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    Vomvalysts spawn in ground, are unkillable

    Just lost a Teralyst run on the third limb because it spawned a Vomvalyst underneath the world; I could not kill it via AoE, I could not spot it with the codex scanner. Reproduction is spotty. It was in the far north of the map, on a lot of uneven terrain; things probably aren't checking whether they're in a valid location.
  2. So I'm running Plato, I'm running with a buddy. We're trying to do the agility puzzle. Note that, by this point, we've completed the mission, and gathered all three caches. It's his first time doing the Lua puzzles, so I'm letting him take his time with it. At this point, we're under the impression that we've finished the mission, and have time to do looter things. You can imagine the surprise when we get the notification "Time is running out! Exterminate all remaining targets!" despite our Mission Complete mark. It was impossible to make it to the exit from where we were, too, so our arbitrary, unstoppable one-minute countdown turned a complete success into an utter failure. It was not fun, I do not like that it's a thing, I do not understand why it would possibly be a thing.
  3. I don't remember when Charge Attacks were added to the game, and I don't really remember when they were removed, or re-added; I recall being disappointed in the execution of the Channeling concept, and being amused when I heard charge attacks were coming back. What I'm getting at with this is that they weren't all that intriguing or fun, at least to me, even when I first picked up the Galatine and started hacking mobs of Grineer to chunks. They were always clunky to use, boring, and generally unnecessary - in the time it took to charge an attack, even with old Reflex Coil, I could have done more damage in other ways. Now, I'm sure my opinion and experience with Charge Attacks differs from others', and I'm not going to tell them they're wrong. I just think things could be so much better. I'd like to illustrate this by explaining the Charge Attacks I have found useful, interesting, and/or just fun to use. As it is now, I pretty much only use the Charge Attacks of two weapon types, and a few specific weapons, sometimes with one specific mod. I use these because they blend more smoothly into my playstyle than others, and I find them much more interesting. The first of the weapon types is Glaives and Thrown Melee weapons. Glaives and Thrown Melee weapons intrigued me because I could, well, throw them. That opened up a lot of possibilities, like ricocheting an attack around an obstacle, or throwing it to take out a patrolling enemy when trying to be stealthy, or just modding them for the most damage I could manage, slapping Quick Return and Power Throw on, and treating them as grenades or rockets. With the specialty effects of some of them - Halikar, Kestrel, Orvius - there's actually a lot of variety in this weapon class, and the charge attacks actually add to their play. Second, Gunblades. Honestly, I haven't used these a lot recently, but when I use them, they're a grand ol' time. There's only two examples of this entire class of weapon, which is a shame, but they still manage to be interesting to me. I think it's largely similar to the reason glaives are interesting to me - they add versatility to your kit, and if you should be running around with your melee weapon equipped, they can still be used to great effect against enemies who you don't want to get near. If only they actually had decent crit and/or status stats. Especially important to note about Glaives and Gunblades - their CA can be used while using another weapon. Now, on to the specific weapons. Of which there are...two. The Caustacyst is a weapon that I feel has a lot of potential, but seem incapable of actually getting the hang of. The CA on this weapon, the goo fling, seems like it could be incredibly useful with some other weapons, but...using it, with those other weapons, is just too clunky for me to enjoy. Twin Basolk, with Rift Strike equipped, is a strange delight. It's still awkward to make use of, but it's also a lot of fun to be able to warp twenty-five meters at a time. Makes stealthing around with them a lot more interesting than it is with many other weapons, because it's so much easier to take advantage of an opening when you don't have to cross that intervening distance. In contrast to G&G, these can't use their CA while using another weapon. Every other weapon I've tried, no matter what class it is, or any other factor, has simply not had an interesting or useful enough CA for me to feel it was worth the time to use. Except Blade and Whip, I guess, which I am neutral regarding. Looking at what I like and don't like about these items, I feel the following things are important for making CA actually feel worth using: The CA needs to be able to be used regardless of the equip status of the weapon - otherwise it feels clunky, like the Basolk and Caustacyst examples; The CA needs to open new ways to play and/or tactics to try, and otherwise actually add to the style of the weapon, so it's not just a damage buff; I also feel that CA should be bound closer to the rest of the mechanics of weapons, like it used to be. Being able to reduce charge time would make any of these weapons that much more satisfying. Also, I hope that the interesting CA effects remain in the wake of secondary/melee dual wielding. It would be interesting to see how a dual-wielded melee, and a single-wielded secondary, might interact, or not.
  4. The concept of the Pavlov spy missions is decent - jumping back and forth through time, find a way to the console. The execution, I don't like; there's a lot of pointless bollocks, the whole thing's overly long, and when the mission gets failed because you didn't figure out how to get out of a vault fast enough for the arbitrary timer, let alone figuring out how to even find the next target button between two iterations of the map, it just feels unsatisfying. Overall, I think it could be improved by ditching the "Data 3 was destroyed, so get out of the mission in a minute and a half" timer; it doesn't make sense at all, making it feel like the mission was failed by the whim of the increasingly irritating Lotus. Other than that, maybe just make the puzzles less lengthy, and cut out some of the visual noise in the vaults so it's not so much of a headache to decipher the intended path.
  5. This issue is sufficiently infuriating that I'm not going to play until they fix it - between this and a large gang of enemies spawning behind a door that wouldn't open, I had to scrap a Sortie run for the sake of my blood pressure.
  6. The Excalibur Umbra frame has something unique, that I wish could be on other frames - and it isn't the Radial Howl or the additional passive. It's that stupid loincloth. The groin is a difficult area to design, and it really shows - many frames have an awkward crotch protrusion, or the groin is just odd-looking, and it's really just off-putting. While it's not something that really interferes with gameplay, sometimes it just looks bad, and makes customization annoying. What's the deal with Inaros's junk-handle? Is he meant to be towed? Why does Nidus have a very suspicious-looking spike on his pubis? Just how happy is he to see the enemy? I only use the Volt Proto skin, for example, because it does away with Volt's grundle fin, and that's the entire reason I use the Palatine skin on Rhino, as well; they have bizarre-looking groin protrusions that, leaving aside any potential sexual imagery, just look bad. Like, just look like a glaring mistake in the modeling process kind of bad. Now, rather than suggest that there be a rebalancing of frame groins to nerf the wonkiness involved, I'm going to suggest that there be a Covering option in the Attachments menu, for the purposes of objects like EU's clothlike bits, and including items like a loincloth for frames with wonky junks, headwraps for when the helmets just don't jive, etcetera - basically, optional clothing for your bizarre meatsuits. How this would affect/interact with existing Covering-type portions of Warframes, I have no idea. Maybe some parts could be moved to it.
  7. Finished the quest yesterday, but man, the 'look for stuff' parts of the missions were awkward. Just no real way to narrow down the location in many of them, and in the one case where there is a way, there's also some incredibly annoying stuff going down basically constantly.
  8. OricSharp

