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  1. Whirlwind produces unusual behavior on the Glaive Prime, if the user is dual-wielding. Charging the throw until the indicator turns blue, then manually detonating/recalling the Glaive Prime at very nearly the same time as it impacts an enemy, causes the Glaive Prime to orbit the wielder; it will not be retrieved until the wielder comes close enough, and damages enemies if it strikes them. With slow enough movement, distance can be maintained and the GP can be used to attack specific enemies. This is the potentially exploitable part, especially as Glaive Prime is guaranteed to inflict a slash proc while in flight. Using Quick Return seems to make it easier to provoke this behavior. Rebound does not appear to affect it. This perceived interaction could just be a result of timing and mistiming of the detonation. Using Power Throw makes the behavior far more severe, and much easier to provoke. When the behavior is provoked while using Whirlwind + Power Throw, the Glaive spirals out endlessly, and will never return. Ease of provocation does not appear to be due to striking multiple targets with a throw; was able to trigger it easily several times when specifically targeting one enemy. Glaive is effectively lost each time the bug is provoked. I equipped Relentless Combination, as well. The combination counter did not appear to increment while orbiting, regardless of Slash procs and Glaive Prime impacts. I tested this set of mods on the Cerata, Orvius, and Falcor, with no success in replicating the issue. As an unranked Whirlwind mod did not provoke this behavior, I think it's related to flight speed somehow. Testing was performed in the Simulacrum. Reproduction steps: 1 - Equip Glaive Prime, with Whirlwind, Quick Return and Power Throw; also equip a one-handed Secondary 2 - Swap to Secondary to engage Dual-Wielding. Charge melee attack until indicator turns blue, then release. 3 - Activate manual detonation/recall just when the Glaive Prime strikes a target. Suggestion: Spear guns have a recall timer; is it possible to use something similar? Calculate the maximum amount of time the Glaive should be in the air per throw, add a bumper second, and if the Glaive hasn't returned by the end of that time, teleport back to the user, for example? Having it return clearly doesn't always work, and it might be better to just put in a net, so to speak.
  2. OricSharp

    Cyanex Needs Buff

    I like the Cyanex, but I have to agree - it's got some glaring issues. My input isn't going to be particularly math-heavy, or comparing it to other weapons, it's just how I'm feeling about the weapon. Appearances: I feel like this gun could use a tracer effect to make it easier to tell where the shots went. I guess this might be able to be resolved with a particularly harsh energy color, but I would just prefer something a little more standard to the weapon itself - I don't like having to troubleshoot and workaround things in video games that I'm only playing. Making the shots leave a more noticeable trail would make it much easier to work with. Accuracy: For a gun with homing shots, it has terrible accuracy - it's ridiculous. The weapon basically relies entirely on the homing schtick to hit anything past point-blank. The homing itself is also very weak, making it require a long distance to be effective. Given how slow the shots move, it's also not very reliable, even at a long enough distance for the shots to track in - and it makes it unreliable at close range, if the target is moving toward you at an angle. I've dropped entire magazines on one dude who literally ran past me untouched, because the shots move so slowly and are fired with a tremendous deviation. I think the ricochets actually do have homing, but I'm not entirely certain - I just know that I tend to be able to shoot in such a way that it will ricochet into a room, and then something dies. Fire Rate: I like that it's full-auto, because that lets me focus more on aiming than pulling the trigger, but it feels super sluggish. Magazine Size, Reload Speed: If I'm cutting loose (as loose as it gets, anyway) with this thing, I feel like I spend as much time reloading as firing. Yes, there's mods for that, but it's not a good base. Damage, Primary Fire: It's good against groups, I think. I was able to pretty handily annihilate the Perrin Sequence MOA Eximus Platoon with the Gas procs, and any time I find a group of enemies, it cleans them out with ease. Single targets, it's okay. It just works better when there's more enemies, which I kind of like. Damage, Secondary Fire: I don't use this much, because it feels terrible. Yeah, it's got a high fire rate and different damage, but it's just not that useful; dumping the magazine leaves you dealing with a reload that takes twice as long as the dumping, and it has yet to actually kill anything, even with the weapon modded for as much damage as I can manage. I feel about as satisfied when I use the Secondary fire as I do when I use the Nagantaka's - not at all, and maybe a little annoyed that I thought it might work out this time. Maybe it'd work if I modded for the Secondary fire's IPS and increased reload speed, but why would I do that? Miscellaneous: It's fun when I shoot in a direction and something I absolutely did not think was going to get hit in a completely different direction dies. Overall, I would like to see more visible rounds, with much better tracking and/or higher base projectile speed, somewhat decreased spread (possibly ramp up while firing?), and...either a larger magazine or a faster reload. I would also have preferred the Secondary fire to be something a little less...well, what it is. In fact, I'd have preferred something completely different, whether it's Gas mines (fired in Stug-style arcs or something) or (if it has to be one of these friggin' magdump alts) expending the entire magazine to launch essentially a rocket that fires a blast of Primary rounds away from its point of impact (so as to allow approaching the problem from another angle - shoot it to a position behind the enemies and hit them from the back, for example). Or just make it a Tediore gun, and alt-fire throws the whole thing like a grenade and makes you reload faster, at the cost of all the ammo left. I don't know. Anything other than what it has right now, because what it has right now basically feels like "We can't think of an alt-fire, but we want it to have one, and Greg is really attached to dumping the whole magazine into things."
