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  1. The Gilded Lancer: Bolga Bolga' once served as a guardian to the massive treasures of the Orokin Empire. When the Tenno betrayed the Orokin, it was the Bolga (Tenno) that supplied much of the weaponry that allowed them to strike hard against their masters. Bolga were sealed away and with them; their legendary keys. Now in light of the New War; Bolga have returned and they are ready to launch the might of the Orokin Treasury against any force; Grineer, Corpus, Sentient of Infested. Bolga's possess the ability to withdraw objects from the Orokin Treasury or use weapons that use credits as ammunition (only credits collected in mission and not user total credits) Wishful thinking Exalted Weapon: Fugoa: As long as the Pennant as deadly as inflation. Serves as both an exalted weapon (Can be launched) but it can also be a melee weapon if no melee is equipped. If thrown, another appears in its place Passive: Getsucar: Uses the combined wealth of the squad to grant buffs to entire team. If the combined total of under 1 million credits: 10 to 25% buff to damage. (upper limit tied to Mastery Rank) If the combined total is over 1 million credits: 25 to 40% buff to damage. (upper limit tied to Mastery Rank) Abilities 1st Ability: Lance of the Oro: Trapped in the void lies a launcher system created for infinite Lance known as Fugoa; a type of spear like weapon. 2nd Ability: (Golden) Mantle: Shield of Golden particles that reflect damage. Augment: Chromatic Mantle: Depending on the color, the shield reflects the damage element based on energy color. (i.e. White-Ice Blue: Reflect back damage as Cold Damage.) 3rd Ability: Golden Armor: Grants a defensive buff to all allies within a certain radius. 4th Ability: Unlock Vault: pulls random Orokin weapons from the vault (Reaches back and pulls out a random weapon for a limited duration.) Activating the power changes the weapon. Augment: Treasury of the Oro: Summons and Launches random weapons from the vault towards enemies.
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