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  1. In response to the first part, there are some people clearly saying that, my comment about it not being an appeal to the teen demographic was specifically toward them. and as for the warframes protecting their owner..... it's tough to say why they do in the story, Im not an expert, but I left it vague on purpose. The way I see it is that we give the lifeless husks SOME life and then some of that stay in them residually. But who knows, probably not even DE, they can retcon anything they want
  2. 1. what 2. what 3. lmao what this thread became a mess, and it's weird how people are acting like the operators exist to appeal to teens. mesa's butt is there to appeal to teens, the operators are here for the convoluted story. also, warframes are death machines and or lifeless husks, they need operators to either subdue them or to bring them (back) to life. It's a (sort of) a symbiotic thing. Not all warframes are Umbra, this isn't that hard to understand that they're two different things.
  3. we all would like to be able to afk, but DE doesn't for obvious reasons
  4. if they did scale they could just be used to afk play the game, besides, they're grineer, not all powerful tenno. I wouldnt expect clem to be able to do a mission all by clemself.
  5. if you're playing a high defense and your only answer is to make your def target invuln for a few seconds and to heal it, you're going to have more issues than you think, with how much more damage the enemies are deal that also means that the def objective will be taking more damage, unless you spend the entire time giving it invlun then you're not really doing anything, you're just repairing what damage has been done. regardless this is another scaling mechanic. it's great to have as a tool for players who like playing high end content, but it does not ensure you always win. as I stated before this is a terrible idea, it limits us to playing in the way that you think is appropriate, as a choice this is ok because it gives us a choice to play this way, but to have it for everyone always, is not. great, and other people like using the kitguns, to each their own. yes, you're given these mods as choices so that you can play the game in different ways. and it's hard to say that there's a theme of the game, there are many different ways you can play it, and I think inaros is possibly one of the furthest away from being a space ninja, he's a space deity of Egyptian origin, god of never dying, adaptation lets him take more hits, it enables him to play longer. it's Fine not everyone is ash and that's ok. There's nothing wrong with allowing players to be walls, yes the game encourages space ninja play, but it should also allow you to play other ways too. Some of the things you could think about as what goes into buying atlas PA is the disruption game mode extension and gauss and grendal and dog days etc, they've been doing stuff. I would see it more fit to "punish" them if you hated all the content of this past PA cycle, that makes more sense than withholding support until you get what you want, then it just seems like you're impatient for something. That's why I get that impression. you're punishing when theyre doing something good because you only want X thing later. They have been putting in a lot of work into the game in many different ways. If you don't support them, that's your choice, but I strongly disagree with it because it makes you look like you're throwing a fit because you didn't get what you wanted. venting isn't the same as feedback. if instead you laid out your issues with the game without threatening them with not paying it would seem more like feedback than just someone who's angry about XYZ not being prio #1 of DE. My suggestion for a place to vent is something like general chat in game, it's great because you can be as outraged as you want and have discussion about it, and then later come back to the feedback forums to post actually constructive criticism of what's going on. There's a lack of critical thought in your post because it doesn't think past the first step for most of it, you're only thinking of yourself (mostly) in your original post, you need to understand it's a game for more people than just you. I don't mean any disrespect, it's just that you clearly haven't come here with feedback, you came here guns blazing demanding answers for why you don't have your shiny new toy.
  6. to add on to your idea, and to introduce them into normal missions, not just space ones; I think it would be neat if we could recruit the lichs (liches, lichen?) as placeholder teamates, for the solo players to have a full squad that will do basic things like stand on other points during interception etc. or for when people are still joining your game/after people leave. I'm not saying they should be super advanced AI, but I think they should be at least specters that can be commanded to play the objective/be able to capture points. The only problem I could forsee with this is that some new players may be worse than your recruited lichen, but honestly, that seems fine to me I'd rather help out a new player than be greedy about my dumb ai teamates. Specters get turned over in the matter of like 20 levels in normal games, I don't think these guys would last that long either in "high end" types of missions, which means they'd suck for people trying to AFK with them. As long as they don't scale, having 3 specters/liches that can play objectives would be a good thing imo. Having a more "personal" relationship would be good, having a better less lonely solo experience would be good. I'm just unsure how friendly we're going to be with them if we kill them and then recruit them. I don't think they'd be our BFFs
  7. I feel the same way, but I really wanted that cape from equinox and the ephemera from wukong, nothing I'm too interested in this time around, nor do I need plat really so I'll be skipping out too. not by any fault of DE, just because I like to play the game. Nice to see that someone can understand when it's time for them to either buy or not buy a PA. If you do choose to do put on adaptation and run around the map as a space ninja, you're being punished for making a poor choice of a mod slot, not for playing the game the way you like. Take off the mod, put something like +evasion or DR while airborne on.