  3. Yes, but realistically, it's very much not, and the dissonance creates the problem - the gameplay is designed with the intention of the player going through it several times, so the narrative that is experienced due to "We're going to repeat this story tidbit at you over and over" comes off as particularly, peculiarly disjointed and potentially unhinged. The player will almost certainly not do any Assassination mission only once, for example - Tyl Regor (due to Equinox) will likely be run far more than eight times, Kela (due to her mod collection) more than nine (and I'm still trying to get the damn mod I want), and everyone will act as if it's the first time, every time. Never will it be explained, and that's fine - it doesn't need to be. It just needs to be adjusted to acknowledge (from a gameplay standpoint) that the player has done, and will do, this mission before and again, and that hearing something over and over can be irritating to certain people, whether it makes sense in the narrative or not. ...Wait, the Operator talks in - well, guess what I've always had turned off because I got tired of hearing "we fought with honor, your honor! my warframe doesn't skip leg day! grineer ugly, they ugly, they mama say they ugly! corpus got greedy milk for my cookie! infested such stanky eye very ew!" I definitely agree on additional toggles, knowing this. Operator Commentary, Ordis Commentary, Lotus Commentary, and then a whole set for Mission Instructions ("They turned off life support and the place is filling with infested spores and that matters for some reason! Don't let anybody you're here, you rocket-launcher wielding affront to subtlety, except maybe the forty dudes you are actively shooting at this moment!") subdivided by mission type. (Apparently Hint Transmissions is supposed to do something about the Mission Instructions stuff, but I've had it off for forever, and it's never shown any difference - I'm going to have to try turning it on and back off, and see if that helps.)
  4. All through my time in Warframe, there's been one problem that's never been addressed, to my knowledge - repetition. Not of missions, but of monologues. Some of them are not particularly noticeable, like the ones in Survival runs; Lotus doesn't speak at length, insult the player, remind them that they're playing a video game while also telling them to find the cheese strategy, or take up half the screen while you're fighting/parkouring. Others, especially for new mission types or story missions, are incredibly irritating to experience repeatedly, especially in a short period of time, as is likely to happen when grinding a mission for an item, or trying out different loadouts to see what works best in it. These are things like the half-screen monologue in the Ropalolyst mission, obscuring a large portion of the screen with a semitransparent hologram that speaks for what feels like ages while you're trying to parkour around, or the pre-mission chatter before the new Ganymede - Ordis expresses surprise and concern, Alad sarcastically comments, points out that a character is gone, and then "Now. Sniff-sniff, Betrayers. See if you can find the cheese." Travel through a few empty rooms, Ordis comments about an outgoing comm cipher, says it's not a problem, acts intrigued and excited that Alad's system has a back door. And then it drops to tolerable mission chatter - short soundbytes that make sense no matter how many times you play the mission. Well, except the random bark where Alad pretty pointedly reminds you that you're playing a video game, in a soundbyte that drips with self-congratulatory "Look how meta we can be, pointing out the pointlessness of how the player is spending their time" but that's beside the point and happens rarely enough that it's at least a little amusing. Now, the first time the mission is attempted, or even until the mission is completed, this makes sense. The eighth time you've been through it? The 14th? By this point, I personally just wish they'd shut up. I'm saying their lines right back in absolutely the least clever mockery - "snEFF SNoff beTRaaaRz seE iF yoU cAN FIND the CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ" "hau thcandalouth, thur'th a backthurr"- all purpose to it has been lost, and all impact has decayed into general irritation with having to hear it every time I play the mission. Much like Lotus once either forgot how math worked or was trying to kill the Tenno with every Mobile Defense mission, the narrative devolves. In this case, into "Does everyone else have Alzheimer's? Is this what it would be like if everyone else in space had anterograde amnesia like the Memento guy? Are we actually timeline-hopping psychopaths jumping from dimension to dimension to acquire these parts, and that's why they don't remember that this literally happened five minutes ago?" I mean, really, I'm not that worried about the weird implications of everyone repeating the same bollocks over and over, but for a game where they seem to want to have a sprawling