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  1. Like i said, When you go up the scales, the damage increases, and the energy needed increases, there won't be enough power pool for Nyx to store enough damage to out run the scaling.
  2. Mr. Wyrmius_Prime. please take note about the topic here, i'm not talking about the players. I'm talking about the frame is flawed, can't you read my entire post please?
  3. ok, now, hello everyone. I know what you're thinking, Nyx is boring, Nyx is no fun, Nyx is bubble tank. now hear me out. first of, I'm not saying this only because i'm a Nyx main. i think Nyx deserves more users. so i'm just gonna point out a few BIG flaws that Nyx currently has(even after the rework) that needed some major changes. First Of, lets start of with her passive. 20% of active auto evasion. to be honest, I love this idea, like it suits her psychic image. but lets face it, no matter what level it is, we warframe players are always surrounded by bullets and lasers. 20% can't do crap;, Nyx still takes a ton of hit, not to mention she can be taken down with only a few hits. if DE gonna make a change to this, please, at least raise this to 40% or even like change it to the follow, which is my own idea. upon casting any of Nyx's abilities, Nyx will enter a ??s duration of psychic cloaking, making enemies loses their line of sight when it comes to targeting a Nyx player. Then first ability. Mind Control. in my opinion, this is her signature ability, i mean, she's a psychic frame, psychic is where she shine. "Nyx fully inhabits the mind of a SINGLE* enemy within a range of XXmeters, forcing them to fight for her team over a duration of XXseconds. For the next 4 seconds after activation, any damage Nyx inflicts to the mind controlled target is absorbed and converted to increase the target's damage output." I think this is a great ability, except that a lot of frames can do about the same, which makes her "mind control" feature not important at all. like inaros' Devour can do the same, and not only that, Inaros is allowed to keep making more friendly units even while one is active. also, like Revenant's Enthrall, which is even worst, constantly creating friendly units as soon as they get close enough, the user don't even need to bother with casting. I think its totally unfair to any Nyx users that other frames can do the same or even better than her in term of enemy "controling" *NOT that i want other frames to have their abilities changed, but at least Allow Nyx to have multiple Mind controled targets, would be nice. Second ability. Psychic Bolts. Once, Nyx's second dps ability, now a debuffer with a ton of limitations. to be honest, the rework on psychic bolts piss me off. I mean, it can completely disable a lv 150 bombard's armor, which is nice, with only 130% ability Str. There aren't much frames who can do that. aside from allowing them to take more damage like banshee, or ember. But, - Targets limited to 6 per casting - recasting is not allowed upon uncasting - uncasting takes 2 seconds - as description "Bolts that seek out their own targets" They always select targets that's not needed to be killed yet. for example, sometimes during combat, in a hall way with a line of enemies, psychic bolts don't always hit all the targets that is closest to Nyx. But rather some behind the line, and some that is not even in the same hall way. - Number of Bolts are not affected by mods - Debuff only applies to armor, shield and buffs. as description removing armor and shields, slowing down infested enemies, and removing Ancient Infested's auras - Nyx users aren't allowed to cast again unless all affected targets are dead.* With all due respect, i think this rework makes Nyx worse. DE. lets face it, Debuff is great, but whats with all this limitations? and not to mention the ability is flawed as hell. word by word, the ability was named as "Psychic" Bolts, and it used to deal damage directly, which makes a lot of sense compared to now. and not to mention the damage was low enough to be not in the calculation. now there isn't. Fine But hear me out. first of, can we make the ability less flawed? here're my opinion : First, this would be a minor change to the ability, is to allow users to cast again after casting, even with affected target presents. now here's two considerable situation, is that, one, affected targets will have the effect removed, two, affected target will still have the effects.