  8. that's fine, you kill literally millions of enemies in this game, they're not supposed to be hard, yet players go down all the time because there is a challenge when the game throws hordes of bees at you, eventually the stinging gets to you. Thats the type of game this is, it's not a FPS where you're on the same level as your enemies. Plus they're adding in enemies that are able to challenge you, so just be patient my child. this is terrible, if you don't like how you can use your operator to negate damage then don't use it, you can't really do much as an operator anyway, this same issue was brought up with the damage negation from the airborne DR aura mods, yeah you can be invulnerable in warframe.... but does that even mean anything? more often than not youre defending objectives that are not your warframe's health bar, you lose not when you die, but when you fail to protect some other weaker thing. pressing 5 is not a problem, as stated before, it's not you that matters, its your objective. As soon as you cap damage in this way you might as well play the game where everyone has 5 health, and each time they get hit it always deals one damage with it gating. that's not interesting for gameplay, to me that just says "tank all your defensive stats because they don't matter" health should stay the same as it is now, yes theres an issue with enemy damage at very high levels, but that's also kind of the risk of high levels. On the other hand; if they introduced a mod that gave you health gating, this would solve that issue while also providing a tangible choice for the players "do I really need 99/50/33/25/20% health gate on inaros, or will it just be better to run adaptation/vigor instead?" it's puncture damage which gets reduced when you go vs enemies with armour, while it's good, and while it scales with enemies, the range is limited and it doesnt work on bosses. There are other scaling damage sources, but this is not a problem because they give the ability to play later game content. so then use the lex, it's not like you need to deal a million damage to kill a random grineer, if you enjoy using it, for most the content in the game it works, and for the content it doesnt cover, everything has a falloff point except for things that scale. It's not a big deal. correct this is what's called a choice, you can choose to take a mod like this because you expect to be hit a lot playing say inaros. that's ok, this mod is for you, and if you don't expect to be hit by anything, like an invisible unit, or titania etc, then this mod isn't for you, it's not rocket science. Not all mods are meant for all situations, that would be boring. ahahahahaAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah some people like pvp, I'm not one of those, they should work on it. but kind of like your comment about melee weapons, they're working on it and it will come soon:tm: so just chill. they have a lot on their plate, not everything will get done in a week. You seem like you just want somewhere to vent all your frustrations with the game, but a lot of these are personal problems, if you don't like how you're playing the game then change the way you play. if you find it fun to dink around with the wolf sledge instead of the atterax, nobody is stopping you.
  9. this is the same for all electrical effects, I really hope they fix this soon, it really bugs me.
  10. red text for those who care to keep up with the warframe anime lore
  11. really hype for atlas and dethcube, but please don't go down this path with the boosters...
  12. When you play an arbitration mission and when the drones start dropping the coins, they leave behind phantom coins even after they get picked up, please fix, it adds visual clutter that shouldn't be there. Could just be me but I doubt it.
  13. Pets (any companion with a bleedout timer) should be able to be revived in some way. In the unlikely case that during the 2 seconds after falling off a ledge, or being grappled by an ancient, and I can't heal my pet back to full with prime pack leader and Tek assault doesn't proc (it happens more often than you might think), the pet can die killing the entire run because it's never coming back. No radar, no vacuum, and no charm basically makes it a really bad idea to run any longer on the mission. If we could pick up the life token things (as the owner of the pet only) to revive it it would kind of solve this problem. Comments I foresee: "Why not just run djinn?" because charm and fetch and pack leader and link mods. "well that's what you get for bringing a mortal companion and not bringing inaros with link health" I do also like to play the game, and ever since they made death not permanent in arbys it allows anyone to play basically any frame they want because if they die it's not a huge deal (which is a good thing). But on the other hand pet death is permanent which, if they die, kills off enough of the utility to just want to quit right there. "I don't want to pick up life tokens for my pet" Are you sure about that? would you honestly rather play without fetch/loot&enemy radar etc? I suppose if you really don't care, why bring a pet at all, bring djinn or a sentinel that has 1-3 extra lives, you bring a pet for the bonuses, you want the bonuses, if you lose the bonuses, it would be nice to have a way to get it back rather than losing it for the rest of the run. Thank you for coming to my ted talk, this shouldn't really be an issue, I don't know why they didn't at least make pets revive with you if you get revived, or just add in a system to revive them the same way you would a player.
  14. Did mods merge in some other topic with mine? I see a lot of people discussing the looter frames nerf and not a whole lot about mod drop boosters Edit: just saw ya did Could that stuff regarding the looter frame changes be moved to a different thread?
  15. well see that's the thing though, they do seem like they plan on selling it as a normal booster, and 0.1% or not it's a 100% increase on a rare drop item, which means you have to do on average HALF the farming to get it.
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