narrative, somebody probably should be. It should be noted that I'm just picking these ones as examples because they're the most recent new stuff, and thus the easiest to recall; similar happens with Assassination missions (constantly reiterating why we're theoretically there to kill the target, even after you've killed them four or five times), and Lotus also constantly tells the Tenno the same "Here's how to do this mission!" things in every mission, regardless of how many times you've done it in just the last hour, which leaves me feeling like she thinks the Tenno are literally idiots. (At first, I thought this was what the "Enable Hint Transmissions" governed, but I've had it off for a while and haven't seen any difference in gameplay.) I'm just here to blow things up and take their stuff. I really just want to stop experiencing these sometimes-lengthy narrative-focused monologues after the first time I hear it, because, well, I'm just here to blow things up and take their stuff. I know some people would really love to hear that crap a hundred times, though, so here's my grand suggestion. Put in a toggle that allows Narrative Content to play every time, or the first time. If this were to be done, I would gladly volunteer my time to pick out exactly what I think qualifies.
  5. Agreed. They wanted to make the game more fluid, and this is a place they could really stand to look.
  6. Sword and Shield weapons do actually have access to...I'm pretty sure all of these things, as it is. And some of them aren't just available to Sword and Shield. Every attack in the 45-degree arc centered on your crosshair is blocked, so I have no idea what you're driving at with this Block Chance stat mention. Sword & Shield does have an 85% Block Resist in general - or 90% in the case of Silva & Aegis Prime - meaning the S&S stops 85% of incoming damage, or 90% in the case of S&A Prime. This is the highest Block Resist currently available, although Sword and Shield is not the only weapon class with this much reduction. This reduction does apply to AoE attacks, as far as I can tell, as any Warframe and any melee weapon can block such things as Scorch flamethrowers, Fire Blast and Rippling Shockwave. Parry Chance (in case this is what you were talking about) is something different; it's only present when using the Parry mod, which allows for automatic parrying (opening up the opponent to a Finisher) if blocking while channeling. Timing a Channel properly allows for successful parrying (opening up opponent to Finisher) without using a mod at all, and blocking while Channeling is also called Parrying, which <sarc>isn't confusing at all.</sarc> Taunts and team support: Look into Guardian Derision for a taunt mod - at max, it reads "Blocking taunts enemies within 15 meters to target you instead of allies." It isn't S&S exclusive, but why should it have to be? There's also a mod (Electromagnetic Shielding) that transfers up to half the damage taken by nearby allies (up to 12 meters away) to you while you're blocking. Incentive for the user to be attacked: Ack & Brunt receives a stacking bonus to damage by blocking elemental attacks; Silva & Aegis/Silva & Aegis Prime receive a stacking bonus to Status/Critical chance by blocking any attacks at all. Cobra & Crane, and Sigma & Octantis, do not receive any block-bonus, probably because they can be thrown. To deal damage to your enemy, you'd want the new Amalgam Javlok Magazine Warp mod; while this does require a Javlok to be equipped to use it, it grants up to 6000% damage reflection while Parrying (Blocking while Channeling), and up to 90% extra Channeling Efficiency specifically while Parrying. As for something that isn't already in the game, how about: 1 - Restoring functionality; allowing melee weapons in general to manually block again regardless of loadout, thereby allowing better access to Guardian Derision and Electromagnetic Shielding, without limiting loadout options. or 1a - Adjusting current function; checking whether a gun is available to swap to and able to be fired when Block/Aim is pressed, instead of allowing/disallowing it at the beginning of the mission based on Loadout status? This would allow for manual blocking (and thus access to Guardian Derision, etc) if the user was disarmed of their primary/secondary weapons, out of ammo, was running a Spear Gun/Sword and Shield loadout (perhaps trying to emphasize the new Javlok mod) and threw their Spear Gun, or some combination of circumstances that culminates in effectively only having a melee weapon. 2 - Buffing specific things; allowing Cobra & Crane and Sigma & Octantis to receive a buff on block that enhances their Shield Throw action in some way. 3 - Expanding existing concepts; allowing the Shield portion of the weapon to be used in conjunction with a single-handed Secondary, with access to blocking during gunplay as a result - not as extensive as Gun-and-Glaive, more like Gun-and-Block, with only enough complication in the moveset to allow for "Shield Bash" and "Full-Swap to Melee."
