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    Coming Soon: Devstream #116!

    I just want Vauban's issues to be addressed. The following threads are more or less...I guess an evolving look at how you're losing at least one player by seemingly ignoring this particular frame's issues while giving other, newer, frames comprehensive reworks that they didn't need in the first place. I have put them in a spoiler tag because there's a substantial amount of text there. I would like to take this moment to clarify something: I don't expect anything quick. Maybe an idea of why real steps haven't been taken to make him fit the game and address his issues, an idea of where the rumored postponed rework is in development - just show you're aware of the problem and that you care.
  2. I'm running with a buddy in the Index, and...I have no #*!%ing clue what the hell just happened, but it's disgusting. I am not touching the Index as long as whatever the hell just happened is a thing that exists. Now, as I have no idea what happened, and can find no information regarding the happening, I will attempt to explain the events that just led to losing a Low Risk Index: I am running with a friend, in the Index, as a pair of Ash Primes. We are using Covert Lethality and Fatal Teleport to snipe enemies, so we can get easy credits. It was going well, until both of us died (we lost track of the Financial Stress we had, because everything is in the corners of the screen, away from where we're looking, and just didn't realize how little HP we had). MWAM picked up our points, walked into our receptor, and suddenly we lose. It gives us the Final Score count, despite there being almost thirty seconds left on the clock, and then kicks us out, taking our investment and my desire to bother with the Index, even for easy credits with minimal grinding. Is there some rule that was triggered here? Is this some niche bug? What the #*!% just happened?
  3. OricSharp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Now that I have Revenant (I traded for plat after the third or fourth Bounty that just gave me Vazarin lenses, and I still think putting any Warframe's parts in bounties is stupid, but this is a different post, about a different part of the Revenant subject), and have two formas into him, I am back to offer my feedback on Revenant himself. His stats don't mesh well with his passive - his passive being triggered by loss of shields, his strongest defensive stat, is terribly awkward. I've attempted to build in such a way as to allow it to trigger as often as possible, putting absolutely nothing into Shields, and I still have 675. It doesn't trigger often, and when it does, it's not very noticeable, in my opinion and experience. I feel like his passive should be replaced with something entirely new, but I can't really think of anything to suggest. Enthrall: I thought this ability was supposed to have up to 20 thralls? I figured it would go 5-10-15-20, but apparently that was not the case. So then I wondered if it was supposed to have an interaction with Mesmer Skin, with Mesmer Thralls being free and allowing for extra thralls. The damage AoE when a thrall dies is neat, I suppose, but honestly, I find myself not really using this ability except to set up for Reave. I was under the impression that this was the keystone of his kit and the foundation of his play. Instead, it feels like a wonky Decoy. I haven't tried to Enthrall anything since the recent adjustments, though, because I didn't realize they'd increased the max Thrall count to 7, instead of...was it 4? As such, I'm not going to suggest too much here, except maybe allow for an 'extra thrall' interaction with the Mesmer Skin. Mesmer Skin: This is a pretty strong ability. I find it awkward to use, though, because it's only got six charges unless modded for Strength, which seems...odd, to me, since the charges are how long it lasts. But, I guess it would also be a little much to have everything the ability offers scale off of Duration, especially since so much of Revenant already works very well with Duration. Reave: At early levels of Reave, I felt it was a bad ability, and not really worth using, since it didn't even feel like it covered as much distance as a roll. Now that I have a better handle on it, I find it's my most-used Revenant ability, since it's actually really useful due to the Shields/HP recovery. Against enemies who aren't Thralls, it feels a little weak, and against enemies who are Thralls, it feels super strong - very little in-between, but I'm okay with that, since it gives incentive toward Enthralling. Danse Macabre: This ability is stupid good, at least in my experience. The adaptive damage works wonders. I'm not really a fan of the animation, though, because it seems pretty static, and doesn't look like something that Revenant would be able to move during, and I feel that the Thrall shields are lackluster, with 50 OS a pop adding up to a mere 350 for annihilating all 7 of the Thralls.
  4. OricSharp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Not surprised. Da'Mac'n could last for ages with some simple setups (Rage/Adrenaline, Efficiency, Quick Thinking for a safety) and aggressive use of Reave.
