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    Poor Boar Prime

    Boar Prime is my most-used primary by a long shot. I have one with six formas in it because I have always just really liked it for no real reason. Think it's something about having just a straight-up autoshotgun with minimal frills? ... and it still only really shines because there's a Riven in the damn thing. Six formas, needs a thing that gives it a pile of Multishot to work at high levels. I like the look of these changes, but I think I'd dig a base reload reduction as well as the Boar Charge thing - maybe not a huge one, but 2.8 (according to the wiki, 2.75) is really long, making it the fifth-slowest (out of 20) reloading Shotgun in the game. Or, if base reload can't be improved and BC added, then perhaps alter Boar's Charge to be 1% faster per 1% of the magazine missing? I think this would be really nice. In regards to a Boar's Charge that increases the fire rate: I feel that Boar Prime goes through its magazines pretty quickly (maybe too quickly at the moment) as it is. Narrowing the spread would maybe be nice, but I don't really want to spend more time reloading when the reload time is so long in the first place.
  2. Mite Raknoids held aloft by Bastille have a weird hitbox issue where they cannot be hurt firing at their core orb, but by firing at their legs. Firing at their core does nothing at all. This has been an issue since the release of Fortuna; it's disappointing that this bug still exists, but since it's related to a Vauban ability...I guess I'm not surprised. (send that boy some tacos)
  3. Endo is everywhere. Common, Uncommon, Rare mods - they all turn into Endo. Ayatan sculptures? Endo. Dropped on the floor by slain enemies? Endo. Stuck to the bottom of the table at your local diner? Endo. Most non-resource rewards - being mod cards - can become Endo if you decide you want it, if they aren't just Endo in the first place (because it's treated as a mod drop). It is much like Credits in this way. Except one of these is not in the drop tables of the content that is intended to be the most difficult instanced content in the game (at least, this is the intent - 'endgame' - as far as I am aware). When I do a Sortie or an Arbitration and I get Endo, as I have every single time I've done either, I immediately feel less motivated to ever do a Sortie or an Arbitration again. It is discouraging to get something I cannot help but view as trash, as noise, for doing something that is intended to be difficult, and takes a disproportionate amount of time. Have I done many of either? No. I've done a couple Sorties, literally two Arbitrations, and I've gotten nothing but Endo. Why have I done so few? Because I've gotten nothing but Endo, the most common 'resource' in the game. It has no faction, it has no planet, it has no requirements, it is everywhere. Being presented with it after completing the three gimmicked missions of a Sortie, or the tightrope of an Arbitration, is an utter annihilator of motivation. I don't play these modes just because they're there, I want rewards, and Endo is not a reward. Kuva is at least a resource that requires effort, but Endo? Endo is just Fusion Cores, except even more generic. At least with Fusion Cores, there were rarities involved. Endo is a bog-common resource that keeps being pushed as a reward, and as long as it's wedged onto these drop tables, I'm not even going to touch these mission types, because I have found them consistently (throughout my admittedly very small sample size) unrewarding through being 'rewarded' with Endo, which is poison to motivation to do them in a game with so many other rewards to chase, when I have so many other things I could be doing or playing. Surely there are other things that could replace it in the drop tables, things that can't be gotten in abundance or with ease elsewhere - maybe troves of Research crafting materials (Mutagen Masses, Detonite Injectors, Fieldron, currently only obtainable by building or Invasions), weapon blueprints, weapon parts (I've been one part away from a couple Wraith weapons for months now, since they only show up as Invasion rewards), Orokin Reactors/Catalysts (in Arbitration), piles of relics (sets of the most recent, or currently unvaulted), Rivens - it's not like this game is without rewards to give. I'm avoiding suggesting anything actually new here, because there's already so many options. If you disagree, disregard.
