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  1. yeah I did do default then random a few times, and yeah it being locked behind a forma isn't really great hence why I'm posting it here.
  2. that's why I haven't bought this one or the other new tennogen stuff, it's all blocked by my hair
  3. I'm sure once I use a forma on her this will be fixed, but as of right now I'm completely unable to get rid of the old energy color I had for mag. this is not just a temporary visual bug, I even restarted the game to see if it was still this way, it seems like when they converted the colors to the new dual color system it copied the old color to the secondary slot. * a temporary fix for this is to use a different set (A/B/C) as long as you didn't have a skin on it before.
  4. at least the hotfix added back the owned label and your name at the bottom, so it's back to the bare minimums. I'm satisfied with that. As for the coding talk in here and calling this stuff bugs.... no, it's a lack of a feature, you can see a bug because the attempt as made, this was a design choice because it works right it just was not good enough.
  5. This one happens basically every time on this extraction tile, it's just weird for a lunar pitcher to be under this rock only scanable from one spot. Metadata comment: /Lotus/Levels/Proc/Orokin/OrokinMoonExterminate/YFcGF0wKLivE5D5ZEjUItYfihsCEJoAiggA.lp Zone: /Lotus/Levels/OrokinMoon/MoonExit02 P: -312, 10, 139 H:15 Log: 10151.853
  6. neat, yes you can fall through it.
  7. he was saying that the game was locking stuff behind a paywall, pumpkin. That's just wrong, it's not that I disagree or I think the rewards are great, im saying that his point is moot because he's claiming it's behind a paywall.
  8. as an active player I fought the wolf a lot of times during nightwave and saw him change with it, I'd say that's still pretty interactive. But yes I do get your point about the "acts" not matching the story at all.... but at the same time.... it's a distant story meant to build up to the gas city rework, mixed in with in game tasks to do for rewards, it's both a game and a story. I cannot stress enough that this isnt a story quest like the second war, this is something that builds the world around you rather than forcing you to be the hero of kvatch. the world does not revolve around us, thankfully and from this im really seeing this really is what you want, I can't really say "don't want this" but maybe you should curb your expectations a little bit for a bit of world flavour, again not everything HAS to be on a grand scale having the players be the focus, some of it is allowed to be meta gaming junk for people to do, with a backstory to help guide you along for "why" this is all going. whoops I can see the point you're making but I don't agree with you, can we agree to disagree for this?
  9. obviously, you guy's can't appreciate what it is and can only think about it being fortnite and not alerts. The story gave us a little glimpse into the prisons of saturn 6, salad v's amalgam experiments and set up the gas city rework very well, it wasnt a heavy story but it didn't have to be, it was a bit of exposition given over a long period of time while we were waiting for a new part of the game, I hope they do something similar with railjack and hype us up about it rather than suddenly one day dropping it and being like "oh tenno you can fly up to space and kill stuff now I guess". the buildup is nice, the feel of it being real time is nice.
  10. I see an endless number of people hate on nightwave so much, but really it does breath a lot of life into the game, calling it a thoughtless battlepass is really not giving the devs enough credit for how they adapted this mechanic into warframe (with the story, in game universe). yes the systems are similar but that doesnt make it a bad thing, you can have something that works in your game if it works, and nightwave works. it gives old and new players something to do on a weekly basis, f2p or p2p, everyone wins with nightwave, you can literally ignore it if it's not your style and still randomly get some rewards just by playing the game how you want. it's like complaining that you have too much icecream when they fill up your cone before adding on your scoop, just chill out about it. It's not even as grindy as a battle pass in any way, even in season one, and because so many people complained it's now even less grindy, I wouldnt be surprised if you can just finish up all the rewards in like a day of playing (not a full day, like a normal person's time playing) which isn't a bad thing but it kind of leaves players who have no life out to hang. you don't have to eat the ice cream if you think it's too much effort. they're even making it easier for you and still not even forcing you to eat it.
  11. fun fact nightwave costs all of us exactly $0.00 your point is kind of moot
  12. I feel bad for the people who farmed the rift sigil to get it, and also the exclusivity of the gamma pack but I don't have these so I guess im kind of happy. If you guys are bringing back stuff bring back the old dojo tileset, make them work with tiles, at least the cross connector it's so beautiful. Let us earn it somehow please. I get that people were having a hard time getting the with friends stuff and I get that there are solo players.... but isnt one of the points of nightwave to push people to try new things, without nightwave I wouldnt have taken a second glance at eidolons/profit taker/conservation do the conservations work on plains? I really hate using the tranq and would much rather just run out there with sleepuinox and scoop up my baby birds and rabbits from the plains, also does this mean we have to get 6 different rarities of animals, 6 different animals, or 6 different species of animals? I like doing the bounty with the good reward though, why would I want to do other bounties for crappy rewards? Love the change for SO/(eso?), having people stay for the full 8 will be nice, but since it's an endless gamemode that scales difficulty, why isn't it AABCCCCCCCC like arby's? Does this mean this specific reward track will come back? will it reset in the future if it does come back? will we have different reward tracks for intermission tracks in the future? this isnt very specific to what it means and exactly how "limited" this will be.
  13. Player feedback is what it is Warframe: Got it guys, we'll fix this up for you! makes it darker to see the lines above the rewards moves the box to be under instead of covering the rewards changes literally nothing else It's FIXED!
  14. not that im part of this group (anymore) but I hope there's a way for people without a clan to trade other players.... without having to stand around maroo's.On top of that players with bad connection could connect to the featured dojo to trade, maroo's is a lot of extra effort for these 2 cases. Please revert this change or add a clean trading post in the bazaar?
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