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  1. Hello All. I'm not a frequent participant here so I don't know for certain if any of things I'm going to ask have already been asked. If there are answers and they are official or even best speculations on the matter or even a point in the direction to who would have the answer; that would be greatly appreciated. That being said. Will we ever be able to throw the Wolf Sledge while in the air? Will we ever get to apply mods to the throwing mechanics of the WS like we can the Glaive and Glaive type weapons? We know there is a precedence for weapons types due to the Bow and Crossbow which share mods. Glaive/WolfSledge/Sigma & Octantis If you used the Glaive Stance and Animations or even some new ones and used the glaive mods as a starting point. I think it would be cool. Or you can make an Oversized Glaive that has stronger defense. (not really a question, more of a wish) With Avengers: EndGame now a part of cinematic history; are there any chances that we will get a Shield Melee weapon that functions like Captain America's. Mounted Pet Weapons? You know, like Zoids. Mountable Pets? It would be cool. Somewhat impractical, but it would be fun. ( A whole new class of Tenno Calvary.) A Missile Launcher? I know what we have already, but we don't have a lot of them. Bit Weapons. No,not small weapons. Like what comes off of Iron Man's back in Infinity War. Also known as Funnels A Transformable Warframe A better triple changer than Khora. We've got shelf space, but will we ever get a weapon wall? Will our Captcha ever be changed to Confirm you’re not a Sentient Ninja Kubrow and Ninja Kavat Armor Missing Potential Weapon Types Ice Spear Gun Toxic Spear Gun Infested Gunblade Slash Speargun Grineer Nikana A long calvary chainsaw type blade seems likely Infested Heavy Blade Infested Tonfa Infested Nunchaku Zaw Claw Zaw Nunchaku Zaw Sword and Shield this seems simple enough. really interested in this concept. Any update on Modular Primary weapons. The ability to rename Primary weapons? What are the odds of this happening? The ability to create your own ephemera? This one just came to me. Will we ever hear more from the Man in the Mirror? meant to say Man in the Wall. (lol) I'm interested in seeing the answers to some of these. Thank you.
  2. So about the quest being removed. It's still showing up.
  3. Maybe they will announce Dojo Templates for the creatively challenged. We could call them McDojo's, since a template could be cheap and quick to assemble.
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