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  1. So what about all the people who have gotten all the new weapons and ephemeras already, do you just say "who cares, grind more" to us? because like with grinding out railjack "early" at least we got retroactive rewards for that, but for this we're just being punished. Might just be a better idea to wait 3 more months for you guys to make holo keys 100% drop rate before I grind again.
  2. I know you guys don't read the forums, but heres the feedback you wanted anyway; People do not like spending minutes to kill a lich, those who do are in the vast minority and those people can choose to use bad weapons if they want, the rest of us are sick of farming out our 100th lich, and we just want to end it, thats why in every single lich confrontation there's a banshee or nyx to trivialize it, and not a single person complains about how quick it died. We have powerful weapons, let us use them without having to exploit an oversight.
  3. oh boy, 11 days to catch up on every mission I ignored for months and months. Wish we had a little longer of a notice.
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