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  1. Athodai is currently kind of disappointing. "Reverse-engineered from propulsion tech, this hand-cannon packs a kick," but it's...really not very...any of that. Except maybe reverse-engineered from propulsion tech, in the same way that Space Pirates reverse-engineered methods of painful suicide from Samus's ability to curl into a real nice ball. I'm going to try to not excessively rehash the same things that've been said over and over - it's a rapid-firing pistol with miniscule ammo reserves and a secondary that is both impressively stupid for the gun it's on and an incredibly lazy cop-out 'secondary fire' that's had variants thereof wedged onto multiple weapons recently. It has a mechanic similar to Knell and the Dual Toxocyst, but worse, in that it requires a kill instead of just a headshot, and can't be refreshed, while also locking off the weapon's secondary fire. It also only improves fire rate and ammo consumption, while worsening recoil. In exchange, it...lasts longer. Looking at the upsides, because it doesn't necessarily suck, it has a pretty high crit chance, and the Overdrive passive exists, allowing it to do some pretty decent work for eight seconds at a time. The accuracy is pretty high at 50, matching Uncle Touchy the Tombfinger secondary, being slightly higher than the Quatz, and generally only being outdone by weapons (in my collection at least) with pinpoint accuracy (Despair) or AoE (Embolist). Visually, it looks okay. I'm not in love with it, but it's decent. Could grow on me, if I had a reason to like the gun's functionality enough to give it time to. I don't, though, so I'm just going to level it and keep it in case something changes. Oh, and it has that incredibly boring "fire everything!" secondary fire that has an innate punch-through (and pinpoint accuracy, apparently). I don't think this gun lives up to its description, to the imagery and fantasy of it. But I hate complaining without suggesting, so I'm going to do my best to come up with a decent version - I will not be talking numbers, just how to bring it closer to what I expected and the ideal of the description. I seek to inspire. Firstly, if I'm trying to realize a hand cannon reverse-engineered from propulsion tech, I'm not going to go with "high-accuracy critmachine that gets infinite ammo when it gets a headshot kill." My mind goes more to...well, why would they reverse-engineer a pistol out of propulsion tech? They want to propel something that is not suitable to traditional gun tech, or that might be more suitable to other methods than normal. Possibly a situation where the user is intended to scavenge objects they can use as ammunition - rocks, etc - and then use a miniaturized spacecraft thruster to accelerate it in a desired direction. So, I'd rather see it propel a massive slug round that fragments when it hits, similar to the Astilla - or delivering massive force to the subject, similar to the Euphona, that ragdolls enemies subjected to headshots. Could also be that it's propelling Tonkor-like bombs; maybe they'd have some fall-off and roll after that. Any of these would feel more consistent with the description than the current iteration. I imagine that any of these would have a lower fire rate, maybe even a modest charge time to improve the effectiveness of the shot (but not required to shoot), and definitely higher damage. Probable massive size (or scavenged nature) of Athodai rounds would then explain why it has such abysmal ammo reserves. Then, let's get to the secondary fire. Scrap the existing - it's insanely wasteful of ammo, which this gun doesn't keep much of around. Instead, go back to where the weapon's from: Propulsion tech. Also, what's just plain fun? Flinging enemies. What happened to the people who designed the Sonicor? They could have had a field day with this weapon's concept. So, make the secondary fire a shockwave - blasting out of an empty barrel, just propelling nearby stuff away. A ragdolling cone blast, that deals significant Impact and Blast damage, to clear space for easier use of the primary fire. Enemies that hit other enemies, or hit walls, create a secondary shockwave, which maybe then repeats the initial effect, albeit with diminished intensity - then it might feel worth using a third of the weapon's total ammo to do it. Or just dial it back and reduce the ammo cost accordingly; it's an alt-fire reinterpreted as a space-maker, however that could be handled. On to Overdrive - I'm not sure what this ability is supposed to represent. There's no link to a paracausally capable Warframe (like Knell to Harrow), or to a murderous organism getting excited by blood (like Toxocyst), so why is this gun able to react to a headshot kill at all? I think it'd be more fitting if it were more akin to an engine, or even to Gauss - instead of "headshot kill, infinite ammo, fire rate boost," have the Primary Fire build up Overdrive stocks when fired repeatedly in a short time (representing the weapon being 'primed' or 'spun up') and then the Secondary expends them for an effect proportional, perhaps? Could be a Radiation or Heat addition to the shockwave, or maybe it just has a murderbeam flying down the center, or enemies slain by it explode. Or, the other way: Have the Secondary prime Overdrive, and Primary cash it in somehow. Maybe the slugs don't explode unless a sufficient stack of Overdrive is build up, or it allows for skipping charge time while maintaining effectiveness. That's my thoughts on how the Athodai could have potentially lived up to its description more fully. Upon reflection, this concept is a bit like a mini-Zarr, but it's certainly more of a hand cannon with kick than the current interpretation.
