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  1. So will Hok be doing any alterations when phase 2 rolls out? I know I build my Zaws to fit the current system and really don't look forward to grinding out new materials and rep to rebuild 'em.
  2. Update: Palette just received about an hour ago, when I definitely wasn't watching any stream at the time. Drops must be super delayed.
  3. https://twitter.com/the_tayking/status/1167958961007415296?s=20 Keep the reports coming; but know that issues have been detected and it seems like they'll be checking into it after the long weekend. This is the first time they've done Mixer partner rewards so I guess that's where the hiccups are coming from.
  4. I've been on seven partner streams with 1hr+ on each. No drop. Relinked both twitch and Mixer links. This drop ain't happening for me. Platform: PC
  5. Watched three separate partner streams individually at different times and no luck getting the palette. Got the Ducats from yesterdays Prime-time though so account's linked properly.
  6. "Status Chance" displays the odds of inflicting a status proc with each trigger pull. In the case of shotguns that means the chance of a single pellet inflicting a statuc proc. Multishot does all kinds of funny things to the displayed stats. if you have 25% overall "Status chance" and seven pellets per shot, adding in a 100% multishot will bring the total number of pellets up to 14 and give you a displayed 56% status chance; but that is only a 56% chance of a single status proc per trigger pull. By increasing the status chance to 100 BEFORE ADDING ANY MULTISHOT, you can be assured you have hit true 'Full Status' as Multishot artificially inflates the status chance. Well, rather, it shows the status chance per trigger pull when we're interested in status chance per pellet. I'd rather see Multishot as it's own stat and leave all others alone. easy enough to understand that 70% multishot means you have a 70% chance of two bullets per shot instead of increasing damage values by 70% to show mean damage over actual damage.
  7. There's no score cap so you have to wait out the five minutes regardless, There's no bonus for kills, no dropped pearls, not even a bonus for most "soaks" on your team. No wonder the leeches are out in abundance. If score capped at 100, There'd be more participation, If each "soak" granted a pearl there'd be more participation, if the Tenno with the most "soaks" got a small bonus there'd be more participation.
  8. Fishing with friends anytime? Hotspots don't show up or function for clients out in Orb Vallis.
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