  4. Balance issues with current beam weapons would hopefully be addressed by making it scale based on the weapon itself, although I wouldn't be surprised to see it handled by making it purposefully anemic and going "It sure does scale now." I doubt they'd nerf these particular mods, as they are unique to three very specific weapons and do require the user to use a slot that could otherwise be spent on straightforward damage. They aren't going to be brought into line with Combustion Beam - that wouldn't make sense at all. "This one is an outlier, so how about we bring these three over to match it?" Unlikely.
  5. Acid Shells, Thermagnetic Shells, Vulcan Blitz, these are all essentially variants of Combustion Beam's concept - itself a derivative of Molecular Prime, I think - but for specific weapons, giving them something a little unique. Each of them gives [flat value determined by rank] + [% of exploding enemy's max HP determined by rank] in [radius determined by rank] damage triggered on-kill - they all leave Combustion Beam feeling like it's missing something. It can't scale as well as they do since it only ever does flat damage, and its range isn't tied to the rank of the mod and thus never changes from 3m (which all of these other mods surpass after three ranks at most); it really shows its age in its mechanics, and I think it should be updated to match its more specific cousins. It can't be used on any of the weapons they can, so there isn't a concern there - could even try something a little different and derive the explosion damage from the weapon's own instead of the flat value, since it would have to be more one-size-fits-all.
  6. OricSharp

    Strun Wraith sucks...

    ...suckered by the bait. I wanted to see what sucked, and...that's pretty accurate. Bravo.
  7. OricSharp

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    No fix for this Stug bug - this thing is excruciating. It has actually become worse, somehow, and happens more frequently.
  8. Only a slight homing effect, equivalent to that on Glaive ricochets. I hadn't worried about how it would interact with multishot. I guess the same way that Fomorian Accelerant interacts with multishot applied to the Drakgoon - probably just "Well, that bounces, too." The overall idea behind this Tesla is that it has more interactivity than current Tesla, and can affect things more than once every three seconds. Throwing a handful of them at a time and then being able to strike them with attacks is intended to be a way to control an area and thin out herds or just deal damage to a lot of things at a time, increasingly so with more Teslas - all the more so by echoing the damage type used, allowing for triggering massive pulses that reward well-chosen mods on gear, and then having the Tesla change element to match. Because of its interaction with weapons and other sources of damage (including Warframe abilities) I think it's quite versatile as it is; for CC, by using Radiation damage, a lot of enemies can be irradiated at once, or Chilled with Cold, or ragdolled with Blast, or they can all be stunned with Electricity. Heat, Gas, Toxin, Viral are all strong for damage, and Magnetic...harms shields? Anyway, with being able to throw multiple of these damage-echoing things around at a time, I feel like it probably doesn't need much more. I think I originally had a thought that the damage would be multiplied by the weapon's critical multiplier, but ignore the crit chance itself, so the Nukor would be able to show off its ridiculous crits, for example. Grenadier as written here, I think, might be the result of seeing everybody go "Surely Vauban should have some trick for everything!" and then going "Well, I guess maybe he should," but honestly I don't love the ability as I wrote it. Most of its purpose is actually covered by the new Tesla, after all - Napalm bombs are a bit redundant if you're using weapons with Heat damage to set off huge Tesla blasts, and if you're not geared to fight a particular type of enemy, having an elemental bomb is really pretty useless. I could see it being replaced with an Energy/Ammo Dispenser system, where being near enough to him allows him to convert his own Energy into Energy for allies or Ammo for the whole team (selected by toggle). Or, to keep it as a damage ability that skirts cover, replace it with a Seeker's Latcher-type bomb. I'm very glad you like the Bastille/Vortex consolidation concept! The Augment wasn't well-thought out; in execution, it would have to lose some effects to increase others, and yeah, I didn't come up with a very good control scheme for it - I'd have preferred a toggle this/that type thing, but I'd already put a quiver system on Grenadier and resorted to a context-based system. A Venari-type control system would have been far preferable, as would just making the Star Fort effect a pulse system; I just didn't, for some reason, think of the second one. Probably something to do with frustrations about the Tesla's timing. Other thoughts for a potential 4 included an Elytron-style warhead, but with everyone clamoring for turrets, turrets, turrets, I figured a Sentinel (being essentially a drone turret package deal) might be a good route, too, but honestly my heart wasn't in it, either. Anyway, so, here's some alternate options to 2 and 4 - Supply Line could easily become the 4, leaving Artillery and Hunter-Killer in contention for 2: Alternate - Supply Line: Vauban selects between Energy and Ammo, and then can toggle the ability on or off. When on, he converts his own Energy into either Energy for everyone else or Ammo for everyone on the team, out to a given distance. Alternate - Hunter-Killer: Vauban throws 1-4 bombs similar to a Seeker's Latchers. They do their thing. Not much to say. Alternate - Artillery: Vauban fires an Elytron-style seeking missile that follows his target (if he was aiming at an enemy) or his cursor (if he wasn't); Augment could replace the single, high-damage missile with a swarm of smaller explosives.