  7. Yeah, I hate that title, too. But it's accurate. With the advent of the new Amalgam Javlok Magazine Warp, I was curious about how the system functioned regarding deciding whether the user can manually block - if the user was disarmed of all but their melee weapon, would they be able to manually block, allowing for a little more fluidity with, say, Javlok and a S&S weapon, allowing for more proactive use of Guardian Derision? No, apparently it's set at mission start, and never changes, regardless of potential changes to the availability of weapons mid-mission. Get disarmed by a Drahk Master, leaving you with only a melee? Can't manually block, but you probably won't notice - you're under attack as it is. Thrown your spear gun and don't have a secondary for some reason? Still can't block. Out of ammo for everything you brought, somehow? Still no. So, my suggestion is this: Instead of setting the flag at mission start and never checking it again, check when RMB is pressed for whether a gun is available. If a gun is available and has ammo, switch to it. If a gun is not available, block. If a gun is available but doesn't have ammo, block. Alternately, maybe just give us manual blocking back in some way, instead of insisting on arbitrary weirdness.
  8. I really like Equinox, especially with the Duality Augment allowing for backup with potentially very interesting choices of loadout - but I often find myself wishing that I could use Duality to spawn the clone without triggering Metamorphosis, for various reasons (both aesthetic and functional). As a result, I'm suggesting the following change to the Duality augment: Allow a Tap to Switch and Hold to Clone (invertable with the 'invert tap/hold' menu option) system. Tap to Switch would essentially be how Duality!Metamorphosis works currently - Equinox changes between Day and Night after a 1-second delay, and spawns the clone upon completion. Metamorphosis provides stat buffs. Hold to Clone would not trigger Metamorphosis at all - it would spawn the clone after a 1-second delay, with the same Energy cost as Metamorphosis, but neither change Form nor provide the stat buffs that result from using Metamorphosis normally.
  9. I seriously dislike that Natah takes up nearly half my screen the whole time she's pontificating about carpenters and farmers, lights and Golden Wrath - it's a lot of monologue that takes up a lot of my screen when I'm trying to do other things, like get to the boss. As has been noted, it makes parkouring pretty annoying; I would like to add that it also camouflages enemies behind her oversized noggin. Suggestion: Shrink her head and make this thing only play once. You want people to run it a minimum of four times for all Wisp's parts, right? Or five times for all the Amalgam mods? Minimize annoyance from avoidable places. In the fight itself, I find the mechanics annoyingly lengthy, and will likely not attempt to solo it again - dealing with the Synovia while being the sole holder of its attention is frustrating, given its damage output. That it also has a grab attack is...I hate to say it twice so close together, but it's frustrating to be held aloft and zapped without apparent recourse, especially since there's other things that have to be handled, necessitating taking your attention off the boss. Suggestion: Tone the damage of its frequent, relatively subtle attacks down - if it's going to deal massive damage with something, give a clear tell regarding it, as opposed to "Whoops, you stepped in the laser pointer." I would also suggest a Stun period after each Capacitor, since it did just get blasted well enough that it can't fly - it makes more sense than "It just gets up and can't fly for a while." A Stun period would allow for quickly destroying the Synovia even if the teamwork is lacking - or nonexistent, as in the case of a solo player; I feel like soloists get forgotten in a lot of design decisions, going all the way back to the Cicero event. Also, if someone is solo, don't do the grab.
