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  1. When Lavos was released, I knew I'd enjoy him before I ever played him - everything about him is very up-my-alley, and the ways he differs from other Warframes actually cause me to mod him (and things used while playing him) very differently from any other. It's opened up new possibilities, which I'd really been missing. Matching the elements to the enemies can actually be challenging, but it's actual challenge instead of the numbers game Warframe so often devolves into, actually requiring paying attention to what I'm fighting and in what proportions, which ones are priorities...it's really we
  2. How easy was it to understand the new Operation and what you have to do to succeed? I've failed several missions in a row, because I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. There is no explanation for anything - it's all supposed to be intuitive, I guess, but I've only once gotten the "Hey, you've rendered them vulnerable!" bark, and I don't even know what I did to get that, aside from chuck a random ability an arbitrary direction. How was using a Necramech in a “normal” tileset? The Necramech is fine. Frankly, though, it's annoying that I'm essentially not allowed to use my Warfra
  3. This'll blow your friggin' mind, I swear - this thread would exist if the Hema were a soggy feather duster shooting rubber duck shrapnel, and this thread would exist if the Hema fired Opticor blasts that branched like the Amprex and lifedrained for every bit of damage it dealt while also turning every single enemy it killed into an infinite duration spectral minion. Because this thread is not about the balance state of the Hema. This thread is - you know what? You probably won't have read this far. TehChubbyDugan and DoomFruit, I appreciate you.
  4. Well, at least it's more than "Won't happen." You're at least trying to think through things and examine the actual suggestion. That said, you're overcomplicating for absolutely no reason. Clan XP: Why would this require reducing the XP gained by clans that have already researched the Hema? What does the cost for people who research it after any theoretical reductions in cost have to do with the XP gained by people who researched it before? From a programming standpoint, this would just be making two copies of the Hema research, one of which is the current version and the other of which i
  5. Interesting. I'm only getting ~40 from a good 20 minute solo run on Terrorem, at which rate it would take me approximately 125 runs, so 41 hours, so more than a month at an hour per day. See how useless anecdotes are? I skipped them in the first place because it devolves into a moronic comparison of highly subjective, often incompletely recalled, experiences. Not saying you misremembered, but that there's no point in comparing anecdotes. The point is that it's a ridiculous variance for no good reason. There are ways to progress through it faster or slower - I could always just pay people
  6. The price has always been nuts, but it gets crazier the more things get added, because nothing has even approached it in the three years since its introduction. In order by Mutagen Sample cost, Bio Lab Research is as follows for a Ghost clan: Mutagen Mass - 5 Torid, Acrid, Phage - 10 Dual Toxocyst, Pox - 20 Scoliac, Cerata, Dual Ichor - 25 Mios, Embolist, Pupacyst, Mutalist Quanta, Paracyst, Caustacyst, Squad Health Restore (Medium), Squad Health Restore (Medium) x10 - 30 Bubonico - 35 Catabolyst - 40 Djinn - 60 Synapse - 65 Squad Health Restore (Large) x100 - 550
  7. Until the next Nightwave introduces the next encounter type forcing itself into all gameplay, and Nora or some other NPC feels the need to react to it in the same way every time. At least !Lotus can do math again; for a while, every single Mobile Defense objective had the "I miscalculated!" soundbyte. Not sure why she still insists on telling us to run every time she thinks the Grustrag Three are coming, either - their success rate these days can't be that high. Warframe's got a serious problem with repetition of dialogue and pushy weirdness in general, really. Every Conservation NPC assu
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