  9. Fine, here: I neither expect anything I suggest to ever be used nor do I think the community should shy from suggesting big things. I don't care if it would be up against other new frames, because I just don't; that isn't my problem. I'm making a suggestion, which will likely never be used or read by anybody who could implement any of it into the game if they wanted to in the first place. Read my last post if you feel like it, but I'd prefer not to treadmill "But they won't," so I'm probably not going to worry about further responses in that vein.
  10. So first it's "Where's existing Vauban," and now it's "This is a lot of work." I don't mean to discount your opinion or your views, and I honestly don't expect any part of my ideas to ever be used at all, but if I restrict myself to what I think they might go for based on how much work it would or would not be, I might as well not suggest anything, because that's how much work I feel they've put into him since release - a slight Armor buff, a selector for the effect of the otherwise identical spheres he throws, and simple passives, that's all he's gotten aside from Augments which largely just apply effects and have no innate visibility (except for Tesla Link's straight line between Teslas). This is a subject that gets my dander up, so please, forgive me if I come off as inordinately vehement. This will be lengthy. What he has right now, in my opinion, is beyond needing a 'small' rework, or I wouldn't say a thing. He shouldn't have been released as he was in the first place, with such a tremendous focus on CC and spamming an unreliable 1 skill to try to milk effectiveness out of it, much less kept that way for so long. I see it as DE's responsibility to make him make sense within the game as it is, and I am suggesting a means to do so that might take some work, but is also likely to pay off. What is the point of reworking him at all if they're not willing to make changes or put in work? It's an investment, and I would see them treat it accordingly. Furthermore, I see it as probably needing far fewer new assets than it likely seems at a glance, given that his abilities almost all originate from largely nondescript technological-looking spheres - Tesla would need an indicator of its charge/decay state (probably accomplished by intensity of color, for example, or frequency of sparks in consideration for the colorblind - or have the crosshair get a charge ring outside the normal charge ring position that shows it in percent, or both) and an indicator of the pulse occurring (fill the air with the sparks already on the orb out to the appropriate distance) as well as damage type (change color, like Zephyrnados), Grenadier would involve throwing identical-to-Minelayer spheres that may or may not have an elemental effect (based on preexisting technology in the game, such as that used on weapons with elements) on them (Gas bomb would have a Gas aura, Napalm would have a Fire effect and leave a trail of such, possibly based on Oberon's ground effect or Frost's ground effect). Bastille to Vortex might involve an animation showing the lines collapsing into the center, or it could just be "Bastille vanishes, Vortex starts." Napoleon would be the most intensive thing, asset-wise, as he'd require a model, precepts, sound, etcetera, but that's one ability and it's not like Sentinels - and now MOAs - don't exist to crib from. So, that leaves balance as a consideration. Considering the great many Warframes currently in the game, I would be amazed if it turned out that it was difficult to find something approaching a balanced releasable state for this Vauban - there is absolutely nothing here they don't already have an example of in the game to use as a start point. Tesla's Tesla, with the addition of damage; scale the damage based on the rank of the ability, and it's no more or less balanced than any source of damage contributing to its charge. Grenadier is just another AoE damage ability; could base it off Tonkor's grenades if they couldn't crit or headshot, for example. Bastille to Vortex is a combination of two existing abilities on the same frame, though I imagine they'd decrease the already unimpressive damage of Vortex as it's being chained into from Bastille. Napoleon would again be the sticking point, but Venari exists and can be used as a start point. Frankly, I would be amazed if this Vauban turned out to be more difficult to balance than the existing Vauban, with its plethora of CC and lack of anything else.
