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  1. Perhaps a light tickle will make them fall over
  2. I'm glad that a healthy discussion has popped up from this, my other issue ESPECIALLY with Nyx is that her 1 now requires you to use your BEST and highest DPS weapon in the game if you want your mind control target to do even minimal damage, And to top it off, they still duck down making it impossible to hit their head consistently in order to rack up as much damage as possible. You have a "go away" button for an enemy and unless you have your best weapon on 24/7 they won't do anything, and there are plenty of other frames that make enemies "go away" by making them die instantly Edit: Forgot to mention that the mind control AI will regularly get stunlocked by basically anything moving towards it, or stuck in various animations
  3. if DE ever makes another warframe that requires the enemies to become allies in ANY WAY, I will most likely ignore that frame to the ends of the earth. It's clear from Nyx, Revenant and Nekros that DE doesn't want your minions to do any damage unless you jump through 8 different hoops to get it. Not to mention that the AI gets thrown out the window when you convert them, for some reason they are GREAT at shooting at you consistently, but when it comes to turning on their brethren suddenly they start going for cover and doing barrel rolls and repositioning nonstop So I'm pretty much done with any warframes that require AI to assist. Unless you guys rework your friendly AI and permanently tweak the damage scaling for enemy to ally combatants then people will continue to flow to insta-murder frames instead and we will be left in the dust to desecrate forever and to use nyxs 4 augments to do anything of worth PS: Nyx is my favorite warframe and also my least used now, since I can't bring her on any missions where she would be a decent join before ANY other warframe
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