  2. I want to put Atlas's Tectonics onto Vauban. And then Tether Coil onto Tectonics, and turn it into a boulder.
  3. As a Vaub main, there are some things about this I like, and some...that I really don't think I'm into. Firstly, I don't really think Vaub needs a buff; I think he could use a streamlining - there's some clunkiness in his kit with Tesla charging, Minelayer swapping, Vector Pad existing in its current state and Photon Strike being terrible/not as good as Flechette Orb. I like: Tesla Bank as part of base Tesla Nervos ability - I actually suggested something similar before the rework was unveiled, and I still like to use Tesla Bank. I guess I'm...okay? with Minelayer getting a five-second duration increase. It'd make mental math easier. The Photon Strike suggestion is...better than the current iteration. Low bar; I'm not super interested in this version, either - it's still not as good as Flechette Orb. Improving Vortex's proc chance seems fine to me. Gives it more of a specific use, a reason to use it over Bastille in more situations. I don't like: While it would be nice to have a more on-the-fly damage mitigation ability than Bastille's armor buff, I'm not really a fan of 'bringing back the meme.' I'd rather see an augment that plays to Tesla's damage and CC. Maybe a variation of Tesla Link, or 'echoing' damage dealt to a Tesla'd enemy to enemies near the original target and other Tesla'd enemies. Trying to salvage Vector Pad by making it give buffs and procs is just not going to work. If it can be salvaged, it's not so direct or obvious as that. Maybe improvements to its synergy with the rest of the kit would help more, or treating it more like a Turbulence field/Volt Shield. I really don't like the suggestion for Bastille/Vortex, as I do like and use the armor buff from Bastille. I also am unsure why it's being said that Vortex negates Bastille's armor stripping.
  4. ...I actually really like this thought. I was fully expecting to be judgy about it, but no, this would work pretty well, and improve fluidity of play to better suit the game. My opinion of his state differs, as he was actually reworked recently, and it's made him feel massively better than the preceding several years; I think he mostly just has specifics to iron out now (Photon is redundant, Minelayer is clunky, Vector existence, Tesla charge is clunky, the usual bugs). I miss all of his abilities being classed as one-handed. Having Teslas default to fullcast would serve the pace of the game better, in my opinion, especially as I've been encountering issues with too many inputs too fast. Also, as I often don't really know what my Teslas are doing, I often recast the ability just to make sure I know they're doing something. The Overdriver inclusion would also be more fitting than the current version, which is a bit awkward to use - it would be more suitable to the pace of the game for the Overdriver to seek out allies to buff than to sit in one spot and wait for someone to pass by for buffing (and then often hit a Companion instead, anyway). I could even see moving the charge mechanic onto the Overdrivers, as they can provide a fairly decent, long-lasting buff (which I often forego due to awkwardness of access due to it being #4 on the chain and #2 being one of my most-actively-used damage abilities) within the context of the kit. Minelayer becoming Flechette/Coil would make it much better, I think; Flechette is a great damage ability, and Coil is similarly efficient for CC. I find myself often trying or wanting to use them one after the other, but having to cycle back around is tedious and awkward; I don't use Vector or Overdriver nearly as often, but I still have to shuffle past them. Sometimes I skip them out of habit. I feel like Photon could have Vector attached (maintaining its own 25-energy cost) without it really affecting balance, and without removing the ability for people who like it for...whatever bloody reason. I find Vector awkward to use, personally, for similar reasons as I found Bounce awkward - and I'm really tired of them sticking goofy filleresque abilities into Minelayer, but that's a sidenote. Vector and Photon are at least pretty intuitive to use; it would be a suitable pairing, as long as their energy costs were kept separate. On Vector, specifically - I also use