  11. @Naneel I'm glad I was able to help, and thank you! I would be delighted if they did. @THeMooN85 Flying drones could be better. I would still have it as an Augment for Grenadier, with one drone of each Grenade type - I feel that the drones would probably be better-suited to a more micromanagement-heavy playstyle than I tend to use, but they'd likely assist with point control very well (aim, activate drone, drone flies over and attacks spot for duration/until redirected, that kind of thing is how I'm imagining it). I prefer Grenades, and I'm sure others might also prefer them, which is why I'm fixed on keeping it as an Augment for Vauban's one un-Augmented ability. The Cage Augment idea is fun. @peterc3 The Tesla presented here uses the current Tesla as a base, with additional mechanics (charging to throw multiple, recharging with damage, and damage echoing pulses) over top. Bastille and Vortex have been consolidated into one ability with a trigger condition, instead of two abilities that more or less serve the same AoE CC function. I chose to take a probably drastic path, because the existing Vauban is far too CC-reliant, but I did also make sure to keep some aspects of it that felt important to Vauban's identity (Tesla, as it's the first ability a new Vauban will ever see, and Bastille, as it's probably the most important and recognizable ability in his current kit). I'd say I actually kept quite a lot, three of four skills (five, including the passive).
  12. I am delighted that you both like the idea I've put forth. I'll hopefully address your concerns with the following segments. @THeMooN85 On Turrets - I have specifically chosen not to use traditional turrets at all. I made this decision primarily because turrets would have to exist outside of the normal HP/Shields/Armor system to survive in higher-level content, where mobility becomes vital to survival. As an emplacement, they also invest in one spot very strongly, which is something Vauban currently does that contributes to him feeling like he's built for a different game. They also create a headache in terms of balance, as they are simultaneous but separate sources of CC/Damage/whatever it is that they do. Engineers in GW2 have a Turret skill set which I actually quite enjoyed, but suffered from those issues as well, making me a bit hesitant to embrace it. Also, turrets seem more defensive in nature, while the Marquis de Vauban was actually more capable on the attack, presenting a thematic complication. However, I could see a Turret Mode Augment being created for the Grenadier ability, where it would replace the Grenades with Turrets (Gasblower Turret, Radiation Beam Turret, Blunderbuss Turret, etc), allowing one of each to exist at a time and altering their effectiveness to match, perhaps? It would keep the costs down, which would allow for easier repositioning, though the ability is still very focused on damage (as Bastille is a very strong CC ability on its own). @Naneel The passive is intended to echo the concept of "Ricochet Firing," one of the Marquis de Vauban's innovations - firing artillery at less than full power and at a low trajectory, he was able to ricochet cannonfire, etcetera in such a way that it could dismount artillery and guns positioned on enemy fortifications, as well as cause other troubles for the defenders such as destruction of things that were important but not reinforced against cannonfire. The idea of the passive, thus, is that it grants everyone on the team the ability to ricochet (once it starts ranking up), and also allows their attacks (and their ricochets) to disarm enemies. I might not have explained it well, but hopefully explaining the inspiration will be helpful to understanding it. The Sentinel is also very awkwardly explained, probably due to its strange input system - the idea is that the Vauban could hold the Star Fort mode on themselves prior to reassigning Napoleon to either an ally (with Star Fort) or an enemy (with Vertical Firing), and use Vertical Firing to single out and disarm/destroy priority targets, or press the reload key to cancel. Holding it on themselves (and thus benefiting from its defensive properties) is intended to allow for more leeway in targeting time, so that they don't accidentally tell Napoleon to start chewing on Grineer Lancers when they were trying to aim at a Heavy Gunner, for example. The retargeting bit on Vertical Firing is intended to prevent the Vauban and their team from feeling like it's a waste to kill the enemy targeted. On the Grenades: No, they aren't particularly known for it, and having it just Slash/Stun would make sense - I was attempting to convert the Shred Mine directly into a Grenade, and picked a more or less similar name. Dropping the Armor Shred would be fine, with the rest of the damage dealing methods in the kit.