    The current Mastery/Mod Point system is lacking something.

    First off, I'm only giving suggestions because I hate to be the kind of person who goes "This is bad," and doesn't even try to improve things. They aren't very good suggestions, and I knew that in the first place; they were intended to try to give somebody an idea of an angle to take, to come up with a better thing. They're not always going to be reasonable. You don't like them? Show me how it's done. Come up with something that makes me look like a drooling moron. I will applaud it. I don't actually care why the thing was put in, but also note that I didn't suggest removing it entirely. It's useful, but I do very much feel that there is a sense of progression that is lacking as a result of it, and think that it will cause trouble down the line, once people can reach MR30. At that point, everything they get will essentially start at max level, but they'll have to level it up anyway for Forma, Lens, and Mastery (because the MR system will probably not stop at 30). Secondly, the power creep in the game is already so extensive that I'm not actually sure if anything could be said to be absolutely certain to make it worse, but that's a matter for another thread. The mod system in general, in my opinion, needs gone over as well, and I'm leaving it at that for now.
  9. This is all entirely my opinion, of course. Currently, the Mastery Rank gives each item Mod Capacity points equal to the Mastery Rank, but no more Mod Capacity points are gained until the item's level passes the player's Mastery - so an MR10 player will have 10(xPotato Multiplier) Mod Points on every piece of gear, but will not gain further points until Level 11. This has the advantage of making it easier to rank up equipment, without having to go to lowbie nodes and grind to be able to mod, but it also has the disadvantage of making leveling the gear feel unsatisfying, again in my opinion. What I liked most about Warframe when I began to play was the question "What will I be able to do next level to improve my gear and playstyle?" Progression was rewarding, because each level brought me a new option. Though it eventually became tedious, the accumulation of mod points was the representation of progression, and I have to admit, I do not feel that sense of progression with the current system, and the issue is only getting worse as I ascend through Mastery Ranks. What was a measure to avoid tedium...is now causing tedium. I don't actually gain anything from leveling a weapon up to 17 - my current MR - except that I get closer to reaching 18. When max MR reaches 30, there will be absolutely no point for anyone at that level to actually level up anything at all! How boring is that? I think it's super boring. To counteract this, I think the system needs revamped. There are a couple ways I can think of to do this. 1: Treat the MR bonus as an addition on top of the item level - MR 17 player with a level 10 weapon, tatered, could be a total of 54 MP. 30 + 30, tatered, 120. Pros: Increasing MR would feel like it increased the power of your gear; having a high MR would essentially make the character a grandmaster with anything and everything. Cons: Them's some real big numbers, and this variant could cause or exacerbate power creep issues. 1a: Treat the MR bonus as an addition on top of the item level, but don't allow it to be multiplied in any way - MR 17 + tatered 10 = 37. Pros: Again, increasing MR would feel like it increased your gear, like you were learning how to milk every last advantage out of it. Not as power creepy. Cons: Lowbie gear would have a significantly smaller MP pool to work with, but that's...kind of the point. 2: Ranking up gear increases the stats as well - not the damage, but the utility stats, like reload speed, fire rate, etc. Let the player fine-tune the allocation. Pros: Weapons and Warframes would be more customizable, making them fit better with their wielders. Cons: I guess it'd be a pain to balance? There's already so much stuff in the game, with so many mods, that I'm not sure if that's even really a problem at this point. 3: Allow equipped weapons, frame, etc to gather Focus based on the level of the item. Without a Lens, this focus would be of the user's active discipline; a Lens would allow for gathering focus for a discipline that's less-used, and also increase gains. Pros: It'd make Focus easier to get, which would make the whole Focus system a bit less "Man, those are some big numbers." Cons: It would only benefit people who had unlocked Focus in the first place. Anyway, that's all from me - I just feel like the system lacks a sense of progression, and will eventually leave the most dedicated players feeling like there's no point in leveling anything at all, except Forma and Lens use.
  10. OricSharp

