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  1. The entire system was geard toward alliances, so if you're trying to fight by yourself without anyone to back you up you're going to lose regardless. Invictus and Coup de Grace held their own rails for the longest time before they took it down, both backed by their own alliance ICE.
  2. Just circumvent that by being better than them. That is the very essence of competetive play. If everyone else is S#&$ then you will have a situation like that. Because it is. This game isn't very hard to master.
  3. The overall message you're putting forth is clear. Master the aspects of the game, get tradebanned for two weeks. Find clever ways around lazy difficulty, get locked out of the operation. Put forth issues that plague this game, get ignored. Use said issues to make a point, get 2035'd. gotcha
  4. Now the trees are missing textures. Tree 1 Tree 2 These are two separate user screenshots so there's nothing wrong with the settings.
  5. Plat Giveaway Welcome to the CIV Alliance Giveaway! Available to the anyone in the Warframe PC Community that joins this Club Group! Everyone is automatically entered just by joining! Every time this forum group hits a mile marker, we will do a giveaway for x amount of plat! Keep an eye on this thread! Winner’s names will be posted here! Platinum Mile Markers: 100 club members = 100p giveaway Winner = Silv0rX 200 club members = 100p giveaway Winner= PurpleInferno 300 club members = 100p giveaway Winner= IronKnightz 500 club members = 500p giveaway 1000 club members = 1000p giveaway 2000 club members = 1000p giveaway 3000 club members = 1000p giveaway 4000 club members = 1000p giveaway 5000 club members = 1000p giveaway *Winners have to be at least MR2 to trade. Winners will need make sure they have the appropriate amount of credits to receive the platinum prizes. Example: You will need 500,000 credits to accept 1000 plat. 1 platinum is taxed 500 credits. *Winners have the time of 1 week to come claim their prizes. Just wanted to give a big thank you to the generous benefactors that recently donated their own plat for these giveaways. F.A.Qs. Q: What if I’m a player from PS4 or Xbox? A: We’re sorry but this giveaway is PC only, since we are a PC Alliance. Q: What if I don’t have enough credits to accept the plat? A: You have 1 week from the winner announcement to farm enough credits. Q: What if I’m not in your alliance? A: No worries! This giveaway is open for everyone in the PC Warframe community. Q: What if I’m clanless? A: No worries! But you should consider joining one of our many fabulous clans. Check out the “Looking to join a clan in CIV?” tab. Q: Do I need to do anything to enter the plat giveaway? A: If you’re reading this, you already qualify! All you had to do was join this forum group. Q: Can I win more than once? A: Yes. If you’re that lucky, I recommend buying a lottery ticket. Q: How many winners per mile marker? A: 1 winner will be randomly selected per mile marker. Q: What if a winner never claims the prize within the 1 week window? A: Another random person will be selected to receive the prize. No time extensions to the 1 week will be given. Q: Can my friend claim the prize for me? A: No, for security reasons the winner has to pick up the prize themselves. They are not transferable to a 3rd party.
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