  5. OricSharp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    The thread is feedback regarding the frame. I am giving my feedback regarding the frame, although my feedback has more to do with how he's gotten if you don't have plat to spare, rather than the function of his abilities. Not really sure where else feedback regarding the acquisition method would go, if not here. The lore-giving quest is not, in fact, what I have a problem with - I don't think it's well executed, but I like lore quests and think one is absolutely necessary in this case. I don't like lore quests that require me to grind bounties between steps, and hope to get a part. I prefer grinding bosses to grinding bounties, if I have to grind, because one has a much better chance of dropping anything I might actually be looking for. The difficulty of getting anything from the bounties is subjective. Because of the way this is arranged, the quest is basically going to be a series of disconnected steps that are just not going to be very compelling as a result of "Well, every time I make progress, I have to grind and then wait before I can keep going." And, of course, it's not even going to actually help get the frame, just be a small side-puzzle-thing. Meh, I say. Meh. Regarding the NPC: I exaggerate sometimes. She's not really that bad. But I do find her annoying, and I really hate having to hear something over and over, especially if it's because the thing that I'm looking for is somehow not actually in the game yet because of some factor I'm not privy to.
  6. OricSharp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    I'm not going to wait until I've got Revenant to post my feedback regarding it, because I'm only going to have Revenant after I grind bounties for him, or trade up for enough plat. I do not have feedback regarding the abilities, but rather the acquisition method. Here we have a Warframe that, by all rights, should not exist. It's a Warframe, possessed by a Tenno, composed of Technocyte and channeling the Void, but it's also a Sentient, which is why it should basically just not actually work. I'm sure the miniquest will be intriguing, but I can't actually start it until night falls in Cetus, delaying any enjoyment I might possibly get from it. So, the anticipation for this patch is now...wasted, really. Like, yeah, I'm still interested, but when I get the patch, I want to start on getting the guest of honor. I don't want to wait for night to fall. Acquisition method is also incredibly dumb. Farming normal Frames from normal bosses, that's only fine because the boss will always drop one part. Bounties, I'm likely not going to get his parts from unless I spend forever grinding, since there is no guarantee that I'll get anything in particular. But he's also a genuinely interesting concept that makes me wonder how it works. So why is the lore relating to how this thing that should not be can be relegated to a miniquest, and the parts stuffed in bounties? There are a few frames who've got quests that explain who they are while being far less of a curiosity, and this guy just gets...a miniquest that progresses when you get his parts from bounties, and his parts have to be gotten from bounties in the first place? This is some blatant and annoying play-time padding and a waste of an interesting concept which could help explain how all these factors relate to each other. Edit: Also, why is Nakak's dialogue not able to be skipped? I had to listen to it multiple times due to the "hahah whoops we forgot to make sure she'd have the mask in her inventory" snafu. Not that it should be something that is even in her inventory. Why not just give it to the player? It would cut down on unnecessary bollocks with Cetus Wisps and shopkeeper inventories. Anyway, point is, she's annoying as hell, and with the issue that caused her to have to be spoken to so many times, to hear her moronic story about...I don't even know. It was stupid, irritating, and I've already begun to repress the memories. Further abuse leveled upon this 'miniquest' and its idiocy: So, while we can't stop hearing the Lotus tell us how to do literally anything and everything, Nakak gives us a hint about something, that then doesn't even get repeated when we go to the plains after the long wait (because somebody decided the quest should only be able to be progressed at night). I am really beginning to get the impression that this whole miniquest is a rush job.
  7. So, like every other sap who wants Revenant (SUPER CLEVER NAME, BY THE WAY, GUYS! totally not like naming Ash Ninja, or Hydroid Pirate, or Nidus Herpes), I'm on the Plains farming for the Revenant parts. But I get Vazarin lenses instead. Now, I'm sure Vazarin has a use. Has a point. Has a reason for existing. I can't think of what it could possibly actually be, but I'm sure there is one. Nonetheless, when I get a Vazarin lens, I feel like I got literally nothing, rather than an undesired reward. When I get three in a row, I feel pretty cheated, especially when there's something I'm actually trying to get. Why is there no way to convert the school of the lenses, at least? I mean, at this point I'm just going to Eidolon hunt instead of farming Focus, because it's so much more efficient, but why is there nothing to do with these?