  13. Before I begin - DE haven't posted a Dev Workshop on Vauban yet, so if you like this, say something. When they post a Dev Workshop, they've already decided what they're going to do, and the lack of one tells me they're still trying things out. If you like this and post about it, it might get their attention and maybe they'll see something in it they might think is a good idea. The thoughts I put forward in my original thread have not changed much, so I will not reiterate them entirely, but I have seen other ideas, and I have decided to incorporate them into my own. After all, while they've stated that they're looking at Vauban, they haven't given any hint of their intention, as far as I'm aware. Here is the new OricSharp Vauban: Stats - Increase Armor and HP. Passive - Marquis: Using an ability grants all members of Vauban's party the Ricochet Fire buff. Further ability use refreshes the duration. When this is triggered, all members of the party gain 0-3 ricochets on their weapons, stacking with any that the weapon already had (0-3 on Lex, for example, 5-8 on Drakgoon with Fomorian Accelerant); these ricochets home in on targets similarly to thrown Glaive ricochets, or completely reverse-engineer their pathing from enemy positions; all attacks have a chance of disarming struck targets. 1 - Tesla: Tesla charges up to three levels based on rank, each level charging faster; charging Tesla allows it to throw 1+its rank in Tesla spheres. Tesla spheres are as current uncharged Tesla, with additions - A) Duration does not decrease while a sphere is charged; B) Damage to a sphere can recharge it and cause it to pulse; C) Pulsing causes it to deal the damage used to recharge it to all enemies within its AoE, and alters its damage type. It absorbs damage even from enemies and AoE, but does not redirect attacks into itself. Tesla Link: Damage absorbed by each Tesla is also applied to Linked spheres, decreasing in efficiency based on augment level and distance from original absorbing sphere. Reduced contribution from Tesla recharge pulses. Note: Make it harder to recharge the more times it's been recharged, either by not refreshing the duration when a sphere is recharged or increasing the damage gate each iteration. Or both. 2 - Grenadier: Minelayer is replaced with a damage-focused set of grenades. These are intended to be thrown in an arc and ricochet or roll, with a short timer that can be circumvented by shooting them. All inflict Status when they detonate and some may do so prior. 2a - Mustard Gas: Grenade lobbed is surrounded by a Gas Damage aura. May inflict Gas status prior to detonation. 2b - Pineapple/Shrapnel Grenade: Grenade lobbed will inflict Slash, Stun, and reduce Armor. 2c - Dirty Bomb/Concussion Capsule: Grenade lobbed will inflict Radiation and Knockback, causing irradiated enemies to be thrown away from the explosion, possibly toward other enemies. May inflict Radiation prior to detonation, but Knockback is only upon detonation. Radiation duration refreshes when target recovers from Knockback. 2d - Napalm: Grenade lobbed creates a damaging, lingering field of flames. Creates flame trail continuously after deployment, and explosion creates a larger blast with Heat and Blast effects. 3 - Bastille/Vortex: When first cast, it is Bastille. When the Vauban deploying it directly (aims at and attacks, even if through other targets if Punchthrough is in effect) damages the core sphere of the ability, it collapses into an effect functionally identical to current Vortex without the implosion quirk, and radius equal to the original Bastille. Repelling Bastille becomes The Revolution - functionally similar to the Nidus Larva augment, all enemies caught in the Bastille become additional damage when it becomes a Vortex. 4 - Napoleon: An Exalted Sentinel constructed by Vauban, Napoleon has several uses. Passively, it is akin to the Wyrm Sentinel, focusing on preventing enemies from approaching Vauban. When the ability is activated, its effects may vary as follows. Napoleon benefits from Marquis when in passive state. Star Fort drains energy per second when Vauban is holding it on himself, but when applied to an ally or in Vertical Firing mode, Napoleon drains energy once instead. 