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  1. OricSharp

    What if reviving had a cost associated to it?

    I'm curious about this concept. Particularly, the "What would this mean in terms of gameplay?" aspect - and the potential for switching loadout midmission. It seems like it's "Four lives per mission, but now you can change your loadout when reviving, though limited to four loadouts due to linking to the specter system" and "When reviving as a switched loadout, take penalties to functionality while acclimating to the new frame," which I don't hate - reminds me of Altered Carbon's sleevesickness. However, there's also mention of 'using specters,' and the 'tier of specter used,' and later on a mention of bulk specter crafting. This is where I start being hesitant. I don't think it's a good idea to make a consumable item be required to revive, especially if you're still limited to four lives - it reminds me of having four lives per day, and seeing things like the Stalker (during his OP phases) as more of a 'tax' on those lives than something that added anything meaningful to the game. Having to construct a resource to be able to revive is something I would absolutely despise, even with the resources I've gathered over the years. So, here's how I would do it - Four lives per mission, each death allows for swapping loadout in the process, and inflicts a temporary swap sickness effect if the loadout is changed. Swap sickness stacks and refreshes duration if you die while it's active and swap loadouts again. I think swap sickness should only apply to the parts of the loadout that change; switching weapons shouldn't affect your Warframe, and switching Warframes shouldn't affect weapons. In addition, it seems appropriate for it to affect only some of their characteristics, specifically things that could represent 'muscle memory,' or something analogous to it due to the Operator/Warframe dichotomy - Speed and Abilities on Warframes, non-Fire Rate speeds and Crit Chance on firearms, everything on melee weapons. If the penalty on a given category wears off and is then reinflicted, it lasts longer but doesn't increase in intensity (as a way to lightly reward the player for surviving the sickness period while also reminding them to make their choice count). Time spent in Operator form does not reduce the remaining penalty or its duration, but getting Transference Static can increase it. If a Specter of the chosen loadout is active, offer the following option: Either respawn as normal, or consume the Specter. If the Specter is consumed, the Operator takes control of the Specter, wherever it is, whatever it's doing, however much health/shields/energy/ammo it has, and doesn't spend a revive. If you die and don't swap loadout, no swap penalty, but you're still down a revive and Affinity (if that's still used as a penalty) - this is exactly as it currently is. Use a separate item to switch loadouts without dying. Still receive Swap Sickness, but significantly shorter and less intense. Further reduction if there's an active Specter of the target loadout for you to switch into (which still involves consuming it). Can only use this when there are no enemies actively aggro'd to you or a teammate within a room or two. The idea of Ordis having a bank of our loadouts ready-to-deploy also reminds me of Let It Die. Neat touch. At a glance, this idea has the following issues - as long as you have active Specters out for a given loadout, you're effectively able to respawn as many times as you have Specters, even with the potential problems of having to deal with whatever position/condition the Specter was in. It would be complex to build, and it's probably not very intuitive.
  2. OricSharp

    Truly exclusive weapons

    I honestly do not understand the draw of an 'exclusive' item. Like, I have Excalibur Prime, Skana Prime, Zenistar, Azima, some Syndicate weapons, those're all things that took a significant investment of time/money to get. Also got Brakk when it was first released, and apparently used it a ridiculous amount of the time. A few other Event weapons, too. None of these make me feel anything. They never did. They're usually decent, but not impressive, though the Daily Tribute and Syndicate weapons have gimmicks that can be amusing to mess with. So...what's the big friggin' deal with exclusivity? What's the fascination?
  3. OricSharp

    Staticor: Splitting primary and charged fire.