  8. You appear to have terribly misunderstood my point - this is not a thread for people to complain, whine, and be bitter about their ideas getting lost in the throng. Neither of us, and in fact very, very few of us on these boards, are part of the dev crew. Our ideas may or may not actually get read, may or may not even be examined, and there's nothing we can do about it, except post the ideas anyway. If you're just going to bemoan DE not reading all the many, many suggestions and making decisions that don't seem well thought out, then this is a thread I would like you to stop posting in. In fact, given that we're the only ones talking, at this point, I'm going to request this thread be locked, rather than further humor your intention to vent. The ideas in this thread are solid, there is nothing to really discuss, and there are, after all, ways to get attention without reaching the front page; that's just the 'civil' way of doing things.
  9. That was a potential solution for literally every ability in the game that charges - giving things a way to charge between uses, period. Hydroid's 1 and 4, Ember's 1, all of them. Yeah, it's great for abilities to be worth using at base, and that would be very nice. but charging also has interesting possibilities that are kind of hard to make the most of when it's also tying up a finger and taking time mid-battle. I've already suggested a way to make Tesla worth using at base; it's in my original post. Even has synergy with weapons and the rest of the team built in. There's just a lot of possible ways to make things better, and in Tesla's case, that comes with the question of Quantity (spamming it) or Quality (making it worth using at base), as the current variant of Tesla simply doesn't satisfy either concept; it's too expensive to spam, only made worse by the current implementation of charging, and not good enough, which the current implementation of charging attempted to resolve but failed to. At the moment, I'm really feeling like you're just trying to use this thread as a soapbox to take shots at DE; I would prefer that this thread not be derailed in that fashion.
  10. @SubExodus "Also there's no need to ditch Vortex / Bastille, since Vortex has synergy with aoe abilities / guns and Bastille is... Well it's Bastille, his best ability" Does Bastille not also have synergy with AoE abilities/guns? I mean, I've been using it to set up shooting galleries and affinity popcorn a lot. I'm not going to deny that each have their uses. In fact, at a glance, Vortex seems more useful than Bastille. Bastille drags enemies into the air and keeps them there, basically a shooting gallery. The held enemies also obstruct their allies. When it wears off, enemies are returned to their feet (I think; usually the enemies are all dead). Vortex drags enemies into it, concentrating them (and their subsequent loot) in one location, allowing for ground finishers on multiple enemies at a time, doing damage constantly, and frequently inflicting a magnetic proc, crippling their shields. When it wears off, enemies are left prone. It synergizes fairly well with Tesla, due to compacting the enemies, allowing the AoE of the shock procs to damage as many enemies as possible. Looking at just what the abilities do, it really seems like Bastille should go. But it's considered to be his best ability. I'd say it's the most integral to the identity of Vauban as he stands right now. Both have synergy with AoE abilities and guns, both accomplish AoE CC, but one is considered his best ability despite doing less, really, because in execution the Bastille feels so much more efficient. I've seen an idea in other threads, actually, that might be interesting to try, and would serve as an effective compromise answer to the Bastille/Vortex question - basically, like Atlas's Tectonics, but with Bastille instead of the wall and Vortex instead of the boulder. I really think this is a great idea, and it could easily capitalize on some of the same design tricks as Tectonics; swapping Repelling Bastille to an augment that allows for multiple Bastilles, without the ability to collapse into Vortex, for example. --- Another thought has struck me! Part of the problem with charge abilities is that it costs a finger to do the charging, limiting what else can be done while that's happening. Another problem is that they cost more if you charge them, making them have to be able to compete with