  10. I definitely agree with the resetting the timer when you add an orb, and making it last longer to begin with. It's an investment of resources that's not really rewarded, and that's just annoying. ...I don't use the Synoid/Simulor enough to really have an opinion on the rest.
  11. Hildryn feels mostly fine, but I hate that when I activate Aegis Storm, I also have to independently activate Balefire or she just floats around without any means of attack. I would like to either see Balefire activate simultaneously with Aegis Storm, or her to be able to use her normal weaponry while in Aegis Storm. Just something that doesn't force me to remember to also activate/deactivate her 1 when I activate/deactivate her 4, and makes her flow a bit more intuitively.
  12. Stug fired full-auto still flickers into EXTREME CLOSEUP. This has been happening for several patches now - it makes a not-great but pretty fun weapon absolutely unusable.
  13. I find the Thermia Rifts really annoying to do for the following reasons: 1 - No explanation. I have no idea what they are, why I should care that they exist, or why the Corpus don't want them closed. I also had to inquire with the chat for where to find the Refined Coolant, since Eudico didn't mention it when I started finding them; she said I needed Refined Coolant, and did not bother to hint where to find it. After I did a few successful Rifts, she mentioned the Exploiter Orb's relation to it, but not where to find the Exploiter. Having to go all the way back to the Temple of Profit every time I need a coolant cylinder is tedious. 2 - Things keep healing for no apparent reason; the Coolant Raknoids will go from no shields and 10% HP to 50% HP and full shields with nothing appearing to do anything to cause it and me doing everything to destroy them. The Jackals intermittently ignore damage until they cease to exist, even when I'm not hitting their little hologram shield - I'm behind them bombarding them with attacks, they're be showing damage numbers, no damage appears to be being taken on their HP and Shields. I'm pretty sure this is a bug, and if it was fixed, I would maybe be able to enjoy Orb Vallis content; it's been around a while, and I've been hoping it would be fixed by now, but apparently not. 3 - Other things that I still can't identify after eleven Rifts are doing massive amounts of damage to me, seemingly one shot taking me from 925 HP to 2. Because I have Quick Thinking on every build. Because of things like this. I also generally have trouble spotting enemies against the background, because they blend in and are often too far away for Animal Instinct to be useful. 4 - Looking for the Rifts themselves is also tedious; I'm essentially just drifting around the Orb Vallis in my Archwing going "Where's the orange crap?" I would prefer if it showed on the minimap or something.
  14. So far, I think I like the new melee system - although, yes, it is kind of awkward to be holding a block button that no longer exists to do some combos. Personally, I'm hoping that the combos themselves receive an overhaul as well, and no stance is left with two combos, one of which being the basic E-tapping combo. Stances like Brutal Tide and Pointed Wind have this kind of situation going, where the stance really only gives one combo as a result. Digging the instant swapping, though, and the aimed slams are great. Making Channel toggle persist even when not using a melee weapon, as long as it's activated once, is awesome; I use Life Strike extensively, and being able to have that available without the delay of switching and then activating Channeling will make it even more useful for me. Instantly equipping the melee weapon also makes the Telos Boltace's spin attacks much more useful; before this change, the T!Boltace could only use Stormpath when fully equipped, which crippled their utility. With the new system, Stormpath can be accessed at essentially any time. Locking Exodia Contagion to aim-glide is...annoying, though. Before, I could use it by incorporating bunny-hops into my strafing, keeping my distance while I bombarded enemies, but with the aim-glide requirement, it forces me to move toward the target and delays my landing. Calling back to hopes...I hope that Charge attacks stop requiring the pre-attack swing. This limits the usefulness of Glaive throws, the Caustacyst, and other weapons with special Charge attacks, by making them less responsive. On that note, Glaive throws should also just be normalized to the dual-wielding throw mechanic, in my opinion.
  15. No fix for this Stug bug - this thing is excruciating. It has actually become worse, somehow, and happens more frequently.
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