    This seems reasonable. It would also allow for more fluid transition between ranges of combat, or single target sustained damage and group target burst. Less risk of discharging a high-charge shot by running into a goon. Would also require very little additional work, if handled as "Normal Fire is automatic barrage and Alternate Fire is charged shot," as appears to be the idea in the original post, for people who actually read it all the way through; the responses so far imply that people are not doing that, since they seem to think that charge attacks would be removed. Also, I would appreciate this on the Ballistica series, as also mentioned.
  4. OricSharp

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.3

    Hey, cool fixes. Hopefully this does something about enemies spawning into ceilings. How about some attention to the spawn rates on Interception Fissures? The last three Interception runs I've made, I can't get a single Relic open, because there just aren't enough enemies to get the damn things. It's also not challenging at all, just boring.
  5. This is actually a two-part feedback spurred by my experience on Cytherean, Venus; I'm trying to farm up ducats for the Paracesis while I wait for night to fall on Cetus and for my vanilla Galatine to finish building. I encountered two things that made that...not even really frustrating. Just kind of "Something's not right here." Also, terribly boring. I'd like to note that this is not a fluke; I've replicated these general results several times. First, the waves of enemies were far, far too small to get reactant, have anything resembling a challenge, or even have fun. I left the mission after finishing the second wave with exactly 68 total kills, and that's with the Lotus claiming that I wiped the whole wave out. The waves are usually pretty sparse, but this is just excessive. The problem is exacerbated by enemies spawning into the ceiling of their spawn rooms, preventing them from even really entering the playing field. Some of the enemies aren't even trying to approach the objective, either, just standing there in some random place. Second, the Reactant drop rate is terrible if the waves are small enough - it actually drops a fair percentage of the time, maybe 10%-15% going by my results of 9r/68e, so there should theoretically be at least enemies per wave to provide a good chance of success. But if there isn't...well, I've never thought the Reactant drop system was a good idea, and this is why - it's easy to end up having to hold off on actually working the mission because the drop rate is insufficient. This is particularly noticeable, of course, on Interception missions, where I often have to literally leave towers either neutral or in enemy hands while I gather Reactant, because there's not enough enemies for the 10% drop rate to make sense, and the drop rate doesn't scale to wave size or consider mission progress vs reactant gathered, or any other adjustment method to resolve the issue of low enemy numbers. Literally have to stop actually playing the mission to let enemies spawn in great enough numbers. My run with 68 kills? That got me 9 Reactant total, between both rounds - 4 for the first, 5 for the second. Almost enough to open one Relic, between both waves. Naturally, in missions where the enemies actually bother to show up, this isn't a problem - but these enemies failed to show up. Or got stuck in ceilings. I suggest increasing both the wave sizes and enemy aggression toward the objectives, and also either increasing the drop rate, implementing low-enemy-number-compensation systems (like raising the odds the further the mission had progressed), or giving Endless missions a special case for Relic opening - every 5 minutes in Survival, every wave of Interception, every 5 waves of Defense, open a Relic. I would recommend ditching the Reactant system entirely, honestly, and am uncertain why it was adopted in the first place, given that it's had this drop rate issue as long as I can recall (always camouflaged by sufficient numbers of enemies) but I suppose they have their reasons.
  6. Went to Cytherean on Venus to farm some ducat fodder, enemies spawned in the ceiling frequently.
  7. OricSharp

    Nidus, 15 stacks to die

    ...yeah, his Undying was nerfed shortly after release. Did they bugger up the description or something?
  8. OricSharp

    Coming Soon: Devstream #116!