higher-cost abilities when charged. Could this be made less of an issue if the charge happened passively, too? Here's how I think this could work, using Tesla (my variant with multiple thrown at a time) as my example base. Ground rules: When the ability has been cast, it expends its current charge. It does not cost anything extra to cast when using only passive charges. It can still be charged manually, by holding down the button; when it's being manually charged, it does not passively charge. Manual charging counts up from the current level of passive charge to the current maximum. Cost is increased by the number of levels of manual charge. After being cast, the ability does not passively charge for an amount of time equal to how long it takes to gain one level of charge, passively. At Rank 0, the Tesla ability has 0 maximum levels of charge. It will only ever cast one Tesla at a time. Cost: 25 E. At Rank 1, the Tesla ability has 1 maximum level of charge. It takes 1 second of passive charging, or .75 seconds of manual charging, to cast two Tesla at once. After casting, it will not passively charge for 1 second. If exclusively passively charged, it will cost 25 E; if manually charged 1 level, it will cost (25*1.5), if no other modifiers are involved. Rank 2 - 2 maximum levels of charge. 1 level of charge is reached after .75 seconds of passive charging, .5 seconds of manual charging; 2 levels of charge are reached after 1.25 seconds of passive charging, .75 seconds of manual charging. After casting, it will not passively charge for .75 seconds. Exclusively passively charged, it will cost 25 E; manually charged 2 levels, it will cost (25*1.75), if no other modifiers involved. Rank 3 - 3 maximum levels of charge. 1 level of charge is reached after .5 seconds of passive charging, .25 seconds of manual charging; 2 levels of charge are reached after 1 second of passive charging, .5 seconds of manual charging; 3 levels after 1.5 seconds of passive charging, .75 seconds of manual charging. After casting, it will not passively charge for .5 seconds. Exclusively passively charged, it will cost 25 E; manually charged 3 levels, it will cost (25*2.0), if no other modifiers involved. If charged from 1 level to 3 levels, it will cost (25*1.75), under these rules; it treats that as manually charging 2 levels. It does not include passive charge progress in the calculation - charging from 1.999999... to 3 manually still counts as 2 levels; it rounds down to the nearest integer. All charge times affected by Natural Talent, etc. ...math makes my head hurt sometimes, but hopefully that made some level of sense - I think a passive/manual charge system could be implemented with every currently charged ability, and be used to help create an emphasis on pacing ability usage and patience.
  11. Wow, I am really glad that people appreciate my take on Vauban's current state. Thank you all so much for your kind words, and I am also crazy thankful that the rework I'm proposing sounds good to at least some! If you want to make sure DE reads this, though, gonna need to get the community involved on it; share it with your friends, for example, that kind of thing. They pay attention, but they'll pay more attention to things with a high rating, high view count, that kind of thing, the hot topics, y'know? I mean, that said, I'll certainly do my best to get their attention. It'd be nice if I could post on the Design Council board, but they haven't had a Vauban topic since...wow, it's literally been just short of two years. For example, let's try... ...well this next bit's for DE peeps but y'know what I'm trying to get them to look here so hey, maybe @'em if you feel like this thread is something they ought to read! @[DE]Rebecca Hey, I'd love it if you guys at DE would read this thread; my thoughts on Vauban's current state, and propositions for later adjustments, seem to be well-received, and I would appreciate it super big-time. So far, the thread has also been able to be a fairly reasonable nexus of discourse on the subject. ... also it's my birthday in just short of a month so hey consider it a birthday present or...something...? Also, Vauban fans! Let's play this guy for a while, in all content, regardless of suitability or success rate. Spike the usage, so that the data looks weird enough that they get curious! I'm going to run Vauban Prime and nothing but Vauban Prime until my birthday in September!