4a - Star Fort: If Vauban holds the activation key, Napoleon deploys the Star Fort protocol, granting the subject increased defensive abilities - increased Shields and Armor, faster Shield Recharge, and regeneration of Health increasing based on how much is missing. Napoleon is otherwise inactive during Star Fort. If aiming at an ally, Napoleon treats them as the subject; otherwise, Napoleon defends Vauban. If Star Fort is active on an ally, releasing it will not retarget Napoleon unless the button is pressed again. 4b - Vertical Firing: If Vauban releases the activation key while aiming at an enemy, Napoleon deploys the Vertical Firing protocol, following the targeted enemy while bombarding them with attacks at an increased rate. If the targeted enemy dies, Napoleon sticks to the nearest similar enemy (targeted a Heavy Gunner, it will look for a Heavy Gunner nearby; if there is a Bombard but no Heavy Gunner, it will follow the Bombard, etc). Napoleon benefits from Marquis while performing Vertical Firing. Napoleon will redirect its efforts if the activation key is pressed again. If the reload button is pressed while holding the activation key, Napoleon returns to its passive state. Perpetual Vortex is replaced with Logistical Support - Napoleon grants its subject ammo and energy regeneration, but this is not active when Napoleon is in its passive state. Note: Napoleon is intended to allow Vauban to be aggressive, but I feel the control scheme may be complex to understand. I really just think it should have two modes, one for defense/support, one for attack, and be able to switch between them more or less freely. I feel that this interpretation of Vauban would fulfill the goal of creating a Vauban that is well-suited for the current and probable future states of Warframe; it is an aggressive combat engineer, which I felt was suitable to the namesake. There is less focus on CC, which I believe is vital, but it is still present in some abilities (because sometimes you need it), and a sustain increase capability in the (possibly overloaded) Star Fort and its augment. Again, please - if you like this, post something. Doesn't matter if it's "+1!" or something more verbose, but DE's not going to have a reason to care if it's just me in here.
  14. OricSharp

    Vauban needs a disarming grenade

    Hm. In general, I don't like Minelayer at all. It's half slapstick, half counterproductive, all too expensive. I agree with anything that just completely overhauls or discards the concept and gets rid of that #*!%ing Bounce. Now, Ricochet Fire disarming grenade...well, maybe not a grenade. Actually, I think this could be an interesting, thematically appropriate, potentially very useful passive for him. It would also work with his Trapper concept, as he would be able to force enemies out of cover, and give some room for a non CC-based ability. As mentioned, he does have...a bit of a narrow focus. Maybe putting some CC on his passive would give him some wiggle room? So, here's my interpretation of your original Ricochet Fire idea in the form of a passive. Marquis: Using abilities allows Vauban and his allies to disarm enemies with ricocheting attacks. Further use of abilities refreshes duration. When an ability is used, three things happen (and everyone on the team is notified of the change in function by a UI icon). 1 - All team members gain 0-3 ricochets on each attack; this scales count and duration based on level and stacks with current ricochet count (Lex ricochets 0-3 times, Drakgoon with Fomorian Accelerant ricochets 5-8 times); 2 - Team ricochets home in on enemies, like thrown Glaive ricochets (or the ricochets travel a reverse-engineered path, to help get around cover (which would also be thematically appropriate)); 3 - All ricochets have a chance of disarming struck enemies. There. It's not another CC active ability, it buffs his entire team offensively while also offering defensive benefits, it forces enemies out of cover and into his other abilities, and it allows for different ways of approaching engagements as a result. It's also thematically appropriate and fits his namesake, who had to struggle with his teams of artillerists to get them to do as he asked and ricochet their goddamn fire.