with a lot of effort and good riven on many guns.
  6. you want fun? you take mirage She makes everything fun and good❤️
  7. Downright disappointing, but as expected I guess. I was half expecting enemies to be capable of doing some damage and / or being able to actually tank some of it... Took my mirage to missions, I realized I was nuking them and thought it was due to mirage's damage buff being significant, so I stopped casting any abilities on her and took with me a single target weapon. turns out, even without using abilities or aoe weapons, clearing rooms was still boringly easy, not to mention the ridiculously low amount of damage that enemies were dealing. I can't believe even my mirage can facetank their shots without having to use her 2 core abilities (clones to distract / eclipse for damage reduction) hard mode? more like boring mode.
  8. you don't really run zephyr for CC, you run her for survivability... with turbulence on, you are pretty much safe from most attacks (aside from melee ones, and certain aoe ones that can't be deflected) shield gating also helps her a lot now that you can't really die from a random stray bullet that goes through your turbulence...
  9. Yes and no. Steam charts won't be perfectly accurate because not everyone plays via steam. However, unless you have reason to believe that at least one of the following is true - there is a significant bias of the player population represented by steam charts (ie, the type of players with specific activity periods that use steam and those that do not are significantly different) - there is a major aggregate influx / outflux of people using steam to launch warframe then steam charts will still be a decent sample that one can look at. Just like in presidential researches, you can't really ask "everyone" which president they would prefer before the actual vote, you typically can only work with asking a "large enough sample" and get a reasonable conclusion with good confidence (95% confidence). Similarly unless you believe that the sample represented by steam charts has innate bias, it will at least be a good indicator of what is happening in wf. Personally, I have definitely seen chats get extremely inactive at times, although I believe it might be chat servers being wonky... again. That being said, it likely is the case that wf's popularity is going down, or at least, we can speculate that from Leyou's (DE's parent group) 2019 financial statements ( it was an absolute eyesore)
  10. Inaros actually isn't as tanky as most people think. Enemies who offer high damage per shot (like the corpus snipers) can shred through him. Aside from the purpose of a more afk-oriented style playing, trinity is actually both a better tank (via bless + link) and a team frame (do I even need to explain what she puts onto the table?) than inaros.
  11. Currently the base cc for a charged shot is 10% With the riven I am proposing, CC post riven and point strike should be ~48% (assuming a high value on riven), with a multishot of ~3.25 As I don't have the riven, I can really only calculate what the build would be able to achieve, I can more or less simulate roughly the damage, but not the probability. Although the probability calculations using the values above would suggest that the chance of a given shot to be fatal to 175 corrupted heavy gunners would be roughly 44%, putting on average 2.27 shots required to kill one Personally I would say that isn't too bad, any higher level enemies would mean miter should only be used for popping nully bubble (which is ok imo) Obviously, this is without arcanes, with the help of arcanes, the chance of a shot being fatal is significantly higher
  12. Preference I guess. Since I was doing the recording and wanted to do it with a base build (no arcane, no warframe ability), with a very unoptimal riven (multi, cold -mag), my build does end up being awfully inconsistent. That being said, as I do use arcane avenger on a lot of my frames, the flat cc boost does push my miter's cc into reasonably consistent range, which in actual gameplay, should be enough to reliably proc HM most of the time, and allowing it to shred most targets. Which really brings back to my point, miter's damage while isn't great, it is more than enough to handle 175 Corrupted Heavy Gunner. Although I did indeed forget to mention that the inconsistency can definitely be solved via a proper setup / solid riven (I actually propose something different, I believe the most optimal riven for miter would be multishot, cc, dmg/cd -unharmful.) The riven I proposed above should allow the following build riven, split chamber, point strike, tox, cold, bane, hm, serration / vital (depending on whether riven's third stat is dmg or cd) which if I am not mistaken, should be pretty consistent at least up to 175 CHG tier of ehp.
  13. Miter's dmg is just inconsistent... Way too reliant on HM to deal proper damage (which basically translates to harrow / arcane avenger or rng dmg) Honestly tho, weapon isn't really that bad, it is kinda niche with bubble popping
  14. Uhhh, I would have to say no... Cyan stars are awful rewards to get for most of the people who don't lack it. Heck, I have close to 200 filled anasas on my ship and still have hundreds of cyan stars that I just can't ever use up... Honestly, you might just want to buy them off market or something, pretty sure people will sell them fairly cheap... cyan star as a reward is probably just as bad as "50 endo", and something as useless as that diluting loot table will be a major frustration.
  15. "Protea" seems like a interesting way to spell... harrow kuva liches intrinsics nidus hema
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