  12. Vauban is my most-used frame at 18.6% usage. Rhino is my second most-used at 10.2%. That's for context; Vauban is definitely my most-used, and I think he's in a pretty sad place right now. Here's why, piece by piece. Stats: He's frankly pretty squishy, and not particularly fast. For as ability-reliant as he is, his energy pool is a terribly limiting factor. In appearance, and given the tendency to couple him with heavy weaponry (Fragor Prime, and the Mortier Heavy Blade Skin), especially in light of the Citadel Skin, he seems like he should be much more durable than he is. I'm not going to worry about his stats in relation to other frames much, but in relation to normal gameplay, it's difficult to really feel like he's a good choice in any respect. Abilities: His abilities don't seem to really be designed for Warframe, as it is now, with the exception of Bastille and Vortex, both of which accomplish basically the same thing - controlling an area. Warframe has developed into a horde shooter, with AI that behaves as such; what's the point of laying a trap? Just shoot it. Just blow it up. Just Bastille it or Vortex it. Why bother with Tesla? Why bother with Minelayer? Passive: Formerly 25% Extra Armor when near an ally, stacking; now it's 25% Extra Damage to incapacitated targets. Is he a coward, an executioner, or an engineer? Sure, it synergizes with his kit and the general play of the game, but it doesn't actually give him any personality at all, or lend itself to decoding how his playstyle is envisioned. This could be a mod, just the same as Rhino's Heavy Impact, except at least Rhino's Heavy Impact emphasizes that he's supposed to have considerable weight. 1: Tesla - With or without the charge, this ability is very lackluster, with some glaring flaws. Firstly, it's a grenade that hits one target at a time, with reduced damage to enemies near the target provided the status proc activates. Secondly, it fires once every three seconds. These factors make it ineffective to use once, thus encouraging chucking them en masse. In addition, the Tesla Link augment seems to promote casting it multiple times in a small area, to try to get better damage out of it. Meanwhile, it still costs 25 Energy base, same as abilities that can strongly and quickly affect an engagement with a single cast, and 50 at full charge. Augment: Tesla Link - I have tried a variety of tactics to try to milk some usefulness out of this augment, but it's just not happening. Tesla stops enemies from walking into the Slash laser, making it the only ability I can think of that actively hinders its own augment's effectiveness. The damage is a joke, and the requirement of at least two Tesla being present is also taxing on energy reserves. Bugs: Unless they fixed it, neither the Tesla arcs nor the Links are affected by Ability Strength if the user is a client, and not the host. 2: Minelayer - Bounce was stupid before this ability was implemented, then rendered pointless by Bullet Jumping, and this keeps up the tradition of being dumb. Just like Tesla, it has a cooldown of three seconds between activations, with a limited number of charges, but it lasts five freakin' minutes. That's longer than some missions take, and I'm not even talking about speedruns. What's the point of this? I have no idea. It could be used to chuck AI into things, if it were easier to aim the push and...well, really, it's just funny. That's its entire purpose, in my opinion: Slapstick comedy. Trip Laser is also heavy on the slapstick, but - somehow! - it manages to actually be a potentially useful tool to slow down a crowd. Pity it's so expensive that, really, might as well just use Bastille instead. Shred and Concuss are both similarly too expensive to be worth using, despite having potentially actually useful effects (Armor Shred + Knockback, Radiation Proc + Deafness + Stun). Also, they don't like themselves, either - the Armor Shred lasts for four seconds, while the softened target is ragdolled away, making it harder to take advantage of the lowered armor, and the Concuss can't decide whether it's intended to be for stealth or mayhem. 3: Bastille - It does what it's supposed to do, for a reasonable price given its power. Well, except against the one faction it seems like it should be most useful against, since that faction also has units that eliminate crowd control on their nearby allies, and the units spawn very commonly, especially in situations where you'd want to use this. Augment: Repelling Bastille - Apparently it bounces enemies off if the Bastille's full. Fun. Again, though, basically useless if there's an Ancient Healer around. And there usually is, seems like, when you'd really want to have enemies get repelled. 4: Vortex - Aside from the occasional implosion of enemies preventing affinity gain or loot dropping, which seems like a really stupid bug, this sure does do its thing. Congratulations, it's a Vacuum Without. As in, it's a Vacuum, but it's not Within. I explained the joke, but it wasn't funny to begin with. Isn't one AoE CC enough? Augment: Perpetual Vortex - add 70% of the max duration for that Vortex to it by casting another Vortex into it. ... I'm doing some mental acrobatics here trying to figure out what situation I might possibly consider spending 100% of the energy to not have to worry about a Vortex going away for +70% of its duration a good deal. It's not happening. I can't figure this one out. If I have the energy to spend, why not just...cast another Vortex to do Vortex things, possibly in a different position, instead of feeding the prior Vortex my energy so it sticks around for a little longer? Alright, that's why I think he's in a bad spot. I'm not going to