Umbral mods on my Vauban, but I don't use Vector much, except for the home stretch toward extraction. It burns energy I would definitely prefer to use elsewhere when I'm in combat, and any enemy that I'm making distance from by using Vector Pad is then also chucked toward me when they walk over it. Or I'm chucked toward them, if I threw it to push them away in the first place and walk over it while repositioning due to enemy flanking or other conditions. It's not very useful in open combat, and defeats its own purpose as a tactical tool; it's basically just a "Great, end's in sight, let's hustle out" button for me. I can imagine it having uses akin to Bounce in regards to Interception missions, keeping enemies in their spawn rooms, but that's niche at best. It seems more a novelty overall, much like Bounce itself, and that's why I think it's filler. I've also not seen many reasons presented for keeping it, aside from 'It's fun!' and niche uses. To make Vector better/worth keeping, I think it would be best to improve its synergy with other skills; in-depth discussion of that is a matter for a different thread.
  5. I have two in my Vauban Prime. I will have three when I've gotten a third.
  6. I don't care about the rewards in Steel Path - they aren't impressive, and really, the only ones I have any interest in at all at the moment are the Stance Forma, which I have very limited interest in to begin with, and the Riven Slivers, which are almost entirely novelty to me. I'd still play it if I thought it engaging enough. What I do care about, obviously, is the gameplay. Does it feel like Steel Path is harder in a meaningful way? No, not really. It just feels like I'm limited to my highest damage weapons and 'strategies' if I want to get through the missions in any kind of reasonable timeframe. Or, of course, cheese methods. Also, feels like my Companions are just all bad ideas - Djinn can Reawaken, Oberon can heal, and anything with Pack Leader-type mods on stays up as long as I'm using melee attacks primarily, but otherwise, they all die very quickly. I don't feel like I need to use better strategies, or to play with more skill, just that I need to have bigger numbers and use status effects that strip defenses or magnify damage. This is because Steel Path's difficulty is entirely predicated upon the level modifiers, exacerbated by the HP/Armor/Shields multipliers. It's a DPS check, not a challenge, and it feels like the lowest-effort attempt at providing the illusion of an increased challenge that I can imagine. What I would suggest instead is better AI. Any other suggestion is secondary at best; if the AI doesn't change, it won't matter what is done. Numbers-based solutions lead to numbers-based problems. Also, get a grip on the power creep, stop adding new modes and such for five friggin' minutes, and reinforce what there already is in the game. There are plenty of things that have potential to be excellent, but just don't get attention because the dev team takes off after the next new thing like a dog after a squirrel.
  7. Firstly, no, you do not need help from other players, or to join anyone. I know this because I established myself in Railjack solo, by choice. The onboarding into the mode is absolutely dismal, so I had to spend a couple missions figuring out how things worked, but once I started having success, things became much easier very quickly. What you need to do is adapt to your temporary weakness. Yep, that's the original concept of the Dark Sectors. They were initially some kind of PvP/E mode that gave rewards to the clan that controlled it - I don't recall the details. It's been a while. Here's a link to the Wiki's info about it. What the Wiki does not say is why it was removed. I had to do a whole one Google search (search term: warframe dark sectors removed) to find that out! Short version is that there were DDoS attacks and death threats. This is the most informative thing I could find on it, without putting forth way more effort than I'm interested in doing. There's a saying about either remembering or repeating history. Personally, I'm actually enjoying Solo Railjack, aside from its lack of content. There's something weirdly nice about boarding an enemy ship and finding a tileset I recognize. Feels like it has a lot of potential. Just like Zaws.
