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  1. Yes, because Temporal Anchor is very weird ability that does not interact well with the usuall flow of the game, and whatever niche scenario I could come up with where it would be benefitial to use, it ends up being alot of investment for an output that will be subpar compared to bazilion other options that require much less - if any - investment. For me it's useless "ult" on otherwise decent frame, and it's much more fun since I have replaced it with more interesting options. There are many older frames btw that are essentially 2-3 abilities ponies (where 1 or 2 abilities are essentially useless, like temporal anchor) you still can only replace one per config ;) Even for ones that are indeed well designed, I could see option for people to just not like skill X and prefer to spaw it for something else. That may be unpopular opinion, but I did seriously consider putting decoy on protea :P
  2. If relics are fraudulent, then I am unsure if I want to see OP's opinion on the system they were implemented to replace. For those who don't remember, drop tables for void keys were extremely diluted and that was when amount of prime gear was about half what it is rn.
  3. Ok if we want to be completely technically correct, (which is best kind of correct) what I am doing in here, is taking lore that is full of holes, and a handfull of self contradictions and am trying to fill in those holes in most reasonable way. The foundry literaly plays out animation of process that resembles high-tech 3d printing, and with small objects you can even see the object being actually there in scale (guns mainly). Silver Grove mentions quite bluntly that titania is a project developed by a team under archimedian that hates the fact she is now part of weaponry development. Sacrifice says..... "We took our greatest, volunteers or not, and polluted them with these cultured reagents. They transformed. They became Infested..." "... but only just. Their skin blossomed into sword-steel. Their organs, interlinked with untold resilience. Yet their minds were free of the Infested madness. Or so we thought. We set them upon the battlefield, bio-drones under our command." "The Warframes... All of them... failures. Surprised? They turned on us, just as you did. And so we had no choice but to commit them to grave." Note: Excalibur Umbra was locked away on lua. Which supports idea that it was first batch that "got committed to grave" Soooooo, now I will let you do 2 + 2, yourself. Commited to a grave first batch made by infecting people with specific infestation strain, and archimedian in charge of >development< new warframes specifically for tenno to use at war. (And an essentially 3d-printer in a ship that remembers orokin era)
  4. Well I understood that part that he considers possibility that it may be too late for main corpus to get reformed back into original shape he imagined. Eh I would say he is just extreme case of competent businessman. Extreme because he looks on *everything* from businessman's perspective. In case of tenno invitation, I would say that looking at his history with protea, he understands the benefits of having tenno by his side. For further analysis tho I would need to see story explanation for sisters.
  5. The way I see it is: original first batch of warframes was made with infecting people with helminth strain, but after that process was infestigated and understood, orokin started designing new frames from raw materials and recreating the patterns with basically molecular 3d-printers. This would fit how titania was supposedely developped by some rando archimedian. And what we are doing is grabbing blueprints, and bunch of same raw materials and reprint new copies of design. I recall some wonkery going on in mission with people going operator mode with teammates that didn't complete second dream/war within. Technically speaking, The Sacrifice only tells us how original batch of frames was made, not how all of them were made. There is no reason for orokin - once they understood the process, to not be able to reprint copies of the originals from raw materials, without new people involved. Also that interpretation seems to collide with silver grove that states that at least titania was designed and built by a team under archimedian. And considering orokin tech I also see no issue with them being able to 3dprint living organisms.
  6. Well even if you can burst down lich with necramech you will still need to go back to warframe for parazon every 3rd of hp sooooo.... personally seeing how crappy liches are so far, I would not mind being able to dunk their hp with necramech.
  7. Well at the end of Deadlock Protocol he did sent tenno invitation to his new board, didn't he? As for the souless cashgrabber, the main difference between him and modern corpus I see is that his belief was that everyone should be given chance to prosper if they are smart enough to get there. With emphasis on actually working up for it. Modern corpus on another hand are full on exploitation of other people work to their benefit. Case in point - Nef Anyo. he was basically corpus Ruk that would be hardly distinguishable from other corpus, while running his little digging to sell orokin/tenno artifacts. He only rose to prominence after kicking of a "void cult" to scam people out of their credits with promise of "gib me money and eventually you will just become rich lul". Him trying to trap us in granum void.... I took it less as intential attempt at setting a trap, and more as a consequence of his grander scheme to return to normal space. He wanted out, his way out involves some random tenno to get trapped in his stead? "well sucks to be that tenno I guess". So I would say he is intended to be a very grey character - probably slightly less S#&amp;&#036; than current board of corpus, but still not a "good guy".
  8. and here I thought they have learned that bandaiding issues with slapping new mods on it won't work.... three years ago.
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