compare him directly to another frame, because I don't think the comparison needs to be made - his kit sucks, end of. He's got a buggy, pointless, too expensive to spam but not useful enough to only use once 1; an overly expensive for limited effect 2; a 3 that is completely negated by particular units existing nearby; a 4 that occasionally gives you no reward if an enemy's been in it too long and is also overlapping badly with his 3; a passive that should just be a mod; bad stats that make his abilities all the more important, despite them being bad. Why is he my most-played? Because I'm stubborn, and because I like grenades. Now, I'm going into suggestion mode - I hate saying something's a problem if I can't come up with anything to improve it. I just hate it so much. Does that mean my ideas are good? No. They probably suck. They probably unbalance things or accelerate the already ridiculous power creep. Tesla - Let's get weird. Ground rules for this one: First off, keep the basic, current Tesla (lame as it is). Maybe make it able to throw several at a time when charged, instead of the damage/status change. Higher levels unlock more levels of charge to throw more Tesla at a time, costing less per extra Tesla in a similar manner to Rhino or Atlas Charging/Landsliding. Like, tap for a 100%-cost Tesla; hold one round for a 150%-cost pair of Tesla; two round for a 175%-cost trio of Tesla; three round for a 200%-cost quartet. Charging takes time. Make it worth it. Then, adjust it as follows: The Tesla's duration does not decrease, as long as it has charges. When it runs out of charges, it starts counting down its duration. To replenish its charges, shoot it; taking enough damage reloads it, and causes it to pulse, dealing the same amount of damage to enemies throughout its radius, multiplied by the critical multiplier of the triggering weapon (but ignoring the critical chance). Let it absorb enemy fire, as well as player attacks (but not draw enemy fire; this is for when Vauban slaps Tesla all over an ally). Let the element of the arcs and the pulse change based on incoming damage, like Zephyrnados do. Tesla Link lets the damage flow to linked Tesla, with efficiency determined by level and distance from the original target Tesla, and with reduced contribution from Tesla pulses (so that it can chain-react, but not perpetually so). There, now Tesla still behaves like Tesla, but also has a quirk that makes it worth using, and able to be used effectively against groups of strong enemies. For QoL purposes, also have the Tesla nodes have an indicator showing how many charges they have/how long they will stay up on the nodes themselves. More charges = more damage required to reload, as well. Get some Fibonacci in there. Not sure whether to have it build the duration back up while it's got charges or not. Minelayer - Everything's too expensive. Drop the cast price to 25 or less. Maybe just swap it and Tesla, now that Tesla can actually do something. Swap Concuss's stun for Shred's ragdoll, so Shred Armor Shreds and keeps the weakened target nearby, and Concuss inflicts Radiation and spreads the afflicted enemies around, letting it cause far more mayhem. Ditch the Deafness; it's useless when things get crazy, and if you don't want them to get crazy, you aren't throwing concussion bombs. Bounce is pointless, so get rid of it and come up with something better. Maybe rolling Gas bombs, deployable cover, ammo dispensers, or some kind of thing to redirect incoming bullets. Bastille - Instead of Ancient Healers nullifying it entirely, maybe enemies who enter Bastille under their influence are slowed instead. Repelling Bastille should knock back enemies who enter Bastille, but aren't affected by the CC, such as those under the effects of an Ancient Healer. Vortex - Get rid of the implosion quirk. I have no idea what to do with the augment and fully admit that I might just not understand the use. Honestly, I think Vortex should be replaced, since it overlaps with Bastille so much. Maybe this would be a good place for something that can redirect bullets, or a cursor-chasing bomb akin to Elytron's Warhead? He's got a lot of CC, even if it's lackluster, but no built-in way to capitalize on it. A high-damage ability here could be nice. Passive - This one is difficult, I'll admit. I don't want to just put a free mod on, and the only thing that's really coming to mind much right now is "Well, what about an Efficiency bonus scaling based on number of abilities cast in a certain period of time?" which just seems like it'd emphasize ability spam even more. That said, all of his abilities are one-handed actions, so...I guess my other suggestion would be "After casting an ability, Vauban gains increased Accuracy (reduced Spread and better Falloff distance for Shotguns), Reload and Holster speed for a short time." With that, his playstyle would begin to revolve around combining weapons with his abilities, allowing him to more efficiently take advantage of the opportunities he's trying to create, rewarding cleverly-chosen loadouts. Could let it spread to his allies at a reduced rate. Stats - Get the man some meat. HP, Armor. With better abilities, his energy pool is less of a problem, so that'd be fine as-is. With the amount of direct-to-HP damage in the game, I also don't feel like boosting Shields is worth much, so I'm not going to suggest that. Just HP and Armor. For synergy purposes, it could be nice to be able to place Tesla or Mines on enemies who are in the Bastille without them activating, and being able to destroy the Bastille's originating sphere to then send them flying, so that the mines/Tesla would activate in potentially useful, unexpected locations.