  8. Firstly, this demonstrates perfectly why I'm suggesting the solution I'm suggesting - one player suggests waiting for Steel Path, the other takes issue with the enemy level. Secondly, that won't really do much, unless I (and any theoretical players in my situation; I doubt I'm the only one) play these scenarios in Steel Path. I don't even know if Fissures and Arbitrations will be available on release for Steel Path, or how they'll work. Will I have to go through the entire Star Chart again to unlock Steel Path Arbitrations to find out if this improves Survival Arbitrations? That seems excessively demanding, when the issue could be resolved by allowing the player to tell the game "Hey, just pretend I have a buddy for the purpose of spawn rates."
  9. I just had to wrap up a Solo Survival Arbitration (Lua tileset, if it matters) before 20 minutes not because I was being overwhelmed, or having any actual difficulty, but because there were too few enemies, so I couldn't get enough life support. I was, in fact, quite underwhelmed. If I had, in fact, been overwhelmed, and died under a tidal wave of screaming freak-flesh and buddydrones, I would have been more satisfied than I am now. Instead, I geared up for an endurance run with high-level, theoretically enemies, and got ghosted until the life support ran out. This should not be able to happen. Ever. Especially not in Arbitrations. Similarly, it's exceedingly difficult to successfully open relics on Solo Interception missions - regardless of relic era, in my experience - because there just aren't enough enemies, and therefore not enough reactant, so the relic stays shut because...nobody shows up to defend the towers. There's no point belaboring the point further. Short version is: Solo mode Arbitrations, and Solo Interception Fissures, are lacking in enemy headcount, and that's the only reason I've had a less-than-satisfactory experience with them thus far. Suggestion: Allow the Host to choose how many players a mission scales spawns to, with actual headcount as minimum (4 players can't scale it to 2, but 1 can scale it to 4). This is the easiest fix with the best chance of avoiding backlash, and allows for the players to choose how swarmed they want to be.
  10. I find that the Lotus is just more annoying than helpful in general. ... Actually, that goes for basically every NPC that has mission transmissions. Constantly repeating directions for things that the player has already done hundreds of times, instructing to do something that was just done, and so forth - it's all irritating, condescending, just generally bad. It made a certain amount of sense just after U7, but it's now U28. Naturally, every NPC with mission dialogue in the intervening years has had the same broken-record, minimum-effort treatment. It is far past time for this to be addressed.
  11. I have since realized that there wouldn't need to be...any actual adjustment required for the Shedu + Glaive combo. Why not? The Warframe's hand is still sticking out of the cannon. It's not even in a jank-looking way, so I'm pretty sure it's intentional. This would allow the same hand to use both Shedu and Glaive, thereby requiring pretty much no changes aside from adding the Glaive in the Warframe's hand, the Throw mechanic, and the Quick Combo of the Dual Wield. (aksheduakglaivequadrawieldyesnoprobablynodefinitelyno)
  12. So, it's been a minute since the Vauban rework. I love it for the most part, first of all, and this is not a thread to talk about the rework or general state of Vauban or what-have-you. However, the Repelling Bastille and Perpetual Vortex augment...it still sucks. It's two augments that were not great put together to make one that is still not great. My original thread (here) will show why I don't think the augments were good in more detail, but here's the summary of my opinions: Repelling Bastille is mostly useful against the only faction with units that passively reduce CC and ability effectiveness against their allies, as they are the ones most likely to be trying to run through it. Perpetual Vortex is mathematically moronic, encouraging spending 100% of the cost for 70% of the effect in a spot you've already got a Vortex. I am sufficiently flabbergasted by the idiocy that I can't really come up with a particularly clever insult for the designer of this. Did they borrow an intern from Gearbox? After the rework, I'd say that Repelling Bastille actually got worse. Before, it was usually pointless, but now things die faster in the Bastille, making it less likely for it to be filled, and thus to Repel, even with an ally still standing in it to benefit from the armor buff and draw enemies in. Combined with the mathematical illogistics of the Perpetual Vortex portion, I don't think the combined Augment can really be said to be a competitor for