(which basically is just removing the uncast feature - aka lame as hell feature.) Second, this is basically a new ability, "shoots out a single bolt of psychic energy that disable enemy major defences*, which explodes with an area effect upon impact. targets within ability range will be rendered powerless/lost tracking when attacking Nyx users / or just simply debuff like current ability rework." Third ability. Chaos in fact, this is the worst ability all Nyx users have to face after the rework. word by word, Chaos, Nyx causes enemies within XX meters to perceive their allies as Tenno for XX seconds. Affected enemies will indiscriminately attack whoever is closest for the duration of time, it makes sense. totally, but the fact that it doesn't work like it should, makes no sense at all! in normal missions like capture, exterminate, and survival, it totally works fine, but when it comes to an objective to defend, like Defense, Interception, and Mobile Defense. Even under the effect of chaos, all targets will resume their path to the objective(mobile defense consoles/Defense VIP/Interception capture points consoles) after Initial stun duration, And further attacking players even when there's another enemy closer to them, which also under the effect of chaos. To be honest, Nyx is already not a very powerful frame like Volt, Saryn, Limbo and Gara. the best she can do is crowd control, take away that, why do you even keep her in the game, DE. if you want to even try to make her good, at least hear me out, and put my suggestion on the list. At least consider it. here's my idea on changing chaos. One : Simply fix the damn thing and making enemies no longer resume their original path to objective on defensive missions. Two : (This is my idea) Enemies within the area of effect will receive a constant psychic damage to their mind, scaled with level. Also will make them attack one another. targets under the effect will also attack important/special targets like Bosses, and Harvesters - G3/Zanuka/Stalker/Wolf of Saturn Six/Any other Bosses. (visa versa) Three : (This is also my idea) Chaos will be affecting one single target, but works like making a target as a common enemy, lets say there's a group of enemies surrounding a boss, once casted, on the boss, the remaining group of enemies will focus fire attacking affected enemy. Four : (Also my idea) All targets under the effects of Chaos will receive a damage buff when attacking their own allies. The Fourth ability Absorb This is one of the most flawed abilities in the game, As Descriptions. Nyx enters a meditative state that allows her to absorb incoming damage and become completely immune to all forms of crowd control. A passive damage threshold is created that increases by XXX every second. This threshold has a minimum damage potential of XXX~XXXX damage. If the total amount of absorbed damage is greater than the damage threshold when Nyx leaves her meditative state, all absorbed damage and their types is inflicted to every enemy in a XX meter explosion of absorbed damage. Like i said, most Flawed, lets start with what the game tells us about this ability. Ability cast will drain 25 energy *at first* then continue drains 4energy per sec without taking damage, absorbing damage will take addition energy(scales with damage) then uncast will trigger an explosion of all damage type and amount taken. upon uncast, there will be a damage buff for weapons conversation of all absorbed damage, by 0.03%(this is the dumbest joke i've ever heard of) lets start with the drain, this ability is one of the TOP* energy burning ability. damage scales with enemy levels, more damage, more drain, in higher levels, Nyx is a thin paper. a snap can tear her apart. she can't be surrounded by enemies. But this ability has to work by 100% effectiveness when surrounded. (no go) Also. Between Uncasting and absorbing, there's a small window that enemies fired projectile can get through and hit Nyx.(double no go) Nyx power pool even with Maxed Primed Flow, She still doesn't get any higher then 200k damage absorbed. even with max efficiency. (Triple no go) So lets do a quick conclusion about absorb here, DE, everyone. Absorb eats up energy, takes so few damage, explodes with no effectiveness not enough to stack for conversation buff. conversation buff only applies on weapons, but not the ability itself(lame). Why?, just a simple Why? so now, here're my suggested changes about Absorb. Hear me out DE, if u still care about Nyx. One : FIX THE ABILITY, by removing the gap for Nyx being invulnerable to attack between the gap of absorbing and uncasting. Two : new changes, When absorbing, all enemies will unintensionally walk towards Nyx, surrounding her, allowing her to uncast with 100% efficiency. Three : every time when Nyx absorb a new damage, that damage will not be taken to account by the number of damage, but the number of hits. e.g. each bullet hit = X energy, affected by ability efficiency Four : Changing the explosion, from original "to all targets within explosion range, (damage decrease by distance)" to "To all targets that have attacked Nyx during Absorb active." Don't be a hater with idiotic response or comments, Nyx is too unpopular for this. Nyx is not Meta, Nyx is no mainstream. Nyx needed this, DE. if you plan to do any of the changes i mentioned, please bring it along with her Deluxe if possible.
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