  13. Has anybody ever actually looked at the Tonfa Standard Holster animation? It's terrible. The weapons have to literally teleport into their final position, and it's an obvious issue - the weapons are actually placed basically in the middle of the back, and then teleport outward. This happens with every Tonfa (Boltace, Ohma, Kronen Prime) that I can check. Tonfa Hip Holster is better, but when trying to fine-tune the position for minimal overlap/clipping between the weapons, it's incredibly annoying to have things vanish, as occurs with Kronen Prime. Because it's so friggin' huge that it can't not clip into itself and/or the camera. As I like my weaponry to appear comfortable, casual, and easy to reach, this is my preferred holstering method, but it's pretty much just impossible to make look good (and be without clipping issues) with...most of the Tonfas, come to think of it. Tonfa Reverse Holster is probably the most polished of the Tonfa Holster methods, though I can't deny that I don't really like shoving weapons under my Syandana, when my Syandana is clearly affixed to my spine. Also, what's up with the left hand doing a helicopter impression? Rule of Cool? The Syandana thing is something I don't expect to ever be resolved, and it's not that big a deal anyway. Anyway, I also feel that holstering animations are perhaps a little too canned to be able to customize the holstering position to the extent that is available, and have it look good. I suggest either making the animations a bit more dynamic, or rolling with it. Dynamic option: The hands know where the handles are supposed to be by the end, and try to get there. Yes, this could be used to make abominable holstering animations, but things can already be holstered in absurd ways. I have seen several Dominion-skinned Zenistar weapons just floating next to their user, for example, and it's easy to end up with holstering positions that seem physiologically ill-advised. Rolling with it option: Tenno are basically space wizards and/or murder demons possessed by other, theoretically nicer demons. In space. There's a lot of science fantasy going on, is really the point here, and that opens up options like Tenno holstering their weapons by tossing them back, or dropping them, and letting the Void/Magnets/space elves take care of it. Could just put in a quick animation of a Void tear opening and popping it into place.
  14. I've recently been trying to finish ranking up a lot of my gear, and I have a lot of melee weapons that're unranked or half-ranked. As such, I have been searching for the most efficient way to level them, and I've been tending toward Dark Sector Survivals. Lots of mooks, XP bonuses, seems a no-brainer, really. Anyway, in the process of mulching Infested, I've found myself standing on the enemies far more often than I'd like. I'm not sure how this is happening - I think it's probably something to do with the animations? - but I'd really prefer it not happening at all.
  15. OricSharp

    Proxy Rebellion Feedback

    I completed the Defense mission on the second try, Interception and Survival on the first. I haven't bothered to do the second Defense. I'm stating this up-front so it's clear that this isn't a salt-thread. Defense 1: I found this mission to just be tedious. Enemies didn't spawn en masse, they trickled in. The biggest threats were, of course, the Hyena pack members and Energy Leech Eximi. Used Frost for Try #2, and finished it easily...though it took far longer than I feel it should have. Interception: There weren't enough enemies to keep me from achieving domination for almost the entirety of all three rounds, even when I stopped to fight a Hyena. I used Nidus, with a Sobek that has both Shattering Justice and Acid Shells. Survival: The only reason I almost failed this mission is because there weren't enough enemies spawning to keep the Life Support up. At times, I used all available towers, and then literally just sat and closed my eyes until I heard things happening again, because there were absolutely no enemies or life support containers, so nothing to do. I used the same build as the Interception. I am not going to do the second Defense, because I didn't enjoy the first or feel challenged in any of these missions.