a mod slot. I don't like complaining without suggesting, so here's the part where I try to come up with something, whether it's good or not - at least it's not likely to be worse than "usually pointless and act". I will attempt to keep it something akin to a specializing sidegrade. I will not attempt to keep it 'reasonable,' maintain the two-part design, name it, or work out the precise math involved. Don't ask me "how would this specific scenario work," because I don't work for DE and therefore would have zero influence on how it was actually handled in the first place. This is all to hopefully give somebody who does have influence an idea for how to improve this crapsack augment. Option 1: Bastille phase stores damage, and the Vortex phase is enhanced accordingly. Over the duration of Bastille, it stores a percentage of damage dealt to enemies within, perhaps affected/increased by the stage of their armor stripping (such that it encourages letting the enemy be stripped as much as possible). Upon collapse, the damage is converted into range, duration, and damage increases for the Vortex. Option 2: Bastille phase eliminated, Vortex seeks enemies. Instead of having a Bastille phase at all, Vortex adds the Bastille duration to its own, and seeks out nearby enemies, moving toward player aim when ADS/manual blocking. Vortex also strips enemy armor. Option 3: Vortex phase eliminated, Bastille explodes instead. Instead of having a Vortex phase, Bastille detonates, dealing damage based on total armor stripped and current enemies held. Radius also influenced by these factors. Option 4: Bastille grants weapon buffs, Vortex unchanged. Bastille grants attack speed/reload speed/crit chance/status chance (duration identical to current armor bonus), but does not automatically strip armor from enemies. Players that pass through Bastille gain a buff that lets them strip armor from enemies and add it to their own, even outside of the Bastille, with duration being equal to the Bastille itself, plus Vortex duration when it collapses or is collapsed (collapse manually for greater duration of buff). Vortex vortexes. Option 5: Bastille shares status effects between subjects, and Vortex turns victims into status effect grenades. Enemies afflicted with status effects in Bastille spread their ailment to others within the Bastille, and enemies killed in Vortex have any status effects on them consolidated, averaged, and turned into grenades of the same, chucked toward nearby enemies, objectives, or entrances if no enemies or objectives are nearby. Option 6: Vortex turns enemies into orbs, Bastille unchanged. Enemies slain in Vortex become orbs - HP and Energy orbs, as well as Damage orbs that grant bonus Damage. Damage bonus and duration are based on enemy level. Option 7: Instead of providing Armor, Bastille provides Temporary Energy. Bastille still strips armor from enemies, but instead of providing that Armor to allies, it provides Temporary Energy with the same duration. Abilities cast while this is active draw from this pool instead of Energy (or Shields, in the case of Hildryn, or HP, in the case of...some theoretical frame that casts from HP that is slipping my mind). Vortex unchanged. That's seven suggestions. Mix and match. I don't care. Point is, here's several options for fixing the crap augment that's been made by bolting two mediocre-to-crap augments together. TLDR: Repelling Bastille and Perpetual Vortex aren't worth a mod slot, even merged, so I have suggested seven alternatives to the current combined augment. I can't TLDR them.
  13. II just got the Shedu yesterday, and I really like it - but I would absolutely love it if I could use a glaive simultaneously. I mean, it can be used while downed, and while carrying an object...it seems a little silly to disallow a glaive when it has other sidearm options available. It's a Sentient arm cannon, so its main thing is that it's super adaptable, so would it really be implausible for it to be able to adapt to a left arm as opposed to a right one? I also, in general, think that DE needs to start shifting things to the left hand (Warframe abilities, for example), since Warframes default to being righties. It creates a lot of strange animations as it is.
  14. I have the same issue - every time I use the slingshot to punch into a crewship, I lose use of the slingshot. At first, it was until I returned to the Dry Dock. Now, it's until I return to my Orbiter. Playing solo, so no complications re: other players.
  15. I have a two-person clan, and although my dojo is all on one floor...it's way larger than it needs to be, because of the rank order thing requiring me to keep the earlier ones to have the later. It's silly and I would also very much like to see this archaic system updated.
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