    I just want Vauban's issues to be addressed. The following threads are more or less...I guess an evolving look at how you're losing at least one player by seemingly ignoring this particular frame's issues while giving other, newer, frames comprehensive reworks that they didn't need in the first place. I have put them in a spoiler tag because there's a substantial amount of text there. I would like to take this moment to clarify something: I don't expect anything quick. Maybe an idea of why real steps haven't been taken to make him fit the game and address his issues, an idea of where the rumored postponed rework is in development - just show you're aware of the problem and that you care.
  9. OricSharp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Now that I have Revenant (I traded for plat after the third or fourth Bounty that just gave me Vazarin lenses, and I still think putting any Warframe's parts in bounties is stupid, but this is a different post, about a different part of the Revenant subject), and have two formas into him, I am back to offer my feedback on Revenant himself. His stats don't mesh well with his passive - his passive being triggered by loss of shields, his strongest defensive stat, is terribly awkward. I've attempted to build in such a way as to allow it to trigger as often as possible, putting absolutely nothing into Shields, and I still have 675. It doesn't trigger often, and when it does, it's not very noticeable, in my opinion and experience. I feel like his passive should be replaced with something entirely new, but I can't really think of anything to suggest. Enthrall: I thought this ability was supposed to have up to 20 thralls? I figured it would go 5-10-15-20, but apparently that was not the case. So then I wondered if it was supposed to have an interaction with Mesmer Skin, with Mesmer Thralls being free and allowing for extra thralls. The damage AoE when a thrall dies is neat, I suppose, but honestly, I find myself not really using this ability except to set up for Reave. I was under the impression that this was the keystone of his kit and the foundation of his play. Instead, it feels like a wonky Decoy. I haven't tried to Enthrall anything since the recent adjustments, though, because I didn't realize they'd increased the max Thrall count to 7, instead of...was it 4? As such, I'm not going to suggest too much here, except maybe allow for an 'extra thrall' interaction with the Mesmer Skin. Mesmer Skin: This is a pretty strong ability. I find it awkward to use, though, because it's only got six charges unless modded for Strength, which seems...odd, to me, since the charges are how long it lasts. But, I guess it would also be a little much to have everything the ability offers scale off of Duration, especially since so much of Revenant already works very well with Duration. Reave: At early levels of Reave, I felt it was a bad ability, and not really worth using, since it didn't even feel like it covered as much distance as a roll. Now that I have a better handle on it, I find it's my most-used Revenant ability, since it's actually really useful due to the Shields/HP recovery. Against enemies who aren't Thralls, it feels a little weak, and against enemies who are Thralls, it feels super strong - very little in-between, but I'm okay with that, since it gives incentive toward Enthralling. Danse Macabre: This ability is stupid good, at least in my experience. The adaptive damage works wonders. I'm not really a fan of the animation, though, because it seems pretty static, and doesn't look like something that Revenant would be able to move during, and I feel that the Thrall shields are lackluster, with 50 OS a pop adding up to a mere 350 for annihilating all 7 of the Thralls.
  10. OricSharp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Not surprised. Da'Mac'n could last for ages with some simple setups (Rage/Adrenaline, Efficiency, Quick Thinking for a safety) and aggressive use of Reave.
  11. OricSharp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    The thread is feedback regarding the frame. I am giving my feedback regarding the frame, although my feedback has more to do with how he's gotten if you don't have plat to spare, rather than the function of his abilities. Not really sure where else feedback regarding the acquisition method would go, if not here. The lore-giving quest is not, in fact, what I have a problem with - I don't think it's well executed, but I like lore quests and think one is absolutely necessary in this case. I don't like lore quests that require me to grind bounties between steps, and hope to get a part. I prefer grinding bosses to grinding bounties, if I have to grind, because one has a much better chance of dropping anything I might actually be looking for. The difficulty of getting anything from the bounties is subjective. Because of the way this is arranged, the quest is basically going to be a series of disconnected steps that are just not going to be very compelling as a result of "Well, every time I make progress, I have to grind and then wait before I can keep going." And, of course, it's not even going to actually help get the frame, just be a small side-puzzle-thing. Meh, I say. Meh. Regarding the NPC: I exaggerate sometimes. She's not really that bad. But I do find her annoying, and I really hate having to hear something over and over, especially if it's because the thing that I'm looking for is somehow not actually in the game yet because of some factor I'm not privy to.
