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  1. just got my second accidental lich after this change and it really really hurts to slog through another weapon I don't want or need.
  2. Well read the thread lol, it's believable, I put it all out there.
  3. This post is just going over a more expanded idea of how to have warframe abilities interact with each other in a way that allows for millions of different abilities to just work with each other, while maybe adding some depth to ability usage. The idea came from watching https://youtu.be/PXcF039xThQ Rahe's video about it, and while he makes some good points, I think that overall, it's not realistic to expect DE to hard code in interactions, however it is more reasonable for them to create a system where they can essentially tag all abilities with specific marker so that they can interact with other abilities based on those markers. Hard coding interactions will take a lot of effort, coding in tags to all abilities will make it a modular process of having abilities synergize with each other. To prove how easy it is to retroactively add it to all warframes, lower on this post will be an outline for every single warframe thus far, and adding any new warframes takes a minute at most. This way, you can always count on a fireball to act as a field for any ability you ever throw at it this way. It's meant to be a simple system. It doesn't always have to make perfect sense, and it doesn't even have to be completely balanced because having synergies is more about having fun and working together as a team for a result that is better than the sum of its parts. it may give life to old frames, it may make top end frames slightly better, but the point is that it makes playing a little bit more fun depending on what teammates you get. And lastly: the system is made to be simple but also deep, there are very few concepts to learn, and so many applications for each concept, breaking it down to its basics, you have exploitable abilities, and abilities that exploit. Within exploitable abilities you have a two types, Field, which are fields cast on the ground of the battle Debuff, which are debuffs applied to the enemies These give different effects based on what type they would grant, for instance Atlas's Path of statues would be a stop field, whenever an exploiter interacts with the field, it gains the ability to stop enemies completely for the duration of the field at the time of interaction. Field Exploiters are as follows: Projectiles: Carries the effect the field(s) it passes through to add more damage/effects to the projectile. Slide: Carries along the effects of a field for a very small aoe around the player. Warp: Takes the effect of a field and erupts with those effects in a large aoe around the warped to point. Self Buff: Takes the effects of a field and applies a minor buff along with the normal one depending on the type. Duration based on the self buff. Buff: Grants a minor effect based on the field it was cast from to the buffed target, duration based on the buff. Summon: The summoned thing gains the buff of the field it was summoned in, and also creates a small explosion from the field. Debuff exploiters is a pretty small list in comparison but that's ok as most frames have one of these abilities anyway: Projectiles: carry along the effects of a debuff after killing an enemy (if the projectile continues on) Explosive: When you kill an enemy with a debuff that debuff is spread in a small aoe Reward: Grants a bonus buff upon killing an enemy, based on the debuff type. In a very specific interaction of how it should work lets go with even a single warframe interacting with itself (which is debatable, it could cause certain frames to become a lot more powerful), atlas's landslide interacting with a path of statues and petrify/ore gaze. He slides through the path of statues, gaining a stop for all enemies he slides near or into, then when he hits the enemy, who was already petrified, the enemy then explodes with more stop in a small aoe, while also rewarding atlas with Sure Footed for a few seconds after because the enemy was Stopped and exploited with Reward. While atlas doesn't need sure footed, it can still be useful to other frames and is meant to be a small bonus for playing in a synergistic way. In a 4 player team, this could get really ridiculous, but I think that's a good thing. if you want to make it a little more balanced you could make it so that you can't interact with your own fields/debuffs, only allies can. Edit: The forum really doesn't like how nested everything is, you'll have to scroll down to get to the warframes, the first one is Ash, it goes in alphabetical order.
  4. at least playing with hildryn can help make any archwing "tanky" the shield gating is great along with using Arcane Aegis, that said, only the odonata is even enticing because of the bonus heat damage and crit damage, itzel is just good at picking up garbage in space and the elytra is a joke. Imo, they should really add more power to the elytra and make it so that enemies stop targeting itzal even when it's supposed to be invisible, then it would at least make them worth considering. and also using hildryn shouldn't be a requirement, they need to be less squishy.
  5. they'll probably fix it EVENTUALLY, same thing happened with wukong deluxe. As for the pennant/quellor, the description for the blueprint needs to be a bit more clear, it's not obvious what it means and I've seen several different "answers" for sources, one saying it comes from the boss node on saturn and the other saying that it comes from boarding parties that originated from galleons. The description doesn't clear it up either; it could be "on board the galleons", or "invading boarding parties from the galleons", or "upon invading galleons". How it is currently just isn't clear enough. edi: for those that don't know how to get it, you get it from the assassination mission in the saturn railjack zone, it can drop from the boss.
  6. not playing it till the issues with playing with friends gets fixed
  7. it was an issue before if you got too fast, reverting it wouldn't fix it
  8. I don't understand why people like destiny more than warframe, even with the newest update destiny is still more grind on grind. Worse yet,the boring kind where you get minor stat increases.... but everything around you also gets stat increases so whats the point. They only really have raid content but so do a lot of other games that are more fun and less grind. warframe should be special, it's more focused on keeping everything the same but giving you 300 ways to do it, adding in a simple grind like kuva liches is "done better" by other games
  9. This is all a great start for fixing up the rest of this update. This is why I love warframe, the devs at least try to listen.
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