    The Khora Grind - DE's doing me a concern.

    Six hours would be fine - but I can't say I'm sure that the wiki's data is indicating that there's a combined total number of zones for the C items, as opposed to separate. Thank you for pointing that out, as it is entirely possible that I'm misconstruing. Personally, I don't feel rewarded when I get relics, but the value of relics is subjective. My suggestions for resolving the issue without altering the loot pools much (so as to not kill the relic farm, for example) are pretty much "Use the Quest system" or "Use the Syndicate system." If I'd been the one to set this up, I think I might have arranged it thus: Do 2 Zones deep of Onslaught, get a Quest step to get the Blueprint. Quest step: Special Onslaught mission without an Efficiency meter, to get a Synthesis Scan of Khora. Khora would be trying to be sneaky instead of murdering you. The challenge would be finding her. Do 4 Zones deep, Quest for Chassis. Quest step: Same as above. Do 6 Zones deep, Quest for Neuroptics. Quest step: Same as above. Do 8 Zones deep, Quest for Systems. Quest step: Same as above, or perhaps a Boss Fight version. Maybe fight alongside Khora against something in the Sanctuary. Simaris is seeming awful weird these days, after all. Again, Synthesis Scan should be important. This way, it would be fairly straightforward without a lot of monkeying around with loot pools. Also, wouldn't find excess parts that, as far as I'm aware, can't even be traded, because they'd be quest-based. Also, the special quests would give an opportunity to get some lore about the frame as opposed to "There's just some weird Frame in the Sanctuary and frankly there's no explanation for it."
  11. Up-front. I got all data for this post from the wiki and/or google. No presented data that really matters is anecdotal. Minimum time to Khora farm: ~40 minutes, with very good luck. Average time to Khora farm: ~12 hours, with average luck. Time an average gamer spends playing games per week: ~6 hours. Time an average gamer will need to finish farming for Khora: 2 weeks. Every pay period I've ever had: ~2 weeks. This is not including build time. Do these numbers seem okay? I don't think so, honestly. The loot pools are massively bloated, there's no mods or credit drops, and that's the intentional rubbish that makes it not feel rewarding - there's also a ridiculous number of issues. Last time I made an attempt at Khora runs, I had four in a row fail by default due to some issue - conduit to Z1 didn't show up, I got disconnected before I actually got connected (but not before the loading screens!), and so forth. Today, I had one out of my three runs start with me being incapable of doing anything except aiming, and had to wait for the first conduit to be able to contribute at all - and had to die and revive (losing Affinity and one of my four revives) to be able to use my abilities. All this adds up to the grind for Khora being a miserable experience, in a way that no other frame has been, to my knowledge. Skill is utterly meaningless in the pursuit of this frame; there is no way to make things go faster, and if you go looking, you'll almost certainly find somebody who erases half the map's enemies in a few button presses, minimizing the effort required. With pay periods, in my experience, being about 2 weeks at a time, it seems a little...suspicious...for Khora to take so long to farm, in a mode that's more intense, even tiring if you don't have access to mapnukes, than others, with a set time requirement for even rolling on the appropriate table. And then the table is heavily weighted toward everything else - Endo, Relics, even Scenes. I've got to admit, getting 600 Endo for twenty minutes of keeping the Efficiency high...feels terrible. The Relics, too, just don't feel rewarding - they're rewarding the grind by letting you grind more. Also, can't trade any excess parts you get, so every time you get a part you already have...congratulations, you got some credits instead of being able to do literally anything else with it. And the worst part of all this? Once you get the Chassis, the first ten minutes are worthless if you're trying to get Khora - you might get Relics, sure, but that's ten minutes that's being spent waiting for the rotation to switch so you can maybe get the Neuroptics (at a one-in-thirteen chance, according to the wiki). Get the Neuroptics? Congratulations, now there's fifteen minutes of wishing you could roll on the proper table already. And then...you roll, and have a noticeably smaller chance of getting one of the Warframe parts than you do anything else. Compare Survival - there's only one Warframe part available in that entire mode, and one item that is used to get to an area to get another Warframe. The Warframe part has a drop chance of 22% on C, and the Nav Coordinate has a one-in-seven chance of dropping from B. Point being, you probably won't spend twelve hours trying to get the two rarest parts. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm probably just paranoid, but y'know what? It feels like Onslaught is designed to make people spend money instead of playing it, if they want Khora, and I don't think that's okay. It's a concerning direction, all the more so because of how well the game had been moving away from it with quest-based acquisitions and the use of the Syndicate system. There's even point values involved with Onslaught - but they're meaningless, useless, vanity data, as opposed to something that could make it easier to get this frame. In summary, a highly-anticipated frame was finally released, and locked behind a mode that's full of bugs, and is exhausting to play, with drop rates so low twelve hours is the realistic estimate. As a long-time player, I am concerned.
  12. Haven't been able to get her yet, so here's my one bit of feedback: The grind for her is brutal, in a way that has been (thankfully) moved away from in many recent non-Prime Frames, and is worse than the grind for any other frame, in my opinion, save perhaps Ivara (Spy missions everywhere all the time) and Vauban (because only available from Alerts), where it might break even, simply on grounds of those being so heavy on RNG. It is, in fact, so ridiculous that I am becoming more convinced that this is a cash-grab frame the more that I examine the situation. Why I feel this is so: 1 Piece at A, 1 Piece at B, 2 Piece at C Ideally, the grind for her can take as little as 40 minutes. This is assuming some pretty serious luck, as the loot pools are bloated with Relics, Scenes, and Endo. with only the B rotation offering an even chance at a part. On Rotations A and C, the parts are noticeably less common than anything else - and with a twenty-minute wait to even roll on C's table, that can be painful. How painful? Looking at the wiki, the Expected Number of Zones to get either the Blueprint or the Systems is 136-144. Each Zone takes 2.5 minutes. Assuming absolutely no downtime between zones, that's 136 * 2.5, 340 minutes. Doublecheck by 136 / 8 for the number of runs (17) times 8 * 2.5, that's 340 as well. Divide that by 60 to get an Hour count, it's 5.6 repeating, so 5 hours, 40 minutes expected. Or outright 6 hours at 144. To get either or. One or the other. Get both? That's eleven to twelve hours, if you hit the Expected Zones count. This is ridiculously swingy - super lucky people will have all her parts in less than an hour, but the average person will probably only get her after committing nearly twelve hours to running through Onslaught. An unlucky person will have to farm even longer. The average gamer, according to a survey from 2016, plays up to 6.5 hours per week. Another survey, from 2013, says 6.3; this is sufficiently small variance that I feel the number might be the same. So, the average gamer will take just shy of two weeks to get all the parts. If they spend all of their gaming time playing Warframe. Know what else also happens at roughly two week intervals? Paychecks. I want to think this is coincidental, but this is absurd; this frame takes approximately twelve hours to farm, playing Onslaught, absolutely the most frantic, exhausting mode I've seen yet, with the steepest difficulty curve (due both to increasing enemy difficulty and increasing Efficiency drain). There is absolutely no way that I can think it coincidence, given these factors. I still want Khora, but honestly? I'll probably never get her, because I refuse to pay when the farming is this ridiculous, and I have other games to play. Y'all have fun.
  13. OricSharp

    Energy Channel Mod Needs Updating

    It could also be interesting to completely alter how it works. It's already kind of similar, but overshadowed by, Channeling - maybe casting an ability could give free Channeling up to a certain percentage of the ability's cost, even applying on quick melees? It'd have to be low percents, but it could be really nice.
  14. OricSharp

    Unable To Login [Megathread]

    I am also incapable of logging in. Tried to reset my password, just in case, and it proceeded to spit out some "Yeah there's errors everywhere" messages.
  15. OricSharp

    This Week: Back To School Alerts!

    ...I'm surprised people are questioning it to begin with. They specified that it's a Forma (crafted item), because there's also a Forma (blueprint). They did put their parentheses in an odd place for the crafted Forma, but it's not some kind of weird item, it's just a Forma.