  12. OricSharp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    I'm not going to wait until I've got Revenant to post my feedback regarding it, because I'm only going to have Revenant after I grind bounties for him, or trade up for enough plat. I do not have feedback regarding the abilities, but rather the acquisition method. Here we have a Warframe that, by all rights, should not exist. It's a Warframe, possessed by a Tenno, composed of Technocyte and channeling the Void, but it's also a Sentient, which is why it should basically just not actually work. I'm sure the miniquest will be intriguing, but I can't actually start it until night falls in Cetus, delaying any enjoyment I might possibly get from it. So, the anticipation for this patch is now...wasted, really. Like, yeah, I'm still interested, but when I get the patch, I want to start on getting the guest of honor. I don't want to wait for night to fall. Acquisition method is also incredibly dumb. Farming normal Frames from normal bosses, that's only fine because the boss will always drop one part. Bounties, I'm likely not going to get his parts from unless I spend forever grinding, since there is no guarantee that I'll get anything in particular. But he's also a genuinely interesting concept that makes me wonder how it works. So why is the lore relating to how this thing that should not be can be relegated to a miniquest, and the parts stuffed in bounties? There are a few frames who've got quests that explain who they are while being far less of a curiosity, and this guy just gets...a miniquest that progresses when you get his parts from bounties, and his parts have to be gotten from bounties in the first place? This is some blatant and annoying play-time padding and a waste of an interesting concept which could help explain how all these factors relate to each other. Edit: Also, why is Nakak's dialogue not able to be skipped? I had to listen to it multiple times due to the "hahah whoops we forgot to make sure she'd have the mask in her inventory" snafu. Not that it should be something that is even in her inventory. Why not just give it to the player? It would cut down on unnecessary bollocks with Cetus Wisps and shopkeeper inventories. Anyway, point is, she's annoying as hell, and with the issue that caused her to have to be spoken to so many times, to hear her moronic story about...I don't even know. It was stupid, irritating, and I've already begun to repress the memories. Further abuse leveled upon this 'miniquest' and its idiocy: So, while we can't stop hearing the Lotus tell us how to do literally anything and everything, Nakak gives us a hint about something, that then doesn't even get repeated when we go to the plains after the long wait (because somebody decided the quest should only be able to be progressed at night). I am really beginning to get the impression that this whole miniquest is a rush job.
  13. You appear to have terribly misunderstood my point - this is not a thread for people to complain, whine, and be bitter about their ideas getting lost in the throng. Neither of us, and in fact very, very few of us on these boards, are part of the dev crew. Our ideas may or may not actually get read, may or may not even be examined, and there's nothing we can do about it, except post the ideas anyway. If you're just going to bemoan DE not reading all the many, many suggestions and making decisions that don't seem well thought out, then this is a thread I would like you to stop posting in. In fact, given that we're the only ones talking, at this point, I'm going to request this thread be locked, rather than further humor your intention to vent. The ideas in this thread are solid, there is nothing to really discuss, and there are, after all, ways to get attention without reaching the front page; that's just the 'civil' way of doing things.
  14. That was a potential solution for literally every ability in the game that charges - giving things a way to charge between uses, period. Hydroid's 1 and 4, Ember's 1, all of them. Yeah, it's great for abilities to be worth using at base, and that would be very nice. but charging also has interesting possibilities that are kind of hard to make the most of when it's also tying up a finger and taking time mid-battle. I've already suggested a way to make Tesla worth using at base; it's in my original post. Even has synergy with weapons and the rest of the team built in. There's just a lot of possible ways to make things better, and in Tesla's case, that comes with the question of Quantity (spamming it) or Quality (making it worth using at base), as the current variant of Tesla simply doesn't satisfy either concept; it's too expensive to spam, only made worse by the current implementation of charging, and not good enough, which the current implementation of charging attempted to resolve but failed to. At the moment, I'm really feeling like you're just trying to use this thread as a soapbox to take shots at DE; I would prefer that this thread not be derailed in that fashion.
  15. @SubExodus "Also there's no need to ditch Vortex / Bastille, since Vortex has synergy with aoe abilities / guns and Bastille is... Well it's Bastille, his best ability" Does Bastille not also have synergy with AoE abilities/guns? I mean, I've been using it to set up shooting galleries and affinity popcorn a lot. I'm not going to deny that each have their uses. In fact, at a glance, Vortex seems more useful than Bastille. Bastille drags enemies into the air and keeps them there, basically a shooting gallery. The held enemies also obstruct their allies. When it wears off, enemies are returned to their feet (I think; usually the enemies are all dead). Vortex drags enemies into it, concentrating them (and their subsequent loot) in one location, allowing for ground finishers on multiple enemies at a time, doing damage constantly, and frequently inflicting a magnetic proc, crippling their shields. When it wears off, enemies are left prone. It synergizes fairly well with Tesla, due to compacting the enemies, allowing the AoE of the shock procs to damage as many enemies as possible. Looking at just what the abilities do, it really seems like Bastille should go. But it's considered to be his best ability. I'd say it's the most integral to the identity of Vauban as he stands right now. Both have synergy with AoE abilities and guns, both accomplish AoE CC, but one is considered his best ability despite doing less, really, because in execution the Bastille feels so much more efficient. I've seen an idea in other threads, actually, that might be interesting to try, and would serve as an effective compromise answer to the Bastille/Vortex question - basically, like Atlas's Tectonics, but with Bastille instead of the wall and Vortex instead of the boulder. I really think this is a great idea, and it could easily capitalize on some of the same design tricks as Tectonics; swapping Repelling Bastille to an augment that allows for multiple Bastilles, without the ability to collapse into Vortex, for example. --- Another thought has struck me! Part of the problem with charge abilities is that it costs a finger to do the charging, limiting what else can be done while that's happening. Another problem is that they cost more if you charge them, making them have to be able to compete with higher-cost abilities when charged. Could this be made less of an issue if the charge happened passively, too? Here's how I think this could work, using Tesla (my variant with multiple thrown at a time) as my example base. Ground rules: When the ability has been cast, it expends its current charge. It does not cost anything extra to cast when using only passive charges. It can still be charged manually, by holding down the button; when it's being manually charged, it does not passively charge. Manual charging counts up from the current level of passive charge to the current maximum. Cost is increased by the number of levels of manual charge. After being cast, the ability does not passively charge for an amount of time equal to how long it takes to gain one level of charge, passively. At Rank 0, the Tesla ability has 0 maximum levels of charge. It will only ever cast one Tesla at a time. Cost: 25 E. At Rank 1, the Tesla ability has 1 maximum level of charge. It takes 1 second of passive charging, or .75 seconds of manual charging, to cast two Tesla at once. After casting, it will not passively charge for 1 second. If exclusively passively charged, it will cost 25 E; if manually charged 1 level, it will cost (25*1.5), if no other modifiers are involved. Rank 2 - 2 maximum levels of charge. 1 level of charge is reached after .75 seconds of passive charging, .5 seconds of manual charging; 2 levels of charge are reached after 1.25 seconds of passive charging, .75 seconds of manual charging. After casting, it will not passively charge for .75 seconds. Exclusively passively charged, it will cost 25 E; manually charged 2 levels, it will cost (25*1.75), if no other modifiers involved. Rank 3 - 3 maximum levels of charge. 1 level of charge is reached after .5 seconds of passive charging, .25 seconds of manual charging; 2 levels of charge are reached after 1 second of passive charging, .5 seconds of manual charging; 3 levels after 1.5 seconds of passive charging, .75 seconds of manual charging. After casting, it will not passively charge for .5 seconds. Exclusively passively charged, it will cost 25 E; manually charged 3 levels, it will cost (25*2.0), if no other modifiers involved. If charged from 1 level to 3 levels, it will cost (25*1.75), under these rules; it treats that as manually charging 2 levels. It does not include passive charge progress in the calculation - charging from 1.999999... to 3 manually still counts as 2 levels; it rounds down to the nearest integer. All charge times affected by Natural Talent, etc. ...math makes my head hurt sometimes, but hopefully that made some level of sense - I think a passive/manual charge system could be implemented with every currently charged ability, and be used to help create an emphasis on pacing ability usage and patience.